“The craziest criminal the world had ever seen”: Dr. Sauerbrach on Corporal Schicklgrueber, aka Hitler.

CIA: the CIA did have a document obtained from a foreign government (presumably Britain) in April 1945 indicating Waldheim’s status as an intelligence officer within the German army group operating in the Balkans. In a letter to Congressman Stephen Solarz in 1988 the CIA’s director of congressional affairs apologized for not providing this information years earlier, when Solarz had requested any such evidence; the CIA had not searched its own files adequately. Uhhuh.

Waldheim was the head of the UN, and the President of Austria. Even Simon Wiesenthal overlooked his crimes, for some reason; perhaps he didn’t shoot anyone, he just worked at a desk. He was good friends with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Waldheim was serving in the area of Yugoslavia, a country no one seems to care about. Eighty percent of the Yugoslavian Jews died in the Holocaust. The worst camp in the Balkans was called “Jasenovac“. It was in Croatia.

The Serbs cooperated with the Nazis under Nedic, a Quisling. The Jews of Belgrade were rounded up by the Serb police and handed over to the Gestapo and SS, making Belgrade the first city in Europe to be declared “Jew-free“. Fortunately there was a resistance to the Nazis, called Tito’s Partisans. The Chetniks however, fought for Nedic; when it was clear they were losing, they merely switched sides and became good communists. The Bosnian Moslems also aren’t blameless; they had a division that was in the SS. Then all of the Yugos started killing each other.

Otto Skorzeny: Nazi Network in Spain: CEDADE. Free as a bird. Mucho gracias a Senor Franco. Franco realized that the Nazis would lose; he sent the “Division Blue” to assist the invasion of the Soviet Union. After the war, he made good friends with NATO, and was left in charge of defeated Spain, its republican campaign almost forgotten.

Harster: was implicated in the murder of 104,000 Jews. War Criminal

He was captured by the British Army where he was transferred to the government of Holland and tried for war crimes.In 1949, he was convicted and sentenced to 12 years for his role in the deportation and execution of Dutch Jews. He was, however, released in 1953. Why did the Dutch let him go?

After the war, he again became a civil servant in Bavaria, until he was retired due to public and media pressure in 1963. He kept his full pension. In 1967 he was tried and sentenced to an additional 15 years in jail for deportation of Jews to concentration camps at Auschwitz and Sobibor concentration camps. He was given credit for time served and was pardoned in 1969. He died in 1991.

Six years in jail for assisting in the deportations. 38 years or so, a free man. 

Hoettl: (Austrian) advisor to Nazis during Holocaust in Hungary. Never prosecuted. Died 1999. It’s the ones no one has heard of who escaped justice the best. CIA, Gehlen (German secret service, riddled with former Nazis), and Soviets all knew who he was, and used him. OR did he use them?

All these SS officials had very personal stakes in earning American goodwill before the end of the war-they were all severely implicated in the Holocaust, the theft of Jewish property, and the seizure of Italian property as well.

Mainly they’re dead.


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