Graphics; Fourth Of July; Thank you Allied Soldiers. Also, Mauthausen-Gusen

I want to wish everyone who has supported this site with encouragement and comments a Happy Fourth of July weekend. For our Allies in Britain and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Ireland, Israel and in Europe, they are free to take a moment to appreciate our US Day of Independence, too. And thank you all Allied soldiers, wherever you are posted, for protecting us from those who would do us harm.

We love you and need you. “Eternal vigilance” and “Semper fi”. ” We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

And we remember the Soviets who liberated Auschwitz-Birkenau hell, January 27, 1945. source: US Holocaust Museum

This site could use some images. Personally, I am interested in words, but the drawing below really makes hit home, just what the Nazis did. Austrian camp, “Gusen” , part of Mauthausen complex. Jews and POWs were gassed at Mauthausen or taken to Hartheim Castle, center for Nazi ‘Euthanasia‘, i.e., gassing and injecting people to death.

No one living now in a peaceful society can imagine the ghastly horror of enslavement, work to death (they called it Arbeit macht frei and freude durch macht?). I’ve edited my site extensively over the last two days. I’ve also gone back and kept a running tab of deaths recorded. So far, for Majdanek, the Holocaust Museum in the US puts the figures of Jewish deaths at the camp and its subcamps at between 110,000 to 164,000. But that is just an estimate. For Dachau, it is even less certain. . For the Russian and Polish POWs (Partisans)  it is even less certain, for many were not registered, just sent to be killed or enslaved.

There is also a photograph here of “RegensburgIvan (John) Demjanjuk was employed at, “allegedly”, ‘guarding’ Jewish prisoners.

 “Guarding prisoners” sounds like it has the exact opposite meaning of what Demjanjuk and others “allegedly” were really doing: overseeing them as they were worked almost to death, and then sent to the gas chambers.


from this site:

“In many cases, the inmates lacked housing, food and clothing, as well as drinking water in the KZ Gusen II. The only water was pumped in from the nearby River Danube and it was suicidal to drink it.” (Slavenherren: slave-humans. This is how the Nazis built the V-1 and V-2 rockets at Nordhausen; this is how the Messerschmitt planes were constructed. Den Wunderwaffen.

“In winter 1944/45 so many transports came to KZ Gusen II via its direct railway-connections, that the SS decided to exterminate the transportees, who were possibly from KZ Auschwitz, by keeping them inside the railway-cars at below zero temperatures. In a matter of days all of them were frozen to death on the rails between St.Georgen and KZ Gusen II Station.”


Testimony of Irma Grese, female defendant, Auschwitz-Birkenau and Bergen Belsen SS guard.

Cranfield: Where did the order come from for what we call “selection parades”?
Grese: That came by telephone from a RapportFührerin or from Oberaufseherin Dreschel.
Cranfield: When the order came were you told what the parade was for?
Grese: No.
Cranfield: What were the prisoners supposed to do when the whistle went?
Grese: Fall in fives, and it was my duty to see that they did so. Dr. Mengele then came and made the selection. As I was responsible for the camp my duties were to know how many people were leaving and I had to count them, and I kept the figures in a strength book. After the selection took place they were sent into “B” Camp, and Dreschel telephoned and told me that they had gone to another camp in Germany for working purposes or for special treatment, which I thought was the gas chamber. I then put in my strength book either so many for transfer to Germany to another camp, or so many for S.B. (Sonder Behandlung). It was well known to the whole camp that S. B. meant the gas chamber.
Cranfield: Were you told anything about the gas chamber by your senior officers?
Grese: No, the prisoners told me about it.
Cranfield: You have been accused of choosing prisoners on these parades and sending them to the gas chamber. Have you done that?
Grese: No; I knew that prisoners were gassed.
Cranfield: Was it not quite simple to know whether or not the selection was for the gas chamber, because only Jews had to attend such selections?

Grese: I myself had only Jews in Camp “C.”
Cranfield: Then they would all have to attend the selection for the gas chamber, would they not?
Grese: Yes.
Cranfield: As you were told to wait for the doctors you would know perfectly well what it was for?
Grese: No.
Cranfield: When these people were parading they were very often paraded naked and inspected like cattle to see whether they were fit to work or fit to die, were they not?
Grese: Not like cattle.

Look, this is what they did to people. 7/5/09


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One Response to “Graphics; Fourth Of July; Thank you Allied Soldiers. Also, Mauthausen-Gusen”

  1. monado Says:

    One of the most horrific comments from the men running the crematoria was that prisoners who were half-starved didn’t burn easily because they had no body fat and you needed one “fresh” victim for each two famished corpses to make them burn up. The industrial mechanisms of evil!

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