Simon Wiesenthal center;Nazi Hunting; war criminals alive and dead

Simon Wiesenthal Center, amazing work they ‘ve done: hundreds of Nazis indited and deported, mainly from the USA. The UK seems to have a terrible record in this record: 1 conviction, and hundreds of Nazi Hiwis: foreign helpers, are still walking around!
source: Stephens, the Denaturalization and Extradition of Ivan the Terrible

Here are their faces:

Here are some of their names:


Australia is, to date, the only one of the four countries which admitted large numbers of Nazi war criminals and collaborators (at least several hundreds, perhaps as many as several thousands) that has yet to take successful legal action against a single one. Since such a step would significantly increase the government’s chances of achieving convictions in at least several cases, this policy is difficult to understand, let alone defend.”

Now this article is from 2001, so even if half or more died, there are still some alive. Plus it’s impt to note for the record the inaction of these gov’ts. I know it’s not the fault of the common people, who probably don’t know anything about this policy.

Simon Wiesenthal Center: pics of living Old Nazis:

1. Ozols, Karlis, Latvian, dead. Melbourne, Australia.

From 1986 – 2001 it was known that he had been a murderer of the Jews of Slutzk, Ukraine. Yet Australian Federal Police stuffed his file in the drawer. From 1987 to 1992 they investigated, then mysteriously it was given the order to shut down the investigation. Orders came from Australia’s Attorney General.

2. Kalejs, dead.

3. Arajs, Victor. dead. The leader, and the worst of the group.

8-9 Febraury 1943, at a minimum, 2,ooo to 4,000 deaths of Jews at Slutzk ghetto, south of Minsk, Ukraine.

4. Charles Zentai, in Australia now, under investigation.

Purportedly, there were 10 more Latvian/Nazis in Australia. So far the names I’ve looked up have all turned out to be dead people. Thanks to the Simon Wiesenthal Center for the search engine.

UK, Single conviction for Nazi refugees:

The coroner said: “I would like to commend the prison for the very high standard of care given to Mr Sawoniuk.”

Going back to the second world war, Anthony Sawoniuk was the only person convicted in a British court of Nazi war crimes, murdering 18 Jews in his home town in Belarus. A retired ticket inspector from London, he died aged 84 in Norwich prison in 2005.

Machine-gunned women, that’s what he did. Now he’s dead.

Alexander Schweidler was a guard at the Mauthausen camp where 100 – 320,000 prisoners died, though he denied committing war crimes (ha!). He arrived in the UK in 1948 and was granted citizenship in 1964. He retired to Florida but left in 1994 after deportation proceedings began. He was never charged in the UK and lived on a state pension in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, until he died in 2000.  Six years of freedom in UK.

The US chased this bastard out, so how did he arrive in the UK? Surely there is an exchange of info. from one country to the other. No one who worked as a guard at Mauthausen was innocent. He was a British ‘subject’, but wasn’t subjected to enough investigating, apparently.

Just when you think it’s over, look more war criminals in UK:

Official army records detailing the names of more than 79 Ukrainians believed to have joined Nazi killing squads during the war will be passed to Britain this week, The Telegraph has discovered.

In particular, the papers, found by war crimes investigators in Poland, contain the names of those who joined the notorious second battalion of the fourth SS Galizien regiment, which has been linked to the murder of Jews and other civilians. Britain allowed more than 8,000 Ukrainians into the country after the war and investigators are convinced that anyone on the list still alive will be in this country.

As if this weren’t bad enough, wait there’s more: 41, mostly German, ex-members of the Waffen SS may be resident in the UK as of 2007.

see also:

HUNGARY: This bastard lives right across the street from a Synagogue!

1,000 mainly Jews died on his orders. Novi Sad, Serbia. 1/1942.

Kepiro, Sandor:  has not been arrested in Budapest, Hungary. A spokesman for the military prosecutor in Budapest has stated that his previous convictions were no longer valid and that it would be up to the civilian courts to start a new trial .

 NEWSFLASH: Germany is going after one of its war criminals, finally.

*Heinrich Boere.arrested (2010

2010 ,update on nazi war criminals.,1518,618966,00.html

Canada also has a very poor record on the matter: only a tiny handful of people investigated, and even fewer deported. Here’s what I found our neighbor, Canada, haven for war criminals:

“The almost total failure to achieve convictions has led to some extent to a re-evaluation of this policy. In Canada, for example, following the acquittal by the Supreme Court of Hungarian gendarmerie officer, Imre Finta, and the unprecedented acceptance by the court of the superior orders defence, the government announced in January 1995 that it would henceforth pursue the revocation of citizenship and deportation of Nazi war criminals. This decision was strengthened by the government’s success in the lone deportation case (Luitjens) it had conducted up to that point. Since it changed its policy, the Canadian government has initiated seventeen such cases of which it has already won four (Bogutin, Katriuk, Kisluk and Oberlander), lost three (Dueck, Podins, and Vitols), and had two defendants voluntarily leave the country (Csatary and Maciukas). Three additional cases (Baumgartner, Fast, and Obodzinsky) are currently before the courts, a fourth (Odynsky) has been completed and a decision is awaited, while four defendants (Kenstavicius, Tobiass, Nemsila and Bogutin) have died in the course of their proceedings.”


They give failing grades to Australia, Austria, Hungary, Ukraine, Estonia and the UK.


 Interestingly enough, Latvian textbooks lie and claim only 2,000 Jews died (total)? In truth over 70,000 Latvian Jews died. (Andrew Erzailis).

There is no memorial to the Jews at Mesaparks, Kaiserwald, Latvia.

The Jewish Ghetto in Riga. Latvian Jews were murdered and German Jews took their places.

Estonia lost 3-5,000 Jews

Lithuania lost 220,000


3/43 Sachsenhausen, gas chambers. Sachsenhausen-Oranienburg is on German soil


Chelmno: 1/15?/42

One source says that except for a two month break, 1000 Jews per day, average died at Chelmno mainly in gas vans. (??) German records (Hofle telegram and postwar trials, indicate that:

150-170,000 Jews died at Chelmno from Jan 1942 to April 43*

*Hoefle telegram 31 March 1943 –the camp operated until April 1943 — 145,301 ‘sifted’ to Chelmno. Thirteen months, average 1000 people per train load. 10,000 more Jews killed, plus Poles, Russians and Gypsies.

1/15/42 to april 43, with a two month break. Then June 44, 80,000 Jews were left at the Lodz Ghetto. They were brought to Ausch. Birkenau*. (Corrected)


152,000 approximately died at Chelmno (confirmed by US Hmm).


 15 Feb 41, memo Heydrich to Luther. 27 Mar 1942, Goebbels’ diary.

serbia: Serb Orthodox leader Popovich called Jews the “Antichrist”.
Some Serbs in Police, Government and the Church aided or collaborated openly with the Nazi occupiers.


<Canada, Britain, US, Australia: that’s where the Trawniki (foreign helpers of the SS) often fled to. Some are in Germany, too old to be prosecuted?

Holocaust denial is a crime now in Rumania, AND in Hungary.

Rumania: IASI pogrom

Odessa, Ukraine, 25,000 Jews killed by Rumanians and Germans\\­center/presentations/features/­details/2005-03-10/
Rumanian Genocide against the Jews, 400 page report proves it.

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