Holocaust Deniers link hands with Holocaust Perpetrators

Otto-Ernst Remer (d. 1997). If you saw the film, Valkyrie, you might know of him. He was one of those who Hitler sent after the conspirators. For his loyalty, Hitler promoted him.

In 1990, David Irving, Holocaust denier turned ‘revisionist’, i.e., he was caught in his own lies, gave a speech at which Remer was present, in the Lowenbraukeller in Munich. Also present was Ernst Zundel, and other members of the neo Nazi scene.

David Irving’s bodyguard in England was Nick Griffin, of the BNP.

Irving ridiculed the Holocaust openly, to Remer and Zundel’s delight.

Remer sponsored a young leftist German denier, who was freed this weekend from German prison. His name is Germar Rudolf.

Both David Irving and Germar Rudolf are trying to get US citizenship, because they’ve been imprisoned or expelled from other countries, like Germany and Austria. Remer’s dead. Zundel has one more year to go in prison.


Remer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otto_Ernst_Remer

They’re not dangerous?


A Guide to Refuting Holocaust Deniers. I especially like the one about the ‘doors’ being too flimsy on the gas chambers, and claiming they open inward: really, those are the doors to clothing-delousing chambers. The Nazis attempted to blow up the gas chambers.


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