Grisly Forgotten Nazis.

Dr Eisele, the lampshade doctor of Dachau, died in Cairo. He will not be sorely missed. He was an artist with human skin.

Even scarier photo , mid-way along the page. 

Does this look like the face of someone whose actions would help in the mass murder of millions of people? He was the telephone operator for the SS in Poland.

Ernst Lerch, SS. This bastard was instrumental in the Holocaust, serving under Globocnic, maybe the worst criminal in the SS, after Heydrich and Himmler. Until today I had never heard of Lerch. He looks quite intelligent. He is quite dead.

ernst lerch was born 19 november 1914 klagenfurt .
he joined the ss on 1 march 1934 with ss number 309700 .
he had already entered the nazi party on 1 december 1932 .
promoted to ss untersturmfuhrer 9 november 1936 ,
ss obersturmfuhrer 9 november 1937 and to ss hauptsturmfuhrer on
march 12 ,1938 .
lerch served in the german army during the polisch campain in 1939 .
he returned to full -time ss duties in february 1940 and served in the rsha until september 1941 .
from berlin he went to the general governement and to lublin .
promoted to ss sturmbannfuhrer on 21 july 1942 .
lerch was not well liked by the other officers assigned to operation reinhard .
he operated the radio link between globocnik and himmler and also seved as the gate guard for admittance to globocnik ‘s presence .
at the conclusion of operation reinhard , globocnik requested that several members of his staff transfer with him to the office of the higher ss and police leader ,adriatic coast .
lerch was one of those men reassigned ;he had proved a key cog in the
destruction machine at lublin ,winning the war service cross 1 st class on 1 september 1943 .
lerch was wounded in action on 17 october 1944 .
he was captured with globocnik by british troops in may 1945 .
on trial 1971 klagenfurt but case was droped .
he died in 1997 in klagenfurt

source the ghetto men

Dr. Schumann left Auschwitz in 1944. In October 1945, he suddenly appeared in Gladbeck where we was appointed urban sports-doctor. He opened his own consulting practice in 1949 with a refugee credit and was only recognized as a war criminal in 1951. Schumann fled and worked as a doctor on a ship before settling in the Sudan in 1955. Four years later, he fled again via Nigeria and Libya to Ghana. In 1966, Schumann was finally delivered to the German Federal Republic, where the trial against him was opened in September 1970. The proceedings were delayed in April 1971 because of Schumann’s high blood-pressure. Without any public interest, Schumann was released from prison on July 29, 1972. He spent the rest of his life in Frankfurt and died on May 5, 1983, eleven years after he had been released.



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