Assorted info. on the Holocaust

Below I have posted several short essays that I think are of interest to the public. They pertain to the Second World War and its aftermath.

The second DISTURBING video is narrated by British actor, Trevor Howard. It is a tremendously disturbing video, 53 minutes, but it has to be seen. It shows the liberation of concentration camps across Europe.

Oskar Groning, BBC video. “Of the 6,500 – 7,000 members of
the SS who worked at Auschwitz between 1940 and 1945 and are thought to have survived the war, only about 750-800 were prosecuted, the vast majority by the Poles” 


Below: Christopher Buckley, son of William F. Buckley, on the Holocaust.

BUCKLEY ON AUSCHWITZ—NOT-allowed-escape-justice.html 

1. Bergen-Belsen, images of camp liberated, with sound. VERY DISTURBING

2. Bergen-Belsen, prisoners freed. German Doctors take care of them.

3. This is the face of someone who led people on ‘death marches’, which the video didn’t even address.  Herta Bothe arrived at Bergen-Belsen and was a guard there for one month. When the British liberated the camp, April 15, 1945, they found thousands of sick and dying everywhere. Tens of thousands were still prisoners. DISTURBING


Oscar Groening, Ordinary family man, or Auschwitz-bookkeeper?

By 1944 the SS became the head of a huge economic empire. Not only did it run a gigantic “labor-lending service” with concentration camp prisoners and forced laborers, all the while enriching itself with the seized assets of persecuted Jews; but the SS empire also had enormous financial and industrial assets at its disposal. This included extensive intersecting stock holdings with private financial and economic interests. Leading bankers and economic managers constituted a veritable “advisory council” for the SS economic empire, in the guise of advisory boards, “circles of friends,” and through membership in the Allgemeine SS. This latter practice meant that bankers, economic managers, academics, aristocrats, and other members of Germany‘s “elite,” could hold high-ranking positions in the SS, while still continuing their business activities.

The SS was therefore much more than a police-state institution par excellence. It was not only a monstrous apparatus for oppression and a mass-murder machine; but at the same time, it was a huge corporation.

This is the face of SS General Hans Kammler. I encourage all of you to download the picture and either spit in his face or flush it down the toilet.

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Die Generale der Waffen-FOLL und to der Polizei: die militärischen Werdegänge der Generale, sowie to der Ärzte, Veterinäre, Intendanten, Richter und Ministerialbeamten im Generalsrang by Andreas Schulz; Günter Wegmann; Dieter Zinke, published by Bissendorf: Biblio Verlag, 2003
ISBN10: 3764823739

Look at this bastard: Ernst Lerch, Globocnic’s right-hand man, almost completely escaped Justice. Lived freely in Germany, 1976 to 1997. A little over five years he spent in custody. At first I thought he was too minor a figure to take notice of, but when you read about this monster Globocnic, then it puts things in a different light.

Certainly the following were the top guys that were missed in 1945:

Martin Bormann — he headed all lists up until his skeleton was found in Berlin in 1972 and DNA postively identified in early 1990’s DEAD.

Reichsleiter Phillipp Bouhler — suppossedly committed suicide in allied hands — no body ever found nor can the allies produce an autopsy sheet or a body disposal document. Most historians take their word that he was dead. And he was not the only one the allies stated had “died” in their hands. ??????

Heinrich Muller — the Gestapo Chief was on everyones lists. Many different stories as to what happened to him. ** No point in trying to find out. No one knows or it’s top secret.

Richard Glucks — Head of the Concentration Camp System. His fate ; Good evidence that he’s DEAD. Good news: he and his wife left no children.

Odilio Globocnik — Same as Gluck — No body ever turned up ?The British have photos of him dead in their captivity. DEAD, Alps, Carinthia

Adolf Prutzmann and Friedrich Wilhelm Kruger both top HSSP both suppossedly committed suicide but the allies never found the bodies. In fact Kruger’s brother is the one that committed suicide. The allies didn’t look real hard for these guys. Officially DEAD but…


Josef Terboven and Wilhelm RediessDEAD,positively ID’d in their graves.


Info on Euthanasia, Hadamar, Germany, where they murdered the disabled and retarded. Later they used the facilities to murder Jews and Russian POWs.

Bernburg, was where they sent people to be gassed from Buchenwald. It’s still in dispute if they gassed people at Buchenwald.

Brandenburg Euthanasia

Headed by Irmfried Eberl, an Austrian doctor,2 who later went on to direct Treblinka as well as various staff who became instrumental in Aktion Reinhardt. Death lists the following persons as former members of Brandenburg’s staff:Rudolf Bär, Kurt Bolender, Kurt D., Werner Dubois, Irmfried Eberl, Kurt Franz *, Erich Fuchs, August Hengst, Willy Mätzig, Josef Oberhauser, Karl Pötzinger, Friedrich Tauscher, Max Biala and Christian Wirth.

 Opened in the late 1700s as a paupers’ house, it later became a prison closing in 1931 for prisoners and being transformed by the Nazis into a lager with police barracks. From 1933 on some euthanasia was taking place, but in 1940, one of the first mass gassings of mental ‘defectives’ was conducted in the presence of Himmler and other high level officials by Wirth. Brandenburg is reponnsible for over 9000 deaths, using mostly carbon monoxide poisoning. Victims were brought in by bus, disrobed, and led to a shower room for gassing. In 1940, in addition to two krema, bodies were cremated at the disguised Paterdam Street Chemical-Technical Research Center. The last killing took place in August of 1940. 5 Grafeneck


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