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To any denying idiot, here is one of the top Nazis admitting it himself.

Les francais:
It also offers a revealing exchange involving Pope Pius XII, who some historians say did not use his influence to halt the killing of Jews. The conversation, relayed by an Ecuadorian envoy, was between the Vatican ambassador and Marshal Henri-Philippe Pétain, the French collaborationist leader. Over lunch at a Vichy hotel in July 1942, Marshal Pétain said he was consoled that the pope approved his policy of deporting Jews. The ambassador corrected him, saying, “The Holy Father does not approve.”

In a subsequent meeting, the ambassador delivered the pope’s personal appeal to stop the persecutions, but, the report said, Marshal Pétain agreed “only to limit the ongoing deportations to foreign Jews living in the occupied zone of France.”
holocaust in romania

Goebbels, corrupt? By 1936, although he was not nearly as corrupt as some other senior Nazis, such as Göring and Robert Ley, Goebbels was earning 300,000 Reichsmarks a year in “fees” for writing in his own newspaper, Der Angriff, as well as his ministerial salary and many other sources of income. These payments were in effect bribes from the papers publisher Max Amann. He owned a villa by the lake at Wannsee and another on Lake Constance in the south, which he spent 2.2 million Reichsmarks refurbishing.

In her book “Into That Darkness”, Gitta Sereny recounts her
conversations with Treblinkas commandant Franz Stangl. He had been
arrested in Brazil and extradited to Germany. She asked him, What did
you think at the time was the reason for the exterminations? He
answered bluntly, They [the Nazis] wanted the Jews money.
You cant be serious, she said.
But of course. Have you any idea of the fantastic sums that were
involved? Thats how the steel in Sweden was bought. ”

During World War II, though Austrians only constituted eight percent of the Third Reich’s population, Austrians comprised fourteen percent of the SS and forty percent of Nazi personnel involved in genocide.

Royalty at Dachau
Antonia, Crown Princess of Bavaria
Albrecht, Duke of Bavaria
Franz, Duke of Bavaria
Prince Max, Duke in Bavaria
Philipp, Landgrave of Hesse
Franz Wittelsbach, Prinz von Bayern
Maximilian, Duke of Hohenberg
Prince Ernst von Hohenberg
Princess Sophie of Hohenberg
Prince Xavier de Bourbon-Parma

Here the descendant of a Nazi engineer speaks out. I wonder what deniers have to say about this.

Gassings and euthanasia of the mentally ill at Hadamar. I notice deniers don’t talk about this too much. It shows that even the Vatican spoke out on the issue. December 1940: The Vatican condemns Nazi “mercy killings” of “unfit Aryans” as “contrary to both natural and divine law.” This was the staff who later went on to complete the Holocaust. This is proof that hasn’t been generally shown to be relevant.

More on Odilo Globocnick, in charge of Action Reinhardt: from

The total value of these items amounts to approximately 180,000,000 RM according to the attached list [Document NO-062, Prosecution Exhibit 489.]. The lowest value was taken as a basis so that the total amount is probably twice as high, apart from the value of the received items which are short, such as textiles of which more than 1,900 wagons had been delivered to German industry.

SS Gruppenfuehrer and Major General of the Police

Werner Dubois admitted during the trial his guilty part in the extermination of the Jews, his court testimony at Hagen read:
it is clear to me that in the extermination camp, murder was committed. What I have done was only to assist in the murder. If I were to be found guilty it would be justified, murder is murder.

We are all guilty. The camp had a chain of command and if one link in the chain were to refuse to co-operate then the whole system would collapse. We did not have the courage to disobey orders.

German historian Hans-Ulrich Wehler supported Irving’s imprisonment under the grounds that The denial of such an unimaginable murder of millions, one third of whom were children under the age of 14, cannot simply be accepted as something protected by the freedom of speech.[212] By contrast Deborah Lipstadt argued that Irving should not be imprisoned for expressing views that she finds odious and wrong.

These events are all the more shocking to those who remember that the country was once a sort of Jewish promised land. Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, was known as the Jerusalem of the North. About one third of its population in the 1920s and 30s was Jewish. Yiddish was in the air then. Synagogues welcomed the faithful. Cafes overflowed with young Jewish painters, writers, and poets. Vilna, as the city is called in Yiddish, was the seat of intellectual, spiritual, and artistic life for Eastern European Jewry.

All of that is long gone, destroyed by the Nazi war machine with the active assistance, in a dark chapter for Lithuania, of many local collaborators. Vilnius today has only one synagogue.

This is what they wanted to destroy/

Didn’t happen?
Korherr Report : Nazis’ own statistics on the subject, spg 1943..

Franz v Papen: 1960 Titel Geheimer Kammerherr durch Papst Johannes XXIII.
The man who brought Hitler to power, 1933, blessed by the Pope in 1960

Proof that the Waffen SS was implicated in the Holocaust: ‘Fegelein: As a component of Himmlers Kommandostab RFSS, Fegelein’s Waffen-SS cavalry unit murdered tens of thousands of Jewish civilians in the Pripyet Marshes area of White Russia during the late summer of 1941. Thus Fegelein was a Waffen-SS commander directly implicated in the Holocaust.

“Extremely informative page. However, it seems that people think that all of the victims of Hitler’s madness were Jews. This is a common misperception since he also killed Poles, Mentally challenged, POW’s, and others. From what I have studied about the history of the NSDAP(National Socialist Party) National Socialism in and of itself is not a bad thing, but Hitler and his cronies took the concept of National Socialism way too far. ” (a comment)

Hitler speech, Dec 12 1941, to the Gauleiters, p212, “The Holocaust on Trial“, Guttenplan. Hitler makes clear his intentions are extermination. Christopher Browning, “We have a very accurate list of the deportation trains from Germany. In many cases we have the entire roster name by name and we are not floundering”. (213). In terms of the census from Poland, they have the figures; it is only the figures from the ex Soviet Union of which they are uncertain.

Atlantic magazine, May 2009, has an indepth review of these books: “The BBC beamed detailed descriptions of the workings of the death camps to Germany in 1942”. “Hard information, not just vague rumor, was being brought back to the Reich and was available. Its extent was considerable… only the willfully ignorant could have imagined a drastically different fate for the Jews than was actually in store for them”.

“The White Rose” student resistance movement in Munich declared in its 1942 manifesto that 300,000 Jews had been killed in Poland, a crime ‘unparallelled in the whole of history”. So there, the idea that no one knew is nonsense. The US and British govt knew during the course of the war.

new books :The Third Reich at War, Richard Evans, Penguin books; Life and Death in the Third Reich, Peter Fritzsche, Harvard; Germany and the Second World War, Jorge Echternkamp, Oxford; Hitler, the Germans and the Final Solution, Ian Kershaw, Yale.

Hans Kammler: “What is remarkable about Kammler is that so few people know his name.” Into the Black, the Atlantic Magazine, Sept 5, 2005, Nick Cook.

Uki Goni, excellent journalist on escaped Nazis:


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