On Propaganda: Van Oven and David Irving

Wilfred van Oven press secretary to Goebbels. Died only last year in Argentina. (wikipedia)

“He died in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he was living since 1951.”

Now look this guy knew Goebbels, and died a free man in Argentina. He may have never hurt anyone but still, shouldn’t he have received some kind of punishment ? He helped him scribble that propaganda. How happy he’d have died knowing that already people are denying the Holocaust.  How he could stomach being in the same room with that evil creep, is another question. I guess the food was a lot better in the Chancellory than on the Eastern front, eh?


Now this is a fine example of how propaganda works. Who does David Irving quote? A: Wilfred Van Owen!!!!!!

40,000 died at Dresden,if you read carefully. Please note the footnote. “Dr Goebbels explained in the often mentioned “11-o’clock-midday conference” that 40,000 victims were to be lamented in Dresden.

“At the time one did not know yet that the figure was considerably higher.146

146. Quite the contrary, the number was suprisingly exact.”

Now I don’t want to get off-topic, but it shows that David Irving relies on dubious sources, like Von Oven.


Der Spiegel and Wilfred Van Oven.



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