Kammler III

Reiner Merkel’s book: Hans Kammler – Manager des Todes, 2010 August von Goethe Literaturverlag, Frankfurt am Main, ISBN 978-3-8372-0817-7.
SS General Hans Kammler was in charge of the facilities, in which slaves died building their weapons. “Hitler trusts Kammler to wipe out any traces of the Nazis’ secret projects. But what Fuhrer doesn’t know is that Kammler is getting ready to turn sides.In 1981, Hitler’s former minister of armaments and war, Albert Speer, confessed that Kammler had told him he was planning to take all his secrets to the Americans in return for immunity.” Then he disappears.
source: Nazi UFO Conspiracy, discovery/military channel


Albert Speer, Dr. Wilhelm Voss and Generalmajor Walter Doernberger also give roughly the same testimony in various publications that SS Obergruppenfuhrer Dr. Eng. Hans Kammler either took poison or ordered his adjutant to shoot him when the military situation became hopeless in the Prague region, May 1945.

“The Hitler Book”, Stalin’s dossier on Adolf Hitler, on amazon. It does contain a reference to SS General Hans Kammler, indicating he is ‘thought to have committed suicide.”

SS General Hans Kammler is most likely dead by now. (born 1901).



Nick Cook, a writer without much scientific knowledge, but who may have done some good research on Kammler

Greyfalcon site has some copyright issues.


USHMM has little on Kammler or Ohrdruf.

*OHRDRUF was part of Buchenwald system of camps. Slave labor built underground system of tunnels and living quarters that were to be used as part of a second bunker.

“Exactly 64 years ago General Eisenhower deliberately visited Ohrdruf, a subcamp of Buchenwald, to see firsthand the atrocities perpetrated by the Nazis. He was so shocked by what he encountered that he urged members of Congress, journalists and others to visit and document the newly liberated camps so that no one in the future could dismiss the atrocities as “propaganda.”

Greyfalcon contains some nonsense as well as interesting information. The impt thing about this site is the dates given.


In 1 Aug 1940 Hans Kammler joined the SS, where from 1942 he worked at designing facilities for the extermination camps, including gas chambers and crematoria. Kammler eventually became Oswald Pohl’s Deputy in the WVHA (Reich Administrative and Economic Main Office), which oversaw Amtsgruppe D (Amt D), the Administration of the concentration camp system, and was also Chief of Amt C, which designed and constructed all of the concentration and extermination camps. Following the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943, Heinrich Himmler assigned him to overseeing the demolition of the ghetto in retaliation.

SS GENERAL Hans Kammler was number three on the list to be tried at Nuremberg, yet he mysteriously ’died’ before they could find him for the trial, and his body was never recovered. He worked as an architect/ engineer on the design of concentration camps and gas chambers, as well as in aviation.

* Planned and organized construction of gas chambers, crematoria, and other facilities at Auschwitz-Birkenau, 1941 – 1943.
* Visited Auschwitz on an inspection tour with Himmler, 17. July 1942.
* Oversaw the demolition of remaining structures in the former Warsaw Ghetto, Summer 1943.
* Described by Heinz Höhne in “The Order of the Death’s Head” as “… one of the most unscrupulous careerists ever to wear SS uniform… his ambition was abnormal even by SS standards; he would build gas chambers in Auschwitz or launching ramps for flying bombs with equal attention to detail. He eventually became a[n Ober]gruppenführer but in spite of his exalted position bore no loyalty to the SS; for him the Order was nothing but a ladder for his own advancement.”
SS General Hans Kammler, the forgotten Nazi war criminal.

This warped and twisted administrative genius first came to the attention of Himmler and Hitler “with a brilliant hand-colored design for the Auschwitz concentration camp, which he subsequently built. Later he was called in to advise on the modalities for boosting the daily output of its gas chambers from 10,000 to 60,000.” {source}

“All this is to say that not only was Kammler a butcher, but that by the war’s end, Hitler had “concentrated more power in Kammler’s hands than he had ever entrusted to a single person,” bar none.”

He ‘disappeared’ or ‘died’. All references to him were dropped from the Nuremberg proceedings!! He disappears without a trace 18 April 1945. He supposedly goes off to Prague, where Eichmann also was hiding. Then they both disappear. Dr. Wilhelm Voss claims that Kammler bit the cyanide capsule on the road from Pilsen to Prague, May 9, 1945.(Agoston)

Ohrdruf, part of Buchenwald.


Alan Heath, has replied (January 20, 2004):
“Notwithstanding allegedly disappearing on the U-997 to Argentina, I assumed that Hans Kammler was captured in Czechoslovakia and shot in Jicin on May 12, 1945 by the NKVD along with around 100 others, many of whom were from the SS.
Wernher von Braun and others were captured May 3, 1945, they certainly had not seen anything of Kammler since the end of February.
However I can offer no evidence to back this theory up.“
Kammler was also however head of the SS evacuation command which was better known for evacuating KZ camp inmates on death marches and shooting those who could not walk. Kammler’s evacuation command also used a number of armoured trains to evacuate tons of Luftwaffe secret technology documents from tunnels under Furstenstein Castle (near Walbrzych) to Linz, Austria where US Forces scooped up the documents. One of these armoured Trains is said to have simply disappeared at the end of the war. {sci fi?}

His last telegraph message read, 17 April 1945:

“Re: Lorry Junkers In accordance with Fuhrer-Order jet aircraft measures take precedence over military. Have therefore not been in the position to release the lorry you require.Bau-Insp etc, signed Kammler.”

An extarordinary aspect of this was that Kammler was turning down a request for the Ju-390 from Hitler’s headquarters in April 1945. What was Hitler’s headquarters requesting ? Nevertheless “Cook reports that one of these enormous Ju 390s simply went missing at the end of the war.” (Agoston)

From 18 April until 28 April, the trail grows cold: he was wanted by the Nazis for his failure to implement the Fuhrer’s orders to kill the Nazi scientists (Ohrdruf, Nazis exploded a “device”, 4 Mar, 1945), and the Prisoners at Dora-Mittlebau and Grosse-Rosen. *

Had the Nazis detonated some kind of new explosive device? There were at least two attempts to do so: Mar 4 and 12 , 1945 in the area of Ohrdruf, Germany. *See, Luigi Romersa ,Mission to Moscow. It was a radiation bomb.

The US archives are closed on the matter for one hundred years. In addition, the file with war diaries of Patton’s men that the US government has in archives is sealed.


Where was Kammler? Other sources say he could not have been in the Prague area on or around that date, due to the arrival of Patton’s Third Army and the encroaching Soviet forces.

*US THIRD ARMY captured Peenemunde scientists, 3 May 1945

Pilsen, Uranium mines

US and Soviets meet 6 May, Prague.

From 5 May to 12 May Kammler could not have been at Jilove, where one report has him committing suicide by cyanide capsule ingestion.

Another report has him commit suicide or is shot in Davle, Moravia (Czech).

Any other alternative is mere supposition. One wild story has him flying to Norway, and from there to either Japan (with atomic papers, top secret; class.) or to Uruguay and on to Argentina. .

I don’t believe it.


Kammler: at the end of April he is headed toward Ebenzee and Salzburg, Austria – not far from Berchtesgaden. He goes due west to Tyrol, West Austria where he gives his wife a cyanide capsule and a message (28 April?) Tyrol was also the center of the Luftwaffe experimental projects.

Die Autoren dokumentieren nicht nur, daß am 4.3.1945 ein Kleinst-Atomtest auf dem Truppenübungsplatz Ohrdruf stattfand, bei dem mehrere hundert Menschen ums Leben kamen, sondern auch, daß am 16. März 1945 vom Boden Thüringens aus der erfolgreiche Start eines Prototypen stattfand.
Darüber hinaus erfahren Sie erstaunliche Details, warum die neuen Waffensysteme nicht eingesetzt wurden, welche Konsequenzen sich aus dem Vorhandensein von geheimen unterirdischen Anlagen im Raum Thüringen ergeben und auch, wo der mächtige General der Waffen-SS, Dr. Ing. Hans Kammler, nach dem Krieg verblieben ist.-

…in Raum Thuringen yield and also where the powerful general of the weapons, SS, Dr. Ing. Hans Kammler, remained after the war.

5 May 1945. Kammler is apparently on the road from Pilsen to Prague.

9 May, alleged suicide in Eule (Jilove), Czechoslovakia as the Red Army closes in. Silesians were fleeing to Germany as the Czechs and Russians approached.

There are four different accounts of how he died, none of which has been corrobated. He is the missing LINK in how the concentration camp-system was achieved.

It seems unlikely we ever will because many records of the activities of the US Third Army between 3 May and 9 May are CLASSIFIED due to the sensitive nature of what scientific projects were going on at Ordruf and in the Prague region.(Skoda/Krupp/SS Buildings and works projects)

Thanks to Diana, in Germany for assistance.

Further info in the comments section.

09.05.1945 verlässt im Konvoi deutscher Soldaten unter SS-Gruppenführer von Pückler-Burghauss im Schutz der SS-Kampfgruppe “Der Führer“ Prag in südlicher Richtung durch Eule (Jílové) und überschreitet bei Davle die Donau.

*Kammler hastens toward Prague airplaneworks May 5, 1945.

5-9-45 Arrived runs into the uprising there and narrowly escapes, leaving his driver heavily injured in the convoy of German soldiers under SS Kampfgruppe “Der Fuhrer” in Prague, southernly direction through Eule- Jilove, and crosses the Danube in Davle.


1. . I don’t believe that Kammler flew to Norway

2. don’t know all the facts due to the classified status of this info.

3. We do know that Kammler is dead.

4. We do know that there was a SECOND BUNKER being designed to which they would evacuate Hitler and the OKW (Oberkommando) in the event of them having to evacuate Berlin.


wiki, 7-26-09

Nick Cook, who in his “The Hunt for Zero Point” (2001) raised the possibility that Kammler was brought to the United States along with other German scientists as part of Operation Paperclip as a result of his supposed involvement in secret German projects. Joseph P. Farrell’s “Reich of the Black Sun” (2005) casts further doubt upon the facts surrounding his death[4], however his only references are to the book “Blunder! How the U.S. Gave Away Nazi Supersecrets to Russia” (1985) by self-identified “British Intelligence agent” Tom Agoston.[5]

In March 1945, as US forces were advancing through Germany, the slave workers housed in the Dora-Mittelbau concentration camp were to be executed as security risks. It is believed that the order for their murder was received by Kammler, but he did not comply with it.

On 9 July, 1945 Kammler’s widow petitioned to have him declared dead as of 9 May, 1945, adducing a sworn statement by Kammler’s driver, Kurt Preuk, according to which Preuk had personally seen “the corpse of Kammler and been present at his burial” on 9 May, 1945. The District Court of Berlin-Charlottenburg ruled on 7 September, 1948 that his death was officialy established as 9 May, 1945.

In a later sworn statement on 16 October, 1959, Preuk stated that Kammler’s date of death was “about 10 May, 1945″, but that he did not know the cause of death. On 7 September, 1965, Heinz Zeuner (a wartime aide of Kammler’s), stated that Kammler had died on 7 May, 1945 and that his corpse had been observed by Zeuner, Preuk and others. All the eyewitnesses consulted were certain that the cause of death was cyanide poisoning.[2] In addition to testifying to Kammler’s suicide by cyanide, Zeuner also claimed earlier that Kammler had asked Zeuner to shoot him. However, doubt has been cast on Zeuner’s evidence since he is reported to have told an earlier denazification hearing in February 1948 that he was already in US custody on 2 May, 1945.[citation needed]

In their accounts of Kamler’s movements Preuk and Zeuner claimed that he left Linderhof near Oberammergau on 28 April, 1945 for a tank conference at Salzburg and then went to Ebensee (where tank tracks were manufactured). According to Preuk and Zeuner he then travelled back from Ebensee to visit his wife in the Tyrol region, when he gave her two cyanide tablets. The next day, 5 May, he is said to have departed Tyrol for Prague.[citation needed]

However, Preuk and Zeuner’s testimony clashes with the known movements of US Divisions throughout Austria in May 1945. By 4 May, 1945 the US 103rd Infantry was already at Innsbruck, preventing Kammler from travelling from Ebensee to the Tyrol. The US 88th Infantry division had arrived from Italy cutting off any route to the Tyrol from the south while the US 44th Infantry Division established a command post at Imst in Tyrol on 4 May, 1945 and together with the 103rd entirely controlled the Tyrol region preventing Kammler from visiting his wife. Preuk is quite clear that they drove everywhere so that it would have been impossible to bypass US checkpoints.

A further complication is that the 80th Infantry Division reached Ebensee on 4 May, 1945 [3], and the concentration camp itself was liberated by two M-18 half tracks of the US 80th Division at 2.50pm on 5 May, 1945.

There are four different versions of Kammler’s death:

That he committed suicide with a cyanide capsule on 7 May, 1945.
That he shot himself in the head on 9 May, 1945.
That he asked his aide Zeuner to shoot him.
That the Soviets executed Kammler along with 200 other SS soldiers

Speaking of Nuremberg, I have been reading about the elusive SS Obergruppenfuhrer Hans Kammler who went missing in April 1945 with all the secrets of Hitler’s “wunderwaffen.” It is alleged that Kammler struck a deal with US General George Patton to turn over the secrets to the Americans in return for his “disappearance.”

Kammler took over the Nazi weapons program and used slave labor to construct underground factories etc. for such things as, the Me262 jet fighter, the V1 and V2 rockets, The Nazi Atom bomb, etc. href=”http://cgi.stanford.edu/group/wais/cgi-bin/?p=558″>http://cgi.stanford.edu/group/wais/cgi-bin/?p=558

Kammler.Nazi A-Bomb project? Rejoinder.


It appears that on March 4 and 12, 1945, the Nazi scientists did indeed set off two explosive devices. All information about this project is classified. Thorium may have been used, OHRDRUF, Germany.

It was NOT a nuclear bomb.




US Third Army, 3 May 1945 captured Peenemunde scientists, including WernerVon Braun.

Czechoslovakia. SS Building and Works Division (including the running of labor and death camps), located near Pilsen, mining of Uranium. Skoda/ Krupp works project of which Kammler is Director, SS General.

US and Soviets link up, 6 May 1945, Prague. A date that changed history.

Kammler, hence, acc. to my source, could not have been at “Jilove, Czech. ” at this time 5-9 May 1945. Could he have gotten through the allied lines? If not, then the whole story of him committing suicide there is a smokescreen.

If Kammler did not kill himself at Jilove, as this suggests, then where was he? He basically disappears without a trace April 18 1945. He may have been at Lindenhof, April 28. He reemerges supposedly only after 1 May, when Hitler is assuredly dead. He is placed at Tyrol to say goodbye to his wife and children. But he gives her only one cyanide capsule to split amongst them, end of April 45?

source: Agoston, Tom. Blunder: How the U.S. gave away Nazi supersecrets to Russia. Dodd-Mead, NY: 1985.

“Why then did Kammler order the evacuation of Prof Kurt Diebner’s heerswaffenamt nuclear team south from Stadtilm (near Leipzig) on 8 April 1945 as well. These and his Peenemunde actions were contrary to Hitler’s orders to execute the scientists.

Was it perhaps that his defiance of Hitler’s orders prompted Hitler to charge Kammler with treason on 27 April 1945 when SS Lt Gen Hans Feigelein was arrested in Berlin in the company of a Hungarian mistress who was also an SOE operative ? Feigelein executed.

Kammler took over all jet and rocket and essentially all secret weapons projects around August, 1944. He was already running the Kammler Group in Prague/Pilsen. He had use and control of the Skoda Works and their affiliated and sub companies as his own personal laboratory. He controlled all the underground facilities in Germany, Bohemia, Moravia, Germany including parts which are now Poland. Of this he controlled the uranium mining, refining, atomic research and development facilities at Der Riese. He controlled the two new large long ranged rockets (besides the work at Peenemuende). He controlled all work on the underground megacomplex at Jonastal.

Kammler was a doctor of engineering and as such recognized the value of the technology he controlled, even if he did not originate it. Kammler and the SS microfilmed everything in the final days.

“Die Generale der Waffen-SS und der Polizei”, vol 2 “Kammler, Hans” , Schulz/Wegmann/Zinke

Allen, Michael Thad Allen, “The Business of Genocide”, 2002

Frobe, Reiner, dissertation forthcoming on Kammler

Agoston, Tom “Devil or Technocrat?”

Here are images of the victims of Hans Kammler, SS General, overseer of Gross-Rosen and Ebensee camps :




4 Responses to “Kammler III”

  1. Simon Gunson Says:

    Bravo for a brilliant blog. There is one other discrepancy about Zuener’s sworn testimony That he and Kammler’s driver Preuk had witnessed Kammler’s corpse on 7 May 1945 at a village between Prague & US forces. Preuk himself had been seriously wounded two days earlier on 5 May 1945 therefore could not have witnessed Kammler’s corpse. On 4 May Kammler was attending a conference at Ebensee in Austria. All lines of communication from Ebensee to Prague were cut by 30 April 1945.

  2. cleef58 Says:

    I’dl like to add another explanation I recently discovered on a German website.
    Since I manage German quite well, I use it as a valuable resourse for my research, since German sites are not as ‘copied and pasted’ like the American fora. Sorry.

    But,”…there is one person that stayed with Kammler his last hours in function as a SS officer.
    Her nams is: Ingeborg Alix, Prinses zu Schaumburg Lippe. She was 2nd high in rank as head of the German of the German Womens SS support army. She was the nice of a woman who was married with Graf von Pückler-Burghauß, an SS Major who led the remaining German forces away from the Red Army on 6-8 may 1945 to the west.
    The Princess was with Kammler, Preuk and Zeuner on a small forest road, from Jilove u Prahy to Davle, a little south of Prague, fleeing for the fightings of the Prague uprising of 5-6 may 1945.
    They found their road blocked and turned around. On a certain moment Kammler went out of the car and vanished in the woods.
    He might have cried “for me it has no use anymore…” The Princess could not follow him since she was holding a wounded soldier in her arms in the backseat of a car. Then her car again turned and halted. After some time the Major and Zeuner came driving up the road, Kammler was not in the car anymore at that time.
    Later she learned Kammler committed suicide by taking a cyanide capsule and that they had berried him on the spot.

    We do not know if this is the truth. Obviously not. It is more like another smoke screen. A vew days before Kammler had extensive discussions with Burghauss in his command centre in Prague. They might as well have discussed Kammlers way of escaping/disappearing.

    Kammler lived in the Czech republic under the name of Hans Rittermann with the knowing of the American en Russian gouvernements, until his death in 1976, feeding the Soviets as wel as the Americans with bits of secret Nazi information, perhaps about UFO’s, the Nazi Mars mission, Neu Schwabenland or the Nazi redoubt in Argentina, for him a way to stay alife in this Status Quo.

    added by Frank from the Netherlands

  3. cleef58 Says:

    most of what I mentioned has been written elsewere in the blog, I was too quick. Sorry for that!

    But, when I read on, I find large parts that seem to have been ‘machine translated’, is that so? Otherwise it is poorly translated anyway…

  4. Sy Gunson Says:

    In correspondence with Keith Sanders whose father was an RAOC ordnance technician NCO involved in the capture of an underground nuclear facility at Espelkamp on 4th April 1945, five of Kammler’s staff cars were captured there. The location was also visited by 30 AU Commando and Sanders claims that Kammler’s body was found dumped in a water tank at this site. If correct, it raises serious questions about who was masquerading as Kammler throughout the remainder of April 1945?

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