YouTranslation of documents on Hans Kammler, thanks to Diana

22.04.1945 Kammler has an big argument with lieutenant Burger, who was an commandant of the German troops (Wehrmacht)in Obermmergau. At night 28.April Kammler assumed with 600 soldiers a new residence for his staff. The residence of troops was between Oberammergau and Granswang. His residence was in Linderhof, then in Salzburg.

Last days of April/ first days of May 1945:

The last conferences in Ebensee and Salzburg about armament. They were just befor Kammler went in a hurry to Prague, where there were factory of airplanes.

First days in May gave his wife capsules of potassium cyanide. They are for her and for children. He said good bye: We will never see each other again.

05.05.1945 Kammler was a few days in Prague, and the revolt shot at him; he survived, his driver was bad wounded

05.09.1945 travelled in convoy with German soldiers and together with general SS Pückler-Burghauss and his SS group “Der Führer“ (The Leader), left Prague, went on the south side of the town through Eule (Jílové) and crossed over next to Davle the river Donau.

The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes, scant info.


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