Albert Speer and Kammler I

“They all agreed the division should surrender and only sympathetic colleagues should be informed of the plan. Colonel Thom, Chief of Staff for Division z.V., blocked Kammler’s ordered conversion by simply delaying the reorganization of troops for the required battle groups.

It was understood among all that the idea of surrender should not be mentioned to SS General Kammler. It would have been suicide to do so. Kammler’s fanatical attitude could not be reasoned with, and any suggestion of surrender would bring an immediate death sentence. Kammler had already given the formal order to reorganize the rocket troops into infantry regiments, and a few weeks afterward, he made a speech before the regimental and battalion commanders, giving wild battle orders. Soon after that, Kammler disappeared from Division z.V. affairs altogether.

” V-2 Division soldiers had no idea if all of their comrades had made it across the river. Only a few of the division’s vehicles were ferried over the river that day, but more would be brought over later. The ferry service ended late that evening, around 11:00 PM, with many refugees remaining on the east bank of the river. The majority of the rocket soldiers had successfully crossed the Elbe, but the members of the division were saddened to learn a few comrades had been left in the rear. Behind them, the smoke pyres were subsiding, signaling the Russians were quickly advancing towards the Elbe. If not for the efforts of these few division officers such as Colonel Wetzling, the whole of the V-2 Division might have been slaughtered or taken into captivity by the Red Army. Thus, with the capture of the V-2 Division, the German A-4/V-2 ballistic missile campaign came to an end. At dawn the next day, word spread among the V-2 troops of Hitler’s death, which was announced overnight. ” So they surrendered May 2, 1945. Other reports have them taken by Patton, May 3, 1945. No mention of Kammler’s disappearance or death.
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FINALLY! Found info. on Hans Kammler in scholarly books!

The business of genocide : the SS, slave labor, and the concentration camps / Michael Thad Allen.
Allen, Michael Thad.

Call Number:
940.5318 ALLEN

0807826774 (alk. paper)

Publication Information :
Chapel Hill, N.C. : University of North Carolina Press, c2002.

133 Hans Kammler: Modern Engineering in the SS
So, we’ve found out some more info.:

Himmler decided to use Jewish slave labor , Jan 1942.

Kammler worked on the original blueprints, which did NOT have gas chambers.

Kammler decided to build the crematoria in early 1942.

Kammler went to Auschwitz-Birkenau, May 1942 acc. to Van Pelt.

Kammler ordered the morgues to be converted into gas chambers.


On 27 Feb 1942, Kammler went to Auschwitz to discuss a second crematorium.”
“In January 1943, Bischoff wrote to Kammler that Hitler himself had ordered the accelerated completion of the camp.” p. 37., Holocaust Encyclopaedia, ed. by Walter Lacquer.

Christopher Simpson, on how the CIA recruited Nazis. It contains only one reference to Kammler, nothing about his role in Auschwitz-Birkenau.The US ended up “with the larger share of the scientific legacy of the Nordhausen complex”, including Dornberger and Von Braun. But no mention of Kammler’s fate. Simpson,Blowback.

At the David Irving trial, there were some references to Hans Kammler.
cf. The Holocaust on Trial, DD Guttenplan.
In the Autumn of 1941, they began gassing people at Birkenau: Russian POWS.
Feb 1942, first Jews begin to arrive at Auschwitz-Birkenau.
In the summer of 1942, they extended the operation.

“A public outrcry against the Euthanasia institutes had forced Hitler to put an end to the gassings (of the mentally ill) in Germany”, p. 52, Van Pelt, The Case for Auschwitz.Pressac has a book The Case for Auschwitz, with detailed plans.

The book, “The Third Reich” by M. Burleigh , p. 385, has a whole chapter on the euthanasia program.

Pope Pius XIII unequivocally condemned the ‘killing of life unworthy of life” on Dec 2, 1940.

Bishop Galen, Munster, protested vigorously the Nazi plans to mass murder people. p. 403, Burleigh.

p. 29, Van Pelt, Case for Auschwitz.

In late 1944, the General (Dornberger) reached an agreement with Himmler, head of the SS, under wihich the SS’s representative, Hans Kammler, took over day-to-day management at Nordhausen on the condition that selected Dornberger subordinates… retained their positions of authority at the facility”. At this facility, tens of thousands of slave workers died producing V-2 rockets to be sent to destroy London.

Van Pelt shows that “Kammler toured the site of Auschwitz…and ordered that a peasant cottage there be converted into a gas chamber. Two months later, on July 4, 1942, the first Jews from Slovakia were sorted out. Those who could work were admitted to the camp. Those who could not were killed in the peasant cottage, known now as Bunker I. (p. 72, The Case for Auschwitz)

“Kammler decided to cancel two small incinerations in Birkenau and build there a large crematorium originally planned for the main camp. A gas chamber was created near crematorium I, and after that, in the fall of 1941, in two peasant cottages in the Birkenau forest”. (van Pelt, p. 217).

“In the summer of 1942 it was decided to extend enormously gassing operations and to improve them technically, entrusting the construction of huge crematoria to the firm of JA Topf and Sons at Erfurt… This was done just after SS Reichsfuhrer Himmler’s visit of inspection. The construction began immediately, and in the early months of 1943 four huge modern crematoria were ready for the use of the camp authorities; their fundamental and essential part consisted of a set of gas chambers of a type unknown before. These crematoria were distinguished by the numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5. Crematoria 2 and 3 had underground areas, called on the construction drawing Nos. 932 and 933 of Jan. 28, Leichenkeller 1 and 2, both of which were intended for the gassing of human beings”. (p. 217, Van Pelt.)

Albert Speer and Kammler
“In 1977, Speer took a further step within the framework of his
self accusations when he stated:  ‘I still see my guilt as residing
chiefly in the approval of the persecution of the Jews and the
murder of millions of them.’ (FN 68)

(FN 68) Sworn affidavit by Albert Speer, 6/15/1977. Quoted in
‘Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte,’ supplement to the weekly
newspaper *_Das Parlament_* (July 28, 1978.).”

*However, to this day I still consider my main guilt to be my tacit acceptance (Billigung) of the persecution and
 murder of millions of Jews* (author’s italics). With those words, especially the hard-to-translate *Billigung*,
Speer associated himself for the first time directly with the murder of
the Jews.

“In the summer of 1944, Speer and the Jaegerstaff maintained a telephone hotline to the ramp at Auschwitz,… it was in the dank, deathly gloom of Hans Kammler’s underground factories that the Third Reich made its final futile bid to match the Americans in mass-production” (ibid).

“Himmler cited the case of Messerschmitt’s fighter plant at Regensburg, which had entered into a sub-contracting deal with the Flossenbuerg concentration camp. Flossenbuerg and its Aussenlager consumed the lives of at least 20,000 people, in addition to the many thousands more who died at Mauthausen.” p. 630, ibid

“The Wages of Destruction”, by Adam Tooze, Cambridge University. Mentions Kammler pp 622-3, 627, 630 and 671. Speer congratulated Kammler after visiting the Mittelbau tunnel complex, where people were hanging. In the dock at Nuremberg, “Speer denied ever having seen the true conditions in a concentration camp.” (623).

May 6, ‘43, Kammler visited Mauthausen-Gusen camps in Austria, as did Speer on a different date. Hence , Speer lied: he not only knew about the Holocaust but had a part in its organization. The proof only came out recently, long after he was dead. He avoided being hanged, narrowly.


Finally found something with Kammler

I think the reason Hans Kammler got written out of history (no mention of him in most books written between 1948 through 2001) is that the US government downplayed any mention of him at Nuremberg NOT because they took him, but because they wanted to protect the rocket scientists. Hence, the no.3 war criminal who probably did kill himself in 1945 May, managed to get written out of history.

I can find no better explanation.

Amazing Document, inditing Kammler

Amtsgruppe C, under Kammler and his deputies, Eirenschmalz, Kiefer and Busching, not only constructed plants for other agencies on a gigantic scale but in addition Kammler was given overall authority for producing V-1 and V-2 weapons at concentration camp Nordhausen-Dora. The giant munitions plant was constructed underground to escape allied bombings and was located on the outskirts of Nordhausen, 125 miles southwest of Berlin Approximately 80,000 slave laborers were used at Dora and they were forced to work, eat, and sleep in the darkness of the subterranean tunnels, and were driven 14 hours a day along the 31 miles of railroad track in the underground factories. The tempo of work was deadly and the living conditions unbearable. Literally thousands of inmates were murdered on this project. One transport of unfortunates after another left Buchenwald and nearby camps for Dora never to return. The V weapons were a specialty of the SS and of the WVHA and were constructed upon the lives of those foreigners whose countries were to be destroyed by them.

In addition to the double role which Amtsgruppe C played in the armament industry, it was responsible for two other model achievements in construction; the construction of concentration camps and crematoriums cold, damp, vermin-infected huts, and well-constructed murder chambers which extended for blocks. The existence of the crematoriums was a closely-guarded secret and the camp commander of Mauthausen concentration camp has related that an order existed to the effect that every 3 weeks the detail of inmates working in the crematorium was to be shot. Another project under Amtsgruppe C was the construction of a secret Fuehrer headquarters near Ohrdruf. The project was known by the code name S III. The defendant Sommer himself went to Buchenwald to select the inmates for this important work. The strength of the project, which was commenced in November 1944, reached 13,000 by 27 March 1945 and hundreds of inmates were killed by overwork and mistreatment.

Various other construction projects were carried out by Amtsgruppe C. The so-called “A” projects were underground work detachments, designated A-1, A-2, A-3, etc. Construction of these projects included the enormous undertaking of moving the munitions industries underground and cost the lives of thousands of inmates. The “B” projects were surface work details. “S” projects were secret building detachments, such as the one at Ohrdruf, and the “V” projects already described, involved production of secret weapons.

Amtsgruppe C was the largest user of concentration camp inmates. Kammler was constantly on the search for new manpower for his construction brigades. On 10 February 1942 he wrote to Gluecks, chief of Amtsgruppe D:

“In view of the increasing shortage of civilian workers the execution of the construction tasks devolving upon the SS Economic Administrative Main Office in the 3d year of war, 1942, requires the employment of an increased number of prisoners, prisoners of war, and Jews.

“Although through the operation ‘Heinrich’ a certain number of German construction firms and skilled workers have already been secured for construction projects in the Eastern territory for the establishment of supply depots, it is, nevertheless, essential that prisoners, prisoners of war, Jews, etc. be kept in readiness as helpers for the jobs in all circumstances.”

The evidence will show that the defendants Eirenschmalz and Kiefer, as members of the Amtsgruppe C, played a vital part in this construction program and are responsible for the mistreatment, torture, and murder of untold hundreds of concentration camps inmates.”


“The Holocaust Encyclopaedia” edited by Walter Lacquer

Kammler reference, p. 34-37.

“On 27 Feb 1942, Kammler went to Auschwitz to discuss a second crematorium.”

“In January 1943, Bischoff wrote to Kammler that Hitler himself had ordered the accelerated completion of the camp.” p. 37.


““On Jan 21 1972 , architect Fritz Ertl who had been employed at the Auschwitz Construction Office until early 1943, testified in court in Vienna about the genocidal use of the crematoria. The first time that he was informed about the use of Auschwitz in the Final Solution was in the summer of 1942″., p. 295.

“Auschwitz, so he told me, is an extermination camp.” Fritz Ertl, 1972. p. 295-6. Ertl commented that the new crematoria were necessary “because of the special actions.” When asked if he knew what the word, “special measures ” meant, Ertl told the court that he knew the significance. Ertl’s superiors were Bischoff and above him, Hans Kammler. 29 Jan 1943, letter refers to the “gassing cellar”. Someone noticed that Bischoff’s letter contained the forbidden reference, and pencilled in above it, SS USTUf F Kirschneck. Kirschneck was responsible for the slip. Ertl said in court testimonry, ” The reference sign is “BIschoff’. I can imagine that he has written this himself. I had received the order of Bischoff that I could never write the word ‘gassing’. I always had to circumscribe it.” They would write instead, special action or special measure. p. 297 .


The archivist at Modern Military Records in Maryland told you that Hans Kammler had been “redlined.””I made a lot of inquiries through her, and she found it extraordinary, given what I told her about Kammler—I had to tell her about Kammler—that there was absolutely nothing on him in the National Archive, given that just about everything he was doing should have been documented in the files somewhere. The fact that there was nothing on him was therefore highly suspicious, and in her view tended to support the theory that he’d been redlined. In other words, somebody had gone in and cleared out any meaningful documents on him. ” (source: Nick Cook?)

Kammler, quote:

“Although Kammler had been in overall command, none of the rocket men knew of his whereabouts. In the weeks that followed, those operating scores of Allied POW camps in western Germany were asked to be on the lookout…. In any event, Hans Kammler has never been found- not evena clue has been uncovered as to his fate. He may have been the only German General engaged against the Anglo-Americans who had disappeared without a trace”. p. 170, from “Unsolved History of World War Two.”—

Kammler references in books:
At Dora-Mittelbau near Nordhausen, thousands of prisoners dug tunnels in the rock in 1943 to prepare underground storage facilities for the V-2 missiles that would rain down on London a year later. They lived and slept in the choking dust without water or ventilation. During the first six months, almost 3,000 of 17,000 prisoners died.

“Never mind the human victims, ” said SS Brigade-Fuehrer Hans Kammler, the commander of the operation. “The work must proceed and be finished in the shortest possible time.” p. 83, “Krueger’s Men”, by Lawrence Malkin.

The following books contain not one reference to Hans Kammler:

Tusa, Nuremberg Trials
Novick, Holocaust in American life
Kaplan, Between Dignity and Despair
Lukacs, Hitler of History
Read, Devil’s Disciples
Bascomb, Hunting Eichmann
Kater, Hitler’s Gift
Stackelberg, Hitler’s Germany
Burleigh, Third Reich
Benz, A concise history of the Third Reich
Elon, Pity of it All
Evans, Coming of the Third Reich
Stern, Five Germanys I have known
Ian Kershaw, Hitler


more on Kammler:

Why then did Kammler order the evacuation of Prof Kurt Diebner’s heerswaffenamt nuclear team south from Stadtilm (near Liepzig) on 8 April 1945 aswell. These and his Peenemunde actions were contrary to Hitler’s orders to execute the scientists.

Was it perhaps that his defiance of Hitler’s orders prompted Hitler to charge Kammler with treason on 27 April 1945 when SS Lt Gen Hans Feiglein was arrested in Berlin in the company of a Hungarian mistress who was also an SOE operative ?

Why did he defy Hitler’s orders to execute scientists and engineers ?

I have read that from 27 April there were orders to arrest Kammler. Why was this and what is the basis for a different version that he was killed at Jicin by NKVD ?


Suicide 09.05.1945 near Eule.
The full story of Kammler and his end (ca. 17 pages) will be in volume 2 of “Die Generale der Waffen-SS und der Polizei”.



On August 26, 1943, Albert Speer called a meeting with Hans Kammler, Dornberger, Gerhard Degenkolb, and Karl Otto Saur to negotiate the move of A-4 main production to an underground factory in the Harz mountains.[2]:123[5]:202 In early September, Peenemünde machinery and personnel for production (including Alban Sawatzki, Arthur Rudolph, and about ten engineers)[4]:79 were moved to the Mittelwerk, which also received machinery and personnel from the two other planned A-4 assembly sites.[15] On October 13, 1943, the Peenemünde prisoners from the small F-1 concentration camp[16] boarded rail cars bound for Kohnstein mountain.[15]

[edit] Operation Crossbow


more on Kammler and the V2:;mode=ALLquery=kammlert=s­­ile:Dornberger-Axter-von_Brau­n­.jpg
General Dornberger was brought to the US, a war criminal with respect to the slave labor used to make the rockets.

Dr. Kammler was in charge of all SS slave labor in the Reich. In Combined Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee Reports, the one or two interviewing Albert Speer, Speer was asked a question about some upcoming weapons system and he said something like: I have no idea. For the answer to that one you will have to ask Dr. Kammler.

In that interrogation of Speer, with all our alleged "techniques of interrogation; not one single follow-up question was put to Speer about Kammler. It was if Speer had uttered an obsenity at the mention of Kammler’s name.

“Kammler,” Head of the SS works dept. WVHA(c); head of guided missiles programme, 1943-5; built the gas chambers at Auschwitz; disappeared during the Battle of Berlin”.
Kammler: Rees’ book, “Auschwitz”. And lo and behold! It had two references to Hans Kammler in it! However, it was nothing new, just the same reference to the Bishof memo, and a reference from Hoess’ memoirs.

Kammler, Maj-Gen

An architect and civil engineer by trade, Dr. Hans Kammler was taken full-time into the Nazi leadership in 1941. He played a prominent role in the building of the death/extermination camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau. In August 1944, Hitler appointed him Special Commissioner for the A-4 program, which program he took over from Dornberger who had been in charge of the program since 1930; in charge of the construction of the Mittlewerk, 282; at Blizna, 424; decision to disburse testing and production sites, 426; 464 ss alibi of a nation

contains 4 references to Hans Kammler, including noting that he installed the gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau complex.



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2 Responses to “Albert Speer and Kammler I”

  1. Simon Gunson Says:

    In reply to this question:
    “Why then did Kammler order the evacuation of Prof Kurt Diebner’s heerswaffenamt nuclear team south from Stadtilm (near Liepzig) on 8 April 1945 aswell. These and his Peenemunde actions were contrary to Hitler’s orders to execute the scientists.”

    At CSDIC camp 11 in Wales after the war Gen Walther dornberger was among the interned generals there and was recorded in a report being overheard to tell another general that in October 1944 he and Von Braun had gone to Lisbon to negotiate withtwo men from General Electric Corp.

    In fact during 1943 GEC raised US $10m funds on Wall Street for a lamp factory in Brazil, of which $9m was diverted to Lisbon and through a money laundering process for Nazi Gold via Switzerland, was used to finance AEG setting up the Mittelwerk V-2 production line near Nordhausen.

    In return GEC aquired manufacturing plans for the V-2 rocket later employed in the Corporal rocket project. As a part trade off it is inferred that the SS also negotiated some other deals for the safe handover of nazi scientists to ALSOS as the war closed.

    Germany was removed from the manhatten’s list of priority targets for the US Atomic bomb in October 1944 about the same time Dornberger and von Braun were in Lisbon.

  2. Keith Says:

    Hello Simon,

    Have you personally seen any official documentation that verifies General Dornberger and von Braun were in Lisbon?

    Thank you,

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