International Red Cross

New book: Holocaust, Dworkin

Arab leader finally admits that there was a Holocaust!­90725/ap_on_re_mi_ea/af_mideas­t_muslims_holocaust

holocaust in Romania

Hitler document ordering attack on the Soviet Union, June 22, 1941.­iewtopic.php?f=6&t=397&start=0
Korherr Report : Nazis’ own statistics on the subject, spg 1943..

Von Papen was a very crucial figure within the process of Hitler’s seizure of power. He was a rightist monarchist who thought he and the conservatives could enframe Hitler and his Nazi ministers after 1933. He was wrong. As soon as the regime had established itself it began with the gleichschaltung. Papen was pushed off from vice-chancellor to minor diplomatic positions abroad and remained passive until the end of WWII.

He never recognized his guilt, not even at Nuremberg. A very narrow-minded, a very culpable man.
Franz von Papen: 1960 Titel Geheimer Kammerherr durch Papst Johannes XXIII.
The man who brought Hitler to power, 1933, blessed by the Pope in 1960

Von Papen, Schacht the banker, Krupp, and Von Schroeder: the men behind the Third Reich
The ICRC report is very clear regarding Nazi atrocities; for instance,
in page 641 of vol. 1, the report states that the Jews were “outcasts
condemned by rigid racial legislation to suffer tyranny, persecution,
and systematic extermination”. It goes on to say “they were penned
into concentration camps and ghettos, recruited for forced labor,
subjected to grave brutalities and sent to death camps”.­people/l/lipstadt.deborah/ftp.­py?people/l/lipstadt.deborah//­citations/
International Red cross, 1940’s report on Holocaust
Another Nazi finally brought to justice. Don’t give up!­k/news/1782475.how_i_found_naz­i_war_criminal_suspect/
This woman is dead now.


German historian Hans-Ulrich Wehler supported Irving’s imprisonment under the grounds that “The denial of such an unimaginable murder of millions, one third of whom were children under the age of 14, cannot simply be accepted as something protected by the freedom of speech”.[212]

By contrast (Emory Prof.) Deborah Lipstadt argued that Irving should not be imprisoned for expressing views that she finds odious and wrong.

“During the roughly eight months he spent in Auschwitz, Dr Nyiszli observed the murders of tens-of-thousands of people including the slaughter of whole sub-camps at a time”.
Florida site for teachers about the Holocaust.

Deutsche welle­cle/0,,4999547,00.html

Unbelievable: Here’s another Nazi:­d-news/22007/former-nazi-charg­ed-killing-58-austria


Witness in Demjanjuk trial faces own charges as Nazi camp guard

An 88-year-old man who appeared as a witness in the ongoing trial of suspected Nazi camp guard John Demjanjuk, faces indictment for his own alleged role as guard at the Belzec extermination camp during the Holocaust.

Samuel K., whose full name has been withheld, is suspected of being a guard at Belzec in southeastern Poland between November 1941 and spring 1943. He could face charges of accessory to murder in 430,000 cases.

“We assume that every guard in the death camp knew what was happening and participated in all activities, including sending people into the gas chambers,” Kurt Schrimm, head of Germany’s judicial authority for investigation of Nazi crimes, told Haaretz on Monday.

“We do not have testimonies of people that saw him doing this,” he said, “but we can say that he was there.”­pages/1143426.html
update: Kunz died (2010)


“When Himmler visited Helsinki in July 1942, he had asked about Finland’s Jews. During his stay, Finnish intelligence officers searched his briefcase… they found notes from the Wannsee conference and a list of Finnish Jews.” (p. 205, Laquer, Encyclopaedia of the Holocaust).

Bormann escaped, acc. to Uki Goni, to Paraguay, and died there in misery, 1959.
Uki Goni, excellent journalist on escaped Nazis:­?search_query=uki+goni&search_­type=&aq=f


Thousands of records were recovered by the advancing Allied Forces in party or government offices… They (nazis) stashed all records they could in selected hiding places. The Allies found records behind a false wall in an abandoned castle. In another castle, nearly complete records of the German Foreign Office, weighing almost 500 tons , were discovered. .. Particularly valuable were captured personal files of Himmler” (p. 24, Doctors from Hell, Vivien Spitz).
Goebbels, corrupt? By 1936, although he was not nearly as corrupt as some other senior Nazis, such as Göring and Robert Ley, Goebbels was earning 300,000 Reichsmarks a year in “fees” for writing in his own newspaper, Der Angriff, as well as his ministerial salary and many other sources of income. These payments were in effect bribes from the papers publisher Max Amann. He owned a villa by the lake at Wannsee and another on Lake Constance in the south, which he spent 2.2 million Reichsmarks refurbishing.­uschwitz/Bernhard_070707.html
Smoking gun: David Irving is still posting Holocaust denial on his site, but he is not writing it himself.

Defeated in his libel action and held accountable for the immense legal fees opposing attorneys ran up, Irving was pushed into bankruptcy by the courts and subsequently fled to the United States where he lives, at last report, in a small rental house in Key West, Florida.

To his few supporters left in the United States, Irving has revealed his secret plan of becoming an American citizen and to achieve this worthy goal, he has gone to ground and refrained from any publishing ventures that would tend to irritate the American authorities.


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