auschwitz-birkenau; himmler; euthanasia: all graphic testimony, be advised.

According to the television documentary Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State 1.3 million people were sent to Auschwitz during the four and a half years of its existence. 1.1 million of them died here. “Hundreds of Jehovah’s witnesses, homosexuals, and other minorities were murdered. 15,000 Soviet prisoners of war, 21,000 Gipsies, 70,000 Polish political prisoners, and one million Jews, at least 200,000 of them children.”

The International Red Cross

The sequence for extermination of “useless” groups was determined by the ideological and imperialistic motives of the ruling clique of mass murderers. First came handicapped German children, then handicapped German adults. Next in line were the Polish intelligentsia, Russian prisoners of war, Jews capable of combat in Russia, all Jews in Russia, and then handicapped Russians. The Russians were followed by the millions of Jews in Poland and Western Europe, especially those unfit for work (the reason for the selections). The gypsy “Mischlinge” (mongrels) who were unfit for work came next. After these came severely wounded German soldiers and civilians who had been disabled by bombardment. These were then followed some 35,000 Polish tuberculosis patients, who were to be liquidated on the recommendation of their Gauleiter. Then came 30 million Slavs, on Himmler’s recommendation. Finally, as proof of Hitler’s version of absolute Social Darwinism, it would be the turn of the entire German nation: .” . . Then it must perish and be annihilated by another, stronger power.” […] source, cited at the end of this post.

Today more than
“In December 1939, the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) approached the German Red Cross to arrange for ICRC delegates to visit the Jews from Vienna who had been deported to Poland. He met with a refusal, as the German authorities did not under any circumstances want to enter into a discussion on the fate of these people.”

January 27, 1995 signed affidavit of SS-Untersturmfuehrer Dr. Hans Münch, on his time at Auschwitz:
[He may have hid own participation in the ‘selections’]

“I, a former SS physician, witnessed the dropping of Zyklon B into simulated exhaust vents from outside the gas chamber…The effects of the gas were observed through a peephole by an assigned doctor or the SS officer on duty. After three to five minutes, death could be certified, and the doors were opened as a sign that the corpses were cleared to be burned.”

Himmler (10-6-43):“We came to the question: How is it with the women and children? I decided to find a clear solution here as well. I did not consider myself justified to exterminate the men – that is, to kill them or have them killed – and allow the avengers of our sons and grandsons in the form of their children to grow up. The difficult decision had to be taken to make this people disappear from the earth.” Posnan speech


Technique and operation of the gas chambers
Jean-Claude Pressac ©1989,
The Beate Klarsfeld Foundation

From WIKIPEDIA, the free encyclopedia:
“Pressac was originally a Holocaust denier who, with Robert Faurisson, attempted to disprove what he considered historically inaccurate depictions of the concentration camps Auschwitz and Birkenau as extermination camps. Upon visiting Auschwitz, however, Pressac was able to view first-hand the extensive archive of construction documents which had survived due to being located in the construction office rather than the administrative offices. These convinced him that his former views were in error, an event he describes in the postface of Auschwitz: Technique and operation of the gas chambers,”

Special Action referred to killing can be found in the war-time diary of Dr. Johann Paul Kremer, who served in Auschwitz from August to November 1942.

September 2, 1942. Was present for the first time at a special action at 3 a.m. By comparison Dante’s inferno seems almost a comedy. Auschwitz is justly called an extermination camp! 42

1) “Euthanasia” The so-called “euthanasia” was based on a decree of Hitler’s which de facto was issued in October 1939 but was dated back to the beginning of the war on 01.09.1939. Due to this decree mentally ill and handicapped people were killed in “sanatoria” (Hadamar, Bernburg, Grafeneck, etc.). After its central office at Tiergartenstraße 4, Berlin, the action was called “Aktion T4”; it was directly allocated and subordinated to the Main Office II (headed by Viktor Brack) of the “Führer’s Chancellery”.

These murder actions became known, however; due to public protest from clerical circles, among others, the “Aktion T4” was officially stopped on 24.08.1941. Actually, however, the euthanasia actions continued under the designation “Aktion 14 f 13”; now, however, they affected mainly mentally ill and handicapped concentration camp inmates, who continued to be killed at the mentioned institutions. “Aktion 14 f 13” was carried out until 1944; besides (here mentioned for the sake of completeness) there was the so-called “wild euthanasia” until shortly before the end of the war, i.e. de-centralized actions in individual institutions.

“Aktion 14 f 13” consisted in selecting concentration camp inmates unable to work (“invalids”) and killing them; the murder of the Jews was not a central part of this action (although Jews were also among the victims). “After 1943 the SS continued the selections among sick concentration camp inmates without participation of the T4 personnel” 41, i.e. the actions took place in the concentration camps within the command structures of the WVHA (“Wirtschafts- und Verwaltungshauptamt”, SS Economic Administration Head Office) and within the “logic” of the WVHA guided by economic considerations (greatest possible use of labor force). Therefore the WVHA could in April 1943 issue an instruction referring to this very action; this order was due to its importance issued by Himmler, but “upon request”, i.e. at the WVHA’s initiative.

Eugenics was not unique to the Nazi regime or to Germany. As early as 1895, eugenics researcher Adolf Jost had published a book called The Right to Death, which called for state control over human reproduction, and many intellectuals in many countries embraced eugenics

Rudin became the president of the International Federation of Eugenic Organizations, the world leader of the eugenics movement. In 1920, psychiatry Professor Alfred Hoche and distinguished jurist Karl Binding wrote The Permission to Destroy Life Unworthy of Life. Their book called for the destruction of worthless humans for the sake of protecting worthy humans. So-called worthless individuals included the mentally and physically disabled.

Another influential book, The Principles of Human Heredity and Racial Hygiene, written by Drs. Eugen Fischer, Lenz, and Bauer, hailed the superiority of the German race and called for the use of concentration camps for non-Germans and mixed races.
Former SS-Hauptscharfuhrer Lorenz Hackenholt, wanted for participation in the mass murder of over 70,000 German mental patients in the ‘T4’ killing centres in Germany and participation in the mass murder of over 1,500,000 Jews in the Aktion Reinhard extermination camps in Poland has never been found. If still alive today, he would be (9)6 years old.

Dr. Ernst Grawitz , one of the Doctors to recommend the use of the gas chamber.

More on Nazi docs:

Janowska, a forgotten camp. This site has amazing pieces



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