Auschwitz in the news

Night and Fog, Nuit et Broulliard (?)

French Film by Alain Resnais

in six parts, one half hour long altogether. VERY VERY Graphic film.

The theme of the Auschwitz commemoration was the education of young people about the Holocaust.

This place determined who I am today, aged nearly 90. I still have one mission — to pass on to the next generation knowledge of what happened here, August Kowalczyk, one of very few of the camp prisoners to escape, told reporters at the site.

The need for teaching about Auschwitz is greater than ever before, Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, 87, a Catholic survivor of Auschwitz and now the Polish governments special envoy for relations with Germany, said at the ceremony.

The article doesn’t mention that it is now estimated that 100,000 Polish Christians died at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Here’s a comment:

“Here is an unknown historical fact: the camp was originally founded for the Poles. It was a vicious instrument of Germany’s brutal occupation of Poland and its desire to destroy the Polish nation, people and culture. The Germans developed Auschwitz into a ‘camp complex’ comprising three main camps and about 40 sub-camps. Auschwitz I, the base camp being the one with the ARBEIT MACHT FREI sign and the brick former army barracks, except for a couple of short periods, was almost entirely Polish for the duration of the war (typically 90% Polish). The German policy was ‘Vernichtung durch Arbeit’, or extermination through work. The Germans purposely designed the camp regimen to kill prisoners through over work, malnutrition, disease, executions, etc. This is to say that Auschwitz was always an extermination camp, only the method of extermination evolved. The first Jewish transports being part of the Final Solution began arriving in March 1942 at Auschwitz II, or Birkenau, which was to have been a Soviet POW camp but was changed to serve the Final Solution. ”

Polish witness: Witold Pilecki, who infiltrated Auschwitz to spy on what was happening there

The comments are interesting , too. “Soviets, Communists and the Red Army” and gypsies, also perished there.

‘British deaths camps of Alderney’

The Channel Islands were under Nazi control, and so Alderney was a Nazi camp.

Corrected: it should read a Nazi death camp on British land.


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