Der Spiegel. excerpts . Wolfgang Benz. Father Desbois, book on the Holocaust in Ukraine. German Nurse, witness to the Holocaust

“The Holocaust on Trial“, D.D. Guttenplan, p. 197. Horthy protests that he can’t annihilate the Jews. Ribbentrop says, “The Jews must either be annihilated or taken to concentration camps. There was no other way.” Hitler says, at this meeting, “If they couldn’t work , they had to perish. They had to be treated like tuberculosis bacilli, from which a healthy body could be infected. That was not cruel…” David Irving altered the facts in his book “Hitler’s War“, by neglecting to record this part of the conversation.

This proves that Hitler ordered the Holocaust.

1.3 million people were deported to Auschwitz Birkenau, according to Franciszek Piper, Auschwitz historian.
Germany’s President Von Weizsacker on the Holocaust:

“It was only after the end of the war that I heard and tried to comprehend the word and the horrors of the Holocaust. But a friend of mine in the regiment, Axel von dem Bussche, had observed to the rear of our position that the region’s Jewish and non-Jewish inhabitants had been made to dig a large trench and lay down in it, whereupon they had been shot dead. He came straight back to the regiment, and I’ll never forget how he said he had felt like lying down beside them. Axel was a colossus of a man, and highly decorated. He was deeply moved by his experience, and hearing that from him made you want to participate in the resistance to the extent possible.

SPIEGEL: Could Bussche speak openly about his experiences with his fellow soldiers?

Weizsäcke: There was a small, tightly-knit group of friends who spoke about it — albeit with the almost inevitable impotence of not being able to draw any conclusions from it. What could we have done? After all, we were far from Berlin somewhere in the Soviet Union. ”,1518,618966,00.html
Lithuanian Holocaust
Father Desbois.
“It’s beautiful here, isn’t it?” he says. “We could stop anywhere here and find a mass grave.”

Father Patrick Desbois’ book, “The Holocaust by Bullets: A Priest’s Journey to Uncover the Truth Behind the Murder of 1.5 Million Jews,” was published in August 2008 by Palgrave MacMillan. 272 pages. The German translation, “Der Vergessene Holocaust. Die Ermordung der ukrainischen Juden,” was published in January 2009 by Berlin Verlag. 352 pages. The book was orginally published in French under the title “Porteur de mémoires.”,1518,647526,00.html
Priest researching the Holocaust.

After 30 seconds, they make their first discovery, a cartridge case. “German” Misha yells. It is possible to recognize the ammunition based on stamped numbers and letters. They find a second and a third German-made cartridge. The killers have not eliminated their traces. Then the metal detector emits another sound, indicating a lighter metal. This leads them to a clump of earth, and Umansky and Misha begin to scrape around it. In the soil they find a Star of David made of silver. It is a pendant as large as a one-euro coin.,1518,645243,00.html
Auschwitz plans

German Nurse, witness to the Holocaust.,1518,674375,00.html

“There was a lot of children’s clothing”.

“resettlement” was just a polite way of saying “murdering Jews?”

Could you talk about these things with the other nurses?

Schücking-Homeyer: No, we didn’t discuss such things.

SPIEGEL: But did everyone know what was going on?

Schücking-Homeyer: I can’t say for sure whether soldiers at the front knew. But everyone behind the lines — and especially those who’d been there for a while — knew about it.

SPIEGEL: What makes you so sure?

Schücking-Homeyer: Because, in conversation, it was always assumed that everyone knew. I haven’t told you yet, but one day I was in a car with a sergeant named Frank. He said he was from Münster and that he was going to be part of a major campaign in the coming weeks in which people would be executed by firing squad. He said he was doing it because he wanted a promotion. I told him not to do it, that he wouldn’t be able to sleep afterwards.
Witness on Theresienstadt,1518,435884,00.html

“Auschwitz was quite simply hell”.,1518,434795,00.html,1518,435882,00.html,1518,435879,00.html
Vienna will never be rid of anti-Semitism.

Ukrainian gendarmes and Latvian auxiliary police, Romanian soldiers or Hungarian railway workers. Polish farmers, Dutch land registry officials, French mayors, Norwegian ministers, Italian soldiers — they all took part in Germany’s Holocaust.”

“Experts such as Dieter Pohl of the German Institute for Contemporary History estimate that more than 200,000 non-Germans — about as many as Germans and Austrians — “prepared, carried out and assisted in acts of murder.” And often they were every bit as cold-blooded as Hitler’s henchmen.”

Holocaust in Rumania and Moldova

Once 80 percent Jewish, the city was largely a ghetto during World War II. Now there are very few Jews in Moldova, and almost no one inclined to remember the Holocaust.

Rumania admits Holocaust role

Romanian dictator Ion Antonescu and his generals, soldiers, civil servants and farmers to murder 200,000 Jews (and possibly twice that many) “of their own accord,” as historian Armin Heinen puts it.
The group of 50 Lithuanians who served under the command of SS Obersturmbannführer (Lieutenant Colonel) Joachim Hamann.

None of the Lithuanians had been criminals before. They were “totally and utterly normal,” believes historian Knut Stang. Almost everywhere after the war, the murderers returned to their ordinary lives as if nothing had happened.

The elimination of the Jews was always their policy. It started in Germany in 1933 with different kinds of laws and measures excluding Jews from German society. At that point they were trying to get as many Jews out of Germany as possible. Once they began to conquer countries, they immediately began to take other eliminationist measures against the Jews, such as ghettoization — measures which were temporary until a more “final” solution could be initiated. So, to say that the eliminationist assault upon the Jews was a consequence of the war is simply not factually correct. There was always this eliminationist orientation and a variety of means used at different times until the program of total extermination began in 1941, coinciding with the assault on the Soviet Union.”

controversial Historian, Daniel Goldhagen,1518,653938-2,00.html

“The evidence is overwhelming that the knowledge that Germans were killing Jews on a large scale was extremely widespread in Germany. Though the program as such was a secret.

It probably wasn’t known by many people that there was a formal program of total extermination. But on the Soviet front, where there were millions of German soldiers, the mass killing of Jews was done in full view of the army. The army was often participating and providing logistical support.
If you ask the perpetrators, as the Federal Republic’s legal authorities did, whether they shot anybody, you’ll find out that virtually nobody in these units actually shot anybody. They all deny it”.

Many eyewitnesses were children, younger than Anna, when the Jews were murdered in their towns and villages. The youngsters were curious and went to where the people had been shot. Others were enlisted by the Nazis to do manual labor. They had to fill in the pits or collect the clothing of the victims. These children were often plagued by guilt later on. Now many are recounting what they experienced for the first time.,1518,647526,00.html


Mussolini, while flipping through French newspapers, suddenly got into a bad mood. “These disgusting Jews, they should all be destroyed,” he said. “I will create a bloodbath the way the Turks once did. I will isolate them and imprison them. They will come to know the steel fist of Mussolini. It is time that the Italians realize that can no longer exploited by these snakes.”

Five weeks later, he had pushed through a new race law that declared “mixed marriages” invalid. When Pope Pius XI objected, he became enraged. “Never before has a pope done so much harm to religion as this one. He has already lost almost the entire world.” And, he continued, “he does dishonorable things. How can he say that we are the same as the Semites? We have fought with them for hundreds of years, and we hate them.”,1518,663384-2,00.html


More books: “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, ” by W. Shirer. “Denying the Holocaust”, Deborah Lipstadt. Dr Eugene Kogan, “The SS State”. Also, for oral testimony, see: Shoah, a Visual History, Spielberg Foundation has the testimonies of over 80,000 eyewitnesses and survivors. Lucy Dawidowicz, The War Against the Jews. Primo Levi, If this is a Man, or Survival At Auschwitz. Hilberg, Destruction of the European Jews. Gilbert, The Holocaust.

new books :The Third Reich at War, Richard Evans, Penguin books; Life and Death in the Third Reich, Peter Fritzsche, Harvard; Germany and the Second World War, Jorge Echternkamp, Oxford; Hitler, the Germans and the Final Solution, Ian Kershaw, Yale.

If you want to read a short one volume book on the subject, I recommend Wolfgang Benz, The Holocaust.

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