Some Nazi war criminals who survived the war, updates; disturbing reading

PERTINENT MILITARY/ GOVERNMENTAL RECORDS concerning these individuals , & scores of other notables during the period of World War 2
are highly classified at the utmost level & PERMANENTLY SEALED !

Nevertheless I found out that:
Heinrich Muller, the head of the Gestapo MAY HAVE BEEN granted amnesty in Brazil; and Albert Blume, reputedly Nazi fugitive’s banker, and Friedrich Schwend, a mastermind of the Nazi plan to forge British currency, were granted sanctuary in Brazil.



“As of the early nineteen-sixties, the prosecution of Nazi crimes became mainly limited to the crimes of murder (‘Mord’) and complicity in murder (‘Beihilfe zum Mord’). The prosecution of all other homicidal crimes had by then become barred due to the German statute of limitations. With regard to the crime of murder this limitation was first extended – in 1965 and 1969 – and then finally lifted in 1979. Still, the prosecution of a great many cases of complicity in murder failed due to an alteration of the law in October 1968. (14)Reichssicherheitshauptamt (15)- had to be suspended, as the indicted complicity in murder had by now come to fall under the limitation statue. (16)

From 1987 onwards:As of the late nineteen-eighties, the prosecution on Nazi crimes gradually comes to a halt: until 1997 only 14 trials were held against a total of 15 defendants. In 1995 and 1996 no trails ended with a final verdict. ”
documents on euthanasia
“The majority of the SS men who served at the death camps of Aktion Reinhard were never brought to trial”.However, 50 percent higher mortality rate than other ‘soldiers’.

http://www.associatedcontent.c­­om/article/888501/alleged_naz­i­_war_criminal peter­ml
latest news on Nazi war criminals:­­/apps/nlnet/content2.aspx?c=l­s­KWLbPJLnF&b=5711859&ct=78098­29

This one died.
Dr. Gerhard Peters LSSAH

Peters, Gerhard SS-Stubaf.
Born : 22 April 1907 in Rotterdam.
SS-Nr. 372 322
Died : 3 January 2000 in Traunstein.

Peters, Gerhard — German poison gas manufacturer {arrested and put on trial by a West German court at Frankfurt-am-Main; convicted and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment 28 Mar 1949 (NYT 29 Mar 1949:16:4); put on trial by a West German at Frankfurt-am-Main on charges of aiding in the murders of 300,000 persons by supplying poison gas to concentration camp (Konzentrationslager – KL) Auschwitz; acquitted 27 May 1955 (NYT 28 May 1955:4:7); probably identifiable with “P., Gerhard” — executive of the German Insecticide Corporation (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Schädlingsbekämpfung – Degesch) {arrested and put on trial in a series of prosecutions at Frankfurt-am-Main and Wiesbaden between 1949 and 1955 on charges of abetting in the murder of German, French, Greek, Dutch, Austrian, Polish, Romanian, Soviet, Czech and Hungarian Jews, gypsies, prisoners unfit for slave labor and POWs by providing the SS with Zyklon B poison gas between 1941 and 1944 (Mitwirkung an der Vergasung von Juden aus allen Teilen Europas, von Zigeunern, Kriegsgefangenen und arbeitsunfähigen Häftlingen im KL Auschwitz in den Jahren 1941 – 1944 durch fortgesetzte Lieferung des Giftgases Zyklon B); ultimately acquitted 27 May 1955 (JuNSV Verfahren Lfd.Nr.415; LG Frankfurt/M. 550527; LG Frankfurt/M. 490328; OLG Frankfurt/M. 491019; LG Frankfurt/M. 500429; OLG Frankfurt/M. 500920; LG Wiesbaden 511123; BGH 521204; LG Wiesbaden 530810; Veröffentlicht in Justiz und NS-Verbrechen Band XIII). Acquitted, and died in 2000.

Bilfinger, Rudolf
d. 1998
From September to December 1940 he was managing director at the Commander of the Security Police (BDS) in Krakow. After returning to the RSHA he was) the Head of Group II A (organization and law. In this capacity, he participated in several meetings on the “Final Solution of the Jewish question” after the Wannsee Conference. Between June and December 1943 he was appointed head of the SD Einsatzgruppen Toulouse in France. 1944/45 he was once commercial director at BDS in Krakow. 1945 Bilfinger was interned in France. A French military court sentenced him in 1953 because of his activities in Toulouse to 8 years in prison. The detention was deducted from the sentence, so that Bilfinger could return to the Federal Republic. He was taken into the civil service and brought it to Oberverwaltungsgerichtsrat the Administrative Court of Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim. Bilfinger died on 1998.

Lischka, Kurt, Dr.
d. 1987. Served five years for participating in the deportation of 40,000 French Jews.

Hagen, Herbert
d. 1999
Served five years, same. Gestapo in Paris.

Wilhelm Höttl † d 1999 was an Austrian SS officer which was employees of Imperial security hauptamtes and the SD and became active after the war for Allied intelligence during the Second World War. He later founded a private school in bad Aussee.* (see comments). Never prosecuted.

During the Nuremberg trial of major war criminals Höttl might be a prosecution witness available.[2] prosecutor Major William F. Walsh cited on 14 December 1945 an affidavit Hottl of 26 November 1945. Thus did Eichmann his August 1944 “great kingdom secret” entrusted to the end: “In the various extermination camps were about four million Jews were killed, while another 2 million other ways were killed on, with the majority of them by the commandos of the Security Police during the campaign against Russia were killed by shooting.”[3]


Donitz, Karl, Admiral d. (?)
“The audience for this speech (Himmler’s Posnan) included Admiral Karl Dönitz and Armaments Minister Albert Speer, both of whom successfully claimed at the Nuremberg trials that they had had no knowledge of the Final Solution. The text of this speech was not known at the time of their trials.”

Blome, Dr. Kurt, Chemical warfare
d. 1969

Renno, George, Dr.
Hartheim Castle, euthanasia
d. 1997
“Never brought to trial”.

Andrija Artukovic
Dr. Artukovic, Ustashe Interior Minister, died in a Yugoslav prison
d. 1988

Blumenreuter, Carl Dr.

“This department was supplying the camps with poisons. After the Second World War he was interned, but he came in 1946 from the camp Hamburg Neuengamme free again. He lived thereafter in Grömitz in Holstein, and managed a hospital pharmacy.” Free from 1946-69

Anton Burger
d 1991, in hiding since 1945
Hammer, Ferdinand
Deported from the US to Austria
Over one million people were murdered based solely on their religion or ethnicity at the concentration camps where Hammer stood guard”.

Helmut Oberlander­/2001/265/nazis265.html
Wasyl Krysa

French, collaboration:
Many war criminals were judged only in the 1980s: Paul Touvier, Klaus Barbie (who worked after war for the CIA), Maurice Papon (above-mentioned), René Bousquet, head of French police during the war, and his deputy Jean Leguay (the last two were both convicted for their responsibilities in the July 1942 Rafle du Vel’ d’Hiv, or Vel’ d’Hiv Roundup). A fair amount of Collaborationists then joined the OAS terrorist movement during the Algerian War (1954-62). Jacques de Bernonville escaped to Quebec, then Brazil. Jacques Ploncard d’Assac became counsellor of Salazar in Portugal.

Reinhard Gehlen
In July 1941, Gehlen was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

***The Gehlen Organization employed hundreds of ex-Nazis, among them Alois Brunner, who was responsible for the Drancy internment camp near Paris, is responsible for the death of 140,000 Jews, and is believed to be still alive as of 2007 [6]; the CIA turned a blind eye, and indeed actively participated in some cases, because of the exigencies of the Cold War. According to Robert Wolfe, historian at the US National Archives, “US army intelligence accepted Reinhard Gehlen’s offer to furnish alleged expertise on the Red Army—and was bilked by the many mass murderers he hired.”[5]

Jacob Luitjens
Convicted in Netherlands

Edmund Bräuning
Auschwitz Guard Missing since end of the war. Would be 105 years old. Was declared dead.

Herta Ehlert

The last trial of a female overseer was held in 1996. Former Aufseherin Luise Danz, who served as overseer in January 1943 at Plaszow, then at Majdanek, Auschwitz-Birkenau and at the Ravensbrück subcamp , was tried at the first Auschwitz Trial and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1947. In 1956, she was released for good behavior. In 1996, she was once again tried for the murder of a young woman in Malchow at the end of the war. The doctor overseeing the trial told the court that the proceedings were too much for the elderly woman and all charges were dropped.
As of 2009 Danz is still alive at the age of 91.

SS Stubaf.; Buchenwald concentration camp doctor

Born: 02/03/1909
1939 Buchenwald concentration camp doctor. 1939 – 1940 3rd SS Division Totenkopf.00.10.1944 SS-WVHA 30.01.1943 SS-Sturmbannführer
11.04. – 12/08/1947 defendants in the Dachau Buchenwald process \
10 Years Imprisonment (Commutted to 3 Years Imprisonment)

Died, 2005

Klaus Dylewski (nazi guard at A.Birkenau)
Dylewski beginning September 1940 in the newly built concentration camp Auschwitz, he married Ruth Frey which interrogated later in the Auschwitz processes as witness. At the end of the war, Dylewski jeopardized his SS uniform against Zivilkleidung which he made it after Munich to come. arrest in April 1959 as experts for material inspection at TÜV in Düsseldorf. He was in subsequent years for part a few months in custody until he was fired again. After he was in 1959 for a month in Frankfurt prison was from 1960 to 1961 for three and a half months in prison. During the Schwurgericht procedure he was early October 1964 for the third time in prison. August 1965 was he the first Frankfurter Auschwitz process to five years imprisonment convicted, again dismissed but before final of Schwurgericht opinion in 1968.

Hans Stark
dead 1991
He was released from prison in 1968, and died on March 29, 1991, in his hometown.
Unbelievable. This rat bastard was walking around since 1968.

Fritz Fischer, dead 2003! Fischer_(medical_doctor)
released 1954

Helmut Poppendick
d. 1991, free since 1951.

Karl Frenzel
d 1997

Dr. Gerhard Rose
released 1955, dead 1992.

Erhard Milch
d 1972, German Luftwaffe

Wilhelm Listd. 1971

Lothar Rendulic
d 1971

Werner Lorenz
1939, Occupied Poland: Poles being forced out of their homes and lands to make room for Volksdeutsche. Lorenz was responsible for this and other crimes against humanity.
d 1974

Otto Hofmann
(not spelled, Hoffmann, Otto)
took part in the Wannsee Conference
pardoned, 1954
dead, 1982

Franz Six
released 1952, died, 1975

Alfried Krupp
d 1967

Krupp contributed heavily to the campaigns of the Nazi Party. Under his leadership, the firm indirectly participated in the Holocaust, and made a point of using Jewish slave labour.
Krupp was an indirect participant in the German genocide

Ernst Wilhelm Bohle
d 1960

Paul Pleiger
As General Director of the Hermann Göring Reich Works, Pleiger was one of the Third Reich’s most influential economic functionaries and state entrepreneurs. After his retirement from the company he founded, operations continued under the direction of his son Dr. Paul Pleiger, Jr., who died in an automobile accident in 1983[1]. His company would later see expansions to South Korea, Germany, and the United States.
d 1985, at least he did 10 years in prison.

Gunter d’Alquen
d. 1998

Eugen Fischer
d 1967

Flick family
d 1972

Horst Kopkow
d. 1996
Protected by British intel, perhaps for a good reason.

Hans Sommer
E German, d??

Klaus Konrad

n 1944 he was one of three staff officers of the 274th Infantry Regiment, which is for the massacre in San Polo held responsible. [1] [2] The German criminal authorities identified from 1969 to 1972 against Conrad, rated his complicity in the massacre at San polo is a homicide but when that was now barred. The Italian military prosecutor established since 2004 against Klaus Konrad of murder.
d 15 August 2006

Fritz Lenz
a real Nazi believer. D. 1976

Carl Oberg
d 1965 one of Eichmann’s men in France. Pardoned in 1962.

Theodor Oberlander
d. 1998
“Poland has eight million inhabitants too many”[4].”

“…of the nationalism of the state dominates the Eastern region, a struggle which goes on with one aim: extermination!”
At the end of his life, Oberländer became involved in anti-immigration politics”.

Heinz Reinefarth
aka Heinrich Reinefarth ( December 26, 1903-May 7, 1979) Dirlewanger Brigade, criminal never really punished.

Franz Schoenhuber
Waffen SS, d.

Carl Schmitt: Jurist, theorist of Nazi rule
Half a year later, in June 1934, Schmitt became editor in chief for the self-published[3] newspaper “Deutsche Juristen-Zeitung” (“German Jurists’ Newspaper”)[4]; in July 1934, he justified the political murders of the Night of the Long Knives as the “highest form of administrative law” (“höchste Form administrativer Justiz”) and the authority of Hitler with “The leader defends the law” (“Der Führer schützt das Recht”)[5]. Schmitt presented himself as a radical anti-semite and also was the chairman of a law teachers’ convention in Berlin in October 1936, where he demanded that German law be cleansed of the “Jewish spirit” (“jüdischem Geist”), going so far as to demand that all publications by Jewish scientists should henceforth be marked with a small symbol.

This is how he theorized Hitler’s continual suspension of the legal constitutional order during the Third Reich (the Weimar Republic’s Constitution was never abrogated, underlined Giorgio Agamben;[9][citation needed] rather, it was “suspended” for four years, first at February 28, 1933 Reichstag Fire Decree, with the suspension renewed every four years, implying a—continual—state of emergency).

Erich von dem Bach Zelewski
On 22 June 1941, von dem Bach-Zelewski became HSSPF in the region of the Heeresgruppe Mitte (Army Group Center); in July 1943, he became commander of the so-called “Bandenkämpfverbände” (“Band-fighting Units”), responsible for the mass murder of 35,000 civilians in Riga and more than 200,000 in Belarus and eastern Poland.

Put down the Warsaw Uprising as Korpsgruppe Bach. Units under his command killed approximately 200,000 civilians.

Also in 1951, von dem Bach-Zelewski was sentenced to 10 years in a labor camp for the murder of political opponents in the early 1930s; however, he did not serve time until 1958, and was sentenced to four and a half years imprisonment.[2] In 1961, he was sentenced to an additional 10 years in home custody for the murder of 10 German Communists in the early 1930s. None of the sentences referred to his role in the East and his participation in the Holocaust, although he openly admitted to having murdered Jews. He died in a Munich prison on 8 March 1972.

Canada, and UK accepted these war criminals
Only in 2003 the anti-terrorist branch of Scotland Yard launched a massive investigation of the people from the list by cross-referencing NHS patient, social security and pension records.

Ludolf von Alvensleben
During his command mass executions and atrocities took place, with over 4,000 Poles murdered by early October, and German officials reporting up to 20,000 Poles “destroyed” in the end.
d, 1970 Argentina, no punishment.

Edward Roschmann
d 1977, Paraguay. Riga Ghetto butcher

Hubertus StrugholdStrughold participated in a 1942 conference that discussed “experiments” on human beings carried out by the institute. The experiments included subjecting inmates of the Dachau concentration camp to torture and death by being immersed in water, placed in air pressure chambers, forced to drink sea water and exposed to freezing temperatures. Strughold later denied approving the experiments and said he learned of them only after World War II. After the war, he was Professor of Physiology and Director, Physiological Institute, University of Heidelberg.

Strughold was brought to the United States as part of Operation Paperclip. Documents from the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal linked Strughold to medical experiments in which inmates from Dachau were tortured and killed.

d. 1986

Mykola Lebed
Ukrainian war criminal, died 1998

Gomerski, Hubert
d. 1999
The proceedings ended on 25 August 1950 with the verdict. While Klier was acquitted received Gomerski for murder in an unspecified number of cases, a lifelong prison sentence. [7] The conviction was overturned in 1972 by the Supreme Court. After his discharge, was reduced in 1977 by the jury of the Frankfurt Tatvorwurf against Gomerski on “Aid to Community murder.” Even this ruling overturned the Supreme Court. A third trial was in 1981 for negotiating Gomerskis temporary incapacity and in 1984 finally closed. Gomerski died on 28 December 1999 in Frankfurt am Main [8].

Josef Klehr
d. 1988

Gley, d. 1985
Jurs, d
Wolf, Franz (8 years) dead.
Romberg, Hans Wolfgang
Edmund Veesenmeyer, d. 1977, free since 1951

ROST, Paul SS-
– 21/03/1984

In March 1942 to Sobibor.Since May 1943 at Treblinka.

After the war for a short time in a US POW camp, then returned to his family in Dresden. Imprisoned by the Soviet Military Authority until summer 1946, then released.
Worked unmolested in Dresden until his death. d. 1984

Anton Malloth
Guard at Theresienstadt, From 1988 to 2000, Malloth lived in Pullach near Munich.
Gudrun Burwitz, the daughter of Heinrich Himmler was instructed by the “Stille Hilfe” to rent a comfortable room for him in a home for the aged, which was built on a lot formerly owned by Rudolf Hess.When it became public in the late nineties that the social welfare office had paid most of the expenses of Malloth’s room, there was much criticism in the German media. The involvement of Himmler’s daughter Gudrun Burwitz was also criticized.

Malloth was taken into custody on May 25, 2000 and charged by the public prosecution department in Munich. The trial started on April 23, 2001 in the prison in Munich-Stadelheim. On May 30, 2001 Malloth was convicted by the district court of Munich for murder and attempted murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Ten days before his death, cancer-suffering Malloth was declared unfit for prison and released.

Otto Karl Knott, died? – Nazi war criminal, medical orderly in the SS concentration camp of Stutthof, and Unterscharführer.

After the training camps in Oranienburg and Majdanek was sent to Stutthof, where he served from 1942 – 1944 as an SS orderly. His main duty was to make selections and cast the Zyklon B gas chambers where Jews were murdered. In addition, the fatal injections to kill the prisoners and took part in the executions by firing squad. He was one of the greatest persecutors of the camp at Stutthof.

After the war, Knott a West German court accused of the crimes committed in Stutthof. In the years 1955 – 1957 sat in the dock along with the camp commandant Paul Werner Hoppe, before a court in Bochum. January 5, 1957 Knott was sentenced to 3 years and 3 months in prison. His next trial . Knott is the only of the accused that was acquitted.
The pic is really that of Hoppe.

Artur Axmann ( 24 October 1996) was given only 3 years, leader of The Hitler Youth.

Lachmann, Erich, Sobibor
d. 1972

d 1996

Broad, Pery d. 1993
He testified against the Nazis, and wrote an incredible **report on the subject, so perhaps they let him off easy. He served a few years in prison.

**Dr Franz Lucas .
† 7 December 1994, was a German concentration camp doctor.…/franz-lucas/franz-lucas-kurzportrait/ – Germany –

From December 1943 until late summer of 1944, Lucas was a camp doctor in Auschwitz I (troop doctor) and in the concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau (Gypsy camp, Theresienstadt family camp) Other short-term assignments followed in Mauthausen concentration camp in 1944, Stutthof concentration camp in 1944, Ravensbrück concentration camp of Sachsenhausen concentration camp in 1944 and in January 1945, where he set off in March 1945 and emerged with a recommendation letter from a female Norwegian prisoner from the Ravensbrück concentration camp in Berlin.

His colleague in Ravensbrück, Treite Percy said about him:

Dr. Franz Lucas was not under my responsibility, he took part in selections for the gas chambers and executions. After disagreements with Dr. Richard Trommer, he went to Sachsenhausen, and was sent as a punishment by any camps in Germany. “[1]

Immediately after the war, Lucas escaped a denazification trial, and immediately got a job at the city hospital ; lost his job in 1963 and worked in private practice.

During the trial in the 1st Auschwitz Trial 1963-65, in part, Lucas has spent in custody, he initially denied having made selections, just as he denied the sign given to the use of Zyklon B into the gas chambers and having supervised the assassination. Testimony contradicted this view.

On 137th The trial, said one of the first defendant as a witness against a co-accused in a concentration process. The former SS corporal Stefan Baretzki: “I am not yet blind, as Dr. Lucas has selected on the ramp. … Five thousand men, he sent in a half hour into the gas, and now he wants to pose as savior. ”
With increasingly unfavorable process occurring Lucas admitted now to have been involved in four selections, while having acted against his conviction and to order.

The court in Frankfurt convicted him on 20 August 1965 aiding and abetting murder in at least 1,000 cases of communal at least four selections to a prison term of three years and three months.

On 26 March 1968 Lucas was released from prison. On appeal before the High Court ruling of 20 February 1969 ordered a new trial. About the question of ‘coercive on the ramp of Auschwitz should be reconsidered because of the positive character of the process shown in the picture of Lucas. On 8 October 1970 he was acquitted.

This played a role that many prisoners were overwhelmingly positive about Lucas said during the testimony that led to his conviction, based on hearsay. Although Lucas was “involved in the destruction of human beings ,” but acted “not as a perpetrator, but only with agent’s will,” it said, referring to the so-called putative state of emergency according to § 52 StGB. Therefore it could take “no accusation of guilt in the criminal sense.”

From 1970 until 30 September 1983 he returned to work on his own private practice and died on 7 December 1994.
from de.wikipedia

The Canadian Jewish Congress has estimated that between 1,000 to 3,000 people with Nazi pasts were able to get into Canada illegally between 1947 and 1956. (Reporting Allan Dowd, editing by Rob Wilson

*Missing Nazi: Alois Johandl, b. 1925, free since 19? , Mauthausen.

Found another one:
E­rich Ehrlinger
Free since 1969, dead 2004!

Dr Lucas clearly was guilty. by his own admission, yet the W. Germans let him go scot free.


cia list (some duplications from above)

1. Wilhelm Hottl d .1999, .He was arrested, but was never prosecuted. He died in 1999

2. Horst Kopkow (né le 29 novembre 1910 à Ortelsburg, Prusse-Orientale – mort en 1996

3. Emil Augsburg (born 1 May 1904 in Lodz; died 1981
4 Eichmann d 1962
5.Veesenmayer, edmund d. 1977, freed 1951
6 Otto Winckelmann , d 1977
7. Wilfried Krallert d 1969
8. Wilhelm Krichbaum, turned soviet spy
9. Heinz Felfe
10. Erich Kernmayer
11. Herbert Martin Hagen (20 septembre 1913 à Neumünster – 7 août 1999 à Rüthen) 5 yrs.
12. Robert Jan Verbelen (né le 5 avril 1911 à Herent, Belgique – dead septembre 1990)
13. Helmut Knochen (14 mars 1910 – 4 avril 2003
12 years

14. Ernst Heinrichsohn. d. 1994
He entered the Gestapo in 1940 and he was adjutant of Theodor Danneker in Paris, the chief of the Gestapo responsible for the ‘treatment of the Jews.’ In 1943, he was adjutant of Kurt Lishka.
After the war, he was lawyer and mayor of a little commune in Burgstadt.

In 1979, Heinrichsohn, Lishka and Herbert Hagen were three defendants in the Cologne Trial. was condemned to 6 years in prison in 1980. He died in 1994.

15. Kurt Lischka (Breslau, 16 août 1909 – Brühl, 1987). He received ten years in 1980, but was released after 5.

16. Hans Sommer (may have been in E .Germany)
17. Eugen Dolmann (* 8. August 1900 in Regensburg; † 17. May 1985 in Munich) was a German Diplomat member of the SS.]Played a role in the communication between Karl Wolff and the Papacy.

18. Harster, Wilhelm. d, 1991
one of the worst perpetrators of the Holocaust.
10 years in prison. Plus
2 years detention after the war.

In 1967, he was judged and condemed to 15 years in prison for crimes against Humanity, in particular the deportation of Jews to Auschwitz and Sobibor. But ten years later he was amnestied and released at the age of 65. He died in 1991, 87 years old. Free from 1977-1991.

Guido Zimmer

“Haj-Amin el-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, and former Nazi Gauleiter **Hartmann Lauterbacher.”

Lauterbacher, d. 1988.In Buenos Aires he helped develop ratlines for other Nazis seeking to flee from Europe.[1]

(wikipedia) Anti-Israel activities
“From there he went to Egypt with the assistance of the CIA and West German intelligence to train anti-Israel guerrillas.” This little footnote (1) on his wiki bio, proves that the CIA and W. German intel were helping Palestinian factions against Israel! !!

Toepfer, Alfred, d 1993. A member of the W. German establishment, postwar.

Alfred Toepfer was a “sponsoring member” of the SS who was enormously helpful to Hitler. He channelled money via his foundations to influence public opinion in Britain and elsewhere in Europe in favour of the Third Reich and played an important role in Nazi subversion in Austria, the Czech Sudetenland, Alsace-Lorraine and elsewhere. During the war, his company supplied slaked lime to the German ghetto administration in the Polish city of Lodz.

In reality, his closest henchmen were unrepentant Nazis who had been key figures in murdering hundreds of thousands of Jews and in starving to death countless numbers of Russian prisoners of war.

Franz Goering:

Eugen Wenner
see also: Cardinal Idlefonso Schuster (archbishop of Milan ) ratlines

“US army officers smuggled them through the Brenner Pass in early 1948, and Dollmann reportedly began to work as an agent for CIC in Italy.” By the CIA’s own admission!


Hans Grimm
Paul Minke
Franz Hueber
Franz Wehofsich
Eugen Wildi
Hermann Bickler
Dr Hans Steinacher
Kurt Haller, Veesenmayer’s adjutant, d. 1961
Barbara Hacke, Veesenmayer’s secretary

After the war, she gave evidence to protect him by claiming that Adolf Eichmann had not come under his command despite Veesenmayer’s plenipotentiary role. This enabled Veesenmayer to pretend he had not known the destination or intended fate of 437,000 Jewish deportees.

Hans-Joachim Riecke

A few more names:

German military commanders in Yugoslavia

10 Sep 1943 -  1 Dec 1943   Karl Eglseer  b. 1890 - d. 1944) 

1 Dec 1943 - 18 Apr 1944 Albin Nake (b. 1888 - d. 1947)

18 Apr 1944 - 15 May 1944  Otto Lüdecke ( d. 1971)

 15 May 1944 - 25 Sep 1944  Martin  Gareis   (b. 1891 - d. 1976)

25 Sep 1944 -  9 Oct  1944  Paul Hermann (b. 1888 - d. 1980) 

9 Oct  1944 - 31 Oct 1944  Alois Windisch  (b. 1892 - d. 1958)

Karl Pachneck , Gauleiter
Rossmann, ?


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12 Responses to “Some Nazi war criminals who survived the war, updates; disturbing reading”

  1. paolosilv Says:

    William Höttl (19) March 1915 in Vienna; † 27th June 1999 was out in Old Lake) was an Austrian SS officer was which employees of the Imperial Security Main Office and the SD and became active after the war for Allied intelligence during the Second World. He later founded a private school in Bad Aussee.

    Activity in the second world war [
    From 1939, the Reich Security Main Office Höttl was employed. When SD Guide section Vienna church matters Belonged to his duties. Later he moved to Berlin, where he was promoted to the SS storm (major) and in the first overseas office which employs VI (military investigation was the Center for International) in Italy, later Balkans Division. There he was important employees by Walter Schellenberg.

    Höttl what adjutant of Ernst Kaltenbrunner, and in 1943 was promoted to the upper SS Colonel (Lieutenant Colonel). During the occupation of Hungary from March 1944, which Höttl at the Embassy of the German Empire in Hungary Veesenmayer. There, he Belonged to the staff of the Higher SS and police leader for Hungary in Budapest Otto Winkelmann. Kaltenbrunner Höttl envisaged for a 1945 ministerial positions in a separatist National Socialist government of Austria.

    In early 1945 Höttl received by Kaltenbrunner, transported a special permit for the entrepreneur Fritz West, a Lastwagenkolone with valuables from Croatia. West came on 28 In February 1945 from Allen W. Dulles in Berne. Höttl was recruited by Dulles to the Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) in Linz, where he worked until 1949. Why he joined the Allied intelligence was made available, largely in the dark. [1] After the end of World War II in Europe on 8 May 1945 should enable Höttl his contacts in Budapest and Bucharest on the SD station shall Steyring with directional reflectors for the CIC.

    Höttl was at 12 May 1945 in Lake out old arrested on an Alp

    After the second world war [Edit]
    During the Nuremberg trial of major war criminals Höttl stands as a witness for the prosecution are available. [2] Counsel Major William F. Walsh, cited on 14 December 1945 an affidavit Höttl of 26 November 1945. Accordingly, Eichmann had given him the end of August 1944 a “big secret kingdom”: “In the various camps around four million Jews had been killed, while another 2 million were other ways of death, with the majority of them during the Einsatzgruppen of the Security Police of the campaign against Russia were killed by firing squad. “[3]

    Countries in the Salzkammergut, a Höttl Gladioorganisation from former members of SS, the Waffen-SS recruited army officers as well as refugees from the Balkans.

    Hoettl founded a private school gymnasium with youth leading to difficulties Matura 1952 in Bad Aussee. [4]

    1953 Höttl worked under the aliases “” Papermill “.” again for intelligence [5] [6]

    During the Eichmann trial Höttl said: “Eichmann was the carrier for death.” [7]

    1980 made bankruptcy Höttl school school in bad Aussee and Styria was acquired by country. Höttl received the Golden Sirocco of Styria from Josef Krainer State Governor in the summer of 1995.

    d. 1999

  2. paolosilv Says:

    Nordhausen, home to Werner Von Braun, who like the fictional Schultz “knew nothing”.

  3. paolosilv Says:

    The Chief of the Security Police and the Security Service
    October 7, 1941

    48 copies
    (36th copy)



    Einsatzgruppe C
    Location: Kiev
    I. Kiev



    II: Executions and other measures

    The population was extremely infuriated against the Jews because of their preferential economical status under Soviet rule. It could also be proved that the Jews had participated in arson. The population expected adequate reprisals from the Germans. For this purpose, in agreement with the city military command, all the Jews of Kiev were ordered to appear at a certain place on Monday, September 29, by 6 o’clock. This order was publicized by posters all over the town by members of the newly organized Ukrainian militia. At the same time, oral information was passed that all the Jews of Kiev would be moved to another place. In cooperation with the HQ of EGC and two Kommandos of the police regiment South, Sonderkommando 4a executed 33,771 Jews on September 29 and 30. (1) Gold and valuables, linen, and clothing were secured. Part of it was given to the NSV (National-Sozialistische Versorgung = Nazi Welfare) for the ethnic Germans, and part to the appointed city administration for distribution among the needy population. The action was carried out smoothly and no incidents occurred. The population agreed with the plan to move the Jews to another place. That they were actually liquidated has hardly been made known. However, according to the experience gained so far, this would not meet with any opposition. The army has also approved the measures taken. The Jews that have not yet been caught or who will return will be treated accordingly. At the same time, a number of NKVD men and commissars were arrested and finished off.


    Source of quote:

    Emphasis is mine.

    The Chief of the Security Police and Security Service
    November 2, 1941

    50 copies
    [50th copy]

    (see distribution list)


    Einsatzgruppe C
    Location: Kiev

    Execution activities
    As to purely execution matters, approximately 80,000 person have been liquidated by now by the Kommandos of the Einsatzgruppe.

    Among these are approximately 8,000 person convicted after investigation of anti-German or Bolshevist activities.

    The remainder was liquidated in retaliatory actions.

    Several retaliatory measures were carried out as large-scale actions. The largest of these actions took place immediately after the occupation of Kiev. It was carried out exclusively against Jews and their entire families.

    The difficulties resulting from such a large-scale action, in particular concerning the round-up, were overcome in Kiev by requesting the Jewish population to assemble, using wall posters. Although at first only the participation of 5-6000 Jews had been expected, more than 30,000 Jews arrived who, until the moment of their execution, still believed in their resettlement, thanks to extremely clever organization [propaganda].

    Even though approximately 75,000 Jews have been liquidated in this manner, it is evident at this time that this cannot be the best solution of the Jewish problem. Although we succeeded, particularly in smaller towns and villages, in bringing about a complete liquidation of the Jewish problem, nevertheless, again and again it has been observed in the larger cities that after such an action, all Jews have indeed been eradicated. But, when after a certain period of time a Kommando returns, the number of Jews still found in the city always surpasses considerably the number of executed Jews.[…]

    Source of quote:

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