Third Reich

Nuremberg trial admitted 100,000 documents into evidence. 42 volumes of transcripts; and five million recorded words. In addition, the British secret service bugged the chambers of the major Nazis they captured and got their own admission about the Holocaust.
The actual Wannsee Protocol

“All this was inspired by the principle–which is quite true within itself–that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods.” (Hitler admits to being a liar, Mein Kampf)­ife-style/adolf-eichmann-is-a-­historical-figure-to-me-ricard­o-eichmann-speaks-to-suzanne-g­lass-about-growing-up-the-fath­erless-son-of-the-nazi-war-cri­minal-hanged-in-israel-1595146­.html
Ricardo Eichmann has said he doesn’t want a tear-jerker story written about him: “It is an affront to the six million who died to try and elicit sympathy for me.”

“No holes, no Holocaust” has long been one of the denier community’s favorite slogans. It refers to the holes in the roof of Kremas (crematoria) II and III at the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp. Now a report entitled The Ruins of the Gas Chambers: A Forensic Investigation of Crematoriums at Auschwitz I and Auschwitz-Birkenau by Daniel Keren, Harry W. Mazal and Jamie McCarthy proves not only that the holes existed but shows where they are. This report first appeared in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Oxford University Press, Volume 18, Number 1, Spring 2004, pages 68-103.­s/world/2010/03/23/2010-03-23_­nazi_hit_man_heinrich_boere_co­nvicted_in_germany_for_1944_mu­rders.html­/index.php?option=com_content&­view=article&catid=34%3Atesti&­id=205%3Acapitolo-33-polizei-b­ataillon-22&Itemid=53&lang=en­/2001/265/nazis265.html­s/article-1179902/Revealed-The­-secret-report-shows-Nazis-pla­nned-Fourth-Reich–EU.html?ITO­=1490­/worldNews/idUSTRE62A2VA201003­11
Arbeit macht frei sign

Gleichschaltung (pronounced [ˈglaɪçʃaltʊŋ], listen (help·info)), meaning “coordination”, “making the same”, “bringing into line”, is a Nazi term for the process by which the Nazi regime successively established a system of totalitarian control over the individual, and tight coordination over all aspects of society and commerce. The historian Richard J. Evans offered the term “forcible-coordination” in his most recent work on Nazi Germany.

One goal of this policy was to eliminate individualism by forcing everyone to adhere to a specific doctrine and way of thinking and to control as many aspects of life as possible using an invasive police force

Rumanian Genocide against the Jews, 400 page report proves it.­ermann_Goering
Half way down, to the right, is the Final Solution authorization, in German.­g-news-world/austria-candidate­-denounces-nazi-ban-law-201003­08-ps03.html
Austrian candidate making noises

Weindling, Paul. Health, Race, and German Politics;­/01-11-46.asp; /­/library/bibliography/?lang=en­&content=nazi_racial_science­iszly.htm/
Dr Nyiszly, survivor of Auschwitz

Carin Goering, herself an epileptic, had to let the doctors and police take full charge of Göring. He was certified a dangerous drug addict and placed in the violent ward of Långbro (Swedish) asylum on 1 September 1925.
wiki, Goering, a mental case.

Scream Bloody Murder, CNN Video (Very graphic). Raphael Lemkin, Polish Lawyer, helped UN to outlaw genocide after the Holocaust, in which he lost 80 members of his family.­m/photoessay/images/auschwitz/­auschwitz%200027.jpg

Nazi greets Jews as they emerge, confused, from the train.­ndex.html?curid=23842245
dailide , lithuanian
In Lithuania, too old to be prosecuted?


Film about Wannsee: When Kritzinger (David Threfall) objects that Hitler has declared to him personally that execution of the Jews is not his intent, Heydrich cooly reminds him, “Yes, and he will continue to do so.” Plausible deniability, you see. from , Conspiracy

Finally found something with Kammler :­v=5rCEOfQFyIo

Some place the origin of the “Final Solution ” at or around “16-20 April 1941, prior to the attack on the Soviet Union (June 1941). That would put it close to the ratfaced Git’s birthday. It would also put it close to the date of Rudolf Hess’s flight to the UK. Hess was imprisoned in the Tower of London.

Other data suggest sooner. Himmler ordered Hoess to begin construction of Auschwitz in May-June 1940, indicating an earlier date.

Operation Tannenberg began immediately with the invasion of Poland, leading to the murder of Jews as soon as the Nazis had invaded.
The British also planned to put Hitler into the Tower for a war crimes trial if he had ever been captured. Hitler committed suicide on April 30, and his and Eva’s bodies were burned with petrol. The Russians confirmed that they found the remains, and burned what was left in Magdeburg, Germany, 1972.

Bormann escaped, acc. to Goni, to Paraguay, and died there in misery, 1959.
Uki Goni, excellent journalist on escaped Nazis:­?search_query=uki+goni&search_­type=&aq=f

Treblinka and other camps, they found mountains of ashes. Some deniers claims ‘only people with typhus’ were buried, or thrown into pits. It’s not so.
People who claim this can’t explain something factual: ****why did the Nazis have the bodies dug up again, and have the bones crushed into ashes?


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  1. paolosilv Says:

    Peter J. Hertel on 02 Oct 2007, 17:17

    Bergmann, Heinrich SS-Hstuf. 23 June 1943.
    SS-Nr. 372 279
    Head of Abteilung I/II of the KdS in Reval from 29 January 1943.
    Substitute Head of Abteilung IV of the KdS in Reval from summer 1942 to February 1943.
    Substitute Head of Abteilung IV of the KdS in Reval from May 1943 to 26 June 1943.
    Substitute Head of Abteilung IV of the KdS in Reval from 18 March 1944 until retreating from the Russian attacks.

    Head of Abteilung V of the KdS in Reval turn of the year 1941/42 to spring 1942.
    Head of Abteilung V of the KdS in Reval from July 1942 to 1944.
    In 1955 became a member of the BKA Bundeskriminalamt and pensioned off in 1962.
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