Mufti. Companies. Latvia. Himmler. Hitler. USHMM. Evidence of the Holocaust. Stutthof. Axihistory. Einsatz. Dachau.

Mufti and Holocaust in Yugoslavia. Moslems and Croats helped the Nazis murder thousands of Jews.­ianSSMen.htm
Analysis of Latvian SS. Before 1943, it was involved in the Holocaust. Afterward, it was formed into a military unit, and drafted men to fight the USSR. Hence the controversy on whether or not the marches should be banned.

1944 August SS officer Adolf Eichmann informs Himmler that six million Jews have already been killed: 4 million in the camps, 2 million in mobile gassing operations.


The real hero of WW2: Ultra­k/content/machines.rhtm­an_of_Year.html
Ironic analysis of Hitler, 1938

“After the fiasco of the Munich “Putsch” it seemed as if Hitler’s cause was irretrievably lost. Throughout the country he was the butt of ridicule. The Government and its supporters felt he could no longer be a danger and that there was no use making a martyr of him by keeping him in prison or taking special measures.”­­er_Obituary.html
NY Times, 1945 May 1­hibit/focus/antisemitism/voice­s/transcript/index.php?content­=20080410
Jewish athlete denied chance at Berlin Olympiad.­hibit/focus/antisemitism/voice­s/transcript/?content=20090813
Germany’s Justice Minister on outlawing Holocaust Denial

American Historical Association Council strongly deplores the publicly reported attempts to deny the fact of the Holocaust. No serious historian questions that the Holocaust took place.­orldwars/genocide/deniers_01.s­html
USHMM on Hol. Denial­pectives/issues/1991/9112/9112­RES.CFM
US Historians on Hol. Denial.­v4/depts/south_hill/sht2006_4l­atvia.htm
Ezergailis, Historian honored by Latvia

Stutthoff, camp in which at least 60,000 died

Furthermore, the evidence is summed up beautifully.

The proof is about 60 percent of the way into that conversation on axishistory. What did they need a ‘vergassungkellar for (gassing cellar)? Why dummy shower heads? Why a gas proof door?’

Holocaust denial tries to pretend the ‘vergassungkellar’ meant ‘delousing cellar’, but that is not the case. They also can’t explain why they needed to ‘heat the morgue’ when a morgue should be cooled.

Proof of the Holocaust, at A. Birkenau camp

contains all the info on the Holocaust­iewtopic.php?f=6&t=24304&start­=75
Hitler’s orders to starve Russia to death

Shocked and sickened by the evidence which he heard, at the Einsatzgruppen trial,Justice Musmanno who presided over the trial wrote:

One reads and reads these accounts of which here we can give only a few excerpts and yet there remains the instinct to disbelieve, to question, to doubt. There is less of a mental barrier in accepting the weirdest stories of supernatural phenomena, as for instance, water running up hill and trees with roots reaching toward the sky, than in taking at face value these narratives which go beyond the frontiers of human cruelty and savagery. Only the fact that the reports from which we have quoted came from the pens of men within the accused organizations can the human mind be assured that all this actually happened. The reports and the statements of the defendants themselves verify what otherwise would be dismissed as the product of a disordered imagination.

Judgment of the Tribunal, p. 50.­talogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=978­0521456081&ss=ind




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