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Hitler’s Conversation with Josef Hell, 1922

When Hell asked Hitler what he intended doing if he ever had full freedom of action against the Jews, his response was:

“If I am ever really in power, the destruction of the Jews will be my first and most important job. … (quoted in John Toland, Adolf Hitler. London: Book Club Associates, 1977, p.116)

Names and birthdates, and many death dates of hundreds of Nazi war criminals. Exactly what i’ve been looking for!

Spielberg, testimonies. People are trying to discredit the survivor testimony, but that is rubbish! Stephen Spielberg has had over 80,000 survivors give testimony that the Holocaust happened!


Holocaust in the Baltics. Thousands of Jews were sent to Siberia by the Soviets, disproving many of the lies now spreading on the internet.

By all means, see some of Alan Heath’s videos.


Institute for LV killing, Berne castle

In a separated part of the national welfare and institute for care in Berne castle to the Saale (Saxonia-Anhalt) one was „euthanasia – institute of the action so called T4 between 21 November 1940 and 30 July 1943. Here 9,384 patient and obstructed murdered from 33 welfare service and nursing facilities as well as approximately 5,000 prisoners from six concentration camps with carbon monoxide in a gas chamber.


“The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” William Schirer:
p. 662, “Himmler and Heydrich were assigned by Hitler to liquidate the Jews”; p. 946, describes Holocaust; p 949, ‘extermination camp at Auschwitz”; p 953, 958, 959, 961, “Babi Yar”, 964, “Final Solution”, 965, Wannsee, 968, extermination camps, 972, Hungarian Jewry murdered
“the horrors of the Nazi occupation and of the concentration camps and the liquidation of the Jews.” xi, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.
Schirer, ibid. p981, Dr Hirt; 1029, massacres in the east; 1061, Einsatzgruppen,
Also, see
pp. 661, 959, 964, 965-91, , 1176, 1192

A speech on the Nazi use of euthanasia

resource on the Holocaust, en espanol

Bernberg , center for Euthanasia

Auschwitz Construction, Waffen SS


Ravensbrueck had a gas chamber.

Posen speech
Heinrich Himmler orders murder of 500,000
endlosung or “Final Solution
“…Jews are someday to disappear.”

Germany’s President on the Holocaust

great Grandson of Richard Wagner died

Korherr report, statistical report made by the NAZIS themselves!
By March 31, 1943, they admit to the murders of over 2 million Jews.

contains all the info on the Holocaust

USHMM on Hol. Denial

US Historians on Hol. Denial.


“No holes, no Holocaust” has long been one of the denier community’s favorite slogans. It refers to the holes in the roof of Kremas (crematoria) II and III at the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp. Now a report entitled The Ruins of the Gas Chambers: A Forensic Investigation of Crematoriums at Auschwitz I and Auschwitz-Birkenau by Daniel Keren, Harry W. Mazal and Jamie McCarthy proves not only that the holes existed but shows where they are. This report first appeared in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Oxford University Press, Volume 18, Number 1, Spring 2004, pages 68-103.

On January 14, 1941, Adolf Hitler revealed to the Romanian dictator Ion Antonescu the plan to invade the USSR, and on June 12, 1941 his “Guidelines for the Treatment of the Eastern Jews.” Well before the Wannsee Conference of January 20, 1942, Antonescu launched Romania’s Final Solution in response to Hitler’s cue. What we know of the Antonescu-Hitler connection argues against the functionalist interpretation of the Final Solution. Though subsequently forgotten, the Antonescu-Hitler understandings were invoked at the 1946 Paris Peace Conference, when the new communist government sought to blame Germany and exonerate Romania of responsibility in the death of the Jews deported to Transnistria in 1941/42.


In the early days of World War II, British intelligence agencies began secretly recording conversations between German prisoners of war in the hope of acquiring information on technical advances. The information gathered was to be used in the war effort against Germany. Transcripts of these conversations, now declassified, represent a previously unknown or overlooked source of information about the Holocaust, providing evidence of individual German officers’ participation in and knowledge of war crimes. The fact that the transcripts of and reports on the monitored conversations were locked away for over thirty years after the end of the war supports the view that intelligence agencies placed a higher priority on maintaining the secrecy of their methods than on aiding the prosecution of war criminals.



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