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Dachau, gas chamber . It may have sometimes been used.­collections/highlights/bryan/

Dollfuss banned the DNSAP in June 1933 and the communists later on (wiki)

Chancellor Dollfuss of Austria, murdered by the Nazis.

Edward R Murrow

The Dresden synagogue, which was burned during Kristallnacht on 9 November 1938, was rebuilt in 2001 and opened for worship on 9 November. The original synagogue’s Star of David was installed above the entrance of the new building – Alfred Neugebauer, a local firefighter, saved it from the fire and hid it in his home until the end of the war.

On June 23, 1951, Hemingway wrote to C. L. Sulzberger of the New York Times with his own explanation: “Certain allegations of fighting and commanding irregular troops were made but I was cleared of these by the Inspector General of the Third Army. . . . For your information, I had an assignment to write only one article a month for Colliers and I wished to make myself useful between those monthly pieces. I had a certain amount of knowledge about guerilla warfare and irregular tactics as well as a grounding in more formal war and I was willing and happy to work for or be of use to anybody who would give me anything to do within my capabilities.”­s/article-1035807/The-Nazis-fi­nal-atrocity-surrendering-did-­unit-wipe-entire-village.html

Cuthbertson cites the Allied response to the Malmedy massacre in Belgium as one example of taking war crimes seriously up the chain of command. In 1944, German soldiers killed more than 70 unarmed U.S. prisoners of war. In war crimes trials after Germany was defeated, justice was swift and extended far beyond those who actually pulled triggers. “The commander of the regiment wasn’t there. He was found guilty and sentenced to death,” says Cuthbertson. “The general of the Army wasn’t there. He was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.”­chive/2008/01/07/6217

The Laws of Armed Conflict and the Geneva Conventions were designed as the basis for military conduct in times of war. Three central principles govern armed conflict: military necessity, distinction (soldiers must engage only valid military targets) and proportionality (the loss of civilian lives and property damage must not outweigh the military advantage sought). Among other things, the Geneva Conventions identify grave breaches of international law as the “willful killing; torture or inhuman treatment; willful causing of great suffering; and extensive destruction and appropriation of property not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully or wantonly.”­­­­rticles/2009/getting-inside

Psychs in US analyzed AH

my comment: The ‘stab in the back legend’ grew within the German officers corp of the First World war. They didn’t want to admit that they lost in the West, due to the arrival of the Americans, better tactics, and the starvation in German cities due to the blockade. Hindenburg was to blame for this myth, and Hitler for the anti-semitism. (cf. Persico, Albany University)

German engineers did invent some amazing weapons of destruction, such as the V 1, V2, and one of the first jet engines.

The tragic thing is that the US, contrary to Hitler’s lies, really did want peace, and had too few men in its antiquated military in 1938-9.

NYT on Nazis

To the suggestion that “you could travel to Auschwitz yourself,” Bishop Williamson replied:

I will not travel to Auschwitz. I’ve ordered the book by Jean-Claude Pressac. It’s called “Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers.” A printout is now being sent to me, and I will read it and study it.

NYT, 2/9/09­/09/books/review/Dobbs-t.html?­scp=9;sq=naz;st=cse

The Nazis forced many of the best physicists and chemists out of the country, including Hahn’s principal collaborator in the discovery of nuclear fission, Lise Meitner. Those who sought refuge abroad were predominantly Jewish — scientists like Otto Frisch, Rudolf Peierls and Leo Szilard — and they ended up in Britain and the United States, where they contributed greatly to the success of the Manhattan Project. As Baggott demonstrates, they were driven by the fear that the Nazis would get the bomb first.­deo?videoId=110887

Germany profits off of “Hitler paintings”­ews/obituaries/professor-david­-bankier-leading-scholar-on-na­zi-germany-and-the-holocaust-1­984988.html

International Red Cross aiding Jewish survivors, film

1947 Polish filmed reenactment of Nazi camp

Waffen SS Dirlewanger organized and participated in a series of murders of Jewish girls in the Lublin Ghetto in Poland

SS Hell on the western front” michael williams

Liebstandarte SS 

Commanders Of Auschwitz: The SS Officers Who Ran The Largest Nazi Concentration Camp -1940-1945 (Schiffer History Book)

~ Jeremy Dixon

Inside the 3rd Reich


only 1 ref to Kammler’s armaments ministry work

Soldiers of Destruction (Paperback)

~ Charles W. Sydnor Jr. (Author) “THE Waffen SS Totenkopfdivision emerged from two significant interrelated forces in the structure of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.

While crimes can clearly be attributed to battle formations, both combatant- and non-combatant-related, it is also clear from Stein’s presentation that a majority of Waffen SS units were not likely involved in such events. This is not to say that Stein presents an apologist view, quite to the contrary – he presents an honest assessment of guilt – the Waffen SS was guilty but it is unfair to claim all units were simply butchers. Yet equally unfair would be a claim that the Waffen SS was simply an army free of guilt. When it comes to connections between the Waffen SS and the holocaust the story is one mostly of semantics. As Stein points out it is beyond doubt that the SS represented the system by which Hitler attempted (and nearly succeeded) to murder all of the European jews and other “Untermensch” (subhumans). It is also clear that many of the units involved were, at least on paper, part of the Waffen SS.

source: Reitlinger, Gerald. The SS: Alibi of a Nation­aths-Head-Hitlers-Military/

Contains 11 references to “gas chambers” used by Nazis.



laws against Holocaust denial in Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Switzerland­­l/2010/05/07/65-years-after-w­w­2-should-germans-still-feel-­gu­ilty :/­=GPpEQuatcTU;feature=related

Amazing, must see! Hitler admits his goal is the eradication of Jews from Europe, and the fostering of anti-semitism.­m/cigcard.php?id=8226

Veit Harlan and the tragic legacy of his family and the film. His own ex wife died in Auschwitz.



Soderbaum, Goebbels’ tool­m/cigcard.php?id=13710

Kristina Soderbaum , actress, and Veit Harlan, director of “Jud Suss”, Hitler’s anti-Jewish hate film. This film was shown to all the Einsatz. and SS men during the Holocaust.

She died in 2001, and even made a few films after the war.­m/person.php?personid=1735;sec­tion=detail



entry on Hans Frank, butcher of Poland.

Note Himmler’s remarks clearly state: “the liquidation” of the Jews.

“In Berlin we were told: why are you making all this trouble? We don’t want them either — not in Ostland or in the Reichskommisariat: liquidate them yourselves! ”


minutes on Wannsee

Wannsee: The extermination program itself is very clearly specified in the text of the minutes.
“Document 1517-PS [translation]” in Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression. Volume IV: US Government Printing Office, District of Columbia: 1947. pp. 55-58.


The Korherr Report, Himmler’s stat. report on the Holocaust, Dec 31, 1942, with a supplement, March 31, 1943.

Interesting, that it shows a pic of Korherr, 1970’s. How did this guy manage to avoid punishment?


Gluecks {Glucks} was one of the heads of the Concentration Camp Inspectors. It clearly states he was “Waffen SS”.

Now here is a photo of a request made at Oranienberg-Sachsenhausen for “zyklon B” to be sent to Auschwitz, with Gluecks’ signature.


Rare pic of Bosnian SS


Images of SS
“However the construction of a gas chamber and ovens by the camp commandant Anton Kaindl in March 1943,[2] facilitated the means to kill larger numbers of prisoners. ”­kipedia/commons/d/dc/­g

Image includes Elie Wiesel, 7th from the left edge of the photo, second from bottom row

In an article published Saturday May 8, 2010, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for increased efforts to fight anti-Semitism.


Guard tower, Buchenwald

“Anton Geiser, After German forces invaded Yugoslavia in 1941, Geiser was drafted into the Waffen Schutzstaffel (“SS”).  Geiser was chosen for a Death’s Head battalion and sent to Sachsenhausen concentration camp near Oranienberg, Germany.

Sachsenhausen had a gas chamber in 1943. Geiser served as a guard at Sachsenhausen during this time.

* Earlier this week, a U.S. immigration judge ordered the deportation of Anton Geiser of Sharon, Pa. Geiser, who immigrated to the U.S. from Austria after World War II, served as an armed SS guard at three concentration camps in Germany during the Holocaust, the Justice Department said in a written statement.

U.S. Immigration Judge Charles M. Honeyman ordered Geiser, 85, removed to Austria because he assisted in Nazi persecution.

Cleveland Jewish News, May 20, 2010

Pic of Geiser, the man who guarded Sachsenhausen, 1943, and Buchenwald 1943-5.

Geiser, an ethnic German, was drafted into the German army at 17 and served as an armed SS Death Head guard at Sachsenhausen concentration camp near Berlin for much of 1943.

He later was transferred to an SS officer training camp at Arolsen, where he escorted prisoners to and from the Buchenwald camp, where tens of thousands of Jews and others were exterminated. He was at Arolsen until April 1945. Geser has denied harming any prisoners, though he has acknowledged having orders to shoot prisoners who tried to escape.­/2010/05/19/national/main64987­35.shtml

Sachsenhausen-Oranienburg had a gas chamber, beginning in 1943.
“Waffen-SS General Pohl visited Auschwitz”, from axishistory.

Oswald Pohl (30 June 1892 – 7 June 1951) was a Nazi official and member of the SS (with a rank of SS-Obergruppenführer), involved in the mass murders of Jews in concentration camps, the so-called Final Solution.

Pohl was made SS-Obergruppenführer and general of the Waffen-SS on 20 April 1942; wiki

Historian Richard Rhodes has pulled together a mountain of research on the mass murders of Jews perpetrated by the Einsatzgruppen special task forces organized by the SS commanders Himmler and Heydrich before the gruesome death camps industrialized the Final Solution. The catalogue of horrors, drawn not only from postwar memoirs and interrogations but also from the Nazi fanaticism for statistical detail, is profoundly appalling, even revolting: some of the malefic perpetrators were so sickened by the slaughter that Himmler set up mental hospitals and rest camps for the insufficiently sadistic.­Death-SS-Einsatzgruppen-Invent­ion-Holocaust/dp/0375708227/re­f=bxgy_cc_b_text_b­termination-Nazi-Germany-1939-­1945/dp/0060930489/ref=pd_sim_­b_6

Saul Friedlander’s book.

The Muslim Grand Mufti is referred to in a book “Hitler and the Holocaust”, by Robert Wistrich.
June 1942 memo mentions that the camp commander had made an oral request for setting up four horsestable barracks for the “Sonderbehandlung of Jews” to accommodate their personal belongings

ibid, axishistory.

Sonderbehandlung means, “Special Treatment”, ie murder. They also used the code word , “Transportation to the East”.

Endlosung, or endlausung, means, “Final Solution”, the same. *** The Waffen SS had a hand in the Holocaust, there is the proof.

SS Karl Wolff, Adjutant to Himmler, admits there was a Holocaust

216 Maps of the KL with explanatory notes. 1941. 38 pp.

Various plans (with cost estimates, construction phases, etc.) for Auschwitz projects: extension of prisoner kitchen barracks in “protective custody camp;” protective custody camp expansion; sewage system in that camp; road construction; expansion of prisoner barracks; central building for command staff; ten additional prisoner barracks; laundry and receiving building with Entlausung and prisoner bath; construction office building and garage; housing for command staff; housing and facilities building for civilian workers camp; water plant; protective custody camp and electrified fence; guard quarters; electrical system; industrial barracks for Waffen-SS

*The Waffen SS were complicit in Auschwitz Birkenau.­iewtopic.php?t=64385

in espanol

Stracke is not impressed by Germany’s newfound zeal in bringing war criminals to justice. “Now that there are only a few them left they are suddenly being put on trial. If they had done this 10 years ago it could have been hundreds. Those old Nazis have long been protected by friends in high places. Now they are finally gone, but a lot of people have escaped justice because of them. At least Boere will get what he deserves.”­/apps/nlnet/content2.aspx?c=ls­KWLbPJLnFb=4441467ct=8180041

updated List of Nazis still being sought­ional/0,1518,347726,00.html

Psychological effect of Hitler’s War on the Masses And let us listen to Hitler himself on the matter:

“There is more that binds us to Bolshevism than separates us from it. There is, above all, genuine, revolutionary feeling, which is alive everywhere in Russia except where there are Jewish Marxists. I have always made allowance for this circumstance, and given orders that former Communists are to be admitted to the party at once. The petit bourgeois Social-Democrat and the trade-union boss will never make a National Socialist, but the Communists always will.”­tler.html

Hitler’s rhetoric was extremely similar in many instances to Marxist Socialists. Did he just plagiarize relentlessly? Most likely that is the case.

Disputed book: Herman Rauschning’s book, Hitler Speaks, is quoted.­/28/books/willing-executioners­.html?sec=;pagewanted=all?page­wanted=all
Historians’ dispute on Holocaust Goldhagen’s controversial book, “Hitler’s willing executioners”.­d=T3bI8JS3NjkC;printsec=frontc­over#v=onepage;q;f=false

Benz, book on Holocaust. In German.­s/2010/may/23/hans-fallada-thr­iller-surprise-hit

Anti-Nazi book­campaign-fires-back-as-challen­ger-wrongly-says-us-never-decl­ared-war-on-nazi-germany-94898­049.html

US Candidate for Senator, flubs History 101­iewtopic.php?t=63177

Pohl’s own statement as to his knowledge of the operation of Action Reinhardt and of his participation in the distribution of the loot is again quite sufficient. In his affidavit of 2 April 1947 (NO-2714, Pros. E. 555), he states that the action was instituted in 1941 or 1942.

On several occasions Pohl’s interest led him to inspect concentration camps in person. He visited Ravensbrueck, Auschwitz, Dachau, and Oranienburg-Sachsenhausen. During his visit to Auschwitz in 1943, Pohl was shown the plans for the enlargement of the camp, including the construction of four new crematories with modern gas chambers.

Conclusion It is the prosecution’s contention that the SS, as defined in Appendix B of the Indictment, was unlawful. Its participation in every phase of the conspiracy alleged in Count One is clear. As an organization founded on the principle that persons of “German blood” were a “master race,” it exemplified a basic Nazi doctrine. It served as one of the means through which the conspirators acquired control of the German government. The operations of the SD, and of the SS Totenkopf Verbaende in concentration camps, were means used by the conspirators to secure their regime and terrorize their opponents as alleged in Count One. All components of the SS were involved from the very beginning in the Nazi program of Jewish extermination.

With the outbreak of the war and the march of Nazi armies over the Continent, the SS participated in “solving” the Jewish question in all the countries of Europe. The solution was nothing short of extermination. To a large degree these wholesale murders were disguised under the name of “antipartisan” or “antiguerilla” actions, and as such included as victims not merely Jews but Soviets, Poles, and other Eastern peoples . from axishistory, ibid­iewtopic.php?t=52292

This is a good resource for finding info on the War and the Holocaust.­=2a_cmbi3iIgNR=1

Himmler’s discussion with the Waffen SS on the Holocaust.

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, William Schirer:
p. 662, Himmler and Heydrich were assigned by Hitler to liquidate the Jews; p. 946, describes Holocaust; p 949, extermination camp at Auschwitz; p 953, 958, 959, 961, Babi Yar, 964, Final Solution, 965, Wannsee, 968, extermination camps, 972, Hungarian Jewry murdered

the horrors of the Nazi occupation and of the concentration camps and the liquidation of the Jews. xi, Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

Schirer, ibid. p981, Dr Hirt; 1029, massacres in the east; 1061, Einsatzgruppen,

Also, see

pp. 661, 959, 964, 965-91, , 1176, 1192


This foolish Austrian wants to open up Austria to Holocaust deniers.

Gitta Sereny’s book, Albert Speer, His battle with Truth. Speer admits very clearly on pages 6-7 that the Holocaust occurred and Hitler ordered it.

Alan Bullock, “Hitler“, a biography [p 410). “Himmler organized the extermination of the Jews, but the man in whose mind so grotesque a plan had been conceived was Hitler.”

Niall Alsen wrote that as far as his father was concerned, the SS guards at Bergen-Belsen “were utterly evil and depraved murderers who should all have been hanged.” Then why was Herta Bothe allowed to go free in 1951. She served a few years in jail. In 2005, she was interviewed.­/idUSLDE63F1J4

Bergen-Belsen survivor. Tens of thousands died at Bergen-Belsen, particularly after the summer of 1944, when Himmler’s plans to create a ‘separate peace ‘ with the Western Allies fell apart. This occurred right before D-Day. Himmler, unbeknownst to Hitler, attempted several times to find a way to split the Western from the Eastern Allied Armies in order to buy time for the regime. Hence he tried to make a deal with a major Jewish organization to ‘sell Jews for trucks’ to the Allies. All of his efforts came to nothing. Hitler was furious when he allowed some Jews to go to Switzerland (claiming them to be ‘Poles’), and ordered that no more prisoners would be released from the camps. Still, in April 1945, Himmler tried again to make a deal with the West in order to save his own skin. He was delusional.


First Jewish Service in Germany­iewtopic.php?f=55;t=162600;sta­rt=285

“A suitable propaganda cause will be advanced for the conflict. The credibility of this is unimportant. Right lies with the victor.”

Adolf Hitler, notes for a speech Aug 22, 1939*This speech has been disputed at Nuremberg.­iewtopic.php?f=44;t=106088;sta­rt=0­ide/statements.htm

Quotes that prove Hitler’s Genocidal mania

convicted Nazi Trawniki guard:­s/john-demjanjuk-1109-6

good article on demjanjuk­010/05/20/demjanjuk-remains-ho­spitalized-defense-accuses-jud­ges-of-already-deciding-on-gui­lty-verdict-22424/

Ivan (John Demjanjuk), Sobibor guard

Demjanjuk witness “Nagorny was never tried for their alleged crimes.

The court responded that an investigation was under way, which might lead to charges against Nagorny and another witness.

He is listed as having been at Sobibor.­ld/europe/articles/2010/02/23/­holocaust_expert_testifies_in_­demjanjuk_trial/

Expert testifies against Demjanjuk

Seven water-tight pieces of evidence substantiate that Demjanjuk served in the Sobibor concentration camp, says Drimmer, the former prosecutor. Seven different documents from different archives and agencies. As Drimmer sees it, this makes it very unlikely that there has been a mistake and very unlikely that someone could be trying to frame Demjanjuk.

But if you ask him (the son) what might really have happened in his father’s past, he doesn’t have an answer.

Spiegel 3/6/09

Demjanjuk once claimed to have served with the Ukrainian Liberation Army, formed by the Germans to fight the Soviets, in Graz, Austria in 1943.

“This army at that time was at no point in Graz,” Walther, who has now retired from the special German prosecutors’ office responsible for investigating Nazi-era crimes, told the Munich state court.

Spiegel 3/6/09

NY Mayor Giuliani on Karl Linnas: In New York, U.S. Atty. Rudolph W. Giuliani, who argued twice before the federal appeals court in Manhattan to have Linnas deported, had no comment on his death. But he said the record against Linnas contained “proof to a certainty that he was a mass murderer and a butcher.”­z112342.html­c.html

Posen speech, Himmler, 1943 ,proving the Holocaust happened­d.html

Heinrich Himmler orders the murder of 500,000.­r_remarks.html­er.html

endlosung, endlausung meaning, Final Solution­rMemo.html

“…Jews are someday to disappear.”


Germany’s President on the Holocaust.

Short Hitler Occultism video. How could anyone fall for Hitler’s occultism and pseudoscience?

Salute: Not every hand raised in the stiff arm salute fashion was done so out of conviction, but by law. How sick is that? It was illegal to not raise your arm along with everyone else. This made it seem as if in the films everyone was in synch with Nazi ideology, the greatest pseudo religion, or cult of our time.­=72dHps9pYScfeature=related

Here’s a young German freely denying or doubting the Holocaust. This is why we need such laws in Germany, because the hate mongers are already waiting in the wings.­=F_j9v1vKCt4feature=related

Powerful eight minute compression of history


Hitler without a mustache

Hitler with an elongated Nose



Gay Hitler­er_Dead_krant.jpg

Hitler dead


Hitler looking shabby.

Anti Hitler poster.


The whole world knew that the Germans were building death factories in Eastern Europe at this time. Reports were given by spies and the Resistance Movements during the whole war. Hundreds, if not thousands, of witnesses saw the mass shootings and the mass graves, and the subsequent Enterdungsaktion.

The perpetrators themselves confessed readily when they fell into the hands of the victors. ”

Von Papen was a very crucial figure within the process of Hitler’s seizure of power. He was a rightist monarchist who thought he and the conservatives could enframe Hitler and his Nazi ministers after 1933. He was wrong. As soon as the regime had established itself it began with the gleichschaltung. Papen was pushed off from vice-chancellor to minor diplomatic positions abroad and remained passive until the end of WWII.
He never recognized his guilt, not even at Nuremberg. A very narrow-minded, a very culpable man.

Franz v Papen: 1960 Titel Geheimer Kammerherr durch Papst Johannes XXIII.
The man who brought Hitler to power, 1933, blessed by the Pope in 1960­und/warcrimes/timeline.html

war criminals in Canada.­acob Luitjens

alleged war criminal walking around in Netherlands
alleged war criminals , Josip Budimcic; Michael Pawlowski; Stephen Reitstetter.

Canadians charged with war crimes, but never found guilty.

Much of Nazi propagandais just recycled Russian Government propaganda (Pre-Bolshevick). The International Jew, a pamphlet put out by the anti-semite, Henry Ford, was a forgery of a forgery! The “Protocols” was forged by the predecessor of the KGB, precisely in order to foment discord among peoples. The Russians were terrified of an alliance among the British, French,Austrians and Germans prior to WW One, !

The French :

It also offers a revealing exchange involving Pope Pius XII, who some historians say did not use his influence to halt the killing of Jews. The conversation, relayed by an Ecuadorian envoy, was between the Vatican ambassador and Marshal Henri-Philippe Pétain, the French collaborationist leader. Over lunch at a Vichy hotel in July 1942, Marshal Pétain said he was consoled that **the Pope approved his policy of deporting Jews. The ambassador corrected him, saying, “The Holy Father does not approve.”**

In a subsequent meeting, the ambassador delivered the Pope’s personal appeal to stop the persecutions, but, the report said, Marshal Pétain agreed “only to limit the ongoing deportations to foreign Jews living in the occupied zone of France.”

Look at this, this guy is walking around Michigan. Has he been deported yet?­07/September/07_crm_738.html

Would you want this piece of Nazi garbage walking around your country?­s/worldnews/europe/germany/524­4522/Nazi-hangman-dies-after-l­ife-of-liberty-in-Germany.html­­s/newstopics/world-war-2/78723­96/Nazi-executioner-protected-­from-jail-by-Germany.html­s/newstopics/world-war-2/78753­01/No-4-on-Nazi-most-wanted-li­st-dies-before-trial.html­0-45/victims/perps.html

The Nazis who are still living admit that the Holocaust happened.­jpg

Globke, Nuremberg trials……


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