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It is Otto Skorzeny who is generally credited with setting up the famous
escape network
to help Nazi war criminals escape Europe after the war, known as the ODESSA
network. Thousands of Nazi war criminals benefited from his escape network
(helped by the Vatican) and fled to Arab countries and Latin America
between 1949
and 1952. The ODESSA network also had close links with the CIA
Skorzeny himself
worked with the new West German intelligence service set up under CIA
auspices by
the former wartime German intelligence chief, Reinhard Gehlen. In
fact, it was the
leading CIA officer Allen Dulles who invited this SS war criminal to
help reorganize
the security forces of the new Egyptian Republic.

As early as January 1952, the ODESSA network was in contact with “influential”
Egyptian army officers and the former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin
who had lived in Egypt since the fall of Nazi Germany.
According to the
Israeli intelligence agency MOSSAD and French intelligence files,
numerous former SS
officers held key positions in the secret service and political police
in Egypt
. These

SS General Oskar Dirlewanger, chief of the infamous SS penal brigade;
SS Major Eugen Eichberger, battalion-commander in the Dirlewanger brigade;
SS Colonel Leopold Gleim, chief of the Gestapo department for Jewish affairs
in Poland;
SS Lieutenant Colonel Bernhard Bender, Gestapo official in Poland the USSR,
whose knowledge of Yiddish enabled him to penetrate Jewish underground
SS General Heinrich Selimann, Gestapo chief in Ulm;
SS Major Schmalstich, Gestapo liaison officer to French collaborationists and
organizer of Jewish transports from Paris to Auschwitz;
SS Major Seipal, Gestapo official in Paris;
SS General Alois Moser, a war criminal who was involved in the extermination
of the Soviet Jews in the Ukraine;
SS officer Johannes von Leers (1902-1963), who had been responsible for
anti-Semitic campaigns at Goebbels’ propaganda ministry;
SS officer, Alois Brunner, who had held senior position in Adolph Eichmann’s
“Jewish Department”, and is now believed to be living under the protection of
the Syrian secret police in Damascus;
SS Major Walter Bollman, Nazi espionage chief in Britain before the war, and
also involved in crimes against humanity and genocide against the Jews of the
SS official Louis Heiden, who was transferred to the Egyptian press office
during the war;
Franz Bartel, and “old fighter” in the early days of the NSDAP in Germany, and
Gestapo officer;
Walter Birgal, an SS officer from Leipzig;
Erich Bunz, a former SA major and expert in the “Jewish Question”;
Albert Thielemann, a regional SS chief in Bohemia;
SS Captain Wilhelm Böckler, a war criminal who had precipitated in the
liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto;
Wehrmacht General Wilhelm Fahrmbacher, who took over the central planning
staff in Cairo . . . .

Added to this were a number of former Nazi officials and sixty
military experts,
mostly former Waffen-SS men, who assisted in the training of the Egyptian army.
Several of them were also linked in 1958 with the then Algerian
government-in-exile. At least 200 German and Austrian scientists and
other personnel
were deployed in the new aircraft and missile centre at Helwan, where new staff
physician was Dr. Hans Eisele, SS Captain and medical torturer in the
death camp at

Goodrick-Clarke says that President Gamal Abdel Nasser was “well
disposed” towards the Nazis, all the more because they wished to take
part in the destruction of Israel

The presence of so many Nazi’s in Egypt under the Nasser
regime was exposed in the world press in October 1962, and
precipitated a crisis in
the Israeli government (who had ordered MOSSAD to make try and kill
several of the
Nazi’s), and embarrassment in West Germany, over the exposure of postwar Nazi
collaboration with the Nasser regime.

Not surprisingly, the few remaining Egyptian Jews fled. From
population of 75,000
Jews in 1948, by 1974 only 350 remained. In 1956, 4000 Jews were
expelled, after
being forced to renounce all property rights and financial claims. In 1957, all
Egyptian Jews not in “continuous residence” since 1900 were deprived of
citizenship. In 1960, many synagogues were closed down, along with Jewish
orphanages, schools, hospitals and old peoples homes; and in 1967, all Jews in
official positions were dismissed, with many more tortured and
expelled, according to Martin Gilbert, author of The Routledge Atlas of Jewish History (Routledge,
London, 1995).

also , see : Tell the Children


Altern, Erich
Post-war name: Ali Bella Regional Chief SD (Himmler’s Security Services), Jewish Affairs in Galicia In Egypt during the 50’s, then instructor in Palestinian camps

Appler, Hans
Post-war name: Sakah Chaffar Information services with Goebbels Egypt 1956: Minister of Information

Franz Bartel, alias el-Hussein
Deputy Head of the Gestapo in Katowice (Poland)
Since 1959, Jewish Section of the Ministry of Information

Baurnann, SS Standartenührer [Baumann?]
Participating in the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto
War Department in Cairo; instructor Front
Liberation of Palestine

Bayerlein, Col. Fritz
Aide-de-camp Rommel

Hans Becher
Gestapo Jewish Section, Vienna
Alexandria (Egypt): police instructor

Beissner, Dr. Wilhelm
Head Section VI C 13 RSHA

Bernhardt Bender, alias Bechir Ben Salah
Gestapo, Warsaw
Adviser of the political police in Cairo

Birgel, Werner, alias El Gamin
SS Officer from Leipsig
Just GDR in Cairo, the Ministry of Information

Boeckler, Wilhelm [Bockler] , SS Untersturmführer
Wanted in Poland for his active role in
liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto
In Egypt since 1949, working in the Department Israel
Office Information

Wilhelm Boerner, alias Ali Ben Keshi, SS
Camp guard at Mauthausen
Depends on the Egyptian Ministry of Interior, instructor
the Front for the Liberation of Palestine

SS Major Walter Bollman, Nazi espionage chief in Britain before the war, and
also involved in crimes against humanity and genocide against the Jews of the

Alois Brunner, aka Georg Fisher, Ali Mohammed
SD, in charge of deportations from Austria, Greece and
Head of Drancy (France)
Damascus, advisor to the Special Services RAU (Republic
United Arab) and Syrian
Resident BND

Buble, Friedrich, alias Ben Amman, SS Obergruppenfuehrer
Dir. Egyptian Department of Public Relations – 1952
police adviser in Cairo

Franz Bunsch
Collaborating Goebbels propaganda, co-author
with Adolf Eichmann’s book “The Sexual Habits of
Jews ”
BND correspondent in Cairo in 1958 and organizer
CT of Saudi Arabia for the BND

Erich Bunzel [Erich Bunz?] , SA Obersturmführer
Collaborating Goebbels
Israel Department, Ministry of Information in Cairo

Daemling, Joachim (also spelled, Deumling)
alias: Dressel, Jochen alias alias Ibrahim
Chief of the Gestapo in Düsseldorf. in SS
operations in Croatia.
Adviser Egyptian prison system, a member of
services Radio Cairo. also spelled, Joachim Däumling (d. 2007!)

Dirlewanger, Oskar Oberführer
Chief 36th Waffen SS (U.R.S.S, Poland)
In Cairo since 1950 according to some sources, other
say that he died June 7, 1945 in residence
monitored in Germany
Exhumation of his body took place in 1960

SS Major Eugen Eichberger, battalion-commander in the Dirlewanger brigade;

Dr. Hans Eisele
Surgeon Buchenwald
Died in Cairo May 4, 1965

Fahrmbacher, Wilhelm, Lt Gen SS
Wehrmacht Eastern Front, oversees the Vlasov army in France
in 1944
Nasser’s military advisor

Leopold Gleim alias Lt-Col. Al Nashar
Chief of the SD in Warsaw
Framework of the Egyptian State Security in charge of
political prisoners on the Red Sea

Gruber, aka Araji
Recruited by Canaris in 1924, lives in Egypt
1950: agent of influence in the direction of the Arab League

Ludwig Heiden (“Luis el-Hadj” – an SS official and journalist who converted to Islam and translated Hitler’s Mein Kampf into the Arabic language),
aka El-Hajj [also, Louis Heiden?]
Reporter to the agency Semitic Weltdienst (NSDAP)
residing in Egypt around 1950

Heribert *(aribert) Heim, SS Hauptsturmführer
Doctor at Mauthausen
Egyptian police doctor

Franz Hithofer
Part of the Gestapo in Vienna
Egypt, 1950

Leers, Dr Johannes von, aka Omar Amin
Deputy Goebbels in charge of anti-Semitic propaganda
Responsible for anti-Israeli propaganda in Cairo
since 1955

Karl Luder
Hitler Youth leader, responsible for crimes
antisemites in Poland
Ministry of War in Cairo

Rudolf Mildner, SS Standartenführer
Gestapo chief in Katowitz, police chief in
Since 1963, lives in Egypt, a member of the organization
Criminal Deutscher Rat. (on another of my pages, says he went to Argentina).

Alois Moser, SS Gruppenführer
USSR Wanted for crimes against the Jewish people
Instructor’s paramilitary movement Greenshirts Cairo

Münzel, Oskar
Protected SS General
Military Adviser in Cairo in the 1950s

Gerd von Nimzel, aka Ben Ali
Egypt since 1950

Oltramare, George, alias Charles Dieudonne
Director Pillory in France under the occupation
Responsible for issuing the Voice of the Arabs in Cairo
Died in 1960

Peschnik, Aehim Dieter, alias el-Said
Currently resides in Egypt

Franz Rademacher, aka Thome Rossel
1940-1943, leading the anti-Semitic Affairs Section
Journalist in Damascus

Walter Rauff
Head of SD in Tunisia
Middle East (Syria) until 1961
Arrested and released in Chile, December 4, 1962

SS Major Schmalstich, Gestapo liaison officer to French collaborationists and
organizer of Jewish transports from Paris to Auschwitz;

Seipel, [Seipal?] SS Sturmbannführer alias Emmad Zuher
Gestapo in Paris
Convertl to Islam
Security Service of the Interior Ministry in Cairo

Sellman, Heinrich
Post-war name: Hassan Suleiman Chief of Gestapo in Ulm. Ministry of Information in Cairo. Egyptian Special Services.

Skorzeny sent to Egypt the following year by former General Reinhard Gehlen, who was now working for the CIA, to act as Naguib’s military advisor. Skorzeny recruited a staff made up of former SS officers to train the Egyptian army. Among these officers were SS General Wilhelm Farmbacher (d. _), Panzer General Oskar Munzel (d. _ _), Leopold Gleim (d. ) , head of the Gestapo Department for Jewish Affairs in Poland, and Joachim Daemling (Deumling), former chief of the Gestapo in Düsseldorf joined Skorzeny in Egypt.
see bio: Skorzeny. It shows that the CIA and other intel agencies used the Nazis post-war , Both Skorzeny and Leon Degrelle were in Spain after the war, for a time.

Thiemann, Albert. [Albert Thielemann ?] Post-war name: Amman Kader SS officer in Chechoslovakia Information Ministry in Cairo.

Weinmann, Erich , SS Standartenfuhrer Chief of SD(Himmler’s Security Services) in Prague. Said to have died in 1949. In fact, he became consultant to Alexandria’s police force in Egypt.
same as 😕
Dr Erwin Weinmann (1909 – ?, doctor, SS-Oberführer[2]

(born July 6, 1909 in Fromm house group Tübingen; † disappeared in 1945 and declared 1949 for dead) was a German physician

more Propagandists –
Karl Friedrich Wesemann,
Dr. Werner Weitschale
Baron von Harder

How is it, one asks, that all these top practioners of the Holocaust were allowed to go free by Western Intelligence agencies?
paolosilv.wordpress.com is the name.

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