jasenovac system of camps; Waldheim (comments); and an interview with an expert on the subject

Haj Amin el Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, and Reichsfuehrer SS Heinrich Himmler.

[Corrected: The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem] recruited Bosnian Muslims and Muslims from the Caucasus for dedicated Nazi SS units. In a March 1, 1944 broadcast from Berlin he stated: “Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history and religion.” He wrote a pamphlet, “Islam and the Jews,” which served to incite the slaughter of Jews and Serbs. [Bostom, 2002].

The NDH was a Croatian Catholic state which sought the extermination or genocide of the Jewish and Serbian Orthodox populations.

In 1941, over 100,000 Bosnian Muslim conscripts were available to fight in the military formations of the Third Reich. Bosnian Muslim soldiers were in the Ustasha death squads.

On July 22,1941, Mile Budak declared that the goal of the NDH was to create a Croat Catholic and Bosnian Muslim state by the extermination of ‘foreign elements’, which were Jews, Orthodox Serbs, and Gypsies. His statement is as follows: “The basis for the Ustasha movement is religion. For minorities such as Serbs, Jews, and Gypsies, we have three million bullets.”

5,500 Jews from the NDH were transported to Auschwitz

The largest concentration camp in Bosnia was the Kruscica camp near Travnik, established in April-May, 1941, where many of Bosnia’s Jews were killed.

Leni Yahil in The Holocaust: The Fate of European Jewry, 1932-1945

The Sephardic synagogue was destroyed by German, Croat, and Bosnian Muslim forces

“On April 16, German forces entered Sarajevo, and, with local Muslims, plundered and destroyed the main synagogue.” Martin Gilbert

Entire Jewish and Serbian communities in the Sarajevo region were destroyed and Jewish and Serbian men, women, and children were massacred by Bosnian Muslims and Croats.

13th and 23rd Waffen SS were Muslims.


“The State Attorney of Croatia, who had not accused Šakić of the crimes of genocide, nor brought the Jasenovac camp into the court, declared: According to the results of the hearing of evidence, not only because of the large number of the victims, but for extremely inhuman and brutal treatments, it can be concluded that the Jasenovac Camp, especially during the years 1941-1942, when civilians were systematically liquidated in it, was a camp of death.”


On June 23, 1941, this policy of ethnic cleansing was officially announced by Victor Gutic, Ustasha Governor of Western Bosnia, which was a majority Serbian region. In a speech at Banja Luka, Gutic announced that Ante Pavelic intended to make Banja Luka the capital of the NDHÝ but before the city had to be “thoroughly cleansed of Serbian dirt.” He announced that he was going to use an “iron broom” to sweep until Banja Luka and Bosanska Krajina (Western Bosnia) “had been cleansed of the last Serb.”

Ante Pavelic (1889-1959), the President or Poglavnik of the NDH, enunciated the policy of ethnic cleansing when he gave a speech on August 14, 1941, in Vukovar in Srem:

“This is now the Ustashi and Independent State of Croatia, it must be cleansed of Serbs and Jews. There is no room for any of them here. Not a stone upon a stone will remain of what once belonged to them.”

“Even the Nazi generals were amazed at the horrors of Jasenovac. Thus, General von Horstenau, Hitler’s representative in Zagrebwrote in his personal diary for 1942 that the Ustasha camps in the NDH were „the epitome of horror, and Arthur Hefner, a German transport officer for work forces in the Reich, wrote on November 11, 1942 of Jasenovac: „The concept of the Jasenovac camp should actually be understood as several camps which are several kilometers apart, grouped around Jasenovac. Regardless of the propaganda, this is one of the most horrible of camps, which can only be compared to Dante’s Inferno. ”

The forgotten death camp: Jasenovac


disturbing footage, very shocking: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EhLd6_QCzw&feature=related

“Germans and Ustaša killed approximately 32,000 Jews from Croatia
and 8-20,000 Jews at Jasenovac.” 6000 to 8000 Jews were deported to Auschwitz Birkenau.


“5,000 and 12,000 Croats are believed to have died in Jasenovac.

“There are no reliable statistics on the number of Muslim victims. The Muslims from Bosnia-Herzegovina were ethnic Slavs and spoke a variety of Serbian and Croatian dialects. Croatian nationalists as well as the radical Ustaša leaders perceived all Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina as Croats; the regime aimed convert them to Catholicism. They were persecuted for religious and political rather than racial reasons.

“Since the end of World War II, political and ideological conflicts in the area have made the documentation and verification of victim statistics extremely difficult. To cover the trail of terror and murder, authorities of the NDH or Independent State of Croatia burned official records from the Jasenovac camps first in early 1943 and again upon evacuation in 1945.

“Dependable statistics that do exist are based on the work of several historians who have used census records and other available documentation from German, Croatian, and former Yugoslav archives.”


“At the museum’s opening on Nov. 27, (2006) Prime Minister Ivo Sanader said, “Today’s Croatia does not want to stay silent about the dark pages of its past.

Researchers at the museum say they have so far gathered proof that 69,842 people were killed, almost 19,000 of them children. [at Jasenovac. The figures are disputed by others].

“Do you care? Truth about Jasenovac: Genocide over Serbs – Never forget!”
Interview with Srboljub Zivanovic, Ph.D

In just a few days, at this year’s Belgrade Book Fair, the publishing house “Srpska Knjiga” will be promoting its latest edition, “Jasenovac” by Professor Srboljub Zivanovic, Ph.D. Prof. Zivanovic, a world-renowned anthropologist, lives and works in London as the director of the European Institute for Ancient Slavic Studies and fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute.

The book is titled “Jasenovac,” but it is a collection of articles, essays, interviews, reviews, commentaries and lectures unavailable to the general public until now. For example, I’ve included a lecture I gave several years ago at Oxford, which had an impact in the West, but could not be found in print anywhere. Additionally, I’ve included the original report of the 1964 Commission that exhumed the mass graves in the Croatian death camp complex, unearthing Serb, Jewish and Roma victims of genocide. Although the research was done in 1964, the first publication of it was in 1992, in a splendid book called “Catena Mundi.” However, that book is next to impossible to find! It was financed by our émigrés in Australia, and the print run was very small. It may be easier to get a copy of this book in Australia, but it is impossible in Europe.

“So, we should forget that *[figure is contested]700,000 people were murdered, but the current Croatian government can sue Serbia to the International Court of Justice and claim “genocide” for less than 2000 dead in the 1990s wars?”

” This is our tragedy, and this is why we must keep writing about it. But when you look at the history textbooks in Serbia, there is nothing about Jasenovac. Even when there is, it’s but a sentence or two. I’ve seen more about World War One in East African textbooks – three whole sentences. But three sentences about Jasenovac in our textbooks? Too much to hope for.

Things are different in the Bosnian Serb Republic. Children there know. … And there is none of that in Serbia. The worst part is that Serbia is one of the few countries in the world without a Holocaust museum. Yet one of the places where the Nazis murdered Jews en masse was the Old Fairgrounds in Zemun (under Croat rule at the time – tr.), where Jews would be taken in gas-chamber trucks, and would be dead on arrival.

No one seems to care. …The Genocide Museum in Belgrade was closed. Not many people know that. There was a Genocide Museum, but the governments that came after October 2000 chose to move it to Kragujevac. But the Kragujevac memorial complex is dedicated to some 5000 Serb hostages shot by the Germans! It has nothing to do with some *[contested]700,000-plus Serbs, 80,000 Roma, and over 23,000 Jews who died in the Croat death camps in Jasenovac!

Dr. Zivanovic: I am often asked why I use this expression, “Croat camps” and “Croat butchers”. Well, how else should I call them? It was Croats who killed…Of course, there is a pressure from Croatian authorities, especially after Tudjman, to say that the murders were committed by fascists or Nazis – but there were none in Croatia. There were Croats. And Croats did the killing. Well, there were some murderers who were Muslim, and they were thoroughly indoctrinated to believe they were Croats, but many Muslims fought against Croat savagery.

Besides, and our children should know this, the “independent” Croatia and its executioners were the only perpetrators of genocide who tortured their victims prior to murdering them. Nazis did not do it. Nazis did not have a special camp for children, either. They had concentration camps, yes, and they had entire families in certain camps, but to separate out the small children and put them in a special camp? No one did that but the Croats. And what would happen to those children, four and under, “cared” for by the nuns? They would be forbidden to urinate after 6 PM. If they did, the nuns would grab them by their feet, swing them against the walls, and crush their skulls! That’s a fact.

Q: The aim of your book is to stop the cover-up of the truth about Jasenovac. The actual number of victims remains unknown, and many seek to minimize it. Why?

Dr. Zivanovic: My aim is just to preserve the truth. It should not be covered up. Maybe the authorities will eventually relent and stop keeping the truth from the new generations. I am against digging through cemeteries and unearthing old grudges, but the truth has to be known. Who will speak for those small children? They are martyrs, is what they are. It is not their fault they were born Orthodox, or Jewish, but that is why they were murdered. They cannot speak, no one is there to speak for them. Having handled thousands of their crushed skulls, I’ve taken upon myself to speak for them. Someone has to.

There’s something worse. There is a great mass grave of Jasenovac victims in Belgrade. Those are the dead that floated down the Sava river, and washed up on the riverbank by Nebojsa tower. That mass grave is still there, overgrown in weeds and unmarked. But dig there, and you will find skeletons. Immediately after the war, in 1945, the [Communist] authorities ordered the return of bodies that floated down from Jasenovac. Two trucks with those bodies were sent over, supposedly, ending up God knows where. But when they saw how many bodies there were, no one wanted anything to do with them any more. … The grave remains to this day. We ought to at least have a chapel in that spot, on the very site of that mass grave, because no one knows how many thousands, or tens of thousands of bodies were dumped in the Sava, how many washed up in Belgrade, or how many ended up in other graves along the river. Next to the Harish Chapel in Zemun, there is a number of graves marked as “Victims of Jasenovac.” I don’t know how they were retrieved or identified, but there they are. How many more graves are there? In Smederevo, bodies floated down the Danube for months.

…One young historian at the so-called Belgrade Genocide Museum, the expert who should be educating the new generations, attended the IV International Jasenovac Conference (Banja Luka, 2007) and said he more or less agrees with the Croats that there were 70,000 victims. That’s how many names they have, he says! I’m speechless, really. If this book of mine can help even a little bit to preserve the real truth, I’ll be more than satisfied.

…Those that claim Stepinac was ignorant of the forcible conversions aren’t telling the truth. He knew all too well about the forcible conversions, he did them himself.

I wrote about the methods of killing and the efficiency of butchery by Croat and Muslim killers, describing some twenty methods of execution that they used.

Interview with Srboljub Zivanovic, Ph.D


“Jasenovac’s terror lasted from autumn of 1941. until April 22nd 1945.”
At this area, to date was disclosed 125 mass graves of huge dimensions.

Nazis and Muslims, 2 books show the links
July 14, 2010

Jeffrey Herf, a leading scholar in the field, offers the most extensive examination to date of Nazi propaganda activities targeting Arabs and Muslims in the Middle East during World War II and the Holocaust. He draws extensively on previously unused and little-known archival resources, including the shocking transcriptions of the “Axis Broadcasts in Arabic” radio programs, which convey a strongly anti-Semitic message.

Herf explores the intellectual, political, and cultural context in which German and European radical anti-Semitism was found to resonate with similar views rooted in a selective appropriation of the traditions of Islam. Pro-Nazi Arab exiles in wartime Berlin, including Haj el-Husseini and Rashid el-Kilani, collaborated with the Nazis in constructing their Middle East propaganda campaign. By integrating the political and military history of the war in the Middle East with the intellectual and cultural dimensions of the propagandistic diffusion of Nazi ideology, Herf offers the most thorough examination to date of this important chapter in the history of World War II. Importantly, he also shows how the anti-Semitism promoted by the Nazi propaganda effort contributed to the anti-Semitism exhibited by adherents of radical forms of Islam in the Middle East today.

In June 1939 Saudi King Ibn Saud Khalid al-Hud-al Qarqani met with Hitler who assured him of his long standing sympathy for the Arabs and his willingness to offer them ‘active assistance’,and especially his support for the Arab cause in Palestine and determination to prevent the realization of a Jewish Nation home there.

Fascist Italy broadcast Arabic programmes from 1934 to 1943, Nazi shortwave broadcasts in Arabic commenced in October 1939, and continued until March 1945 on the Nazi German Arab language radio station, the Voice of Free Arabism.

The Nazi regime saw extreme anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism as pivotal points of entry into the Arab world. As the author explains ” Throughout the war Nazi Arabic radio repeated the charge that World War II was a Jewish war whose purpose in the region was to establish a Jewish State in Palestine that would expand into and dominate the entire Muslim and Arab world. Moreover the broadcasts asserted that the Jews in the mid twentieth century were were attempting to destroy Islam just as their ancestors had been attempting to do for thirteen centuries…An Axis victory would prevent the formation of a Jewish state in Palestine”.

The same way Nazi propaganda exploited hundreds of years of Christian anti-Semitism and anti-Semitic canards to create it’s venomous propaganda, so Nazi propaganda in the Arab world did the same with the anti-Semitism inherent in Islamic thought. This dissemination was to be a moulding force in the ideas of both anti-Zionist Arab nationalism and Islamist radicalism to this very day, and can be echoed in the propaganda of Islamists today such as Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, the Khamenei-Ahmadinejad Islamist regime in Iran and a plethora of Islamic media.
*In other words, the Nazis aided “Islamo-fascism”.


Nazi Palestine: The Plans for the Extermination of the Jews in Palestine [Paperback]
Klaus-Michael Mallmann (Author), Martin Cuppers (Author), Krista Smith (Translator)

little known fact: “Over 2,500 Tunisian Jews were to die in the camps set up by the Nazis and their collaborators.” This puts Rommel and the Italian Army in a true light; of being Hitler’s helpers in the planned genocide.



From 1943, Bosnian Muslim leader Izetbegovic was the head organizer of a recruiting drive for the infamous, all Muslim, Waffen SS 20,000-strong Handzar or Hanjar Division.

on Jasenovac, Croatian Death camp.

Ante Pavelic (1889-1959), the President or Poglavnik of the NDH, enunciated the policy of ethnic cleansing when he gave a speech on August 14, 1941, in Vukovar in Srem:

This is now the Ustashi and Independent State of Croatia, it must be cleansed of Serbs and Jews. There is no room for any of them here. Not a stone upon a stone will remain of what once belonged to them.



This accounted for almost all the Jews in Serbia. Of the Serbian Jewish population of estimated 16,000, the Nazis murdered approximately 14,500. Only small number of the survivors was able to escape persecution either by moving to other occupying zones, or by being POWs, or by joining Partisans, or by being hidden by Serbian friends. The Belgrade Jewish population practically perished, and SS-Gruppenfuehrer Har[a]ld Turner could proudly declare in August 1942 Belgrade as a “Judenrein / Judenfrei Stadt” (German).

my comment: Some of the Nazi camps were considered to be located in the NDH, rather than Serbia of today, so you have to look closely at any information. Approximately 65,000 Jews of Yugoslavia perished under the Nazis. There was some collaboration from Dr Nedic, of Serbia, and others. The Jews who survived were often in the Italian protected zone. The Italian gov’t. did not support Hitler’s Holocaust plans; although there were some Jews imprisoned in Tunis, under Rommel’s mixed German-Italian military rule.



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  1. paolosilv Says:

    Waldheim, Kurt:

    Was he involved?

    Army Group E was commanded by General Alexander Löhr, the butcher of the Balkans, who was tried, convicted of war crimes and executed by Yugoslavia in 1947. Waldheim worked as a liaison officer cum interpreter to Italian army units stationed in the Balkans.

    His initials are to be seen on reports about mass deportations of Jews from Greece to death camps, the bloody suppression of partisans, the use of Italian troops as forced labour after Italy’s surrender and the “special treatment” (summary execution) ordered for captured British commandos. Even if Waldheim had initialled the reports without reading them, his pretence that he never knew was fatuous.

    But no evidence was found that Waldheim had taken any personal or active part in any war crime, despite massive searches in the archives of half a dozen countries. Both the Ministry of Defence in London and Simon Wiesenthal, the implacable Austrian-Jewish Nazi hunter, confirmed there was no evidence that Waldheim had committed war crimes.

  2. paolosilv Says:

    Asner, M.

    Everywhere I looked Asner’s name kept cropping up in connection with the Holocaust. I was shocked when I found out that he was alive and living in Croatia.”

  3. paolosilv Says:


    Slavenka Drakulic on the Croatian rise in Nationalism.

  4. paolosilv Says:

    More on Waldheim:

    From April 1943, he belonged to the Army Group E, whose officer staff was quartered in Salonika in northern Greece. As an officer in the staff of General Alexander Löhr in Salonika, he must have had knowledge of the deportation of approximately 40,000 Jews to the concentration camps at Auschwitz and Treblinka. Likewise, he would have known about the transports of Italian prisoners to the German Reich, at a time when there was no state of war between Germany and Italy.

    As a staff officer in western Bosnia, Waldheim would have had knowledge of the massacres committed there of Yugoslav partisans, as well as of the destruction of numerous villages. Waldheim was familiar with the tactical, strategic and administrative orders and was responsible for producing situation reports for the army staff.

    Waldheim was member of the mounted staff of the Nazis’ Storm Troops (Sturm Abteilung, SA) as well as belonging to the National Socialist German Student Federation (NSDStB). In 1944, during the war, Waldheim completed his law studies and attained a doctorate in jurisprudence. From the spring of 1945 to the end of the war, he was stationed in Trieste.

  5. paolosilv Says:

    Waldheim, by Robert Fisk:

    Waldheim – how his friends would prefer that they didn’t read these words this morning – was based at a town called Banja Luka, a market town where Serbs and Jews and communist Croatians were murdered en masse, hanged like thrushes from mass gallows or raped to death in the nearby Jasenovac extermination camp. Waldheim would have us believe that he knew nothing of all this, that he was a mere intelligence officer for Army Group E of the Wehrmacht, whose commander, Löhr, just happened to be tried for war crimes after the Second World War.


    recall finding the German interrogation papers of a young Briton who had been caught trying to escape from Yugoslavia during the war. They lay in the files of the Public Record Office at Kew (now known as the National Archives) and they were pitiful proof of what the Nazis could do. Yes, he admitted he was a British agent, yes he was wearing British uniform, and yes – there it was, in all its symmetry, the “W” – he was interviewed by Waldheim. And then he was taken away and executed, and Waldheim – whose colleagues (no secretary generals, they) had saved the lives of British prisoners – didn’t give a fig about their souls.

    General Löhr, I should add – Waldheim’s superior officer in Yugoslavia – was hanged as a war criminal.

  6. paolosilv Says:

    The German military wartime document, titled ”Activities Report: July 1 to Sept. 15, 1944,” says that at the end of July 1944, there was ”deportation of all Jews of non-Turkish citizenship in the entire territory under command on instruction of the High Command of Army Group E.”


  7. paolosilv Says:


    As late as February 1986 Waldheim denied being in Nazi organizations or of having served in Greece or Yugoslavia. (117)

    Waldheim’s military career began in 1936 when he signed up for one year with the 1st Dragoon Regiment in Stockerau. This regiment was stocked with scions of ancient noble households and other well-connected young men. (25) At Stockerau Waldheim decided to be a diplomat, a career where aristocratic pedigree was paramount. In 1938 he was drafted. He trained as a commando near Berlin until October when he joined the 11th Cavalry Regiment in recently annexed Sudetenland. A month later he was back in Vienna, active in the SA. In 1939 he was transferred to the 45th Infantry Division with whom he occupied France, 1940-41. After a stint back home he rejoined the 45th as a lieutenant. The 45th was part of Army Group Center whose goal was capturing Moscow. Here Waldheim first witnessed “cleansing operations” – razing villages, machine gunning suspects, deporting women and children to slave camps. For bravery in the battle of Brest-Litovsk he was awarded the Iron Cross and promoted to commanding a cavalry squadron. (26) His commander, General von Pannwitz, repeatedly praised him. (Von Pannwitz was hung as a war criminal.) Waldheim also received Assault Cavalry and Eastern Front medals. On December 14, 1941 he was wounded in his right thigh and shipped to an Austrian hospital. (27) On March 6, 1942 he rejoined the 1st Dragoon who transferred him to Yugoslavia to be a staff officer in the 12th Army’s Bader Combat Group. (28)

    Waldheim thus entered another atrocity-ridden theatre of war. In 1942 the multi-national Axis army enacted a system of reprisals for acts of resistance including punitive executions of suspects. SS units randomly lynched Serbs from Belgrade street-posts to meet quota. Worse atrocities were committed by the Axis puppet state of Croatia – a front for the genocidal Ustasha movement. (29) On March 19, 1942, after a spike in resistance, the German 12th Army decreed:
    “The most minor case of rebellion, resistance or concealment of arms must be treated immediately by the strongest deterrent methods… It is better to liquidate 50 suspects than have one soldier killed.” (30)

    These standards were mild. In Bosnia, where Waldheim was, ratios were: “100 Serbs to be executed for every German killed, 50 Serbs for every German wounded.” (31)

    After a 2 month operation, ending May 23, 1942, Bader Combat Group declared victory over the Bosnian resistance. Waldheim was cited for valour. (32) On May 29 he joined General von Stahl’s 72,000-troop Battle Group West Bosnia on the Kozara plateau along the Montenegro border; an area of rail lines and mines where partisans had driven out Croatian forces. Stahl ringed the plateau with barbed wire, then moved in. This operation ended in late August after 71 of Stahl’s men had been killed; 4,735 insurgents/suspects were executed and 70,000 civilians were shipped to camps. Rape and robbery were rampant. Waldheim, as intelligence officer, kept casualty statistics and arranged for trucks and trains to transport detainees. His name appears on a fine paper commemorative “list of honour” Wehrmacht document for distinguished service in Kozara. The Croatians awarded him a silver Crown of King Zvonimir medal “for courage in the battle against the rebels in West Bosnia.” (33)

    On August 31, 1942 Waldheim re-joined 12th Army HQ in a town overlooking the Greek port city, Salonika. (34) Salonika’s pre-war Jewish population was 65,000; one third of the city. On July 11, 1942 several thousand Jewish men were corralled into the city square and forced to perform difficult yoga positions under the hot sun while German soldiers hooted, clapped and took photographs. Elderly Jews died on the spot. The photos circulated widely in the Axis press including in a Croatian newspaper popular where Waldheim was then stationed. Real estate and personal belongings of all Greek Jews were sold and the proceeds transferred to German authorities. 70,000 Greek Jews were deported; most to Auschwitz. Salonika’s Jews went to Auschwitz or to camps near malaria-infested swamps.

    The last trainloads were leaving Salonika as Waldheim arrived. (35) Deporting Jews was a labour intensive operation, much discussed by the soldiers, and unavoidable to an intelligence officer like Waldheim who later pled ignorance.

    Returning to duty, March 1943, Waldheim was assigned to Group E HQ under General Loehr. In May 1943 Group E launched “Operation Schwarz” led by SS General Phleps. Waldheim was Phleps’ staff officer. “Schwarz” wiped out entire villages, killing 16,000 in a month, mostly in blind reprisals. (37) After “Schwarz” Waldheim became liaison officer to General Vecchiarelli’s 11th Italian Army in Athens. Waldheim was entrusted with intel on all operations and empowered to make executive decisions. (38) The Italians did little fighting but lots of pilfering of fountain pens, medicines and even weapons which they sold to partisan guerrillas. On July 26, 1943 Lohr flew in for an emergency meeting with Vecchiarelli. The Fascist Grand Council in Rome had overthrown Mussolini. King Victor Emmanuel III had ordered Mussolini’s arrest. This was problematic for the Wehrmacht, particularly in Athens where Italians outnumbered Germans 10 to 1. Tensions already existed between Vecchiarelli and German generals fighting partisans in eastern Greece who wanted to detain all men in the area. Vecchiarelli would not sign-off on this.

    Waldheim’s office studied the situation and on August 7 recommended summary executions of partisans and deportation of male civilians to labour camps.

    On August 20 Waldheim received orders okaying these recommendations and he quickly passed them on. (39) (On August 15 Waldheim processed a communiqué designating the “Jewish committee of Ioannina” a resistance centre. While he adhered to protocol and placed a copy in his files and sent another to HQ, he deviated from protocol by making no reference in the staff war diary. This communiqué would have been followed by the extermination of Ioannina Jews. ) So he may have saved some Jews.

    Treating this information differently is evidence of awareness of special ops regarding Jews. Little else directly connects Waldheim to the Jewish Holocaust which was the job of the SS, not regular Army.)

    On board the (Italians) were disarmed. The trains went to concentration camps. One-hundred and fifty-eight thousand Italian soldiers were sent from Greece to camps. After one rebellion 4,000 Italians were shot. (41)

    By December 1943 Waldheim was “O3” for the 300,000-troop Army Group E. O3s were in charge of office staff, maps and files. O3s were the Army’s best informed men. They reviewed intelligence operations and informed higher and adjacent formations about enemy intelligence through daily reports and special briefings. They read reports, initialled them and made recommendations. A December 19, 1943 document bearing Waldheim’s “W” recounts how Germans burned down a monastery and shot 13 monks; levelled a village and shot 82 inhabitants (half under the age of 15); then entered the town of Sparta, rounded up 128 civilians, including Sparta’s teachers, and placed them before a firing squad. (42) On August 9, 1944 Waldheim assessed positively “Operation Viper” which consisted of wiping out villages in accordance with detailed plans prepared by his office. Waldheim’s August 11th evening report targeted southern Crete. On August 13 two villages in south Crete were destroyed, 20 hostages executed. On August 15 he detailed how the 22nd Mountain Division “mopped up” entire villages yet encountered no armed enemies. Twelve German officers were convicted of war crimes for involvement in “Viper.” (43)

    On October 12 as Army Group E withdrew westward, Waldheim reported a worrying presence of partisan activity near villages along their escape route. On October 13 Waldheim flew over the area pinpointing three villages. On October 14 German soldiers burned these villages and executed 114 inhabitants. The Captain in charge was later tried and hung. At trial he said he was merely following Hitler’s orders as recommended and elaborated by Oberleutnant Waldheim. The operation to protect the escape route resulted in 739 suspects being executed. Sixty-three weapons were recovered; 13 were modern. Even the reconnaissance officer of this operation was hung as a war criminal. (44)

    On May 7, 1945 Yugoslav partisans met General Loehr in Zagreb to negotiate the Germans’ surrender. Waldheim was present. Loehr surrendered, then immediately broke his word when Group E bolted to British-American territory where he surrendered again. He was shipped back to the Yugoslavs. They hung him. (45)

    Yugoslavian authorities accused Waldheim of involvement in razing 13 villages and in massacres in several more. (46) They charged him with “murders and massacres, executions of hostages, destruction of goods by fire.” Regarding these atrocities, Yugoslav investigators contended: “Orders were planned in detail with the cooperation of the [intelligence] unit at the army corps headquarters, and in particular with the collaboration of Lieutenant Waldheim.” They relied on numerous direct witnesses including three officers from General Loehr’s staff who confirmed Waldheim’s job was “to offer suggestions for reprisals, the fate of prisoners of war and imprisoned civilians.” (47) The Yugoslavs possessed 244 German military documents connecting Waldheim to war crimes. (48) In December 1947 Waldheim’s file was handed to the London-based UN War Crimes Commission by the Yugoslav legation.

    (49) The British-chaired UN Commission typically rejected 75% of Yugoslav prosecution requests. Waldheim’s case, however, was processed quickly and approved. On February 19, 1948 the UN Commission recommended Waldheim’s prosecution for “putting hostages to death and murder.”

    Ten British and US veterans recall seeing Waldheim inside POW camps including one who remembers the “swine Waldheim” overseeing the tossing of executed British soldier’s corpses from the back of a truck “as if they were unloading sacks of manure.” (50) The US National Archive has 19 intelligence reports signed by Waldheim detailing interrogations. In 1987 the US Justice Department declared Waldheim and his wife dangerous agents and banned them from ever entering the US. (51)

    Waldheim spent the summer of 1945 in an American POW camp where: “the deal was struck which allowed the young Oberleutnant to begin a new life. In exchange for information (and he had plenty to offer!), he was authorized to return to Vienna and act as though nothing had happened since 1942.” (52)Waldheim gained certificates from the Socialist Party and People’s Party stating he was anti-Nazi. A government inquiry into his past ended in November 1945 when he was hired by the Austrian Department of Foreign Affairs. The UN War Crimes’ prosecution order reads “whereabouts unknown” but the Yugoslavs, Brits and Americans knew where he worked. (53) To intelligence agencies, east and west, Waldheim’s past was an open secret. Each hoped to use this information to influence him. According to one scholar:

    “Throughout the postwar period, including his tenure as UN Secretary-General, Waldheim was a US intelligence asset who expected to be – and always was – protected by his friends in the American intelligence community.” (54)

    The Soviets also exploited their knowledge of Waldheim’s past. When Waldheim ran the Austrian diplomatic corps in Czechoslovakia, he dismayed many by slamming the door on refugee claimants during the Soviet invasion following Prague Spring (1968). (55)

  8. paul Says:

    Through an underground railroad of sympathetic priests, known as the “ratline,” the Ustashas could move from Trieste, to Rome, to Genoa, and on to neutral countries–primarily Argentina–where they could live out their days unpunished and unnoticed. Along the ratline, virtually the entire Ustasha leadership went free. ”

  9. paolo Says:

    Shocking video of Ustashe

  10. paolosilv Says:

    ‘Hitler’s holocaust plan for Jews in Palestine stopped by Desert Rats’

    By Allan Hall in Berlin

    Friday, 14 April 2006

    Adolf Hitler made plans to conduct a holocaust of Jews living in Palestine during the Second World War, according to German historians who have examined government archives for a new book that examines the extension of the extermination programme outside of Europe and Russia.

    It was the victory of the famed Desert Rats of Britain’s Eighth Army at El Alamein under the leadership of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery that saved the Jews in Palestine from annihilation. The turning point in the desert war signalled a reprieve from a planned German invasion of what was then the British Mandate of Palestine.

    If Arabs had joined Nazis in genocide, the map of the Middle East could be totally different to present day and the historians speculate whether the state of Israel would ever have been founded if such an unholy alliance had been achieved.

    The Nazis stationed a unit of SS troops in Athens, tasked with following invading frontline troops in Palestine and then rounding up and murdering about 500,000 European Jews who had taken refuge there, according to historians at the University of Stuttgart.

    But the unit, answerable to the Afrika Corps under Field Marshal Erwin “The Desert Fox” Rommel, never deployed.

    It was designed to function like the Einsatzgruppen or “action squads” of the SS that followed the German army into Russia, shooting close to a million Jews and political enemies before the static killing centres such as Treblinka and Auschwitz were established in Poland.

    Klaus-Michael Mallmann of the University’s Ludwigsburg research team and his assistant Martin Cüppers said they had spent three years studying German wartime archives, including those at the foreign office in Berlin which had hitherto remained sealed.

    “The Allied defeat of Rommel at the end of 1942 had prevented the extension of the Holocaust to Palestine,” they said. If Rommel had beaten the Allies in the desert and invaded Egypt, a push into Palestine would have followed and the unit would have deployed there.

    The researchers, whose findings appear in a new book entitled Germans, Jews, Genocide: The Holocaust as history and the present, said the Athens unit would follow the blueprint drawn by Nazi units that hunted for Jews in eastern Europe, massacring them on the spot or shipping them off to death camps. In Palestine, they say, it would have been more of the former than the latter due to the greater distances involved.

    Mr Mallmann and Mr Cüppers said the Nazis had planned to exploit Arab friendship for their plans.

    “The most important collaborator with the Nazis and an absolute Arab anti-Semite was Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem,” they say in the book. He was a prime example of how Arabs and Nazis became friends out of a hatred of Jews.

    Al-Husseini had met Adolf Eichmann, Adolf Hitler’s chief architect of the Holocaust, several times to settle details of the slaughter. In the academic work they draw on documents from the Reich Main Security Office showing “Einsatzgruppe Egypt” was standing by in Athens and was ready to disembark for Palestine in the summer of 1942.

    The Middle East death squad was to be led by the SS Obersturmbannführer Walther Rauff.

    Rauff was involved in the development of “gassing vans”: mobile gas chambers used to fatally poison Jews, persons with disabilities, and communists, who were considered by the SS as enemies of the German state.

    After escaping from an American internment camp in Italy after capture, he hid in a number of Italian convents, apparently under the protection of Bishop Alois Hudel, the notorious German cleric at the Vatican credited with providing fake papers for high-ranking Nazis to escape to South America.

    Franz Stangl, commandant of Treblinka, where a *million people were murdered, was among his “clients.” In 1948 he was recruited by Syrian intelligence and went to Damascus, only to fall out of favour after a coup there a year later. He settled in Chile, where he fought off extradition proceedings to stand trial in Germany and died peacefully in 1984. He hinted at plans to kill the Jews in Palestine in an interview in 1979, in which he was unrepentant about his wartime “service to my Fatherland”.

    *Historians now say over 800,000 died at Treblinka death camp.

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  13. jlue Says:

    Will you please tell me what you think of this web-site? I have been reading more about Israel since the uprising in Egypt and found this site.


    It appears to be an accurate and reliable site to me. Do you agree?


    • paolosilv Says:

      Hi, it does appear to be reliable to me but I am not an expert on Israel or Zionism. I’ve tried to just focus on the Holocaust because of the Holocaust deniers out there.
      best, Paolo

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