more evidence of the Holocaust

Holocaust denial is ludicrous: it ignores the fact that British Intelligence was decoding the German Enigma messages. The British decoded these messages via Ultra. Hence they had info. about the Holocaust during the War, although they lost the ability through much of 1942 as the Nazis changed their Enigma settings. The British did intercept a message about the “Hoefle telegram” and the progress of the Holocaust, but the message was not understood and filed away.

RIP Holocaust Denial

Dr Bernhard Frank, one of Himmler’s 12 closest associates, still alive. His signature appears on Himmler’s first order of the Holocaust. He was one of Himmler’s twelve closest SS associates. He is now the subject of a lawsuit brought against him in Washington DC.

SS Col Bernhard Frank (b. 1913. ),7340,L-3995490,00.html. The following charges are “alleged”:

When the relationship between the two grew stronger, Gould confronted Frank with the extermination orders he had signed. After short hesitation, Frank admitted the signature on the documents was, in fact, his, but claimed he had only approved the linguistic content.

“He defended himself, saying the order was necessary, because Jews in those areas were involved in guerilla warfare against Germans,” said Gould in an exclusive Yedioth Ahronoth interview. “In retrospect, we are talking about the first act of genocide by the SS. It was before the trains began making their way to extermination camps. It was also the first actual mass murder test run. The command wanted to see if SS soldiers would murder Jewish citizens, including women, children and elders. Frank was responsible for wording the orders in such a way that the troops on location, especially those who had undergone ideological training, could understand what do to. It was written in the spirit of Reinhard Heydrich (a high-ranking SS official, the first to be in charge of the ‘Final Solution’ operation).”

A rifle by his side

“Frank justified the orders, claiming they were given during the war, when there were a lot of partisan Jews, outlaws and robbers,” added Gould. “When asked if the women and children murdered were also partisans and robbers, he shrugged his shoulders and didn’t respond. I caught him lying a lot during the interviews. He admitted to some of the lies. Eventually he let me do anything I wanted with the materials. A rifle was by his side during many interviews, so he could have shot me if he wanted to. When I confronted him I feared what he might do to me or to himself. But my impression was that Frank wished to receive recognition for all the things he had done while serving in the SS. He hid it for so many decades. He was very proud of his actions and the fact that I was able to expose what he had done made him appreciate me. He gave me all the material which could convict him, including private journals, love letters and other documents he had written.”

Gould arrived at Frank’s house in Frankfurt last weekend to personally deliver the lawsuit against him. Frank’s spouse attacked Gould and he needed to get medical attention at a nearby hospital.


“Von Schnitzler”.
source: “The empire of I.G. Farben”
antifascist encyclopaedia
The 1945 interrogation of I.G. Farben director von Schnitzler reads:

Q. What did you do when they told you that I.G. chemicals was [sic] being used to kill, to murder people held in concentration camps?
A. I was horrified.
Q. Did you do anything about it?
A. I kept it for me [to myself] because it was too terrible …. I asked Muller-Cunradi is it known to you and Ambros and other directors in Auschwitz that the gases and chemicals are being used to murder people.
Q. What did he say?
A. Yes: it is known to all I.G. directors in Auschwitz.7

At the trial Dr. Baumkötter was asked what his duties were at the trial:

The Prosecutor: “What position did you have at Sachsenhausen?”

Baumkötter: “I had to personally attend or to send a subordinate to the executions, to punishments, to shootings, hangings or gassings… to make the list of sick detainees and of those unfit for work, who were to be transferred to other camps and, lastly, I had to make experiments in accordance with the orders received.”

The Prosecutor: “How many detainees were sent for extermination in other camps on your orders?”
Baumkötter: (after meditating for a long time): “About 8,000 detainees were sent off on the basis of the lists I made.”
Dr Baumkotter, Sachsenhausen Trial.
Link to German Foreign Ministry and Holocaust.

more evidence: In one telephone conversation Heinrich Himmler informed Martin Bormann about the Jews already exterminated in Poland, to which Bormann screamed: “They were not exterminated, only evacuated, evacuated, evacuated!”
source: The Holocaust in Poland, wiki

Inland church representatives condemned the killing of innocent life (Catholic Pastoral, August 19) for age, disease and race reasons.(Confessing Church, October 16).[7] speech

Himmler gave 2 speeches in which he did mention the Holocaust. The speeches were recorded and transcribed and leave NO DOUBT that he was discussing the details of the Holocaust. They occurred in 1943.
This connection became clear in five further speeches made between December 1943 and June 1944 to commanders of the Wehrmacht.[5]

Himmler speech at Sonthofen May 24 1944 makes it clear the Nazis want all Jews wiped out.

Today, of course, it is no longer a matter of dispute that Hitler represented the view of the vast majority of Germans, of the Volksgemeinschaft, at least until 1941 — that Germans saw themselves in their “Führer”, according to Dr. Thamer, who teaches history at Münster University, says “our picture of German society grows bleaker and bleaker,” in reference to the current state of research.­s/worldnews/europe/germany/697­3460/Recording-of-Nazi-officers-who-found-Hitlers-body-relea­sed.html

Timothy Snyder of Yale University
Bloodlands, Europe between Hitler and StalinThe Western allies did little to stop the Holocaust. Few wanted reminding that the only government that took direct action to help the Jews was the Polish one. [And the Danish one].­/18/world/europe/18holocaust.h­tml
women in holocaust­tive/2010/11/14/us/14documents­.html­/2010/11/15/world/main7055471.­shtml
Report on nazis­15/secondworldwar-international-criminal-justice Second Book:_The_Unpublished_Sequel_to_Mein_Kampf

Alfred Rosenberg memo of his meeting with Hitler on 14 Dec 1941:

I remarked on the Jewish question that the comments about the New York Jews must perhaps be changed somewhat after the conclusion (of matters in the East). I took the standpoint, not to speak of the extermination [[i]Ausrottung] of the Jews. The Fuehrer affirmed this and said that they had burdened the war upon us and that they had brought the destruction; it is no wonder if the results would strike them first.­iewtopic.php?f=6&t=105317&star­t=105
Info on Himmler and decision in summer 1941 to begin the Holocaust in newly captured Baltic states.
more Nazis who lived on well after the war:
Heinz Lammerding (b. 27 August 1905, Dortmund, Germany — d. 13 January 1971, Düsseldorf, Germany) was a Brigadeführer (Major General) in the Waffen-SS and a commander of 2. SS-Division Das Reich.

In 1953, he was tried for war crimes for the massacre of Tulle and Oradour-sur-Glane and sentenced to death in absentia by the court of Bordeaux, but he wasn’t extradited by West Germany[1]. He resumed his career as a civil engineer in Düsseldorf until his retirement and died of cancer at the age of sixty-six in 1971.

source: BBC, this day in history, Jan 27, 1945. Liberation of Auschwitz.
“They also found seven tons of women’s hair, human teeth, from which gold fillings had been extracted and tens of thousands of children’s outfits. ”

“Dachau Gas chambers” on Axishistory, and it shows that only Dr Blaha and British Agent Best claimed that the gas chamber there was used. To this day, the Dachau official camp website doesn’t stake a claim that it was used.

“Some of the firms that had no compunction about the use of slave labor in 1944 did not want to be caught by Allied armies with this work force on company premises.” Hilberg, p. 1002. Germany has until recently been remiss in paying those former slave laborers.
Excellent site on fight against Holocaust denial, ie revisionism.
Also see: Nolte, Ernst, German historian who tries to use some Revisionist material, and the argument of German historians

The Quandt family supported Nazis.
Dr Lolling and Dr Wagner are the ones accused of collecting Tattoos at Buchenwald.
Study proves: many knew.

I looked at Lucy Dawidowicz’s figures of the Holocaust, and some of them definitely are less than what Historians now are saying. At least two point one million Jews died in the Soviet Union, Plus at least 270,000 in the 3 Baltic States. Father Desbois asserts that 1.5 million Jews died in Ukraine alone.
The photos that can be seen, for instance, at of the Catholic Bishops giving the collective Nazi salute. The annual April 20th celebration, declared by Pope Pius XII, of Hitler’s birthday. The belt buckles of the German army, which declared “Gott Mit Uns” (“God is with us”). The pictures of the 1933 investiture of Bishop Ludwig Mueller, the official Bishop of the 1000-Years-Of-Peace Nazi Reich. – he merged church and state. [However, it was illegal Not to give the salute.]

Article 1 of the “Decree concerning the Constitution of the German Protestant Church, of 14 July 1933,” signed by Adolf Hitler himself, merged the German Protestant Church into the Reich, and gave the Reich the legal authority to ordain priests.

Article Three provides absolute assurance to the new state church that the Reich will fund it, even if that requires going to Hitler’s cabinet. It opens: “Should the competent agencies of a State Church refuse to include assessments of the German Protestant Church in their budget, the appropriate State Government will cause the expenditures to be included in the budget upon request of the Reich Cabinet.”

That new state-sponsored German church’s constitution opens: “At a time in which our German people are experiencing a great historical new era through the grace of God,” the new German state church “federates into a solemn league all denominations that stem from the Reformation and stand equally legitimately side by side, and thereby bears witness to: ‘One Body and One Spirit, One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One God and Father of All of Us, who is Above All, and Through All, and In All.'”

Section Four, Article Five of he new constitution further established a head for the new German state-church with the title of Reich Bishop. Hitler quickly filled the job with a Lutheran pastor, Ludwig Mueller, who held the position until he committed suicide at the end of the war.­world/news/netherlands-seeking­-extradition-of-former-nazi-wa­nted-for-killing-jews-1.326870
90 year old Nazi.­a/2005/aug/24/secondworldwar.b­roadcasting
Historian Ian Kershaw wrung a few admissions of guilt by Nazis; great read.

Ingrid Pitt,survivor of Stutthof Concentration Camp, has died. Beautiful actress played in British films.

On November 1 1943 the Allies issued the Moscow Declaration, which followed almost exactly the wording of Churchill’s proposal. The Allies would pursue ‘the ranks of the guilty to the uttermost ends of the earth’ and would deliver them to their accusers ‘in order that justice may be done’.

Russia admits Stalin ordered Katyn massacre of Poles:
A person points at a name written at the Monument dedicated to Polish officers murdered in the 1940 Soviet-era … .by Dmitry Zaks — Fri Nov 26, 2o10
MOSCOW (AFP) — Russia’s parliament on Friday declared Stalin responsible for ordering the Katyn massacre of Polish officers in World War II, a crime Moscow spent decades blaming on the Nazis to the fury of Poland.

Files show US intelligence officials made efforts to protect Mykola Lebed, Ukrainian Nazi collaborator, in order to get information.­0/12/04/ns-opfer-der-reichsbah­n-mit-klage-erfolgreich/

Reichsbahn, Germany.
Eichmann in his own words on the Holocaust

Benno Muller-Hill: The blood from Auschwitz and the silence of the scholars. In: History of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society in National Socialism. Ed Doris Kaufmann, Wallenstein Verlag, p. 190­ideastdispatches/archives/0000­24.html
Eyewitness to Auschwitz Birkenau

Katz uses his own interviews with German occupiers, Italian partisans and Vatican officials, plus new documents from the Vatican and Italian archives, and — most dramatically — American wartime intelligence intercepts of radio messages between Berlin and Rome, declassified by the CIA over the past three years. These decoded intercepts are startling. They reveal that Washington and London had advance notice of the planned roundup and removal of the Roman Jews. This information, had it not been suppressed at the time, might have been used to rescue the captives. The documents also provide* an indisputable paper trail linking Adolf Hitler directly to this act of genocide. The führer personally confirmed the overruling and reprimanding of the German consul who protested against the plan to have the Jews of Rome seized, deported and “liquidated.”
====­ab concentration camp
Italian camp off of Croatia in which Yugoslavs perished, but most of the Jews were saved with help from some Italian Military officials.­/2010/10/13/german-army-chief-­honors-holocaust-victims-in-is­rael/

Italian police chief honored for saving Jews during the Holocaust; he died at Dachau.

More on Karl Wolff, responsible for deportation of thousands of Italian Jews.­­iewtopic.php?f=38&t=34662&sta­r­t=15

Wolff 4 years in labor camp; released August of 1949. [He was given leniency, probably because he helped surrender Italy to the Allies].
In May of 1961, Wolff gave a German magazine an essay written by himself
about Himmler. This drew attention to Wolff, arrested in 1962. He was sentenced in Sept 1964 to 15 years’ imprisonment for the direct deportation of 300,000 Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto to Treblinka, the deportation of Italian Jews to Auschwitz, and the massacre of Partisans in Belarus.
Wolff lost 10 years of his civil rights but eventually he was granted all civil privileges in 1971 when he was released early from prison. Died 1984.

Wolff was also the reason that other war criminals among his close circle were shipped to North Africa and quietly released. The Americans agreed to this when Wolff convinced the German high command to hand Austria and some other territories over to the western allies instead of the Communist Soviet Union. When the time for the war crime trials came in early 1946, Wolff was allowed to appear as a witness and was allowed to wear his badges of rank – epaulettes. Wolff was given leniency for his assistance in turning Italy over to the Allied Armies.

The article claims Mussolini and the Pope protected Italy’s Jews; that the deportations of the Jews did not occur until after Mussolini was overthrown. That may explain the Pope’s reticence to speak out more on the Holocaust. The Nazis deported the Italian Jews to Auschwitz Birkenau.
article explores US-Nazi German ties: it looks accurate.

From August 1942 to late 1944, the Nazi SS organized scores of shipments — of currency, jewelry and gold teeth — from death camps to the Reichsbank in Berlin, the journalist Ladislas Farago wrote in his 1974 book, ”Aftermath: Martin Bormann and the Fourth Reich” (Simon & Schuster). At one point, he wrote, some 30 clerks were needed to sort and repackage the valuables.­rich Wasicky
Nazi who used gas at Mauthausen-Gusen, pharmacist. Add to “Nazi doctors.”

Hans Frank, the Governor General of occupied Poland, addressed a cabinet session in the government building at Krakow on 16 December 1941 and advocated the following solution of the Jewish problem:

“Gentlemen, I must ask you to rid yourself of all feeling of pity. We must annihilate the Jews, wherever we find them and wherever it is possible, in order to maintain there the structure of the Reich as a whole.”

The same Hans Frank summarized in his diary of 1944 the Nazi policy as follows: “The Jews are a race which has to be eliminated. Wherever we catch one it is his end.” (thanks to Oxonboy)

More on Dr Reiter

Lobe, Karlis (d. 1985, Sweden)
Latvian killer of Jews who went free­ope/8381413.stm
Nazi Wagner lived in Brazil, killed himself 1980

But all that was to end when Gustav Wagner’s idyllic retirement in Sao Paolo was shattered on May 30, 1978. Simon Wiesenthal, the famous Nazi hunter found out he was living in the town, along with at least 1500 other Nazi killers. Every year, the Alter Kameraden – Old Comrades – notoriously met to celebrate Hitler’s birthday in a village tavern near Sao Paolo, although Wagner did not attend. Recklessly, the old Nazis photographed each other.

Chief Heinrich Muller, the head of the Gestapo. The above article claims he went to Brazil. It’s inconclusive if he really did go there.

Immediately after the war, the Swiss government had allowed rich Nazis paying 200,000 Swiss Francs each to fly on a regular scheduled flight scheduled to Brazil, and no questions were asked at either end.
For a higher fee, Swiss bankers discreetly transferred vast sums of money from Zurich to Brazilian banks.


Rudolf Lange, commander of Einsatzkommando 2 in Latvia, wrote that his orders were “a radical solution of the Jewish problem through the execution of all Jews”.[5] SS-Sturmbannführer Lange was invited for his experience in executing German Jews in Latvia. Heydrich’s right-hand man Eichmann was to take the minutes.[12]

Natzweiler , the Waffen SS left behind a rare document in which, contrary to the coded terminology generally employed by the Nazis, specific mention was made of “the construction of a gas chamber at Struthof.”

source:, wikipedia

**Hitler Bans Public Reference to the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question” July 11, 1943

This puts the lie to the notion that he didn’t know.
book: Primo Levi, Survival at Auschwitz, imp’t. book. Also known as “If this is a man”.

Edwin Black, great author.

History of Euthanasia, German.­iewtopic.php?t=63325
Contains a section from Nuremberg trial on Hans Kammler! also, info on the Doctors’ trials


recent study by Michael Mann

which presents a collective profile of some 1,500 Nazi killers from a variety of groups (“euthanasia” doctors and concentration camp personnel as well as members of the police and the Einsatzgruppen), (98) supplemented by other more specifically Gestapo-oriented sources, provides a useful measuring standard for the conclusions that follow.

Gestapo man Seetzen. Gestapo were informed of the “Final Solution” by Eichmann. Also took part in ‘killings in the East.’­2010/09/23/imams-brief-congres­sman-on-trip-to-concentration-­camps-to-battle-anti-semitism/­?hpt=C2&utm_source=CJN+Update&­utm_campaign=7116d72a3b-Newsle­tter_10_01_2010&utm_medium=ema­il­/apps/s/content.asp?c=lsKWLbPJ­LnF&b=4442915&ct=8803913
Hungarian Nazi era killer

Fredrik Jensen (born 25 March 1921) was a decorated Norwegian soldier in the German Waffen SS during World War II. He was born in Oslo, Norway.
Living in Spain, apparently, acc. to Wiki­/06/08/berga.recognition/index­.html

It marked the first time in history the U.S. Army recognized 350 soldiers held as slaves inside Nazi Germany. The men were beaten, starved and forced to work in tunnels at Berga an der Elster where the Nazi government had a hidden V-2 rocket factory. Berga was a subcamp of the notorious concentration camp Buchenwald.

1945 Aug 8, The Soviet Union declared war against Japan. 1.5 million Soviet troops launched a massive surprise attack (August Storm) against Japanese occupation forces in northern China and Korea. Within days, Tokyo’s million-man army in the region had collapsed in one of the greatest military defeats in history. (SFC, 9/9/96, p.A19)(AP, 8/8/97)(AP, 8/6/05) *This event has been largely ignored in the US, where attention is primarily given to the Atomic bomb as the key to victory.


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