More Nazis, III: Updated with new names; ratlines
SS members who testified that they witnessed the usage of the gas chambers
Many names of Nazis who escaped Justice.


Kurt Asch (Asche?) (* 11. Oktober 1909 in Hamburg; † 1998) Holocaust in Belgium. 7 years imprisonment in 1981, hence free for 8 or 9 years.

Ernst Achenbach (* April 9 1909 in Siegen , † December 2 1991 in Essen ) was a German lawyer and politician ( FDP ).

Dr August Heinrich Bender (* March 2nd 1909 in Kreuzau, † December 29th 2005 in Düren) was SS Major leaders and German camp doctor in the concentration camp Buchenwald.

Otto Barnewald (* January 10th 1896 in Leipzig, † March 14 1973 in Rheinhausen) was a German SS Major leaders and administrative leaders as head of site management of various concentration camps.freed 1954.

Emil Berndorff (* 1. Dezember 1892 in Berlin; † nach 1968)

Lothar Beutel (* 6. Mai 1902 in Leipzig; † 16. Mai 1986 in Berlin-Steglitz) was a German apothecary.

Dr Gerhard Bohne (* July 1st 1902 in Braunschweig ; † July 8 1981 )

Fritz Braune (* 18. Juli 1910 bei Mehrstedt; † nach 1973) Einsatzgruppen

Chief of the Archives of the Party; Divisional Head in the Reichsstudentenfuehrung.

Burmeister, Karl d. 1976

Herbert Eduard Ludwig Karl Hermann Ottomar Edler von Daniels (* 31. März 1895 in Arolsen[1] oder Gotha[2]; † 21. Dezember 1965 in Gütersloh) war ein deutscher Sport- und SS-Funktionär

Paul Dittel, (* January 14 1907 in Mittweida, † 1976?), was the National Socialist German Reich SS Lieutenant Colonel and head of the Office from 1943 VII (SD-abroad) of the Reich Security Main Office.

DORSCH, FRANZ Xaver d 1986
Ministerialdirektor in Reich Ministry for Armaments and War Production; Head of Field Command in Organization Todt.

Ernst Boje Ehlers (* 16. Oktober 1909 bei Pinneberg; † 4. Oktober 1980)

Staatssekretaer and head of Tourists Division in Reich Propaganda Ministry; Praesident of “Reich Group Tourist Traffic” (Fremdenverkehr); Vice-President of the Reichstag; State Minister (retd).

Reichsleiter; Chief of the Party Department for Municipal Policy; SS-Obergruppenfuehrer; Chairman of the Congress of German Municipalities; Oberbuergermeister Muenchen; Member of the Academy for German Law.

Head of Home Press Division in the Reich Propaganda Ministry; Head of office for “German Press” in the Press Department of the Government; Head of Political Press section with Reichspressechef (RL).

Head of Culture and Exhibitions sections in Reich Propaganda Department of RL.

Ulrich Fleischhauer (1876, Thamsbrück, now part of Bad Langensalza, Germany – 1960) was a leading antisemitic publisher of books and news articles reporting on an alleged Judeo-Masonic conspiracy theory and supposed “nefarious plots” by clandestine Jewish interests to dominate the world.

Despite these exertions, on 19 May 1935, the [Swiss] court declared The Protocols to be forgeries, plagiarisms, and obscene literature.

Gauleiter, Reichsstatthalter and Reichsverteidigungskommissar Danzig-Westpreussen.

Frank, Karl d 74

Karl Hass, (born October 5, 1912 in Elmschenhagen, now part of Kiel, † 21 April 2004 in Castel Gandolfo) was a convicted German war criminal.

HAENEL, ?? may be SS-Staf Josef Spacil
Head of Amt II, Reich Main Security Office; SS- Obersturmbannfuehrer.

Rudolf Hotzel (* 14. Mai 1909 in Vitzeroda; † 24. März 1981 in Bad Hersfeld) war Mitarbeiter im Reichssicherheitshauptamt (RSHA) und Führer eines Sonderkommandos der Einsatzgruppe B.

Heinz Hummitzsch (* 16. Februar 1910 in Herzberg (Elster); † August 1975

Head of SS Operational Main Office and Command of the Combat SS; Permanent Deputy to Himmler as Commander of the Replacement Army; SS-Obergruppenfuehrer; General d. Waffen- SS.

JUETTNER, MAX d 63. SA man, not necessarily guilty.
Chief of SA Command and Permanent Deputy of the Chief of Staff; Chief of Mounted SA; SA-Obergruppenfuehrer;

Karl Kaufmann (* 10. Oktober 1900 in Krefeld; † 4. Dezember 1969 in Hamburg) Hamburg

KITZINGER, KARL d 62 Very guilty!! Ukraine. ***
General der Flieger.

Ministerpraesident, Minister of the Interior, of Finance and of Education, in Braunschweig; SS-Obergruppenfuehrer. ‘

The Federal Court lifted that decision but in 1952 again. In a second trial, was found in the Klagges that he was involved in killings, torture, imprisonment, etc., or those acts (with) planned Klagges’ imprisonment to 15 years was reduced.

In his defense argued Klagges that he knew nothing of all this, as it only operates from the desk had, he had been deceived by his subordinates about the real dimensions of the Nazi terror. Released, 1957,

Ministerialdirektor; Staatssekretaer and Expert for Government Affairs in Party Chancery; Oberdienstleiter; SS- Gruppenfuehrer. Wannsee Conference. “He had always assumed that the Jews should be just “relocated”.”Released 1949.

KOCH, ERICH d. 1986 *** Holocaust
Oberpraesident and Gauleiter of Ostpreussen; Reich Defense Commissioner for Wehrkreis I; SS-Gruppenfuehrer; Reich Commissioner of Ukraine, Bialystak. Died in a Polish Prison in misery!!

Commander-in-Chief of the NSKK; Inspector for Motor Training in the Volkssturm; Member of the Reichstag; Plenipotentiary for Motor Transport in War Industry (under the Four Year Plan).

KRUPP von BOHLEN und HALBACH, ALFRED . 1967. supporter of Nazi party
President of Friedrich Krupp Company, took over sole ownership in 1943; Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Reichsvereinigung Eisen; joined NSDAP in 1936.

LAMMERS, DR. HANS HEINRICH d.62, freed, 1951
Reichsminister; Chief of the Reich Chancery; SS- Obergruppenfuehrer; Member of and Secretary to the Secret Cabinet and the Ministerrat fuer die Reichsverteidigung; Preussischer Staatsrat; member of the Academy of German Law.

Commissioner for Currency, Banking, Insurance in Reich Ministry of Economics; Vice-President of Reichsbank; Deputy President of Deutsche Gold-Discount Bank; NSFK- Brigadefuehrer.

Generaloberst; C.-in-C. Denmark beginning of 1945.

President of the Reich Chamber of Commerce; Stattsrat; Chairman Board of Directors, Atlas Werke AG. and Norddeutscher Lloyd.

LOHSE, HINRICH d 64 XXX ,major Nazi, freed 1951
Gauleiter, Oberpraesident, and Reich Defense Commissioner Schleswig-Holstein; Reich Commissioner “Ostland”; SA- Obergruppenfuehrer; President of the Nordic. This nazi was very responsible for the Holocaust in the Baltics.

Erich Lutter (* 19. August 1884; † nach 1973[1])

MACKENSEN, EBERHARD von d. 69,freed 1952; ordered Killings in Italy

Hans von Mackensen , d. 1947

MEYSSNER, AUGUST (45) [August Meissner]
Hoeherer SS and Polizeifuehrer Serbia; SS- Obergruppenfuehrer; Generalleutnant der Polizei; member of People’s Tribunal.
Executed by Yugoslavs (1945).

Hermann Michel, sometimes referred to as “Preacher” (born April 23, 1912), was a Nazi and SS-Oberscharführer (Staff Sergeant). Escaped (?) unknown. Sobibor

Hans Moser (* November 20 1907) was a German SS officer and chief officer in the SS Economic and Administration Main Office (WVHA).
No info on what became of him.

Svend Noldan (* April 25th 1893 in Bad Nauheim as Heinrich August Noldan ; † May 1 1978 in Darmstadt )

Rudolf Oebsger-Roeder (born March 9, 1912 in Leipzig, † 1992 in Munich) was in the National Socialist German Reich SS Lieutenant Colonel, leader of the task force

PFEIFFER, HANS (Heinrich?) . 1950’s d.
Personal Adjutant to the Fuehrer; SS-Hauptsturmfuehrer.

Friedrich Pradel, (* 16. April 1901 in Berlin, † ?)

Friedrich Rainer (* 28. Juli 1903 in Sankt Veit an der Glan; † 19. Juli 1947 in Ljubljana[1]

REINECKE, HERMANN d.73 *(released 1954, crimes against Allied POWs).General der Infanterie; Chief of the General Department of OKW(Allgemeines Wehrmachtamt); Chief of the NS Political Guidance Staff OKW; honorary member of the Special Senate of the People’s

REINHARDT, FRITZ d. 69. Accountant, stolen wealth dept.
Staatssekretaer and head of Abteilung V, Reich Minister of Finance, Berlin; expert on Labor Problems, Finance and Taxation in the Party Chancery; SA Obergruppenfuehrer; Member of Reichstag; Hauptdienst-leiter of Party.

Head of Food and Agriculture Division, Reich Ministry of Occupied Eastern Territories; Staatssekretaer in Reich Ministry of Food and Agriculture; SA-Gruppenfuehrer.

Heinz Rennau ??

William Spencer (* March 19 1907 in Bühl on Alpsee; † April 1 1961 in Oldenburg) was SS colonel, head of departments’ press and literature “and” cultural life “of the Security Service, head of Department III C (Culture) of the Reich Security Main Office and editor of the Stalling-Verlag Oldenburg in 1951 and board member of the nursing assistance as a charity for war criminals condemned Nazis.

Hans Roessner (* July 5 1910 in Dresden, † June 22 1997 in Munich) was a German Germanic, in the “Third Reich”SS Lieutenant Colonel and head of Division III C 3 (Popular Culture and the Arts) in the Reich Security Main Office, lecturer at the Stalling Verlag Oldenburg, editor at Insel Verlag and director of Piper Verlag in Munich.

Georg Schraepel (* 26. Juni 1898 in Braunschweig; † 4. Januar 1969 in Bad Sachsa) war deutscher Jurist, SS-Standartenführer und Chef des Personalamtes im Reichssicherheitshauptamt (RSHA)

Baron Bruno von Schroeder (banker) d. 1940 * Obscure German who helped Hitler come to power

Baron Kurt von Schroeder (often simply referred to in the literature of the Third Reich as Kurt von Schroeder) was a banker in Cologne, Germany who sympathized with the Nazi Party (NSDAP) and who hosted a notorious meeting between Franz von Papen and Hitler that facilitated Hitler’s assumption of the Chancellorship. d . 1966
*Von Schroeder, Kurt Freiherr

SCHULZ, ERWIN, Holocaust. released, 1954.
Head of Amt I (Personnel) of Reich Main Security Office (Reichssicherheitshauptamt); SS-Brigadefuehrer.

Ernst Heinrich Schmidt (born March 27, 1912 in Altenburg, † 28 November 2000 in Celle) was a German SS-Captain and used as a camp doctor in concentration camps.

Schmidt, who earned his doctorate at the University of Leipzig in 1937 as Doctor of Medicine, was a member of the NSDAP (Membership 555 294) and SS (Membership 23 069). After the outbreak of the Second World War, Schmidt was first used in a military hospital of the Waffen SS [1].

Schmidt was in 1941 in the Buchenwald concentration camp doctor and was moved from there in June 1942 in the concentration camp at Majdanek. In October 1943, Schmidt first camp doctor in the Gross-Rosen concentration camp and was moved from September 1944 to the Dachau concentration camp. Between March 1945 and early April 1945, Schmidt served as camp doctor in the outside storage of Boelkekaserne Mittelbau in Nordhausen. [2] In the course of the evacuation of the Mittelbau Schmidt concluded on 8 or 9 April in the concentration camp at Bergen-Belsen on 14 was taken April by members of the British Army. Schmidt said as Alfred Kurzke as a witness in the Bergen-Belsen process on 25 From October 1945. At that time he was a senior doctor in the DP camp at Bergen-Belsen. [1]

He was later arrested and in Nordhausen main process in the Dachau processes of 7 August 1947 to 30 December 1947 took place, charged and acquitted. [3]

After a re-arrest, he was on 26 November 1975 by the Landgericht Dusseldorf in the so-called Majdanek process as joint accessory to murder at least eight detainees charged for participating in selections for the gas chamber. For lack of evidence was Schmidt who was wanted for murder in Poland, on 20 Acquitted in March 1979 and on 19 April 1979 was released from prison [4].

Albert Fredrich Schwartz (* May 11th 1905 in Schwarzenau, (West Prussia); † July 5 1984 in Ahrensbök) was SS Captain and Head of Site Management of the Stutthof concentration camp and employment administrator in the Buchenwald concentration used.Free after 1954

Walter Schmidt, (* July 9 1910 in Wiesbaden, † January 31 1970 ibid) was in the National Socialist German Reich SS lieutenant and a senior physician in the state mental hospital Eichberg in the T4 and the children’s “euthanasia”in the killing of mentally ill and disabled children involved. Freed after 1954.

The head nurse Helene Schürg was killing 30-50 children.

Josef Spacil, (* 3. Januar 1907 in München; † 13. Februar 1967

STOEHR, WILHELM, SA Brigadefuehrer ??
Reichsstatthalter and Gauleiter, Westmark.

Generaloberst; G. in C. of Army Group “H” on Western Front.

Generaloberst; C.-in-C, of Air Fleet “Reich”; member of the People’s Tribunal.

Ernst Turowski, (* October 7 1906 in Sawadden (East Prussia); † October 20th 1986 in Bad Münstereifel) was a German SS colonel and head of Division III C 1 (Science) of the Reich Security Main Office.

Edmund Trinkl (* 15. Mai 1891 in Offendorf; † nach 1970)

Reichsstatthalter, Reichsverteidigungskommissar and Gauleiter of Steiermark; also, included in “Yugoslavia II”.

UTIKAL, Werner d 1982
Staff Official in Rosenberg’s Ministry for Occupied Eastern Territories, Chief of Staff of “Einsatzstab

Dr. Erich Wagner, suicide. Tattoo collector.

Dr. Eugene Richard Wagner, d.1977 (see under, Nazi Drs., Richard Wagner)
Jurgen Wagner, d. 1947

General; Deputy Chief of Operations Staff of OKW.

German Consul General in Tientsin and San Francisco; formerly Adjutant to Hitler.

Fritz Wiedemann the last two decades of his life as a farmer back into private life. If questioned, he said on 9 June 1961 to the murders of T4 from hospital, that this was a well-known projects of Hitler:

“I can certainly say that I have gained time, before I left San Francisco, note of the intention of Hitler, in case of war incurably ill – to destroy – not only incurable mental patients. His motive was stated that it was unnecessary eaters.”
May not have been a war criminal, but certainly had some degree of culpability.
Manager of the Party Chancellery. [info strangely missing on this Nazi higher up!]


Andreas Biederbick (March 12, 1909 in Neuss) was a German SS officer and police officer.

Friedrich Karl Vialon
Fritz Grobba d 73
Karl Blessing (Bankier) d 71
Wilhelm Vocke d 73
Heinrich Schict ??

Kurt Eccarius
W. Germany let him go after two years! 1971. B. 1905, presumed dead.
This murderer shot thousands in the neck.

Emil Otto Paul von Rintelen (* 10 January 1897 in Stettin; † 24 June 1981 in Duesseldorf) was a German diplomat and Ambassador.

Emil Bonner (December 25, 1901 in König, † 12 April 1981 in Werne) . This criminal escaped Justice. He was instrumental in the Holocaust in Latvia, and was also in Serbia in 1943. Also included in “Yugoslavia, II.”

Alois Hudel, Bishop. He sought a symbiosis between Catholicism and Nazism, which he also clearly in his major work The Foundations of National Socialism “(1936) expressed. The book, which contained a dedication to Adolf Hitler to the leader of the German survey [and] Siegfried German hope and size [1], has earned him a reputation as a “court theologians of the Nazis”. Hudal advocated this as the National Socialism, if it does not try to take the place of Christianity and also as dogmatic metaphysics, that is a substitute for religion, acting. Most important ideological staple of Hudal was Christianity with National Socialism and remained the radical anti-Bolshevism.

Hudal work was received from both the Catholic Church and by the National Socialists critical. For his work, he was praised by Hitler explicitly, it is claimed, he should the Golden Medal of the NSDAP received, but there is no evidence for it [2].

After the war he was promoted to the smugglers who saw this action as a “charitable act of love.” In March 1948 he produced a leaflet for immigrants with important tips and assistance to the Catholic Church. Hudal commonly presented on the basis of Nazi crimes are persecuted so as if they were political refugees who “often personally blameless, only the executive organs of the orders were from higher authorities and so they sacrifice for great failures of the system”. In addition Hudal repeatedly emphasized the benefits of the SS men as an experienced fighter against the “anti-Christian Bolshevism.”

The rat line as the famous escape route to South America and the Middle East was led by Hudal with Krunoslav Draganovic (d. 19__). Support they received from the Red Cross and Caritas, as well as Giuseppe Siri (d. 19__), archbishop of Genoa. In addition Hudal also worked closely with the German association of supporters by using Elisabeth Helene Prinzessin von Isenburg, both by representatives of the Protestant Church (Bishop Theophil Wurm), and of the Catholic (Auxiliary Bishop John Neuhäusler) Church was supported.

Published in the Buenos Aires German emigrants journal The way in which many had fled Nazi perpetrators (Johann von Leers (dead), Gerhard Bohne were active, he wrote encouraging articles.

more names associated with ‘rat lines.’ Source:

Dr Walther Schieber, IG Farben. Went to the US?
(* September 13 1896 in Beimerstetten in Ulm, † June 29th 1960 Würzbach or Mosbach ), was a chemist and graduated as doctor of engineering. . He was in the National Socialist German Reich SS brigade leader , NSDAP- Gau economic advisers , State of Thuringia, head of the arms delivery office in the Reich Ministry for Armament and War Production , and later until his dismissal of deputy Albert Speer in his defense ministry.

US General Smedley Butler outed the Nazi Wall St ties.

General Wilhelm Von Faupel (d. 1946?), managed the shipment of Nazi gold from Sp to Arg.
with help of Cpt Dietrich Niebuhr (d. 1964) and Gottfried Sandstede [executed by Gestapo], Chief of Gestapo in Argentina.

UBoats were used.

Ricardo von Leute, Bank director
Dr Heinrich Dorge
Hermann Schmitz, IGF ‘s President
had helped AH come to power (d. 1960)
Fritz Mandl (Friedrich Mandl? d. 1977)

hid in Argentina:
Prince Max von Hohenlohe Langenburg (d. 1968), had ties to Hohn and Himmler. Allegedly sought peace deals between the UK And Nazi Germany.

Reinhard Spitzy (b. 1912 -?)
Spitzy: Some people did it by order. I had a friend who had to participate. He refused, and he went to the front — immediately. That was always a way out. So there is no excuse today that they say that we had to do it by order. They could have gone to the front as a decent soldier and do[ne] their duty.

Carl Langbehn, d. 1944 ?

Walter Schellenberg d. 1952, Gestapo

Die Spinne: (the spider)
Skorzeny, Otto (dead)
Helmut Beck (?d 2000)
SS Cpt Franz Rostel d 1974
Hermann Lauterbacher, d. 1988
Rudel, Hans Ulrich, pilot. dead.
*Franz Spogler, may still be alive. born 1927.

Werner Naumann, d. 1982
The network to Naumann included numerous former Nazi functionaries, such as the former head of the radio department in the Reich Propaganda Ministry, Hans Fritzsche (d 1953), the former head of the Office of Anti-Comintern , Eberhard Taubert (d. 1976), SS-Colonel Group leader Paul Hausser (1972), former HJ -field leader Horst Huisgen (??), temporary state manager the FDP, the former Head of Radio in the Propaganda Ministry, Wolfgang Diewerge (see below) and Ernst Achenbach (d. 1991) , the Attaché of the Embassy in Paris in the implementation of the deportation of Jews involved than was.

” Jorge Camarasa: “Los Nazis en la Argentina”, Editorial Legasa, Buenos Aires, ISBN 950-600-175-8, p.97 and 130., and Naumann is the highest ranking person in the Nazi hierarchy known to have come to Argentina immediately postwar. The manner in which he entered Argentina is not known. ”

Taubert, more: After 1957 he worked in South America, Iran, Lebanon, Egypt and South Africa and as the counsel of the German minister Franz Josef Strauss (dead). From 1970 he was employed by German industrialists.

His rhetorical ability made him the talented and wanted propagandist he was, not only during the NS-regime. His agitative style used in the Nazi propaganda was reused after the war to boost the Western fear of communism. For this mission he worked with secret services (for example CIC) and right-wing politicians and journals.

Gestapo Chief Heinrich Mueller went to Peru, acc. to this page

Emil Bernsdorff (* December 1st 1892 in Berlin , † after 1968 ) Gestapo, also went free

Dr. Heinrich Willermann, Dachau, escaped to Egypt

The “Nazi menace” in Argentina, 1931-1947 By Ronald C. Newton

Wolfgang Diewerge (* January 12 1906 in Stettin , † December 4 1977 in Essen ) was a Nazi propagandist in Joseph Goebbels ‘ Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda

Hugo Hermann Stinnes, aka Stinnes, Jr.
d. 1982 He attended the secret meeting of 20 February 1933 in part, in which the industry with a campaign fund of 3 million marks for the Nazi Party decided

Dr. Karl Ritter (born June 5, 1883 in Dörflas, † 31 July 1968 in Murnau) was a German diplomat, Ambassador to Brazil, a member of the Nazi Party, Special Representative of the Munich Agreement, a senior official in the Foreign Office during World War II, and convicted war criminal in the Wilhelmstrasse process.

Ritter studied law and graduated 1905th From 1907, he initially joined in the Bavarian civil service, then moved in 1911 in the Colonial Service in 1918 in the Reich Economics Office and was finally in 1922 the Federal Foreign Office (AA) Head of Department for Economic and reparations, last of the Economic Policy Department.

From 1937 to 1938 he was an envoy and then ambassador in Rio de Janeiro, where he was due to its exposure to the Brazilian government to ban the anti-Nazi propaganda in the country, was declared persona non grata. [1] During his stay in Brazil he had been forced to party, joined the NSDAP (Judgement, p. 158). [2] [3]. 1938 Ritter Chairman of the Subcommittee B of the International Commission for the transfer of the Sudeten German territory in the negotiations for the Munich Agreement [4].

With the outbreak of war Ritter entrusted with the management of all related tasks in the economic war and AA until 1945 with the rank of ambassador zbV [5] liaison between AA (Ribbentrop) and High Command of the Wehrmacht (OKW). He was represented in the office by Karl Schnurre that the economic policy of the German-Soviet negotiations in 1939 edited, which subsequently led to the non-aggression pact. An employee Ritter AA was Fritz Kolbe, who smuggled from 1943 documents from the correspondence of the AA with the OKW to Switzerland to Allen Welsh Dulles.

Axel De Vries d. 1977.

was heard in the early 1960s in the wake of investigations into Nazi crimes. He stated that in the execution of Jews by Belarusian police forces to have been present. His request, not the execution carried out cruel, was not complied with, de Vries. [8] De Vries’s account contradicts written by him “proposals [n] to combat the guerrilla threat” that between December 1941 and March 1942 emerged. The text referred to de Vries the Jews as the “mortal enemy of us. Of a settlement with them can be no question. They must be destroyed because the P. [artisans] mischief else can last for years “[9] De Vries proposing a considerable use of local or Baltic police formations, which were by the prospect of booty and motivated anti-Semitism”. There is a need In my experience, usually no commands, but only one of laissez-faire. “[9] He also argued that, all former members and candidates of the Communist Party and” kill the communist village intelligence, such as teachers, etc. “[9] . De Vries’s proposals were passed by his superiors Wagner to the commander of the army rear area center, General Max von Schenkendorff (dead). After a lecture de Vries, Schenckendorff at an appropriate service statement was issued.

Horst Wagner, d 77 fled to S. America

After he returned in 1952 under an assumed name as a correspondent for Argentine newspapers in Europe, established in 1958 after his unmasking, the prosecutor brought food and finally in 1967 the District Court of Essen charges of accessory to murder of 356 624 Jews – according to the news magazine Der Spiegel, 9 October 1972
More and more sick leave – confirmed by other reports of the Hamburg psychiatrist Hans Bürger-Prinz – protracted proceedings and because of unfitness of the defendant was temporarily suspended the criminal proceedings in 1974 before it finally on to Wagner’s Death 13 March 1977 was his end.

Vladimir Kosak (Koshak), Croatian Finance Minister, executed 1947
Dr Robert Ritter, d. 1951
Eberhard von Thadden d.1964
Harald Leithe-Jasper, d. 1977, Mali

Adolf Mahr, d.1951
In this place he was at the “anti-Jewish campaign overseas” of AA, a conference on 3 and 4 April 1944, as a consultant involved. By 1944 he was promoted to director of Ru-9, with responsibility for political broadcasts and anti-Semitic propaganda in the English-speaking countries.

Heinz Ballensiefen, unknown

Konsul in Italien
Hans-Otto Meissner (* 4. Juni 1909 in Straßburg; † 8. September 1992 )

Meissner was on 8 December under the name of a line, the consul of the German General Consulate in Milan transfer, which he led until 1945. In this capacity, he participated in the meeting of the foreign anti-Jewish campaign in part Horst Wagner (NS-diplomat; see above) in early April 1944 in Karpacz for the purpose of the intensified persecution of Jews throughout Europe. In May 1945, Meissner, two weeks after the war, was arrested along with his consulate staff of American troops at Bellagio and No. 334 in the prison camp at Scandicci interned. After a few weeks in this camp, where living conditions were difficult, he and his fellow prisoners were moved into a comfortable camp in a hotel in the seaside resort of Salsomaggiore. Meissner even said later that probably a correspondence request for assistance on his part, Pope Pius XII. – since his days as nuncio in Berlin in the 1920s, a close friend of the family Meissner – had led to this improvement in the situation [2.

Hans Hagemeyer, d. 1993

Heinrich Hartle, d. 1986
Edmund von Thermann, d. 1951

1937 Eugenio Pacelli visited the International Eucharistic Congress in Buenos Aires. He invited von Thermann and his wife to engage in social tasks and to drive on Germany conversation. As Thermann learned that Pacelli was flying like he asked him for the rest of his stay in Argentina an aircraft available. Pacelli and Santiago Luis Copello made a round trip and were regular guests at the Embassy of the German Reich [6].

Ricardo Staudt d 1960
of the financially strongest German-speaking entrepreneurs in Argentina. More financially strong German-speaking entrepreneurs in Argentina at that time were Ludwig Freude and Fritz Mandl . By 1941 Richard Staudt was Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Siemens Schuckertwerke. Richard Staudt distanced himself during the Second World War by the Nazi Party. [4] To the agreements of Chapultepeque and the Inter-American Defense Board meet to set up the government of Edelmiro Julián Farrell mid-1945, a supervisory board under the decreed end, it was To follow the agents of the Nazi Party and to liquidate the assets of companies from the Axis powers. The Secretary General of the supervisory board, Dr. Carlos A. Adrogue, resigned on the grounds that the foreign minister Juan Isaac Cooke (1895-1957) and other senior officials would have to create a distributor of Nazis to prevent. Adrogue said Cooke would have the oversight board, the companies of the Nazi agents Ricardo Staudt prevented with an estimated value of $ 24 million to liquidate. The daily newspaper La Vanguardia in Buenos Aires asked if this preference on the part of Cooke’s is due to the fact that Staudt is the main financier of the election campaign of Juan Perón? [5] Ricardo Staudt died when he was hit by a car whose driver committed a hit and run driver.

Helmut Stellrecht d 1987
Helmuth von Hummel, Hitler’s banker
Gerhardt Westrick
Kurt Heinrich Rieth, b. 1881

In March 1941 Rieth landed from Rome arriving in Rio de Janeiro in May 1941 and flew further into the southern United States. In New York City Rieth was negotiating with the Chairman of the Standard Oil Company Walter C. Teagle. After a suggestion by William Samuel Clouston Stanger Rieth early June 1941 by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement at Ellis Island was interned and deported.

Jonathan Steinberg in his book All or Nothing, which documents Italian resistance to the Final Solution.
also see page: ODESSA

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