GRAPHIC: Holocaust in Hungary; Himmler’s Speeches (links); Red Cross; Wallenberg

Hitler threatens Jews; Nazis applaud

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More on Himmler’s speeches at Posnan (Posen)
Let’s demolish Holocaust denial

Himmler tried at one point to ransom ‘Jews for Trucks’. The Allies rebuffed his offer. Later he tried again to make a separate peace with the Western Allies, thinking he could save his hide. They rebuffed his offer. Himmler finally went against Hitler’s order that ‘no prisoner be surrendered alive to the Allies’, and he ‘let’ the British capture Bergen-Belsen. There were thousands of starving, sick prisoners in the camp. In the film made of its liberation, over 10,000 dead people are being buried. Earlier in the war, the camp had been used for ‘hostage Jews’ who were given better treatment, as Himmler had wanted to exchange them either for trucks or hard currency. By the time of its liberation, Bergen Belsen contained tens of thousands of Jews and other prisoners who were in horrendous condition, if alive.
Hungary, Holocaust in:

May 15, 1944
437,402 Jews on 147 trains had been deported, mainly from Hungary to Auschwitz Birkenau
Dr Randolph Braham, CUNY
The Holocaust in Hungary, a Retrospective Analysis

Most but not all were victims of Nazi deportations. Horthy was Hitler’s ally, and did ban the deportations, to little avail. Indeed, it is worse than that: he actively encouraged the Nazis to remove the Jews for “labor force” from Hungary.
Hungarian officials actively helped the Nazis remove the Jews from the nation.
source: Dr Randolph Braham, CUNY.

In July and August of 1941 nearly 16,000 Jews regarded as aliens or whose citizenship was stated to be unresolved, were deported to territories under German rule in Galicia where the Germans massacred them in the vicinity of Kamenec-Podolskij. This was the first “five-digit massacre” during the process of the Holocaust of the European Jewry.

In less than two months, nearly 440,000 Jews were deported from Hungary in more than 145 trains. Most were deported to Auschwitz, but thousands were also sent to the border with Austria to be deployed at digging fortification trenches. By the end of July 1944, the only Jewish community left in Hungary was that of Budapest, the capital.

Yehuda Bauer, “Jews for Sale” re:Trucks for Jews. Himmler attempted to make a deal with the Allies and World Jewish Congress to save some Jews in return for thousands of trucks. The deal did not go through.

Verba Wetzler report of April 1944 alerted the world to the Holocaust in the camps.

Dezso Szomory (executed 1946. Was one of the men responsible in the Hungarian Gov’t.)
“Szalasi decided to solve the Jewish queston in Hungary during the 2nd week in November, by lending Jews of working age to the Nazis. He formed the ghetto in Budapest and continued the deportations.”

Approximately 825,000 Jews lived in Hungary (with its expanded borders, 1940).
Including 100,00 converts (?). page 17, Braham.

Germany occupied Hungary, March 19, 1944
Miklos Kallay protected the Jews prior to that date, relatively.
More than 60,000 Jews of Hungary lost their lives prior to 1944, some deported to the Germans, others due to their use as slave labor by the Hungarian Army. So even though some members of the pre-Arrow Cross gov’t. tried to protect Jews, Hungary still has to bear some of the responsibility for the Holocaust.

“Before the German occupation, Hungarian Jews in general were almost oblivious to the tragedy that befell the Jewish communities in neighboring countries.”

Germany’s quisling, Dome Sztojay. Horthy was regent. He agreed to supply 300,000 Jewish ‘workers’ for the Nazis. The Hungarian gov’t of collaborators helped the Germans so effectively that Jews remained only in Budapest by July 9, 1944. Horthy quickly became appalled by Sztójay’s actions and demanded his removal as prime minister, but Adolf Hitler sternly refused to implement any such course of action. Horthy refused to give in entirely (source: wiki bio). Horthy halted the deportations on July 7, 1944 but “they were continued until July 9th.” Horthy worked with the Germans to evacuate the Jews from Hungary in the name of supplying the Reich with ‘labor.’ Then the Nazis removed them to Auschwitz, although some went to Austrian camps.

In August 1944 supporters of Lakatos and Horthy, armed with one tank, overthrew the German-installed government of Döme Sztójay. Lakatos’s military government stopped the deportation of Hungarian Jews, with acting Interior Minister Béla Horváth ordering Hungarian gendarmes to use deadly force against any deportation effort. Lakatos also reopened peace talks with the Allies. The Germans, however, did not entirely lose power. On October 15, 1944, Horthy tried to force the Germans out entirely and concluded an armistice with the Allies. However, when Horthy announced this in a nationwide radio address, the Germans kidnapped Horthy’s son, Miklós Horthy, Jr., and Horthy surrendered to them. The far right fringe Arrow Cross Party, backed by the Germans, immediately staged a coup and took full control of the government. Lakatos was forced to resign that day. In 1956, he emigrated to Australia. (wiki bio, Gez Lakatos).

The fascist Arrow Cross, under Ferenc Szalasi arrived, Oct 15, 1944. Coup. ‘Death marches’ occurred afterwards. By death marches, meaning that those who couldn’t keep up with the march were shot and left in the snow to die.

“Virtually no assistance was provided to the Jews in the Hungarian provinces. The conscience of the world was aroused only in late June 1944, when the Swiss press published some details … of “Vrba-Wetzler report.”” Allies declined to bomb Auschwitz or the rail lines.

The Vatican, Roosevelt, and King of Sweden protested, compelling Horthy to halt the deportations.
Winston Churchill concluded that the Holocaust (of Jews in Hungary) was “probably the greatest and most horrible crime ever committed in the history of the world.” Raoul Wallenberg of course saved thousands of Jews during this time.

“There was no meaningful resistance anywhere in Hungary, let alone organized opposition for the protection of the Jews”, esp. in the countryside. It was primarily in Budapest that the church offered shelter to the Jews.” The Soviets didn’t bomb the camps either.
“Many original documents remain unavailable to this day.”

Baron Gábor Kemény (14 December 1910 – 19 March 1946) was a Hungarian politician, who served as Minister of Foreign Affairs between 1944 and 1945. He prevented the diplomatic protests against the terror. He was hanged as a war criminal in the Arrow Cross.

more on Hungary:

The forced labor service system was introduced in Hungary in 1939. This affected primarily the Jewish population, but many people belonging to minorities, sectarians, leftists and Roma were also inducted.

35-40 thousand forced laborers, mostly Jews or of Jewish origin, served in the Hungarian Second Army which fought in the USSR (see below). 80 percent of them – that is, 28-32 thousand people – never returned; they died either on the battle-field or in captivity.

András Kun *( a former priest ; executed Sept 1945) , a member of the Hungarian Arrow Cross. He admitted to at least 500 murders of Jews in Budapest in 1944/45. He wore his robes with a pistol belt and holster.

Lazzlo Bardossy. After resigning as prime minister, Bárdossy became chairman of the Fascist United Christian National League in 1943. After the German occupation of Hungary in 1944, Bárdossy and his followers collaborated with Prime Minister Döme Sztójay and Ferenc Szálasi’s Arrow Cross Party. After World War II ended, Bárdossy was arrested and tried by a People’s Court in November 1945. He was found guilty of war crimes and collaboration with the Nazis, sentenced to death, and executed by firing squad in Budapest in 1946.

Gábor Vajna , Hungarian Interior Minister during the big deportations (he was exec. 1946)
József Gera top Arrow cross, ex 1946.

423,400 Jews (approx ) sent by Eichmann to Auschwitz Birkenau. Thousands sent to Austria. Several thousand held by Himmler as hostages. Between October to Dec. 1944 : overall, the number of up to 1 December 1944 delivered “Leihjuden” finally 76,209. The majority was either on the death march, in concentration camps or in the entrenchments at the Southeast Wall died. ( , Arrow Cross)
16,000 Hungarian Jews killed, 1941.*see above.
The Nazis killed 16,000 Jews during the summer 1944 (German wikipedia, “Arrow Cross”)*
10 to 25,000 Jews murdered by Arrow Cross
Nazi Germans 3,000 or more in Yugoslavia.
Hungarians murdered 3,000 or more in Yugoslavia.
Arrow Cross fell in January 1945. Many Jews were murdered in these final weeks because the *Nyilas would not allow them to survive.
28-32,000 who died in the Soviet Union.

In 2006 a former high ranking member of the secretary of the Hungarian Arrow Cross party named ** Lajos Polgár was found to be living in Melbourne, Australia.[3] Polgar was accused of war crimes, but the case was later dropped and Polgár died of natural causes in July that year.[14]

Yehuda Bauer writes that the “clumsiness of the approach has been a wonderment to all observers.”[47] He argues that it is obvious that Eichmann was Himmler’s reluctant messenger, and that Eichmann’s own inclination was clearly to continue murdering Jews, not to sell them. On the day Brand left for Vienna and Istanbul, Eichmann traveled to Auschwitz to make sure Rudolf Hoess, the commander of the camp, would be ready to receive the first arrivals scheduled to leave Hungary on May 14.[47] Hoess told him there would be problems processing such large numbers, whereupon Eichmann ordered that there should be no selections but that all the new arrivals should be gassed immediately, which does not indicate that he was willing to delay the exterminations until Brand returned from Istanbul, as Brand seemed to believe.[3]

The continuation of the deportations of Hungarian Jews was complicating the negotiations.” On page 48 of the report, Kastner wrote “on June 9 Eichmann said, ‘If I do not receive a positive reply within three days, I shall operate the mill at Auschwitz’.”[28] (Ich lasse die Muehle laufen.[8])

Brand met Eichmann once more, on May 14, 1944. Eichmann told him the deportations to Auschwitz were about to begin at a rate of 12,000[25] Jews a day, but that they would not be exterminated while negotiations were ongoing. According to Brand’s testimony, Gerhard Clages, chief of Himmler’s Security Service in Budapest, and Eichmann’s rival,[26] was present, and handed Brand $50,000 and SFR 270,000. Brand told U.S. emissary Ira Hirschmann during an interview on June 22, 1944 that Eichmann had offered to blow up Auschwitz—”dann sprenge ich Auschwitz in die Luft”[23]—and free the first “ten, twenty, fifty thousand Jews” as soon as he received word from Istanbul that an agreement had been reached in principle.[27]­oel_Brand

[16]”The Jews, in the meantime, would be sent to Auschwitz to be gassed until such time as a favorable reply was received”, according to historian Raul Hilberg.[22] Brand asked what assurance Eichmann could offer the Allies that the Jews really would be released. Eichmann responded:

You think we are all crooks. You hold us for what you are. Now I am going to prove to you that I trust you more than you trust me. When you come back from Istanbul and tell me that the offer has been accepted, I will dissolve Auschwitz and move 10 percent of the promised million to the border. You take over the 100,000 Jews and deliver for them afterwards one thousand trucks. And then the deal will proceed step by step. For every hundred thousand Jews, a thousand trucks. You are getting away cheap.[23]­iewtopic.php?f=38&t=134894&sta­rt=0&st=0&sk=t&sd=a
Gerhard Klages, nazi ss, died 1944. Himmler’s asst in Budapest.

In July 1941, Hansi’s sister got caught up in the so-called Kamenets Podolskiy deportations, when the Hungarian government decided to deport 18,000 Jews to German-occupied Ukraine, because they could not prove they had Hungarian citizenship. Between 14,000 and 16,000 of the deportees were gunned down by the SS on August 27 and 28, 1941.

March 1944.[1] Shortly after the invasion of Hungary by Germany, Joel Brand was asked by SS officer Adolf Eichmann to help broker a deal between the SS and the United States or Britain. Eichmann said he would release up to *one million Hungarian Jews, if the Western Allies would supply Germany with 10,000 trucks and large quantities of soap, tea, and coffee.[2]

This is a controversial part of the war, what should have been done.

Felix Kersten, Himmler’s Masseur.
Towards the end of the War, Kersten arranged a meeting with Himmler and Norbert Masur, a member of the Swedish branch of the World Jewish Congress, in Harztwalde, a few miles from Ravensbruck concentration camp. As a result Himmler agreed to spare the lives of the remaining 60,000 Jews left in Nazi concentration camps days before their liberation by the Allies.

In December 1945 the World Jewish Congress presented Kersten with a letter thanking him for helping to save Jewish concentration-camp victims.­-Secret-War-Negotiations-Heinr­ich/dp/0786717084

Himmler’s Secret War: The Covert Peace Negotiations of Heinrich Himmler [Hardcover]
Martin Allen

Allen’s second book, The Hitler/Hess Deception, blew open the official version of Rudolph Hess as an eccentric adventurer
“Events soon hardened their suspicions. The extermination of Hungarian Jews was not halted for the two weeks that had been explicitly promised to Mr. Brand.”­ine/article/0,9171,938106,00.h­tml

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