March/April comments/2011: Great info on Holocaust

Powerful one page analysis by the BBC of the Holocaust.

Longerich’s “Holocaust.” It received very good reviews on the amazon site.

Peter Longerich is Professor of Modern German History and Director of the Research Centre for the Holocaust and Twentieth-Century History at Royal Holloway, University of London. He has published widely on the subject, in English and German, including The Unwritten Order: Hitler’s Role in the Final Solution, and The Systematic Character of the National Socialist Policy for the Extermination of the Jews. The latter formed part of his Expert Opinion in the notorious David Irving v. Penguin/Lipstadt trial. He is currently working on a biography of SS leader Heinrich Himmler.­t-Nazi-Persecution-Murder-Jews­/dp/0192804367/ref=pd_sim_b_12
Peter Longerich. Oxford University.

Hardly any soldier says that he was directly involved, but many talk about what they saw or heard. The accounts are often astonishingly detailed and, in any case, much more precise than the information German investigators could later glean from witness testimony.­ional/germany/0,1518,755385-5,­00.html

Soldaten : “The Holocaust is generally mentioned peripherally in the conversations between German soldiers that have now been viewed in their entirety for the first time. It is only mentioned on about 300 pages of the transcripts, which, given the monstrosity of the events, seems to be a very small number.­ional/germany/0,1518,755385,00­.html
New book , Soldaten [Soldiers], from Germany, reveals soldiers’ attitudes toward the war.
Hitler’s Bankers:

Wilhelm Keppler (14 December 1882 – 13 June 1960) was a German businessman and one of Adolf Hitler’s early financial backers.He received ten years.

The main banker was Hjalmar Schacht. He was denazified, because after 1939 he held little power.

K­urt Freiherr von Schroeder, d. 1966, received only 3 months and a small fine. Was on the Central committee for the Reichsbank, 1933-45.
Franz Schroeder, d. 1949, also involved in Nazi banking.

The German bankers : Only Walther Funk did any real time (Nine years). He died 1964. Karl Blessing, d. 1969. Emil Puhl, d. 1962. Siegfried von Roeden , d. 1954. Hans Luther, d. 1962 (German ambassador to the USA).
Fritz Reinhardt d 1969 , finance Nazi.
Graf von Krosigk d. 1977, two years received for financial crimes.

Rolf Rienhardt (* July 2 1903 in Bucharest , † March 16 1975 in Badenweiler ). A particularly vicious nazi propagandist.

Heinrich Class : did he write much of Mein Kampf? (* February 29, 1868 in Alzey, † April 16, 1953 in Jena). We’re expected to believe that the shoddy watercolor artist Hitler wrote 800 pages in prison? Using what source material? I think that author Class helped him to write it.

A­lfred Hugenberg (d. ?)
Big backer of Nazis in gov’t., until he was pushed out. Was allowed to retain his vast holdings

Franz Xaver Epp , since 1916, Ritter von Epp (* October 16th 1868 in Munich , † December 31 1946.) He sponsored Roehm and Hitler in their 1919 Nationalistic actions.

Theodor Hupfauer was a witness at Nuremberg, but was never charged. d 1993.
Courtesy of Dieter Zinke, axishistory: In 1941 he was appointed Burgkommandat the SS Order Castle School in Sonthofen with the rank of an SS colonel. In addition to this the more prestigious position was Hupfauer continued his career in the defense ministry under Albert Speer.
In 1944 he became chief of the Central Office of the Ministry of Armaments and thus next to Karl Saur was one of the two most important men under Speer. Was formally crowned his career by the Nazi Reich when appointed Labor Minister in Hitler’s will.

Karl-Otto Saur (* February 16 1902 in Dusseldorf , † July 28th 1966 in Pullach.) Last defense minister.

Stephen Atkins, “Holocaust denial as an international movement.”
Hitler quoted, Feb 1942, “We shall regain our health only when we have exterminated the Jews.” He could not have meant “Uprooting” , as some have tried to mis-translate, “Ausrottung.” Further, there was no country to receive the Jews at that time, in the midst of the war. The prior quote is on page 50. (

In 1939, Weimar Chancellor Heinrich Bruning became professor of political science at Harvard University. He warned the American public about Hitler’s plans for war and later about Soviet expansion, but in both cases his advice went unheeded.

The Hitler Book: The Secret Dossier Prepared for … NKVD by Henrik Eberle; also, Hitler’s Table Talk.
There’s some argument about the book’s value, but I found it mentioned by Ian Kershaw.­ischgesprache- .

Max Grüson [Grueson], Nazi mentioned in the deportations.­topic/chi-081015-nazi-hunters,­0,3958619.story
They’re still looking for Nazis.­/23/us/head-of-epa-bars-nazi-d­ata-in-study-on-gas.html?pagew­anted=3src=pm

The chief of the Environmental Protection Agency, alerted by a letter of protest from agency scientists, has barred from an E.P.A. report on a toxic gas any data that the Nazis acquired in experiments on concentration camp prisoners.­d/2011/apr/11/eichmann-sought-­trial-germany-1956?INTCMP=SRCH­

As Dr Efraim Zuroff, director of the Wiesenthal Centre’s Israel office, puts it:

Since they obtained independence in 1991, the Baltic countries’ record vis-a-vis the prosecution of local Nazi war criminals has been an abysmal failure. Not a single such person has ever been punished for their crimes.­ree/2010/jan/08/holocaust-balt­ic-lithuania-latvia?INTCMP=ILC­NETTXT3487
Allied codebreakers failed to comprehend the references, apparently, to the Holocaust contained in some messages received.­d/2011/apr/03/holocaust-resist­ance-nazis-book-ghetto?INTCMP=­SRCH

Polish hero Jan Karski witnessed the destruction of the Jews, and informed the West.

200 High level SS men worked for German security service after the war, including Silberbauer, who found Anne Frank.

Hannah Arendt, or aren’t you wrong?
She could not have been more wrong. Why did she buy Eichmann’s self-serving rationalization that he was just a cog in the machine? On the contrary, he was one of the driving forces in the Holocaust. Arendt described the stony figure in her 1963 work, “Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil,” launching a debate that continues to this day as to whether Eichmann was a cog in the Nazi machine or a true believer in genocidal anti-Semitism.

Until the trial, many Germans had dismissed the few books about the Holocaust as biased. Teachers largely had avoided the subject.­e/2011/04/06/3086757/europe-re­members-how-eichmann-trial-and­-tv-changed-perceptions-of-hol­ocaust

Eichmann trial: Recently it was revealed that German intelligence officials knew of Eichmann’s location as early as 1952. Adenauer feared “that Eichmann might expose the number of prominent Nazis who served in his government,” she said. Even worse, Lipstadt said, by 1951 Adenauer was fed up with the guilt he felt was being foisted on the Germans for perpetrating the genocide of the Jews.

Al Ungerleider, 89, liberated Nordhausen, became a General. As a young U.S. Army lieutenant in World War II, Al Ungerleider and his squad captured the SS troopers who ran the Nordhausen slave labor camp. Nordhausen was one of Kammler’s camps for slave laborers to work on the V2 rockets and other high-tech projects.­e/2011/03/17/3086462/the-eulog­izer-canadian-journalist-world­-war-ii-camp-liberator

“Canada is virtually alone among Western countries not to have a national monument to the Holocaust,” the Canadian Jewish Congress noted in a statement. “This anomaly will now be rectified.”­e/2011/03/27/3086573/canadian-­parliament-approves-holocaust-­memorial.
It’s no wonder there is Holocaust denial in the world when some countries won’t even build a little memorial.­e/2011/03/30/3086643/austria-t­o-renovate-mauthausen
Mauthausen had subcamp Gusen.­e/2011/03/30/3086646/op-ed-lit­huania-must-finish-its-work-in­-confronting-
holocaust-past. Lithuania still has trouble confronting its active role in the Holocaust; prefers to see itself only as a victim.­elsmann.htm
Media Giant Bertlesmann admits that it supported Nazis, at least until 1941

“hundreds of Jews were massacred in a single two-day pogrom in Baghdad in 1941.” From, David S. Wyman page.

United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan last month said, in his remarks on International Holocaust Commemoration Day, that “Holocaust denial is the work of bigots.” David Wyman site.

The New Leader’s literary editor, Melvin J. Lasky, in the October 23, 1943 edition, titled “The Shame of a World.” Lasky condemned the Allies’ response to the Nazi genocide as “sympathetic mumbo-jumbo and do-nothingism.” from David Wyman.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Johann von Leers, a former Nazi propagandist employed by the Egyptian government, wrote in 1953 of what he called “the moving humanitarian reception which hundreds, perhaps thousands of German refugees found after the war among the Moslems of the Middle East.” (Wiener Library Bulletin, XI: 1-2, 1957)­letters/2006-05-10-nazi.php

Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion was unbending. “American journalists, who have not suffered from the Nazi atrocities, may be ‘objective’ and deny Israel’s right to try one of the greatest of the Nazi murderers,” Ben-Gurion rebuffed his challengers. “But the calamity that the Nazis inflicted on the Jewish people is a specific and unparalleled act–an act designed for the utter extermination of the entire Jewish people…Historic justice and the honor of the Jewish people demand that this should be done only by an Israeli court in the sovereign Jewish State.”
source: David Wyman institute

More on Auschwitz-Birkenau; SS General Hans Kammler.
80,000 Cremation Capacity Per Month Not Sufficient for Auschwitz – New Document
The document transcribed and translated below has been provided to The Holocaust History Project by Dr. Bernhard Post of the Thuringisches Hauptstaatsarchiv in Germany.­iewtopic.php?t=66657&highlight­=topf
more on same documents;

Same documents.

This memo is dated September 8, 1942 and should be read in accordance with two other contemporaneous documents relating to Auschwitz from the same period. (Also mentions Hans Kammler’s role in the Holocaust, a MAJOR role.)

Dr Theodor Mollison, one of Dr Mengele’s mentors. I couldn’t find much info on him . D. 1952. He was an anthropologist/ doctor, who had practiced on the Herero in Africa, committing Genocide.

Important proof of the Holocaust:

Whether at that time I had doubts against the use of gas vans I cannot say. The main issue for me at the time was that the shootings were a considerable burden for the man who were in charge thereof and that this burden was taken off them through the use of the gas vans.

“From my translation of the deposition of former SS Obersturmfuehrer Walter Rauff before the German Embassy in Santiago de Chile on 28 June 1972. ” from axishistory site .
on the argument over whether or not they should have bombed Auschwitz.

“During those seven months, the president of the Jewish Agency, the head of its political department,  the chairman of its Rescue Committee, and its representatives in Washington,
London, Geneva, Budapest, Istanbul, Jerusalem, and Cairo, repeatedly pressed
American, British, and Soviet diplomats, as well as the Polish and Czech
governments in exile, to bring about the bombing of Auschwitz. ”

It also mentions that the USSR refused to do anything that would help ‘national groups.’­rt-Bombing-Auschwitz.pdf
Diana Mosley, British aristo-fascist; associated with Oswald Mosley; her sister Unity Mitford.

I asked about the Holocaust, of course, expecting a David Irving-style refutation, but was astounded not to get one. “I’m sure he was to blame for the extermination of the Jews,” she answered. “He was to blame for everything, and I say that as someone who approved of him.’­mment/personal-view/3595037/Di­ana-Mosley-unrepentantly-Nazi-­and-effortlessly-charming.html


” IBM Germany, using its own staff and equipment, designed, executed, and supplied the indispensable technologic assistance Hitler’s Third Reich needed to accomplish what had never been done before-the automation of human destruction. More than 2,000 such multi-machine sets were dispatched throughout Germany, and thousands more throughout German-dominated Europe. Card sorting operations were established in every major concentration camp. People were moved from place to place, systematically worked to death, and their remains cataloged with icy automation. ” from “The Transfer Agreement”, Edwin Black.­te/shared/en/file__attachement­s/background__information/flye­r__specialtrains__to__death.pd­f

It says that 3 million people were sent to their deaths through the Reichsbahn (Empire-Train).


Mentions that Walther Dornberger was to be tried in place of Hans Kammler for the V2 rocket attacks on Britain, but then the US swooped up the scientists, brought them to America, and hushed up the whole matter. General Dornberger, [Doernberger] the most senior of the Nazi engineer/scientists, died in Buffalo NY.­deshows/editors-pick/nazis-cap­tured-in-the-united-states.htm­l?index=1

Johann Breyer, Nazi. 85 years old if alive. Was he deported? In a sworn interview with OSI attorneys in 1991, Breyer admitted that he served as an armed guard of prisoners at

Buchenwald beginning in February 1943 and at Auschwitz beginning in May 1944, with orders to shoot prisoners attempting escape. Breyer also admitted that he guarded prisoners on slave labor details at Auschwitz, that he was aware while guarding Auschwitz that women and children were imprisoned there, and that he saw smoke rising from the crematoria there where bodies were being burned.

more Nazi Doctors:

Dr Johann Breger, another Nazi Dr. Co-wrote book on “Racial Hygiene ” with Dr Reiter.

Dr Hans Conrad Julius Reiter; d. 1969. After his release he went right back into medicine. He is the one who banned smoking in the Third Reich.­s/worldnews/europe/austria/844­7175/Austria-arrests-former-ne­o-Nazi-leader-Gottfried-Kuesse­l-over-website.html

Hitler was just a dispatch runner­index.php/site/archives/5469/
A private first class.­-believed-hitler-faked-his-194­5-suicide/148894-2.html­lth/blog/2011/04/holocaust_exh­ib.html

Physicians were “early joiners” of the Nazi party, he said. They were “the backbone,” believers in eugenics — then a worldwide movement also popular in the United States and other western countries — who, like Hitler, thought that they could solve societal ills by controlling the gene pool. Step by step, he said, they rationalized their work — starting first with forced sterilization, then euthanasia of individuals, and later mass murder.


“Globocnik charged one officer in particular, Obersturmführer Gustav Hanelt, with the
“overall scientific planning of the SS and Police Strongholds and the cleansing of the Jews
[Judenbereinigung, emph. mine].”
footnote 61, Yale, Allen, Michael Thad­/cbss/Allen.pdf

*Gustav Hanelt was clearly a major offender in Generalplan Ost. I don’t see any evidence that he was finally captured.

Linz Austria to remove obelisk to dead National Socialist poet­einrich Lersch

Karl Gesele, d. 1968, implicated in the Holocaust in Soviet Union.­lt/article/Book-Review-Treblin­ka-Survivor-The-Life-and-13409­10.php#page-2
Man who wrote about Treblinka, one of the few people who survived it. This book is important!­hibit/online/deadlymedicine/
Exhibit at Harvard University on Nazi misuse of medical science.­/apps/nlnet/content2.aspx?c=ls­KWLbPJLnF&b=4441467&ct=9352719
Latvia wants to honor Cukurs, Latvian Perpetrator. He had been assassinated in South America.


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