May 2011. Concordat. Wehrmacht. More evidence of the Holocaust.

Soon after Roosevelt’s death, and with the blessing of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff, Dulles initiated “Operation Overcast” in July
1945. Initially, 350 Nazi scientists, chemical weapons designers,
and ballistics and rocketry experts and engineers, including SS officers, Dr. Herbert Axster, Dr. Arthur Rudolph, Georg Richkey, Kurt Blome, and Werner Von Braun and his V2 rocket team, were
smuggled into the United States.”Operation Paperclip.”
Still controversial: the Concordat between National Socialism and the Catholic Church:

*”Similarly, Pope Pius XII declared in 1929: “Either I’m wrong really, or this all will not end well. That creature is wholly owned by himself, everything he said and wrote bears the stamp of his selfishness; he is a man to step over corpses and trample everything in his intended path - I cannot understand why so many people in Germany, even among the best, do not see it, or at least not draw any lesson from what he writes and says. – Who among all these people read the book only to have their hair stand on their heads ? “” 7 from “Mein Kampf”, French wiki, transl. by google.

Edoardo Alfieri detto Dino ( Bologna , 8 December 1886 – Milan , 1966 ) was a political Italian Italy’s Ambassador to the Vatican. Condemned after the war to death, he fled, and returned a few years later, all SINS forgotten. [/source]

The Church and Concordat:
Ludwig Kaas (23 May 1881 — 15 April 1952) was a German Roman Catholic priest and politician during the Weimar Republic. He was the go-between b/w Hitler and Cardinal Pacelli later Pope.­ermann Wilhelm Berning
Catholic Church leader, 1933.

In April 1933 he was welcomed with other German bishops, the new Nazi state and urged the faithful to reverence and obedience to the new system. [initially he supported the nat’l socialist movement. ]
In early 1934, Berning changed his views on the Nazi regime, and expressed in sermons in the Osnabrück Cathedral his increasingly critical opinions of it. Since then, he refused racism and euthanasia. From mid-1941 Bishop denounced the killing and enslavement of people from the pulpit. The New Year’s sermon on 31 December 1941, Berning was brought into conflict with Goering. As the Prussian State Council Berning often negotiated until 1943, but mostly unsuccessful with the national government to help people.­L-hitler.htm
The Church dissolved all Catholic organizations in Germany, including the Catholic Center Party. *Bishops were to take an oath of loyalty to the Nazi regime. The Concordat eliminated all Catholic resistance to Hitler. the Catholic press would remain one of the Third Reich’s best disseminators of propaganda. Pacelli became the new Pope Pius XII in 1939, and he immediately improved relations with Hitler. He broke protocol by personally signing a letter in German to Hitler expressing warm hopes of friendly relations. (ibid)
sources: Der Vatican und der krieg, 1961; Guenther Lewy, Catholic Church and Nazi Germany (p. 304)

In 1933, the Catholic Center Party cast its large and decisive vote in favor of Hitler’s Enabling Bill. This bill essentially gave Chancellor Hitler the sweeping dictatorial powers he was seeking. Historian Guenter Lewy describes a meeting between Hitler and the German Catholic authorities shortly afterwards:

“On 26 April 1933 Hitler had a conversation with Bishop Berning and Monsignor Steinmann [the Catholic leadership in Germany]. The subject was the common fight against liberalism, Socialism and Bolshevism, discussed in the friendliest terms. In the course of the conversation Hitler said that he was only doing to the Jews what the church had done to them over the past fifteen hundred years. The prelates did not contradict him.”­aroo/L-hitler.htm

On the other hand, the Church did help the Jews but behind the scenes:

According to a newspaper article by Washington Times writer Jay Bushinsky in January 2007, Monsignor Angelo Roncalli, the papal ambassador to Turkey, worked with Chaim Barlas, a Jewish Agency Rescue Committee official, to persuade the Pope to help the Hungarian Jews. Roncalli and Barlas worked together to save around 12,000 Hungarian Jews by making false baptismal certificates for them and issuing travel papers. Roncalli wrote letters to Pope Pius XII urging him to ask Miklos Horthy to stop the deportation of the Hungarian Jews. In June 1944, the Pope contacted Horthy and asked him to stop the deportation, which Horthy finally did in July. Roncalli later became Pope John XXIII.
source: Washington Times
[Nevertheless, Eichmann was able to get another 76,000 Hungarian Jews deported in the autumn of 1944.]

Once in power, Hitler showed his true colors by promptly breaking all his promises to workers. The Nazis abolished trade unions, collective bargaining and the right to strike. An organization called the “Labor Front” replaced the old trade unions, but it was an instrument of the Nazi party and did not represent workers.­L-hitler.htm­onrad Heiden
German author who tried to warn the world about Hitler

conspiracy theorists:
Sheikh Ekrima Sa’id Sabri (Arabic: عكرمة سعيد صبري‎) was the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine from October 1994 to July 1, 2006. Denied the Holocaust.

In 1893,Theodor Fritsch published his most famous work, The Handbook of the Jewish Question also known as the Anti-Semitic Catechism . He died in 1933.
On personal weapons:

Two days after Kristallnacht:
On November 11, 1938, the Minister of the Interior, Wilhelm Frick, passed Regulations Against Jews’ Possession of Weapons. This regulation effectively deprived all Jews of the right to possess firearms or other weapons.

“The most foolish mistake,” Hitler once remarked, “would be to allow the subject races to possess arms.”­ol/comment/columnists/guest_co­ntributors/article5897827.ece

BBC updates all day on Ivan Demjanjuk case. 88-year-old Klaas Carel Faber, convicted more than 60 years ago by a Dutch court of complicity in 22 wartime murders, would not be extradited because Faber’s consent as a German citizen was required, and he refused.

Ivan Demjanjuk has been found GUILTY­ld/europe/articles/2011/05/12/­germany_wont_extradite_nazi_co­nvict/
Although Germany found Demjanjuk guilty, they also let this Dutch nazi stay free.

“Defence attorney Ulrich Busch told the Munich court on Wednesday that even if Demjanjuk did become a prison guard, he did so only because as a prisoner of war he would have either been shot by the Nazis or died of starvation.” First his defense claimed he wasn’t a guard; then they said ‘if he was a guard’ then he was forced to be one.­d-europe-13367098 most wanted
Adam Nagorny, guard at Treblinka. It is particularly heinous that Germany has taken so long to indict and prosecute these men.


Nazi “Death mills,” or Todesmuehlen. Powerful documentary made after the war. It is now believed that b/w 11 and 12 million died, starved, and were killed in Nazi camps.

Powerful fifty minute post-war documentary explores German history to find out what could have caused the War and the Holocaust. Germany had been a militaristic nation since Frederick the Great. Bismarck, the Kaisers, and then Hitler — were warmongers. What could have changed between WWI and II to make Germany reject the rules of war and attack civilians as a matter of policy?

Military; State Officials; Industrialists; Big Business & Landowners. Four forces that made up the backbone of the state and society. All of them were for corporal Hitler. Hitler and the Nazis did not ‘seize power’ – they were given power by these powers. Hindenburg accepted Von Papen’s choice of Hitler as Chancellor.
PROOF: The Nazis stripped the corpses of everything useful. One gruesome exhibit – 7 tons of human hair – shows traces of poison gas, proving that the prisoners’ heads were shaved AFTER they had been gassed.­_Germany3_Auschwitz.htm­/2011/05/07/holocaust-survivor­-speaks-on-being-a-teen-in-aus­chwitz-birkeneau/ It should be mandatory reading for young people who can have no idea of what another generation went through.

Bild recently gleaned some key information from just a few of the 4,000 pages of the BND’s secret Eichmann file which tells another story. It shows that West German intelligence already knew in 1952 that Eichmann was in Argentina, where he was living with his wife and children under his own name.
Adenauer’s close adviser, Hans Globke, helped strip Jews of their rights under the Nazis. This was a widely publicized scandal, but it only distracted from the larger shame that countless lesser-known Nazis lived and worked under the radar throughout West German society, including within the ranks of the BND.­/09/arts/anniversary-of-adolf-­eichmanns-trial-sheds-light-on­-postwar-germany.html?_r=1&src­=me&ref=general

more evidence :
“Dr. Hans Münch [Dr Muench] said that the women were sent to the gas chamber when the experiments were completed. He explained that the experimental subjects were “secret-bearers” who could not be allowed to live because they were witnesses.” from Last Days, Spielberg film. Germany nevertheless acquitted him of all wrongdoing.

Nerin E. Gun was a Turkish journalist who was imprisoned at Dachau in 1944; his job was to take down the names and vital information from Hungarian Jewish women who were on their way to be gassed in the fake shower room in the Dachau crematorium.
In his book entitled “The Day of the Americans,” published in 1966, Gun wrote the following regarding his work at Dachau:

I belonged to the team of prisoners in charge of sorting the pitiful herds of Hungarian Jewesses who were being directed to the gas chambers. My role was an insignificant one: I asked questions in Hungarian and entered the answers in German in a huge ledger. The ^administration of the camp was meticulous. It wanted a record of the name, address, weight, age, profession, school certificates, and so on, of all these women who in a few minutes were to be turned into corpses. I was not allowed in the crematorium, but I knew from the others what went on in there.

The Jews who were neither gassed nor registered at Auschwitz upon arrival, but instead were transferred to a labor camp, were called *Durchgangsjuden [needs exact translation]. It seems that the Auschwitz Museum now accepts 1.1 million Jews killed at Auschwitz. Rudolf Hoess initially testified in his 1947 trial in Poland, that 1 million Jews , approximately, had been killed there. Later he said more, under pressure.

Höttl [Hoettl], Eichmann’s assistant, had been recruited to work with American intelligence.
The sub-section (of RSHA) concerned with the Jews, controlled by Eichmann and Hans Gunther [d. 1945]. “In the summer of 1941, I cannot remember the exact date, I was suddenly summoned to the Reichsführer SS, directly by his adjutant’s office. Contrary to his usual custom, Himmler received me without his adjutant being present and said in effect:

“The Führer has ordered that the Jewish question be solved once and for all and that we, the SS, are to implement that order. […] I have now decided to entrust this task to you. […] You will learn further details from Sturmbannführer Eichmann of the Reich Security Head Office who will call on you in the immediate future.””


Also, photo of Hitler next to the old order. Plus qu’il change…­er_Weg_zum_Wiederaufstieg
“The way to rebirth”, Hitler’s pamphlet. Few copies exist. Given to German businessmen, who received it with enthusiasm.

Between 1933 and 1938, translations of Mein Kampf appeared in Danish, Swedish, Spanish, and French. [14] The first English translation was published in September 1939.
source, Mein Kampf, German wikipedia. No wonder the Allies were mentally asleep!

*Fritz Darges, d. 2009, Waffen SS, Adj to Hitler. Published memoirs may bring to light any more info on Hitler’s knowledge of the Holocaust. Darges was the last surviving member of Hitler’s inner circle and was present for all major conferences, social engagements and policy announcements for four years of the war.

Adolf von Bomhard, d. 1976

The Nazis felt no personal responsibility. They acted as a group, lived as a group, thought as a group. The subordination of the individual to the group and to the State, -that is the psychological mechanism that turned ordinary men into killers.
The Germans obviously had some psychological sense of inferiority and needed to step on others to feel superior. The ones who worked in the camps mainly did so to avoid going to the front, and yet show that they were ‘men in uniform.’ Scum.

The Allies used destructive methods because the Axis used slave labor and death camps. The productive capacity of the cities were integral to their war effort, and hence were considered to be legitimate targets. Speer moved the facilities of war production underground. Hans Kammler enslaved tens of thousands of foreigners to produce rockets, planes and bombs. The Allies couldn’t be civil with such criminal regimes — they needed to be destroyed.

proof in one paragraph: Hitler ‘s translator Paul Schmidt testified on the Holocaust during the IG Farben trial. Eichmann adjutants testified against him. Both Eichmann and Rudolf Hoess acknowledged that at least 1 million Jews had been killed at Auschwitz Birkenau. The Nazis used statisticians, Korherr and Hoefle; and they used IBM machines to calculate the number of deaths at the camps. The telexed messages were sent from the camps to the Reich Chancellery. There’s plenty of proof of the Holocaust.

J­oerg Friedrich, author of “The Fire”, a controversial work on the Allied fire-bombings of Dresden and other cities. He ackowledges that German Luftwaffe pilots attacked Britain first. Does he remember the Luftwaffe attacks on Madrid and Guernica?
One mustn’t forget the Battle of the Atlantic: tens of thousands of merchant marinemen of Britain , Canada and the US lost their lives due to the U boat menace. [corrected]­ld/europe/articles/2011/05/02/­jews_march_to_auschwitz_to_hon­or_holocaust_victims/ powerful image

The Israeli flag is the same color as the sky. Blue and white. The Nazis chose a Yellow star.
Imagine what an impression it would have made in Europe if the Pope had put on a Yellow Star!­slideshow/photo//110502/481/ur­n_publicid_ap_org_a0dc8e7c96e8­485bb1817b2ece69ca6b/
Star of David raised by young girl nearby to Auschwitz-Birkenau.

“Between 1940 and 1945, about 300,000 mentally ill people were killed in Germany. Another 400,000 were sterilized against their will.” They also killed the disabled and infirm.­cle/0,,14799289,00.html­cle/0,,14799289,00.html
German exhibit on Topf and sons, the German oven-manufacturers.­cle/0,,14973508,00.html
German exhibit addresses the issue of Police complicity in nazi crimes.­germany_crimes_of_the_fathers

BBC video series, on the rise of Hitler and Nazis. The middle class fears of revolution from below by the Communists led many to choose to vote for them. Almost 45 percent of German voters
more nazis:

Allianz’s leadership, represented by directors Kurt Schmitt d. 1950 and Eduard Hilgard, led a policy of drawing nearer to the Nazis, even before they seized power.
Philip Kessler.
Eduard Hilgrand.
Adolf von Bromhard, d. 1976
Walter Stennes (1895-1989)
Heinrich Pernet, ?
Otto Wagener (29 April 1888 – 9 August 1971) was a German major general and, for a period, Adolf Hitler’s economic advisor.
Arthur Moeller van den Bruck , born 23 April 1876 in Solingen in Westphalia , died on 30 May 1925 in Berlin. Forgotten author, credited with the phrase “The Third Reich;” which Hitler borrowed.

Did the Nazis have a cure for typhus? I don’t think so. The US military arrived with DDT which proved incredibly infective. The number of people in the USA who have died of Typhus compared with those in Europe is incredibly miniscule.

Nazi policies toward women. The heated arguing on the video shows how much ignorance there is about the Holocaust around the world, and this is where the deniers come in to the picture.

disturbing video of Nazi helferinnen ( SS women “helpers”).



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