Institute for Research on the Jewish question; Nazi Doctors; Beevor, “Downfall”

“By appointing Hitler Chancellor of the Reich you have handed over our sacred German Fatherland to one of the greatest demagogues of all time. I prophesy to you this evil man will plunge our Reich into the abyss and will inflict immeasurable woe on our nation. Future generations will curse you in your grave for this action,” the telegram from Ludendorff stated.
More proof of the Holocaust:
There was a telex message on display, dated June 29, 1941 from Reinhard Heydrich, addressed to the four Einsatzgruppen leaders.
Here is the English translation of Heydrich’s telex message:
Efforts to carry out purges on the part of anti-Communist or anti-Jewish groups in the territories to be newly occupied must not be hampered. On the contrary, they are to be provoked although without leaving traces — if necessary intensified and carefully guided in the right direction. This must be done in such a way that these local ‘self defense groups’ will not be able to claim later on that they were given instructions or political assurances. [**]

Hans Joachim Sewering (30 January 1916 — 18 June 2010) was a German doctor. In World War II, he is alleged to have participated in transferring 900 Handicapped Catholic children into a camp where they were killed.[1][2]

W­ilhelm Schepmann, Chief of staff for the SA, dead 1970. He is the father of Richard Schepmann, head of the Neo-Nazi publishing house Teut-Verlag, who was jailed in 1983 for inciting racial hatred.­/25/world/25schaefer.html?scp=­43&sq=nazi&st=cse

Paul Schaefer, dead nazi , Chile.

Did Germany prosecute Nazis?
Far from meting out severe punishment, German authorities took every conceivable step to acquit the clearly guilty, gave laughably short sentences where outright acquittal was impossible, re-employed guilty judges and prosecutors (often with enhanced salaries and positions of honor and responsibility) and gave generous pensions to those who could not be re-employed.

Johannes Goehler, SS, at Dachau. d. 2003­ws/2010/12/06/prsc1206.htm
Doctors infatuated with eugenics devised a legal program that sterilized 400,000 Germans with disabilities. An additional 200,000 “incurables” were killed. [My comment: Clearly it was society’s indifference to this first mass-murder operation that laid the foundations for the later ones. And it was German medicine that led the way.]­alan-elsner/a-new-nazi-war-cri­mes-tri_b_438428.html
Samuel Kunz has apparently been living quietly for decades without anyone troubling him. [my comment: He has since died. This proves that German Justice system laughed in the face of the Holocaust victims]

Samuel Kunz testified more than once in the 1960s that he was at the camp and knew what was happening there. Most of the Belzec perpetrators were never brought to justice. Nine were put on trial in Munich in August 1963. All but one were acquitted. The defendants argued that they were only following orders ….
The passage of the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act in October, 1998, set into motion the most intense, large-scale U.S. government effort yet to declassify records relating to a single subject. Preliminary surveys by twelve Federal agencies yielded a universe of more than 600 million pages of potentially relevant records, with more detailed surveys narrowing the universe to about 100 million pages.

Fifteen years later, more than eight million pages have been identified as relevant and declassified under the law.­ondetre/Einstein.html

Ordinary citizens poured forth carrying volumes looted from libraries and private homes. ‘Jewish intellectualism is dead,’ propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, his face fiery, yelled from the podium.” Einstein also learned that his name was on a list of assassination targets, with a “$5,000 bounty on his head.” One German magazine included him in a list of enemies of the German regime with the phrase, “not yet hanged.” During the spring of 1933, Nazi student organizations, professors, and librarians made up long lists of books they thought should not be read by Germans. Then, on the night of May 10, 1933, Nazis raided libraries and bookstores across Germany. They marched by torchlight in nighttime parades, sang chants, and threw books into huge bonfires. On that night more than 25,000 books were burned. Some were works of Jewish writers, including Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud.

NYT, 52 Years and $750 Million Prove Einstein Was Right
Published: May 4, 2011
Still living Nazi symp
96 year old Elizabeth Frenzel, dissertation, “The figure of the Jew in the modern German stage.” Her dissertation reveals glowing enthusiasm for National Socialism and the racial theories of Hans FK Günther-based anti-Semitism.
One source: zur Erforschung der Judenfrage

Helmut Stellrecht, d. 1987; Werner Keoppen, d. 1994; Karl Hanke (?); Hans Hagemeyer, d. 1993; Matthes Ziegeler, d. 1992; Heinrich Harmjanz, d. 1994.

Institute for research on the Jewish question.
The Institute was established on 26 March 1941 in Frankfurt. The presentations of the three-day opening event of “national death” of the Jews as a goal was formulated. It was to be achieved by “impoverishment of the European Jews at forced labor in huge camps in Poland.”

Wilhelm Grau, d. 2000; Walter Frank, d. 1945; Fritz Fischer, d. 1999, Hermann Kellenbenz, d. 1990; Guenther Franz d. 1992, Herbert A. Frenzel, d. 1995; Alfred Baumler, d. 1968; Friedrich Krebs, d, 1961; Ersnst Schulte Strathaus; Hermann Schneider; Ulrich Fleishhauer , d. 1960; Peter-Heinz Seraphim, d. 1979; Karl Springenschmid d. 1981; Georg Poensgen, d. 1974.

Apart from the actual importance of the Jewish question, the library for the research of the Jewish question assumes a high position in the realm of German libraries with its present collection of about 550,000 volumes because this Frankfurt library could be brought to such a degree of completeness as regards the literature on the Jewish question as never before in Europe or elsewhere. In the New Order of Europe Organization the library for the Jewish question not only for Europe but for the world will arise in Frankfurt and Main.

Ernst Krieck (* June 6th 1882 in Vögisheim , † March 19 1947 in the internment Moosburg an der Isar ) was a German teacher, writer and professor. Died in prison.

Dr. Walter Gross (written Groß in German) (21 October 1904 – 25 April 1945) was a German physician appointed to create the Office for Enlightenment on Population Policy and Racial Welfare. Suicide.

Walter Frank. Suicide, 1945.
In the spring of 1945 Kellenbenz – presumably following orders – in his capacity as a research officer burned for days all the files of the Munich-based “research department Jewish question”. source:

nazi drs:

Dr. Robert Ritter (d. 1951); Dr Hans F.K. Guenther (d. 1968);
Dr Ernst Rudin (d. ); Dr Eugen Fischer (de. 1967, no punishment; heavily involved in Nazi science and race laws). Dr. Fritz Lenz, d. 1976.
Benno Mueller Hill book on Nazi drs.
Ophthalmologist who fought against the Nazis:
list of Books and articles on Nazi Medicine­cle/2011/4/15/exhibit-eugenics­-holocaust-nazi/
Harvard exhibit on Nazi Drs.­depth/8481343.stm
Good article on Nazi hunting. Simon Weisenthal center: “Germany’s increase in cases is the most dramatic – from 27 [investigations] in 2008-09 to 177 in 2009-10.”

Max de Crinis (* May 29th 1889 in Ehrenhausen in Graz , † May 2 1945 suicide in Stahnsdorf in Berlin Euthanasia doctor

Edmund Geilenberg, nazi engineer d. 1964, associated with Speer. Never punished.

“The Hitler Book”, Stalin’s dossier on Adolf Hitler, on amazon. It does contain a reference to SS General Hans Kammler, indicating he is ‘thought to have committed suicide.”­110503/wl_afp/hungaryserbiawwi­iwarcrimesnazicourt
Hungarian soldier Kepiro to go on trial. He escaped from justice in 1946. However, he’s 97 years old.

German Ambassador to Hungary, Veesenmeyer, testified after the war that the deportations would have been impossible without “the enthusiastic participation of the entire Hungarian police apparatus.”

Robert Scholz (* 9. Februar 1902 in Olmütz; † 15. Januar 1981) art crimes
Gerhard Utikal (* April 15 1912 in Frederick Graetz , Upper Silesia , † November 5th 1982 in Remscheid ), art thief. Not much punishment.

Bruno Lohse (September 17, 1911 — March 19, 2007) was a German art dealer who, during World War II, became the chief art looter in Paris for Hermann Göring, helping the Nazi leader amass a vast collection of plundered artworks. During the war, Göring boasted that he owned the largest private art collection in Europe.[1] They gave amnesty to this thief.

“On the evening of 5 August 1941, in the presence of Nietsch, Paulsen, Krallat, Remerssen, Lieben, and others, Von Kunsberg informed us of Von Ribbentrop’s verbal order according to which all scientific institutions, libraries, palaces, et cetera, in Russia were to be thoroughly ‘combed out’ and everything of definite value was to be carried off”.
The Nazis were out to loot Europe and Russia blind. The Amber Room has never been found.­ens-secrets-tracking-nazi-gold­-dvd/detail.php?p=68990&v=hist­ory-education_subjects_social-­studies_military-history_world­-war-ii

German “Justice”: “Many ofthe perpetrators had substantial jobs in the postwar years,” he says. “They weren’t going to talk back then.” source: Laurence Rees, BBC.

Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State DVD 2PK
Item No.: AINS4002 DVD Set
This 6-part series tells the story of the Auschwitz, site of the largest mass murder in history. Writer Laurence Rees and his team interviewed over 100 witnesses, including former Nazi perpetrators who speak on the record for the first time. Their story is brought to life through archived footage, recreations of key moments, computer reconstructions based on recently discovered plans of the camp, and their testimony.

The Final Solution: Part One; The Final Solution: Part Two
BBC added more material to a DVD

World at War, BBC series no. 20 “Genocide (1941–1945)” 27 March 1974
Begins with the founding of the S.S. and follows the development of Nazi racial theory. It ends with the implementation of the Final Solution. [needs a link to youtube video]­/11/obituaries/richard-schulze­-kossens-hitler-adjutant.html

http://www.historylearningsite­ Nazi Germany.htm

Women were not expected to work in Nazi Germany . In Weimar Germany there had been 100,000 female teachers, 3000 female doctors and 13,000 female musicians. Within months of Hitler coming to power, many female doctors and civil servants were sacked. This was followed by female teachers and lawyers. By the start of the Second World War, very few German women were in fulltime work.
my comment: I think this is the real reason that so many supported the Nazis; they took jobs from women and gave them to men. Why do American historians refuse to look this fact in the face?

J­ames Vincent Murphy, Irish Priest, translated Mein Kampf into coherent prose.
Father Staempfle, German Priest, edited Mein Kampf. Killed during the “night of the long knives.’
Beevor, “Downfall.”
The rest of the Nazi upper echelon – the so-called “Golden Pheasants” – were no better. As Berlin’s fall became imminent, some 2,000 of them caught trains to the south. Of those who stayed, Hitler’s No 2, Martin Bormann, and SS General Mohnke ordered the execution of any Germans who failed to stay right to the bitter end. That order cost at least 10,000 lives. In the meantime, its two authors had already brought civilian clothes into the bunker ready for their own escape. —

At a time when neo-Nazis look back at this past and find it glorious, Beevor reminds us forcefully of its epic strategic foolishness and hypocrisy. Here was a leader who had set out to smash Bolshevism, but whose actions brought it right into the heart of Europe. Here was a strategist, supposedly of genius, who stuck with the Ardennes offensive long after it had failed, who instead of reinforcing the Eastern Front sent SS panzer troops from the Vistula to Hungary, who let two whole armies stay idle in the Baltics rather than rush them back to defend the Reich, who routinely ordered impossible positions to be needlessly defended. Who, unlike Stalin, never listened to his generals.

The Germans knew exactly what was coming. Heinz Guderian, the Nazi general in charge of the Eastern Front, told Hitler that his intelligence sources estimated the Russians had a superiority of 11 to one in infantry, seven to one in tanks, and 20 to one in planes and artillery. Hitler told him he was talking rubbish. It was preposterous. Under no circumstances were any troops to be switched from the Western Front. It was just an enormous bluff. The Russians wouldn’t invade at all.­/040702.html

In fact the Supreme Allied Commander, General Eisenhower, had no intention of robbing the Red Army of its prize. By 11 April, American troops were within 48 hours of Berlin, but they advanced no further. The Americans judged that the political gain was not worth the inevitable casualties, not realising that the German armies were almost desperate to surrender to the Allies rather than risk capture by the Russians. Churchill advocated seizing the capitals of Berlin, Prague and Vienna before they were overrun by the Red Army, but his voice no longer counted.

Beevor comments on this in his book on Berlin noting that on the 19th March Hitler issued what became known as the “Nero” order. Hitler called for the destruction of Bridges, factories and pretty much anything that the enemy might be able to use. Speer argued against this, originally saying that their destruction meant “eliminating all further possibility for the German people to survive”. Hitler replied “This time you will recieve a written reply to your memorandum. If the war is lost, the people will also be lost [and] it is not necessary to worry about their needs for elemental survival. On the contrary it is best for us to destroy even those things. For the nation has proved to be weak, and the future belongs entirely to the strong people of the east. Whatever remains after this battle is in any case only the inadequates, because the good ones will be dead.” Hitler, quote from Beevor.

more proof of the Holocaust:
Mauthausen concentration camp was established in Austria while Kaltenbrunner was the Higher SS and Police Leader for Austria, and was frequently visited by Kaltenbrunner before he was appointed Chief of the Security Police and SD (L-51). On the occasion of one such visit in 1942, Kaltenbrunner personally observed the gas chamber in operation (2753-PS). http://www.jewishvirtuallibrar­­brunner.html


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