Hitler ‘s speeches on the Holocaust; more on Hungary. Time on AH.

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Professor Dr. Hermann Stieve (1886-1952) was a leading anatomist at the University of Berlin and the Berlin Charité
Hans Wilhelm König (* May 13th 1912 in Stuttgart ; † unknown) was a German SS Lieutenant and as a camp doctor in the concentration camps Auschwitz and Neuengamme .

Germany, uprising in 1919

Nuremberg film, by Schulberg/

Willy Brandt, icon


ADL site includes the Nuremberg and other trials of nazis all in one convenient area for research.

Friedrich Konopath Konopacki (24/02/1882 – 22/09/1962)

Wilhelm Saure (* September 25 1899 in Rattlar ; † April 18th 1951 in Frankfurt am Main ) was a German lawyer, SS leader and politician ( FDP ) and former Member of the Hesse state parliament . Both he and Schultz were major Nazi SS intellectuals, working with unprosecuted war criminals like Verschuer and Mollison. These are the men whose ideas led to medical experiments on prisoners.

Bruno Kurt Schultz (* August 3 1901 in Sitzenberg , † 1997 ) was an Austria-German SS leader, anthropologist and professor. Nazi race theorist of the SS.

Below are names on Holocaust in Rumania and Hungary; Von Ribbentrop; Foreign Office diplomats.

In the summer of 1942 secretly photographed Hubert Pfoch the transport of Warsaw Jews to the Treblinka death camp in Poland. . The photos and journal entries found Pfoch later as evidence in Düsseldorf process against the Nazi war criminal , Franz Stangl, were used. 1945 deserted Hubert Pfoch from the armed forces and went back to Vienna. A good German.
AMAZING photo of Nazi scientists who proudly smile for the cameras, for they have received their ‘get out of jail free’ card and come to America!

Proof of Nazi Waffen SS medical crimes at Dachau.

Operation Paperclip. US Gov’t approved over 760 Nazi scientists and doctors admission to the US. Their records were ‘whitewashed’ to absolve them of Nazi crimes.

Maj General Walter Paul Emil Schreiber, sent to Argentina by the US gov’t. Fate unknown.

documentary film of Nazi “Death mills” by Billy Wilder. Very graphic. Viewer discretion advised. The only error I spotted was in the number of people estimated to have died in the camps. It should be around 11.5 to 12 million. The Nazis officially called these death camps, sonderlagen, ie “Special camps.”

Jan 4, 1939 – “On January 4, 1939, President Roosevelt tells Congress that US neutrality policy must be re-examined.”[ask.com]
It took the US 1 year and 11 months and a few days to realize the futility of US neutrality. Thank Goodness that Roosevelt already had the draft in place, and Lend-Lease had been signed into law. There was no NATO at that time. The US -UK alliance was the only thing holding the democracies from being swamped by anti-democratic forces. France was weak, divided, and powerless. The Manhattan Project did not get under way until 1942. It was the most perilous hour.

Along with Ernst Roehm, Edmund Heines was killed in 1934 (gay Nazis).
Other nazis:
Karl Harrer, d. 1926
Gottfried Feder , d. 1941
Emil Kirdof, d. 1938
Anton Drexler , d. 1942 (one of AH’s mentors. He left the NSDAP early on)
Dietrich Eckart, d. __ Hitler’s mentor
Karl Ernst Haushofer, d. 1946/ his son also was a member of the NSDAP, but turned against them in 1944.

Hitler in his own words:

“we are well aware that this war could eventually only end that they be out-rooted from Europe or that they disappear.They have already spoken of the breaking up of the German Reich by next September, and with the help of this advance prophesy, and we say that the war will not end as the Jews imagine it will, namely, with the uprooting of the Aryans, but the result of this war will be the complete annihilation of the Jews. Now for the first time they will not bleed other people to death, but for the first time the old Jewish law of ‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,’ will be applied. And the further this war spreads, the more antisemitism will spread. It will find strength in every prison camp, and in every family, which will understand that its sacrifices are because of this antisemitism. And the hour will come when the enemy of all times, or at least of the last thousand years, will have played his part to the end.” [Sportspalast speech, Adolf Hitler, 1942]

The same speech in German:

Wir sind uns dabei im klaren, daß dieser Krieg ja nur damit enden könnte, daß entweder die germanischen Völker ausgerottet werden, oder daß das Judentum aus Europa verschwindet. Ich habe am 1. September 1939 im Deutschen Reichstag es schon ausgesprochen – und ich hüte mich vor voreiligen Prophezeiungen -, daß dieser Krieg nicht so ausgehen wird, wie die Juden sich es vorstellen, nämlich daß die europäischen arischen Völker ausgerottet werden, sondern daß das Ergebnis dieses Krieges die Vernichtung des Judentums ist. Zum erstenmal werden nicht andere allein verbluten, sondern zum erstenmal wird diesesmal das echt altjüdische Gesetz angewendet: Aug’ um Aug’, Zahn um Zahn!

[Hitler speech, Sportspalast 1/30/1942] [Vernichtung des Judentums: destruction of the Jews.]
[as Judentum aus Europa verschwindet. The Jews from Europe disappear].

“Continual reports on the work of the Einsatzgruppen in the East are to be presented to the Fuhrer.”
Source, Ian Kershaw, Hitler, the Germans and the Final Solution. p. 105
re: Aug 1, 1941 Martin Bormann’s office.

Hitler admits that the British have impeded any mass Jewish emigration to “Palestine” thanks to the Arabs.
“Palestine, which has already been designated by a popular catchword as the target of emigration, cannot be considered as such because its absorptive capacity for a mass influx of Jews is insufficient. Under pressure of Arab resistance the British Mandatory Government has limited Jewish immigration into Palestine to a minimum.”


the pre-war speech in which Hitler threatens the ‘destruction of the Jews.” The tape also can be found on Youtube. 1/30/39

“sondern die Vernichtung der jüdischen Rasse in Europa.” Hitler, 1/30/39
“The destruction of the Jewish race in Europe.”

“the Year 1944:.Hitler Threatens Horthy Because He Protects Hungary’s Jews.” en.wikipedia.org/wiki­Hitler:_Speeches_and_Proclamat­i­ons

The arguments claiming that Hitler knew nothing about the Holocaust are patently false and easily disprovable. Why did Hitler, at that late date in the war, attack his ally, Hungary, for ‘protecting Jews?’ In fact Hungary had persecuted and murdered Jews in the territories it had invaded. Yet Hitler found the time to make a speech attacking Hungary’s protection of its own Jews, just as the Red Army was arriving to liberate Eastern Europe from the Nazis.


References to the Holocaust: 28,33 121, 395, 401,402, 404-06, 819; The Jewish question, p. 373-426

Hitler’s speeches are filled with lies:
“It will calm you to learn that Germany does not, and did not, want to conquer the Ukraine. We have very limited interests, but we are determined to maintain those interests despite all dangers, despite anyone.” “I have neither toward England nor France any war claims, nor has the German nation since I assumed power.” “You know of my offers to England. I had only in mind the great goal of attaining the sincere friendship of the British people. “”In this campaign I gave an order to spare human beings.”

More of Hitler’s lies. This one took place after the defeat of Poland.

“Then came the next day and nothing occurred except for Polish general mobilization, renewed acts of terror, and finally attacks against Reich territory.” “I knew if Poland chose war she chose it because others drove her into war.” “I ordered the German Air Force to conduct humanitarian warfare – that is, to attack only fighting troops.””And this is made simpler by the fact that the British assertion as to the unlimited character of German foreign policy is a lie. I am happy now to be able to refute this lie for British statesmen. British statesmen, who continually maintain that Germany intends to dominate Europe to the Urals now will be pleased to learn the limits of German political intentions.”

Photo of Dr Eugen Fischer. Does that kindly looking doctor look to you like the father of Nazi Euthanasia and Eugenics?

Michael Burleigh on Euthanasia

Daniel Blatman, Death marches.

Holocaust denial is like a virus in that it continually changes form.

Facebook, which in 2009 deleted two such groups from its website.


Few of the nearly 60,000 Berlin Jews suspected the truth: that they were being sent to their deaths.
Berliner Hermann Samter recorded this worrying turn of events in late January 1942. ‘Since the beginning of the year,’ he wrote, ‘no news has been heard from Litzmannstadt [Lódz]. Post sent there is returned with the note that no postal deliveries are being made in this or that street. It is suspected that typhus is the reason.’ When later transports departed directly to the death camps, no correspondence was received from the deportees at all. Samter again voiced the fears of many: ‘Of the thousand people who were supposedly taken to Kaunas on November 17th, not one of them has written. As a result, the widespread rumour has emerged that these people have been shot en route, or otherwise murdered.’

On Hungary:
“It was clear to me that I, as a German, could not demand the Jews from the Hungarians. We had had too much trouble with that in Denmark. So I left the entire matter to the Hungarian authorities. Dr. Endre, who became one of the best friends I have had in my life, put out the necessary regulations, and Baky [d 1946] and his Hungarian gendarmerie carried them out. Once these two secretaries gave their orders, the Ministry of the Interior had to sign them.” [Eichmann, Life, December 5, 1961, p. 110]

Similarly, the German ambassador, Veesenmeyer, testified after the war that the deportations would have been impossible without “the enthusiastic participation of the entire Hungarian police apparatus.”

First of all, in Hungary, not the Germans but the Royal Hungarian Government ordered and carried out the deportations through its own gendarmes and civil servants. Sure, the Gestapo and the Nazi Foreign Ministry (Ambassador Veesenmayer) pressed for it, but the whole de-Jew-ification “cleansing” operation was a Hungarian enterprise from A to Z. Dr. Deak referred to the valuable document collection called Vádirat filled with edicts from Hungarian ministries, foremost among them the Secret Edict 6163/144 res. from the Ministry of the Interior ordering the round up and deportation-called-evacuation of the Jews. The Hungarian ministries acted and carried out the devilish plan of ridding Hungary of its Jews through their own officials and own security forces (gendarmes and police). The Jewish Council had nothing to do with it. The only exception was the Judenrat in Budapest, appointed by Eichmann, which did send out summons to fellow Jews to be arrested, interned, and in the end deported.


According to the historian Raul Hilberg, the United States alone captured 40,000 linear feet of documents on the murder of European Jews. Add to this other captured documents, police and court records, memoirs, oral histories, film documentaries, interviews, two thousand books in many languages (there are over ten thousand publications of varying size on Auschwitz alone), and we can say that the Holocaust is a uniquely well-documented historical event.

1200 British prisoners of war who worked in the Auschwitz III/I.G. Farben Buna factory, and whose experiences are virtually unknown. These POWs were taken from the ranks (officers did not have to serve on work-details) and witnessed daily all the horrors of Auschwitz III.


Thea Miesl [Thea Miesel] [Therese Miesel] was a female Nazi guard in several concentration camps during World War II.
Thea (Therese) Miesl (or Miesel) was born in Munich-Feldmoching, a Munich suburb on October 15, 1922. She worked various jobs, until her conscriptment into the SS Women’s Auxiliary (SS Gefolge) in early October 1944. On October 15, 1944, her twenty-second birthday, she entered the Ravensbruck concentration camp to begin her new career, a female guard in Nazi camps. For four weeks Thea trained under SS Stellvertretende Oberaufseherin (Replacement Chief Wardress) Dorothea Binz in the finer points of “Schadenfreude” (malicious pleasure). In mid-November 1944, Thea was one of several guards to guard a transport of women prisoners to the Dachau concentration camp near her home town of Munich. Somewhere between December 1944 and March 1945 Thea Miesl once again oversaw a transport of women prisoners to the Kaufering subcamp near Landsberg, Germany. Only a handful of women guards served in the chain of camps, nineteen in all, nine for women. In the camps, Thea was a cruel and cold hearted guard. She used abuse and brute force to terrorize female prisoners. In early April 1945, while the Kaufering camps were being evacuated, Thea left and went back to her home in Munich-Feldmoching. She has never been prosecuted for her war crimes.

post-war German director Michael Verhoeven film on German reactions to the exhibition on the Wehrmacht’s criminal actions in Europe and Russia.

more Nazis:
Rudolf Schleier, Von Ribbentrop’s man in Iraq. ” Rudolf Schleier was the German head of the French Nazi party prior to the occupation of France. He was heavily involved in the deportation of Jews, both French and émigré, from France to serve as forced labour in Germany or elsewhere in Europe, or to the death camps. He was extradited after the war from Germany to France and tried as a war criminal.”

Wilhelm Hauser

Gustav Richter (1913 — c.1982) was an aide to Nazi Adolf Eichmann during World War II. This Richter’s primary task was to take a census of the Jews in Romania. He planned the ghettoization and ultimate extermination of 300,000 Romanian Jews. Richter planned the deportation of Romanian Jews to the Belzec extermination camp in occupied Poland. His other task was to prevent the emigration of Jewish children from Romania to Palestine.

On 22 July 1942, Richter received permission from Romania’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Mihai Antonescu, to deport the Romanian Jews to Belzec. However, while hundreds of thousands[citation needed] of Jews were killed[citation needed] in Romania, in general, Richter’s plan to deport them to Belzec fell through. He spent 10 years in a Soviet cell. Germany was kind however. In early 1982, Richter was sentenced to four years of imprisonment but was released on the basis that he had already spent time in prison whilst in the Soviet Union.

Richter’s boss:
Manfred Von Killinger d. 1944, who later indicated that, during the conflict, he had disfigured captured Red Guards[5] and had ordered a female Communist sympathizer to be whipped “until no white spot was left on her backside”.[6] An extremely brutal Nazi involved in the killing of many people during the Weimar Republic.

Adolf Beckerle, d. 1976, deportation of Bulgarian Jews
Dietrich von Jagow, Nazi in Hungary. dead 1945.
Guenther Altenburg (* June 5 1894 in Königsberg , † October 23 1984 in Bonn), was a witness at at Nuremberg. But don’t let that fool you. He was complicit.
Dr. Lazslo Baky, Hungary, executed 1946.*
Ernst Woermann (* March 30 1888 in Dresden , † July 5 1979 in Heidelberg )
Ambassador Hans [Hanns] Eland Ludin secured the deportation of at least 50,000 Slovak Jews to the death camps (d. 1947, executed).

Ferdinand Grobba (born Arthur Borg, alias Fritz Grobb, Fritz Grobba, alias Franz Gehrke) (1886–1973) tried to stir up trouble against Britain in Iraq.In February 1942, Grobba was named foreign ministry plenipotentiary for the Arab States, a job that entailed liaison between the Nazi German government and Arab exiles in Berlin, like Mohammad Amin al-Husayni. Ultimately, Grobba indicated that Hitler was never willing to lend his support to Arab independence and national self-determination.Grobba spent 10 years in Soviet imprisonment. [also on Yugoslavia page 2]

Von Ribbentrop d, 1946
In April 1943, during a summit meeting with Admiral Horthy of Hungary, Ribbentrop strongly and unsuccessfully pressed the Hungarians to deport their Jewish population to the death camps. Ribbentrop’s own views about the Holocaust were well summarized when during his meeting with Admiral Horthy, Ribbentrop declared “the Jews must either be exterminated or taken to the concentration camps. There is no other possibility.”

Von Ribbentrop.wiki bio “According to Ribbentrop’s French agent, Fernand de Brinon, Joachim Ribbentrop, who was markedly afraid of his wife, very much enjoyed his trips in Paris as it allowed him to engage in affairs without his wife being present.”

Holocaust in Rumania:
Grobba’s opponent : Werner Otto von Hentig (22 May 1886, Germany – 8 August 1984, Norway) was a German diplomat from Berlin.

Radu Lecca (February 15, 1890–1980) was a Romanian spy, journalist, civil servant and convicted war criminal. Helped Richter and Von Killinger rob Rumania’s Jews.He was returned into Romanian custody together with Ion Antonescu, Cristescu, Governor of Transnistria Gheorghe Alexianu, General Constantin Pantazi and General Constantin Vasiliu.

Additional controversy erupted in 2003, when some of Lecca’s judgments were uncritically used as sources for a Romanian manual on Holocaust history (called “disinformation textbook” and “extremely vulgar” by researcher Alexandru Florian)

Carl August Clodius

Gustav Adolf Baron Steengracht von Moyland (15 November 1902 – 7 July 1969]) was a German diplomat and politician of Dutch descent.

Herbert Krueger (* December 14 1905 in Krefeld ; † April 25th 1989 in Hamburg )
Ernst Forsthoff (* September 13 1902 in Laar , today Duisburg , † August 13 1974 in Heidelberg) nazi lawyer

Heinrich Georg Stahmer (Born Hamburg, Germany May 3, 1892 – died Vaduz, Lichtenstein June 13, 1978), Ribbentrop’s man in Japan

Emil Schumburg (* May 14th 1898 in Berlin , † February 17 1961 in Hannover ) German Foreign Office.

Hans Heinrich Nieland (* October 3 1900 in Hagen , Westphalia, † August 29 1976 in Reinbek by Hamburg ) Nazi, and Post-war mayor of Dresden.

Ernst Wilhelm Bohle (* July 28 1903 in Bradford , United Kingdom, † November 9th 1960 in Dusseldorf

Hitler’s translator, Paul Schmidt (d. 1970).
” In 1947, he testified for the prosecution against the directors of IG Farben.” (wikipedia bio)

more nazis:
Herbert Jankuhn, d. 1985;  Karl Kersten d 1992; Peter Paulsen, d. 1985; Heinrich Friedrich Wiepking Jurgen-Mann d. 1973; Alwin Seifert, d. 1972; Walter Christaller, d. 1969. Professor-Nazis.

The SS expanded into the countries that the Third reich occupied:
One of the most notorious groups was in the Netherlands where the Germanic-SS was employed to carry out Jewish round-ups. Those arrested were deported to Nazi concentration camps and death camps. Of the 140,000 Jews that had lived in the Netherlands prior to 1940, only 30,000 survived the war.

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Beiglboeck (born October 10, 1905, Hochneukirchen, Lower Austria, Austria — November 22, 1963) Buxtehude, Lower Saxony, Germany. Dachau doctor was allowed to go free after a few years.

Konrad Meyer, d. 1973, war criminal, aide to Himmler in Crimea.

Alfred Eduard Frauenfeld (born 18 May 1898 in Vienna – died 10 May 1977 in Hamburg) was an Austrian Nazi leader.

Gustav Adolf Scheel (November 22, 1907 in Rosenberg, Baden — March 25, 1979 in Hamburg) was a German physician and “multifunctionary” in the time of the Third Reich (SA and SS member, Leader of the National Socialist Students’ Federation, Organizer of the SD in the southwest, Superior SS and Police Leader in Salzburg, Gauleiter in Salzburg from November 1941). As commander of the Security Police and the SD, he organized in October 1940 the deportation of Karlsruhe’s Jews to the death camps in the east. A MAJOR NAZI. Allowed to go free TWICE. Two or three years in detention, that’s all. Return to medical practice.

More nazi scientists, of various levels of guilt:

Heinz Brücher [Bruecher] (January 14, 1915 – December 17, 1991) was a member of special science unit SS Ahnenerbe (ancestral heritage), PhD (1938, Tübingen) in botany.

Konrad von Rauch. Herbert Jankuhn (born 8 August 1905 in Angerburg, East Prussia – 30 April 1990 in Göttingen) was a German archaeologist and supporter of the Nazi Party.

Wolf von Seefeld , SS mann, Ahnenerbe

Karl Diebitsch (January 3, 1899 — August 1985) was an artist and soldier responsible for much of the Third Reich SS regalia

Walther Wüst (7 May 1901, Kaiserslautern – 21 March 1993) was a prominent German Orientalist in the first half of the 20th century who became Rector of the University of Munich from 1941 to 1945. He was also a leading Nazi intellectual, and from 1937 the President of the Research Institute of the Ahnenerbe SS.



Nazi policies toward women.

women in the national socialist movement:
The women who were guards were called, Aufseherrin, and were not SS members. The typing pool were called helferrinen, yet without them the machinery of murder couldn’t have functioned.

‘Women typed the statistics of the murdered victims of the S.S. Action Squads in the east, operated the radios which called up for more bullets, were invariably the secretaries — and sometimes much more — in all the Gestapo posts,’ Ms Kompisch said. “Female Perpetrators: Women Under National Socialism’ by Katherin Kompisch.

more proof of the Holocaust:
According to the book “Nazi Death Camp,” around 100 members of the Sonderkommando who worked in the gas chamber buildings at Birkenau were among the 60,000 prisoners who were marched out of the camp, under SS escort, on January 18, 1945 when the three Auschwitz camps were abandoned. The Nazis didn’t anticipate that some of these Sonderkommando workers would survive and testify against them in war crimes trials after the war. Besides Tauber, there were two others, Szlama Dragon and Alter Feinsilber, aka Stanislaw Jankowski, who also testified about the gassing of the Jews at the trial of Rudolf Höss [Hoess] in Poland after the war. Three other members of the Sonderkommando [men who worked burning bodies], who were murdered after a few months on the job, had managed to hide their diaries, containing accounts of the gassing of prisoners at Birkenau, in containers which they buried in the ground to be discovered later by survivors.

the banality of evil: Photo of Nazi Guard, Samuel Kunz, who has since died.

[Kulmhof] Chelmno: Over 152,000 Jews were murdered there, and about 10,000 others.
” During 1962/63, twelve members of the SS who had served as guards in Chelmno stood trial in Bonn, Germany. For their war crimes they were sentenced to prison terms ranging form 1 to 20 years. Considering the enormity of the crimes they were accused of having committed these sentences are extremely light and certainly out of tune with reality.”

Hermann Krumey (* April 18 1905 in Moravian Schönberg ; † November 27th 1981 in Erftstadt )’ Eichmann’s right hand man in Hungary; died in prison.

Heinrich Himmler’s adjutants:
Georg Wippern, d. spring 1993
Heinz Macher, died on 21 December 2001
Werner Grothmann was tried in 1962. Finally he worked as a businessman in Western Germany. He died in 2003.

Richard Schulze, adj to Hitler , d. 1988

Fritz Gebhardt von Hahn (born May 18 1911 in Shanghai , † January 31 2003 in Aschaffenburg ) was a German diplomat Unit III / Jewish question, racial politics.

Bene Otto (* September 20 1884 in Altenberg (Bergisch Land) ; † April 16 1973 ) was a German diplomat in the era of National Socialism .

Jan Karski, Polish Hero.
Karski’s impassioned plea on behalf of the Jews possibly influenced Roosevelt in his decision to set up the War Refugee Board on 22 January 1944, a move that was to have a beneficial effect, for by the war’s end the board had played an important role in saving approximately 200,000 Jews, mainly in Hungary and Rumania. If it had stimulated Roosevelt into action, it was the only tangible consequence of Karski’s brave effort to stop the killing.

The United States Office of Strategic Services received a report dated 20 June 1942 from Lisbon, that began with the words, “Germany is no longer persecuting the Jews. It is systematically exterminating them.”

“The annexed parts were controlled by a German administration ruled by a Gauleiter, a system similar in practice to that of the Reich itself. Nearly 1 million Poles were expelled from this German ruled area, while 600,000 Germans from eastern Europe and 400,000 from the German Reich were settled there.” http://www.deathcamps.org/occu­­pation/occupationintro.html
When the Germans complain about how they were expelled from Poland after the Soviets routed them, well now you know why!

Albert Speer, Dr. Wilhelm Voss and Generalmajor Walter Doernberger also give roughly the same testimony in various publications that SS Obergruppenfuhrer Dr. Eng. Hans Kammler either took poison or ordered his adjutant to shoot him when the military situation became hopeless in the Prague region, May 1945.

SS Colonel Walter Greite (1907-1984)

pic of Wilfred von Opel and Himmler together. Company historian of Opel, claims that he rejected use of concentration camp labor.

http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,745087,00.html. Also see Time Magazine, search, “Hitler” for other articles.
TIME, Jan 1933

Proposing himself as Vice-Chancellor and Reich Commissioner for Prussia, Comrade von Papen argued that with this “safeguard” (himself) in the Cabinet it would be safe to appoint Hitler Chancellor. Devious but cogent, this proposition won 85-year-old Comrade von Hindenburg’s “Ja!”

Outside the Palace, thousands of Hitlerites roared guttural victory cheers.
“Heil Hitler! Deutschland erwache! Juda verrecke!” they bellowed as he emerged waving his black felt hat. “Hail Hitler! Germany awake! Perish Juda!”

Today it is no exaggeration to state that the Nazi Party is pledged to so many things that it is pledged to nothing. Abolition of interest (“usury”), expulsion of Jews from Germany, confiscation of department stores and the parceling out of their different departments to small merchants: these are but three pledges mouthed at Nazi mass meetings. More basic are the Party’s pledges to “scrap” the Treaty of Versailles and pay not a pfennig more in Reparations—but all German statesmen have those aims!

In 1928 the Party won a ludicrous twelve Reichstag seats; in 1930 it became second largest party with 107 seats. It has been largest since last August.

TIME 1940
When the Dutch defenders managed to hold the bridgeheads leading to Rotterdam, the second city of the Netherlands, Hitler ordered that “this resistance be broken speedily.” A wave of bombers swept over the city and showered it with 2,200-lb. bombs, killing more than 800 people and destroying some 25,000 houses in less than 15 minutes.

Besides, the U.S. was embarrassingly weak, boasting an Army of barely three divisions and an Air Force with just over 300 fighters.

Pope Pius XI, 81, spoke with “bitter sadness” of Italy’s anti-Semitic laws, the harrying of Italian Catholic Action groups, the reception Mussolini gave Hitler last May, declared sadly: “We have offered our now old life for the peace and prosperity of peoples. We offer it anew.”

In the Reichstag elections of 1928 it polled 809,000 votes. Two years later 6,401,016 Germans voted for National Socialist deputies, while in 1932 the vote was 13,732,779. While still short of a majority, the vote was nevertheless impressive proof of the power of the man and his movement.

Called to power as Chancellor of the Third Reich on January 30, 1933 by aged, senile President Paul von Hindenburg, Chancellor Hitler began to turn the Reich inside out.

Germany’s 700,000 Jews have been tortured physically, robbed of homes and properties, denied a chance to earn a living, chased off the streets. Now they are being held for “ransom,” a gangster trick through the ages. But not only Jews have suffered. Out of Germany has come a steady, ever-swelling stream of refugees, Jews and Gentiles, liberals and conservatives, Catholics as well as Protestants, who could stand Naziism no longer.

TIME 1945
Seldom in human history, never in modern times, had a man so insignificantly monstrous become the absolute head of a great nation. It was impossible to dismiss him as a mountebank, a paper hanger. The suffering and desolation that he wrought was beyond human power or fortitude to compute. The bodies of his victims were heaped across Europe from Stalingrad to London. The ruin in terms of human lives was forever incalculable.

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,797474,00.html#ixzz1MdRir3zw

Carl August Walther Sommerlath (22 January 1901 — 21 October 1990) was a German businessman and the father of Queen Silvia of Sweden. His brother also. Both were members of the Nazi party, and owned factories.

Auschwitz material added to “More on Auschwitz Birkenau. IG Farben” page,

More dr names added to:


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