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NEW: more info added on SS-gefolge (females SS)

The renowned U.S. historian Prof. Peter Hayes (Northwestern  University) published the book From Cooperation to Complicity: Degussa in the  Third Reich in September 2004. The German edition was published by C.H. Beck  Verlag, Munich, while the English version is available through Cambridge  University Press, New York.
more names.
Grosse Rosen.
Gerhard Degenkolb (* 26. Juni 1892 in Zeitz; † 1. Februar 1954 in Duisburg) war ein deutscher Maschinenbauingenieur und Manager zur Zeit des Nationalsozialismus. Er zählte zu den bedeutenden Schlüsselfiguren der Rüstungsindustrie of the Third Reich .Demag, in Brasil. He was associated with SS Obergruppenfuehrer Hans Kammler.
Gerhard Mauer, WHVA, very impt! (d. 1953)
In April 1945, the files of the Department of D II have been outsourced to Rostock and are since then untraceable. The leading group of WHVA took off in the space of Flensburg, Germany and received there fake identification documents and uniforms of the Kriegsmarine. With the ingestions of the Navy they were hiding.
After 1945
In March 1947, Maurer was arrested [3] and heard within the framework of the Nuremberg trials.[4] As witness for the defence testified Maurer on 17 November 1947 in the Nordhausen main process.
Then, Maurer was delivered to Poland and in 1951 in Warsaw in a process condemned to death. His execution in Krakow took place on 2 April 1953.[3], In particular the statement by Mietek Pemper led to Mason convictions.
In May 1968, a § 50 was inserted in the criminal code, it meant that already advanced investigation against 730 “desk offender” of Reich main Security Office (RSHA) due to statute of limitations were set. In the context of the punishment of Nazi crimes, no German court has regards therefore a member of the Office Group D in the SS-WVHA for his actions.[5]
Fritz Westen


(Grief, We Wept Without Tears), Shaul Chazan.
“Secretaries of Death,” a survivor named Irka Anis­/2011/07/04/memories-of-the-ho­locaust-zigi-shipper/­/2011/07/04/memories-of-the-ho­locaust-kitty-hart-moxon/
disturbing history of woman at Auschwitz-Birkenau.­Louis-Roux-chez-les


Vincenz Mueller war criminal? Uncertain.
Karl Wilhelm Ove Theodor Lindemann (* 17. April 1881 in Goldberg; † 4. Juli 1965 in Bremen
Dr Walther Schieber, oder auch Walter Schieber geschrieben (* 13. September 1896 in Beimerstetten bei Ulm; † 29. Juni 1960
Fritz Kiehn (* 15. Oktober 1885 in Burgsteinfurt; † 1. September 1980
Wilhelm Kleinmann, Reichsbahn, dead 1945.
Carl Vincent Krogmann (* 3. März 1889 in Hamburg; † 14. März 1978
Wilhelm Heinrich Börger (* 14. Februar 1896 in Kray; † 29. Juni 1962 in Heidelberg) war ein deutscher NS-Politiker.
Friedrich Karl Dermietzel (* 7. Februar 1899 in Lunow; † 7. Juli 1981) war SS-Brigadeführer, Generalmajor der Waffen-SS und Arzt.
Emil Helfferich (* 17. Januar 1878 in Neustadt an der Weinstraße; † 22. Mai 1972 ebenda)­reundeskreis Reichsfuehrer-SS
lists some of the bigshots surrounding the nat’l socialists.

Karl Wilhelm Keppler was supported by Goering, and displaced Schacht as a top finance-natl socialist. It was he who introduced Hitler to the industrialists.  no Wiki bio in English. (born 14 December 1882 in Heidelberg, † 13 June 1960 in Friedrichshafen, Germany

Banker Hjalmar Schacht was acquitted at Nuremberg, and basically had little or no power after 1939. Reichsbank.
Schacht disagreed with what he called “unlawful activities” against Germany’s Jewish minority and in August 1935 made a speech denouncing Julius Streicher and Streicher’s writing in Der Stürmer. Yet it was Schacht who was put on trial at Nuremberg, and acquitted.

good video on early conflict in Germany

Eichmann’s men.

Hans Ulrich Geschke ( born on 16th May 1907 ) – jurist, lawyer of the SA units, from 1935 chief of the Gestapo in Kiel, chief of the Gestapo in Prague, personally arrested Czech prime minister of protectorate government and army general Alois Eliáš and worked up accusation against him, during 2nd Heydrich´s terror ( heydrichiáda ) chaired to courts martial, responsible for burn-out of Lidice, then chief of the SD and SiPo in Poznan and in Budapest, his post-WW2 activities unknown. Presumed dead.

Gestapo Budapest SS Captain Alfred Trenker. Born in 1905, presumed dead.

Dr. Achamer-Pifrader (21.11.1900-25.04.1945)
Dr Siedl d 1947
Franz Six d. 1975
Wilhelm Burger
General Schoenberg
Min of transport, Stange
Lt Col Lazslo Ferenczy
Captain Lulay
**Kurt Becher, d. 8/ 1995. Appears elsewhere on the blog.
Dr Manfred Schoeneseiffen, d. 6 2001
* Lt Rudolf Jaenische d.?

Albert Hartl (* November 13 1904 in Roßholzen , † December 14th 1982 (4 years).
Subject IV B 4a (emigration) Rolf Günther d 1945. SS-Sturmbannführer and substitute Adolf Eichmann 1941 to March 1944 deportation of Jews
Subject IV B 4 b (right) Friedrich Suhr d 1946. cantonal Councillor, SS Obersturmbannführer July 1941 – November 1942 were points of law on confiscation, management and exploitation of property of the deportees, as well as cooperation with other authorities involved in the expropriation of the deportees.
Otto Hunsche, Government Council, SS main served November 1942 – March 1944 . 12 years. Presumed dead.
Personnel Division from 1941 to 1944
Administrator tasks subject

Franz Novak, transport IV B 4a. DEAD.
*Herbert Mannel, emigration statistics IV B 4a until December 1941
Franz Stuschka, censorship of Jewish prisoner mail organization, from January 1942 IV B 4aFranz Stuschka (* July 3 1910 in Liesing , † after 1985) 7 years
*Karl Hrosinek, administration IV B 4 b
Fritz Wöhrn, [Woehrn] general cases until December 1941 IV B 4 b then with same Aufgabenbebiet IV B 4a. dead, presumed.
Ernst Moes {mohs], d. 1945, axishistory individual cases until December 1941 IV B 4 b then with same Aufgabenbebiet IV B 4a
Werner Kryschak , presumed dead individual cases from January 1942 IV B 4a
*Richard Gutwasser, finance & IV owned B 4 b
*Max Pachow, finance & B 4 (b) ownership on January 1942 IV
Friedrich Bosshammer, d. 1972 “Preparation of a solution of the European Jewish question in political terms” January 1942 – November 1942 IV B 4 b, then with same field IV B 4a –d. 1972
*Karl Kube, orders January 1942 – November 1942 IV B 4 b, then with same field IV B 4a
*Hans Wasserberg, withdrawing the German Reich membership from April 1943 IV B 4a
*Alexander Mischke, withdrawing the German Reich membership from April 1943 IV B 4a
*Willy Jeske, fight against enemies from April 1943 IV B 4 b Wilhelm Jeske
*Paul Pfeifer, fight against enemies from April 1943 IV B 4 b
[More info in the comments section. It is strange that the names marked with asterisks are neither listed on wiki nor]

The Eichmann unit in Berlin was built primarily of Austrian employees, who had first established the Central Office for Jewish emigration in Vienna, and later that in Prague after the “Anschluss” of Austria to the German Reich. These men, among them Franz Stuschka and Franz Novak, were “Old party comrades” and found a new job in the Viennese central due to spells of unemployment.

-Richard Hartenberger: testimony by 22 September 1961 [12].

Walter Huppenkothen (* December 31 1907 in Haan in the Rhineland , † 1979 in Lübeck ) was a German lawyer , SS colonel in the Reich Security Main Office and Nazi criminals. Testified against Eichmann.

Panzinger, suicide 1959.

Fritz Katzmann (1906-1957) was a SS-Gruppenführer (Lieutenant General) and Polizei leader who perpetrated genocide in Lemberg (Lwów), Danzig, and the District of Galicia during The Holocaust. Katzmann was responsible for many of the atrocities that were perpetrated in the District of Galicia. He managed to escape prosecution after the Second World War.

more nazis:
Hans Fischböck [Fishboeck] (* January 24 1895 in Gera in the district Horn , † July 3 1967)

Otto Koellreutter (* November 26 1883 in Freiburg , † February 23 1972 ) was a German legal scholar [1] and National Socialist [2] .
Karl Memmenthey, was given 20 years, so out of prison in 1968, if he lived.

Otto Konstantin Gottlieb von Kursell (* 15. November 1884 in Sankt Petersburg, Russland; † 30. August 1967 in München).

Werner Lorenz (* 2. Oktober 1891 in Grünhof; † 13. März 1974 in Hamburg) war Leiter der Volksdeutschen Mittelstelle, SS-Obergruppenführer, General der Waffen-SS und Polizei und verurteilter Kriegsverbrecher.

Alfred Bernhard Julius Ernst Wünnenberg [Wuennenberg](* 20. Juli 1891 in Saarburg/Lothringen; † 30. Dezember 1963 in Krefeld) war ein deutscher Offizier und im Dritten Reich zuletzt SS-Obergruppenführer sowie General der Waffen-SS und Polizei.

SS-Obersturmbannführer John Karl Bernhard Bobermin, called Hanns Bobermin (* October 1 1903 in Boxhagen ; † February 1960 in Stuttgart ) was a German economist, SS officer and convicted war criminals of Nuremberg trials .

 Bobermin was sentenced to 20 years in prison on 3 November 1947, the sentence was later reduced to fifteen years in prison.[3] After partial holding Verbüßung, he was released early February 1951 from the prison Landsberg.[4] Bobermin was then employed in leading positions at Southern Company and later lived in Stuttgart. The Stuttgarter Zeitung reported the death of Bobermins on 9 February 1960. (google trans, Wiki .de).

Karl Kaleske

Helmut Beck-Broichsitter (1914–2000)

Heinz Karl Fanslau (* 6. Juni 1909 in Düringshof bei Landsberg/Warthe; † 10. März 1987 in München
Fenslau, 10 years total imprisonment.

Max Täubner or Taeubner
Wilhelm Honsell, d. 1977
Abel Bonnard, French collaborator, died in Spain. 1968

Alfred Franke-Gricksch (* November 30th 1906 in Berlin , † August 18 1952 in Moscow ) was during the Weimar Republic , a party official and writer of the national revolutionary wing of the Nazi Party . He left the party in 1930 and emigrated 1933rd returned in 1934, he was in the German Reich , a high SS leaders. In the early postwar period was one of the organizers of the right-wing nationalist group ” Brotherhood “. In 1952 he was convicted of his SS activities in the Soviet Union executed.
Alfred Franke-Gricksch wrote  **: a Nazi’s amazing report on Auschwitz.

August Frank (5 April 1898 — 21 March 1984) was an official of the Main Economic Administration Office of the Nazi SS (SS-Wirtschafts-Verwaltungshauptamt) generally known by its initials WVHA.
August Frank memorandum
Although the court had ruled that Frank was criminally answerable for the slave labor program and the looting of Jewish property, he escaped criminal liability for the murders themselves, as the court viewed him as in generally being only involved after the people had already been murdered.

In particular, Frank at his trial claimed he only became aware of the Jewish extermination program after hearing Himmler’s Posen speech on October 4, 1943, a month after he had left the WVHA.

By what process of law or reason did the Reich become entitled to one hundred million Reichsmarks’ worth of personal property owned by persons whom they had enslaved and who died, even from natural causes, in their servitude? Robbing the dead, even without the added offense of killing, is and always has been a crime. And when it is organized, planned, and carried out on a hundred-million-mark scale, it becomes an aggravated crime, and anyone who takes part in it is a criminal.[1] In 1951 Frank’s sentence was commuted to 15 years.
So, out in 1963 .D .1984.

Georg Nikolaus Lörner [Loerner](* 17. Februar 1899 in München; † 21. April 1959 in Rastatt) war ein deutscher SS-Gruppenführer und Generalleutnant der Waffen-SS, der während der Nürnberger Prozesse angeklagt und als Kriegsverbrecher verurteilt wurde. He spent six years  in jail.

Lörner was February 1942 Chief of Office Group B – force management in the SS – economic – administrative main office (WVHA). Middle of September 1943 he was again a representative of Oswald Pohl as Chief of WVHA.Co-founder of East industrial GmbH (Osti) in Lublin, which was formed in March 1943 to the theft of Jewish property and Jewish labour exploitation before they were eventually killed was [2] Lörner.[3] At the end of January 1945 Lörner still for four months for the army Management Office was moved.[1]

After his arrest, Lörner was arrested and charged with 17 other defendants in the trial against the economic and administrative main Office of the SS before an American military tribunal in the trial against the economic and administrative main Office of the SS. His defenders was Carl Hansel. In this process, because of the charges against the head of the SS economic and administrative main office Oswald Pohl also Pohl process called Lörner was deemed war crimes, crimes against humanity and membership in a criminal organization guilty on the counts.[4] Due to organisational involvement in the crime of concentration camp Lörner on 3 November 1947 was sentenced to death. The sentence was converted in August 1948, a life sentence and reduced to 15 years in prison in 1951.[1] Lörner was imprisoned in the Landsberg prison, from which he was released early on 31 March 1954.[3]

Richard Walther Darre (born Ricardo Oscar Darré Walther, and Richard Walter Darre, * July 14 1895 in Belgrano , Buenos Aires , Argentina , † September 5th 1953 in Munich ) was a German politician during the era of National Socialism .

Günther Pancke (* May 1 1899 in Gniezno , † August 17 1973 in Hamburg ) was a German SS Group leader and General of Police in Denmark. Pancke after the Second World War, was arrested in Denmark on 20 September 1948 in Copenhagen sentenced to 20 years in prison, from which he was pardoned 1953rd He died in 1973 in Hamburg.

Johannes Loritz same as?
Hans Loritz (* 21. Dezember 1895 in Augsburg; † 31. Januar 1946 in Neumünster) Was a German SS officer/Camp commandant in several conc. camps during the Third Reich.

Hans Juettner
d 1965 Head of SS Main Office. Jüttner was Himmler’s deputy in this area of command. Jüttner was one of those responsible for building the many
prisoner of war camps in which Soviet prisoners of war were held. In 1948 he was condemned to 10 years service in a labour camp. In appeal proceedings 1949 the punishment was lowered to 4 years. In 1961 Jüttner testified for the prosecution in the trial of Holocaust architect Adolf Eichmann.[6] Later Jüttner was the proprietor of a sanatorium in Bad Tölz,[7] died.

The Totenkopf division (3rd SS division), mainly because many of its original members were former prison guards, was a criminal organization.

Indian nationals [British Subjects] in the SS

Der Reichsführer SS/SS-Hauptamt, Rassenpolitik (Berlin, 1943 [?])
source :
Goebbels: “The Führer’s words at the beginning of the war will be fulfilled: The German people will not be destroyed in this war, but rather the Jews.”­/cas/gpa/rassenpo.htm

Alfred Rosenberg:
“[The myth of the 20 th century, by Rosenberg] its overt statement of Nazi anti-Christian sentiment made it difficult to give Rosenberg any position of prominence when the Nazis ascended to power.[2]” wiki.
Interesting. That indicates that Christianity still had a powerful influence in Germany that the National socialists recognized, and were even afraid of. Then millions had not been ‘brainwashed’ by Rosenberg’s ideas, for few even read his book. His Aryan philosophy was only one element in the nazi’s appeal to the masses. It also indicates that they had to accept Christian opinion even at the height of their power. So why did the Christian beliefs so many held not turn them away from the national socialist movement?

Until the fall of the Third Reich, Arno Breker was a professor of visual arts in Berlin. While nearly all of his sculptures survived World War II, more than 90% of his public work was destroyed by the allies after the war. In 1948 Breker was designated as a “fellow traveller” of the Nazis and fined, upon which he returned to Düsseldorf. The latter city remained his base, with periods of residence in Paris. During this time he worked as an architect.

Machtübernahme (“takeover of power”)
Machtergreifung , Nazi term for takeover
Machtübertragung (“handing-over of power”).

The last term is the most accurate. Power was given to them.

Prince August Wilhelm of Pruss­ia, d. 1949; son of the Kaiser. Conflict with his father, who warned them about the Nazis; also conflict with Goebbels. He was side-lined after 1942. He voluntarily campaigned for Hitler
“Hitler was not a threat, but a benefactor of the German people and the German Empire”. source wiki

Prince Alexander Ferdinand of ­Prussia, d. 1985
grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm. n 1934, Berlin reports leaked out that the prince quit the SA because Hitler had chosen 21-year old Alexander Ferdinand to succeed him as “head man in Germany when he [Hitler] no longer can carry the torch”. As many German princes, becoming the targets of Hitler’s mistrust, were removed from their commands in the military, Prince Alexander Ferdinand was the only Hohenzollern allowed to remain at his post.

Dr. Emil Puhl (August 28, 1889 — 1962) was a Nazi economist and banking official during World War II. He was director and vice-president of Germany’s Reichsbank during World War II and also served as a director for the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) at Basel (Switzerland). He was instrumental in moving Nazi gold during the war. At the Nuremberg Trials, he was convicted of war crimes and sentenced to five years’ imprisonment.

Dr. Walther Funk (18 August 1890 – 31 May 1960) was a prominent Nazi official. He served as Minister for Economic Affairs in Nazi Germany from 1937 to 1945. n January 1939, Hitler appointed Funk as President of the Reichsbank, again replacing Schacht.
He was appointed to the Central Planning Board in September 1943.
He was a wartime director of the Bank of International Settlements, based in Switzerland.

He was released on 16 May 1957, because of ill health. He died 3 years later.

By late 1940 the Allgemeine-SS also controlled the Germanische SS, which were collaborationist organizations modeled after the Allgemeine-SS in several Western European countries.
The Allgemeine-SS also consisted of a * female volunteer corps (known as the SS-Helferin) and, in the last days of World War II, had authority over the so called “Auxiliary-SS” which were non-SS personnel conscripted in the SS to serve as concentration camp personnel in the last months of World War II.

Reichsbank processed stolen wealth incl. gold teeth. Degussa.

Slave labor for private companies, included Heinkel, IG Farben, Junkers, Krupp, Messerschmitt, Salzgitter, and Siemens-Schuckertwerke. At locations like Mauthausen and Gusen at St. Georgen, Pohl managed successfully to make leading armament producers like Messerschmitt GmbH or Steyr-Daimler-Puch fully dependable on deliveries by companies of Amtsgruppe W. Additionally, the SS was producing under contract military clothing and equipment for the Wehrmacht.


NEW: more names added.

Aufseherin, female nazi guards:

Martha Dell Antonia
Alois Doerr. (freed after serving 10 years). All are unlisted on wiki.

Erna Beilhardt, Ravensbrück

Klara Kunig – dead at Dresden? former guard.
Johanna Seiss **
Irmtraut Sell
The town of Světlá was the location of the Lichtewerden labor camp, established on 11 November 1944 as a subcamp of Auschwitz III-Monowitz.In fact, fewer than twenty women ever served as true SS members, mostly because Schutzstaffel membership was indeed closed to women. The relatively low number of female guards who belonged to the Allgemeine-SS or SS-Gefolge served in the camps. Other women, such as Therese Brandl and Irmtraut Sell, belonged to the Totenkopf (“Death’s Head”) units.
The highest position ever attained by a woman was Chef Oberaufseherin, “Chief Senior Overseer” such as Luise Brunner and Anna Klein. In the Nazi command structure, no female guard could ever give orders to a male one since, by design, the rank of SS-Helferin was below all male SS ranks and women were not recognized as regular SS members but only auxiliaries.Helga Hegel was the chief overseer of the Helmbrechts subcamp of Flossenbürg concentration camp.

Little is known about the former Oberaufseherin Helga Hegel. What is known is that she took the place of former chief wardress Martha Dell’Antonia in late 1944 or early 1945. When the small camp was evacuated, Helga rode on a bike alongside commandant Alois Doerr. The two were also reportedly lovers. After the guards fled the march, Helga was captured by United States troops and confessed to accusations of maltreatment of prisoners. She also stated that she was not in the SS, nor were her female overseers below her.

It is unknown what happened to Helga Hegel since her personal file is missing from the archives.


Helene Dörnbrach

Lagerführerin Schmidt (Lenzing); a female guard.

Oberaufseherin  Margarete Maria Gallinat was the chief supervisor at Kamp Vught, Netherlands. Gallinat later became a supervisor at Ravensbrück concentration camp.

Erna Petermann (born 1912) was a high ranking female overseer at two Nazi concentration camps during the closing of World War II.Little is known about Erna Petermann, other than that she trained at the men’s camp at Mittelbau-Dora sometime in 1944. The SS promoted Peterman to the rank of Lagerführerin (Female Camp Commandant) under a male commandant. Later, Peterman was transferred as Female Camp Commandant to the Gross Werther subcamp in the Harz Mountains. When Gross Werther was liberated by the Allies, Petermann fled the camp and went into hiding. Her whereabouts were not located and therefore it was not possible to question her regarding possible involvement with war crimes. Her subsequent history and post-war activities remain unknown as of 2011.


more nazis:

Bernhard Schmidt (* 18. April 1890 in Pegnitz; † 6. September 1960 in Bayerisch Eisenstein) war deutscher Lagerkommandant des KZ Lichtenburg und KZ Sachsenburg während der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus.[1]

Max Fillusch (* 9. Dezember 1896 in Warmunthau, Landkreis Cosel, Oberschlesien; † 3. Februar 1965 in Hannover) war ein deutscher Politiker (NSDAP). Mayor of Hindenburg.
Francis Hueber (* January 10, 1894 in Green Castle , Upper Austria , † July 10th 1981 in Salzburg ). Freed in 1950.
Oswald Menghin (* April 19th 1888 in Meran , Tyrol , † November 29th 1973 in Buenos Aires , Argentina.
Anton Reinthaller (* April 14th 1895 in Mettmach , Upper Austria, † March 6 1958 ).

Hans Kehrl (* September 8 1900 in Brandenburg an der Havel , † April 26th 1984). From 16 September 1943 led Kehrl the Planning Office, from 1 November 1943 the Office of raw materials in the Economics Ministry, later he became president of the defense duties at the Plenipotentiary for Armaments tasks, Albert Speer.Kehrl was “responsible for criminal asset transactions during the Nazi resettlement policy .His sentence was reduced to 3 years.

Michael Skubl (* September 27 1877 in Bleiburg , Carinthia, † February 24th 1964 in Vienna ).
William Wolff
Rudolf Neumayer (* May 18th 1887 in Vienna , † August 25 1977 ) was an Austrian financial expert and politician .1924, the financial department of the City of Vienna. From 1936 to 1938, Neumayer finance ministers of the governments of Schuschnigg and Seyss-Inquart . Freed after 1948.

Hungary, sentenced to hang: Dr Laszlo Endre; Laszlo Vaky [Baki]; Andor Jaross; Laszlo de Bardossy.
All helped the nazis. In Budapest, Hungary, three members of Premier Ferenc Szalasy’s government of October 1944 are hanged in the jail courtyard: Deputy Prime Minister Eugen Szoelloesi, Foreign Minister Baron Gabriel Kemeny, and Regent Council member Sandor Csia. [10]In Transylvania, Rumania, the People’s Tribunal of Cluj sentences 43 officers and men of the former Hungarian army to varying penalties for crimes committed during the war: 23 to death, eight to life in prison, six to 25 years, and six to 20 years hard labor.source: Wikipedia

more. Some names repeated on other pages.

Ministry, Dr. Felix Benzler, d. 1977. Serbia.

Reinhard Breder (* February 2 1911 in Steinhagen? † after 1968) was a German Government and SS Major leaders

Helmut Schlierbach (* July 16 1913 in Offenbach , † March 21 2005 ) was a German lawyer, Government and SS Sturmbannführer . During the period of National Socialism , he was Gestapo chief in Strasbourg

Herbert Andorfer (* March 3rd 1911 in Linz , Austria † 2007/2008) was SS Lieutenant , camp commander in the concentration camps Sajmište and commander of a partisan combat command in northern Italy. He lived in Austria.

Waldemar Klingelhöfer (born 4 April 1900, Moscow; died about 1980).On December 12, 1956, Klingelhöfer was released from Landsberg prison. In 1960, he lived in Villingen and worked as an office clerk.

German – detected to English translation

Fritz Schwalm (born 11 May 1910 in Marburg, † unknown) was a German SS officer and convicted war criminals.

Tschierschky Charles (born 15 March 1906 in Peace Hut, Upper Silesia, † 18 September 1974) [1] was a German SS officer in the rank of SS-Obersturmbannführer

Oswald Poche (* January 28, 1908 in Brandenburg, † September 22, 1962 in Dannenberg)

Kurt Graaf (born January 8, 1909 in Kiel, † 2 September 1972) [1] was a German SS officer

Rudolf Batz (10 November 1903 – 8 February 1961) was an SS Sturmbannführer.

SS-Sturmbannführer Walter Hoffmann (As Deputy)

Otto Bradfisch (May 10, 1903 in Zweibrücken – June 22, 1994 in Seeshaupt) was an economist, a jurist, an SS Obersturmbannführer (Lieutenant Colonel), Leader of Einsatzkommando 8 of Einsatzgruppe B of the Security Police (Sicherheitspolizei) and the SD, and Commander of the Security Police in Litzmannstadt (Łódź) and Potsdam. In prison 1963-1976. In this function he was also responsible for deporting Jews to the Chełmno extermination camp. He became Commander of the Security Police and the SD in summer 1942. [So he was free until 1994!]

Heinz Jost was released from Landsberg prison in 1951. He then worked in Düsseldorf as a real estate agent. He died in 1964 Bensheim. Einsatzgruppen.

Gustav Karl Wilhelm Buck (* November 17th 1894 in Stuttgart , † 1977 in Rudersberg ) was a German SS-Captain and camp commander, Alsace. Freed 1955.

Paul Sporrenberg (* 27. März 1896 in Venlo; † 7. Dezember 1961 in Mönchengladbach) war ein deutscher SS-Hauptsturmführer und Kommandant des SS-Sonderlagers bzw. Konzentrationslagers Hinzert von April 1942 bis Januar 1945.
de.wikipedia. Liste ehemaliger NSDAP-Mitglieder, die nach Mai 1945 politisch tätig waren
Were listed as sympathizers but not ‘offenders.’

Medical drs added to “More Nazis 2”

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