More nazis, Gestapo/ SD. More on Eichmann; IG Farben; German Ambassadors. Bankers and Industry.

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Hitler knew about the Holocaust, since he ordered it:
“The Fuehrer has decided that the final solution of the Jewish question is to start immediately. I designate the Chief of the Security Police and SD and the Inspector of Concentration Camps as responsible for the execution of this order. The particulars of the program are to be agreed upon by the Chief of the Security Police and SD and the Inspector of Concentration Camps. I am to be informed currently as to the execution of this order”.
“I[ Dieter Wisliceny, SS man] was talking to Eichmann in his office in Berlin when he said that on written order of Himmler all Jews were to be exterminated. I requested to be shown the order. ” Wisliceny, affadavit­ide/wisliceny.htm

Eichmann in January 1942 meets with Heydrich and the heads of the Nazi state to formulate the “final solution to the Jewish question in Europe”. The Nazi euphemism for mass, unrelenting extermination.

“It was a Führer order that all Jews are fit for extermination,” Eichmann wrote.­d/1999/aug/12/2
Eichmann’s journal.

I take it that “%27s” means ” ‘ s” , minor mistake.

“Early Hitler letter discovered.”
Hitler’s ability to hold the interest of his listeners drew him to the attention of a superior officer, Capt. Karl Mayr. When a soldier named Adolf Gemlich, who was doing similar propaganda work for the army in Ulm, wrote asking for a clarification of “the Jewish Question,” Captain Mayr gave Hitler the assignment.

Hitler wrote to Mr. Gemlich that occasional pogroms against the Jews were not enough — the Jewish “race” must be “removed” from Germany as a matter of national policy.­/03/world/europe/03iht-hitler0­3.html?_r=1
SW Ctr , Hitler’s anti-semitic letter obtained

While Herr Hitler and his friends terrorise and delude their own country, they are the gravest menace to others. Their foreign policy is not merely an assertion of the legitimate rights of Germany, a demand for the equality which has been promised them and withheld from them. They are deliberately challenging the peace of Europe. They are not simply talking of re-armament; they are re-arming.
Taken from The New Statesman 6 May 1933
Anita Lasker Wallfisch played the cello in the women’s orchestra. In an interview in 2008, Wallfisch told a reporter that she survived Auschwitz because she was in the orchestra that played at Birkenau: “As long as they wanted an orchestra, they couldn’t put us in the gas chamber. That stupid they wouldn’t be, because we are not really replaceable. Somebody who carries stones is replaceable.”

Two important factors should be noted. During the period prior to the outbreak of World War II, the Germans were in favor of Jewish emigration. At that time, there were no operative plans to kill the Jews. The goal was to induce them to leave, if necessary, by the use of force. It is also important to recognize the attitude of German Jewry. While many German Jews were initially reluctant to emigrate, the majority sought to do so following Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass), November 9-10, 1938. Had havens been available, more people would certainly have emigrated.
-Simon Weisenthal Center­/2011/03/10/nazis-more-on-the-­church-edwin-black-eichmann-hi­tler-red-cross-evidence-on-gas­-chambers/
more info added on Catholic Church and Nazi era.­2f9c01-0c26-48fa-a17d-739a6c0a­b9f1­/apps/nlnet/content2.aspx?c=ls­KWLbPJLnF&b=4441467&ct=1090215­9
Estonia and Lithuania­rthur_Dodd_(Auschwitz_survivor­)
British POW in Monowitz (Auschwitz III) camp.

more nazis:
Hans Albin Rauter
Eberhard Wetzel,
Max Runhof
Friedrich Rainer

more proof:

Frank’s testimony at the IMT:

“I asked Heinrich Himmler for this special permission. He said that he would urge me not to go to the camp (Majdanek). Again some time passed. On 7 February 1944 I succeeded in being received by Adolf Hitler personally-I might add that throughout the war he received me three times only. In the presence of Bormann I put the question to him: “My Fuehrer, rumors about the extermination of the Jews will not be silenced. They are heard everywhere. No one is allowed in anywhere. Once I paid a surprise visit to Auschwitz in order to see the camp, but I was told that there was an epidemic in the camp and my car was diverted before I got there. Tell me, My Fuehrer, is there anything in it?” The Fuehrer said, “You can very well imagine that there are executions going on-of insurgents. Apart from that I do not know anything. Why don’t you speak to Heinrich Himmler about it?” And I said. “Well, Himmler made a speech to us in Krakow and declared in front of all the people whom I had officially called to the meeting that these rumors about the systematic extermination of the Jews were false; the Jews were merely being brought to the East.” Thereupon the Fuehrer said, “Then you must believe that.””

Nuremberg Trial Proceedings Vol. 12 – 18th April 1946
Hans Frank

The fact that the overall direction and co-ordination of Aktion Reinhardt (the destruction of the Jews in Poland) was undertaken from Hitler’s private Chancellery certainly implicates Hitler in the genocide. There are several pieces of evidence which make it extremely difficult for anyone to defend the claim that Hitler was ignorant of Globocnik’s activities or Reinhardt.­r/belzec1/bel030.html
Konzertlager (“concert camp”): concentration camp

Viktor Klemperer’s diary.
LTI – Lingua Tertii Imperii: Notizbuch eines Philologen (1947) is a book by Victor Klemperer, Professor of Literature at the University of Dresden. The title, half in Latin and half in German, translates to The Language of the Third Reich: A Philologist’s Notebook.

more nazis:
Hans Gawlik also Johannes Gawlik (* 29 August 1904 in Breslau; d.? after 1968) was a German jurist and civil servant who played an important role in the integration of NAZI criminals in West Germany only as a criminal lawyer in NS processes and then as head of the central legal Office (ZRS) of 1950-1968.

Walter Maria Weber (* 11 may 1899 in Bochum, Germany; died 1979) was a German diplomat.
Georg Federer (* September 8, 1905 in Stuttgart; died 24 June 1984 –) was a German diplomat.
Also in Switz.
Herbert Siegfried (* December 6, 1901 in Schwerin; d. April 18, 1988 in Munich) was a German Ambassador.
Hans-Ulrich of Morava Valley (* 5 February 1906 in Berlin; d. April 4, 1977 in Leuven, Belgium) was a German Ambassador.­arl Werkmeister
d. 1976­others/news.html
Dr Ernst Stuhlinger, German scientist.

Christian Muhldorfer-vogt is the director of the historical-technical information center at peenemunde, and has studied every aspect of what the nazi scientists did here.
The German government’s behavior in the Eichmann affair reveals a mentality which goes a long way toward explaining why Nazi war crimes were not pursued energetically in the early years of the Federal Republic. Damage control.­ional/world/0,1518,756915-3,00­.html­4/2011/06/23/poland-glenn-beck­-to-visit-auschwitz-broadcast-­from-outside-town/­ohannes Heesters
actor still living; allegedly he performed for Nazis
Charles Coward, UK HERO
The following excerpts are from Charles Coward’s Nuremberg affidavit:

Affidavit Copy of Document NI-11696, Prosecution Exhibit 1462
The inmates who were selected to be gassed went through the procedure of preparing for a bath, they stripped their clothes off, and walked into the bathing room. Instead of showers, there was gas. All the camp knew it. All the civilian population knew it. I mixed with the civilian population at Auschwitz. I was at Auschwitz nearly every day…Nobody could live in Auschwitz and work in the plant, or even come down to the plant without knowing what was common knowledge to everybody.
COWARD: I made it a point to get one of the guards to take me to town under the pretense of buying new razor blades and stuff for our boys. For a few cigarettes he pointed out to me the various places where they had the gas chambers and the places where they took them down to be cremated. Everyone to whom I spoke gave the same story — the people in the city of Auschwitz, the SS men, concentration camp inmates, foreign workers — everyone said that thousands of people were being gassed and cremated at Auschwitz,
and that the inmates who worked with us and who were unable to continue working because of their physical condition and were suddenly missing, had been sent to the gas chambers.

Even while still at Auschwitz we got radio broadcasts from the outside speaking about the gassings and burnings at Auschwitz. I recall one of these broadcasts was by Anthony Eden himself. Also, there were pamphlets dropped in Auschwitz and the surrounding territory, one of which I personally read, which related what was going on in the camp at Auschwitz. These leaflets were scattered all over the countryside and must have been dropped from planes. They were in Polish and German. Under those circumstances, nobody could be at or near Auschwitz without knowing what was going on.
‘German far right are less obvious, more dangerous’
‘Der Spiegel’ reports that right-wing activists, neo-Nazis, are ditching classic garb, increasing tendency towards using violence for cause.

Poles contributed 1,000,000 men and women to the fight against Hitler.

IG Farben
In Germany a growing number of people do not understand that IG Farben’s successors Bayer, BASF and Aventis-Hoechst still refuse to apologize for their misdeeds. It is hard to accept that after the war the companies were allowed to keep IG Farben�s entire property, whereas the surviving slave workers received nothing. Until today Bayer, BASF and Hoechst did not pay any wages to their former workers­5/01/27a.php

Topf und sohnen, makers of the ovens:­dia_en/indexframe.php
For years, officialdom has avoided making a decision on what to do about the industrial and historical scar on the edge of Erfurt. There was little money available and no clear plan on what to do with the site. The excuses were myriad. Many assumed the city simply did not want to draw anymore Holocaust-related attention than the nearby concentration camp memorial at Buchenwald already generates.­ional/0,1518,407592,00.html

The Topf brother Ernst died in 1979, unmolested by the law. The other died in a Soviet prison.

Mietek Peiper has died. He typed up “Schindler’s List” for Oskar Schindler. Over 1,000 lives were saved by the two of them.

Thu Jun 9, 2011
96 year-old Dutch woman confesses to World War II-era murder
By Laura Rozen
yahoo news
It turns out he actually saved Jews’ lives! Maybe he should be in the Yad Vashem museum honor roll of the Righteous?
Fritz Karl Oskar Wöhrn [Woehrn](* March 12 1905 in Rixdorf ; † unknown)
asst to Eichmann’s adjutant. Spent time in prison. Unknown what happened afterwards.

There was resistance in Germany, but it proved to be not very effective. A few Germans protested. Professor Karl Bonhoeffer, was distraught and actively opposed the program. His entire family was opposed to Nazism — his son Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a noted Protestant theologian, and his son in law Hans von Dohnanyi were executed by the Gestapo. Ferdinand Sauerbruch was furious when told about Gnadentod by pastor Braune: “these criminals are ruining the medical profession from the roots up”. Pastor Braune was arrested by the Gestapo, but survived. The most vocal critic was the catholic archbishop of Munster, Count von Galen: “Who, in the future, will trust a doctor? Perhaps a doctor will declare him “unproductive”, possibly a doctor has an order to kill him. Unhappy people, unhappy Germany, when the commandment “Thou shalt not kill” is transgressed unpunished.” (Archbishop Count von Galen, 8.3.1941, Munster)

Jewish representative Kastner on 550,000 Hungarian Jews killed altogether by Germany and Hungary. He received these figures from Wisliceny, an adjutant of Eichmann.
Killinger in Bucharest, Veesenmayer in Zagreb & Budapest), also supported the work.

Günther-Eberhardt Wisliceny (5 September 1912 in Regulowken, now Możdżany, Giżycko County – 25 August 1985 in Hannover)
waffen SS soldat, brother of war criminal Wisliceny who was executed.
Franz Abromeit (* 8. August 1907 in Tilsit; † Todeserklärung 30. Juni 1964)
Minister Manfred Freiherr von Killinger, d 1945.
Minister Hanns Elard Ludin (June 10, 1905 – December 9, 1947)
Theodor Bethcke, d 1945
Siegfried Seidl, d 1947
Schmidtsiefen [Wilhelm? extradited to Poland, if that is he]

Dr. Max Merten d 1976
Max Merten was Kriegverwaltungsrat (military administration counselor) of the Nazi German occupation forces in Thessaloniki. He was convicted in Greece and sentenced to a 25 year term as a war criminal in 1959
In Germany, Merten was eventually acquitted from all charges due to “lack of evidence.”

“The guards told me that Merten was given a desk and typewriter, something unheard of in a prison then,” Glezos said. “One night, the guards told me Merten was being released immediately. Never does a Greek prison open before dawn for the release of a prisoner. It happened for Merten.”
Thus, the only Nazi war criminal tried and convicted in Greece was summarily released less than a year after his conviction.

Merten was deported to West Germany and arrested there. 1968 stellte ein Westberliner Gericht das Ermittlungsverfahren gegen ihn wegen Mangels an Beweisen bzw. wegen Verjährung ein. In 1968, a West Berlin court the investigation against him due to lack of evidence or a limitation of motion. Für seine fast dreijährige Haft in Griechenland erhielt er eine Entschädigung.
For his nearly three years of detention in Greece, he received compensation. Er starb 1976 als juristisch unbescholtener Mann. Die über 90.000 Opfer anderer deutscher Terrormaßnahmen sind bis heute noch nicht entschädigt.
He died in 1976 as a legally blameless man, the more than 90,000 victims of other German terrorist action has still not compensated.

Italy , Merten:

In the Italian zone Jews remained largely undisturbed, at first – until the capitulation of Italy in September 1943.
In early 1943 increased German military and diplomatic pressure on the Italian military authorities, the Jews living in the zone “final solution” measures to subdue in them. General Lohr, commander of Greece’s leading command in Army Group E oppressed, the Italian commander, General Carlo Geloso, Greek Jews to live there to deal with the German example.
When the Italians refused the, Germans began in the spring of 1943 in the Bulgarian zone of Greece the “Final Solution”.

After the capitulation of Italy, the German “final solution” immediately extended to the whole of Greece. Am 3.

**Harro Thomsen (* 3. März 1911 in Bohmstedt; † 2. Dezember 1974 in Elmshorn) 1942. In July, he became head of Department D 2 (Provincial Affairs, Poland in the Empire) in the AMT IV (Gestapo) the Central Reich Security Office RSHA, which he presided until the end of the war.
In the 1950s and 1960s years Thomsen was working as a lawyer and notary in Barmstedt.

Hans Thomsen (* 14. September 1891 in Hamburg; † 1968 ebenda[1]) German spy, Sweden.

Lieutenant General Ulrich Kleemann, involved in Hungary, d 1963.
Hans Moser: After the war, could evade Hans Moser of the arrest, came but 1946 voluntarily in Allied detention.[1] executed.
Dr. Günter Altenburg, Dr. jur. 05.06.1894, dead
Bonn, 23.10.1984.

photos, and some info.
Reichsbahn, complicit in Holocaust

more names:
Walter Zirpins
(* 26. Mai 1901 in Königshütte, Oberschlesien; † 17. Februar 1976 in Hannover
Paul Will
Dr. George
Walter Odewald
Josef Baumer
Dr Rudolf Braschwitz (* 18. Januar 1900 in Steglitz; † unbekannt, nach 1961)
Dr Sporrer
Dr Fritz Berger
Karl Kichne
Dr Maly
Dr Ewel
Dr Fritz Keunecke
Josef Menke (* 12. November 1905 in Herzfeld (Lippetal); † 2. Mai 1996 in Würzburg )
Herbert Klein
Dr Jesse
Dr Fritz Dorls (* 9. September 1910 in Brilon (Westfalen); † 25. Januar 1995 in Opponitz/Österreich

Wilhelm Stellbogen, disappeared in Cairo
Fritz Fink d 1945
Philipp Rupprecht (4 September 1900 — 4 April 1975) was a German cartoonist best known for his antisemitic caricatures in the Nazi publication Der Stürmer, under the pen-name Fips
Erhard Wittek (3 December 1898 — 4 June 1981), better known for his pen name Fritz Steuben, was a German author.
Ernst Hiemer, d. 1974 was a top editor for Die Stürmer.­­/02/us/02holocaust.html?pagew­a­nted=2&_r=1&ref=us&src=me
Holocaust Survivors Again Seek Insurance Claims: June 1, 2011­06/01/footnotes-for-tonights-t­v-show-on-nazism/
Glenn Beck exposes the Grand Mufti

German General Siedel in France.

Professor Dr. Gottfried Ewald (1888 – 1963)
German Dr who Protested nazi euthanasia program.

Dr. Bernhard Rust (30 September 1883 — 8 May 1945) was Minister of Science, Education and National Culture (Reichserziehungsminister) in Nazi Germany.­iewtopic.php?t=45327
information (graphic ) on nazi euthanasia program

“Reich Leader Bouhler and Dr. Brandt are charged with the responsibility for expanding the authority of physicians, to be designated by name , to the end that patients considered incurable according to best available human judgment of their state of health, can be granted a mercy death.”

De Crinis was an active evaluator of candidates for gassing. By the spring of 1941 one of the murder centers “celebrated” the 10,000th death. Eventually some 100,000 people were killed in the “Aktion”.De Crinis took cyanide in the last days of the war.

Professor Max de Crinis. De Crinis, an Austrian by birth, was a member of the NSDAP and a high official in the SS.. a regular advisor of the Ministries of Culture and of Health and to the Rassenamt. (There was a department of race hygiene at the Humboldt University during the Nazi era). Naturally, he was one of the of 5 psychiatry professors summoned to the Reich chancellery in July 1939 to help in “Aktion Gnadentod” – mercy death. “Aktion Gnadentod” was a program, initiated by the Führer personally to kill severely mentally disabled and incurable patients. Only one of those present, [Resistance] Prof. Ewald of Göttingen, refused to cooperate and was asked to leave the meeting.­/lokales/charite/­ml

Otto Koellreutter (* November 26 1883 in Freiburg , † February 23 1972 ) was a German legal scholar [1] and National Socialist [2]

Nazis (google translations)
Here names of former Gestapo people einkamen for recognition of their salary:

From the “White Paper – In terms of democracy”

Published by the VVN 1960 – Newly published by the VVN-BdA 2004
Publisher printing workshop Renchen

Excerpt from the foreword by Ulrich in 2004 Sander

1.HELBING, Willi, 1941 – 1945, RSH Berlin

2.STUBBE, Erich, 1934 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
3.BLEICK, Herbert, 1941 – 1945, HPF Riga, Smolensk
4.LUX, Harry, 1941 – 1945, RSH Berlin
5.KRUMREY, Theodor, 1934, 1945, RSH, Berlin, Recklh.
6.SAMUEL, Hermann, 1933 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
7.REMER, Willi, 1933 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin, Norway
8.HEINRICH, Gustav, 1934 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
9.SCHONBRUNN, 1935 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
10.FEUSSNER, Konrad, 1933 – 1945, State Police, RSH Berlin
11.BORCHARD, Hellmut, 1936 – 1945, Breslau Gestapo, RSH
12.RICHTER, Erich, 1937 – 1945 RSH Berlin
13.WASSERBERG, Hans, 1933 – 1945, State Police, RSH Berlin
14.QUOSS, Kurt, 1933 – 1945, RSH, Prague Gestapo
15.JUNGNICKEL, Hellmuth, 1943 – 1944, Lodz
16.KNOP, Heinrich, 1937 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
17.GELLESZUN, Emil, 1941 – 1942, RSH, Gestapo Berlin
18.HEUBLEIN, Adolf, 1935 – 1945, RSH, Vienna State Police
19.HÜBNER, Heinrich, 1937 – 1945, RSH, Gestapo Berlin
20.WEISS, Karl, 1934 – 1944, Gestapo Berlin, Hohensalza
21.RENZ August, 1937 – 1945, Gestapo Frankfurt (Oder)
22.MEHL, Gerhard, 1940, 1945, Berlin RSH
23.HOLZHÄUSER, Walter, 1933 – 1945, RSH Berlin
24.HAYN, Wilhelm, 1937 – 1945, RSH Berlin
25.EMMERSLEBEN, Erich, 1938 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
26.SATTLER, Erich, 1936 – 1945, RSH, SD-Belgrade
27.PAULI, Reinhard, 1941 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
28.KANIA, Josef, 1938 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
29.GUENTHER, John, 1941 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin, Halle
30.GOHLKE, Walter, 1939 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
31.FISCHER, Frederick, 1933 – 1945, ABOUTUS, Teschen, Prague
32.ALTMANN, John, 1935 – 1945, RSH Berlin
33.VÖLKNER, Bernhard, 1937 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin, Vienna
34.BELOW, Walter, 1934 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
35.PRASDORF, Fritz, 1936 – 1945, RSH Vienna, Aachen
36.BURKHARDT, Martin, 1939 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
37.DAUBITZ, Otto, 1935 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
38.PREPENS, 1937 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
39.ZUCKEL, Rudolf, 1937 – 1945, Breslau Gestapo
40.MÜLLER, Otto, 36 -. 45, State Police, Berl, Salzb. Danz., Opp
41.THOMAS, Alfred, 1938 – 1945, State Police Leipzig
42.MEYER, Hermann, 1937 – 1945, State Police, RSH Berlin
43.NEUMANN, Kurt, 1937 – 1945, Berlin, Königsberg
44.PITTIG, Franz, 1939 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
45.KROHN, Emil, 1934, 1945, Gestapo Berlin
46.STULPE, Georg, 1940 – 1945, Potsdam State Police
47.MÜCKE, Paul, 1942 – 1944, Dresden Gestapo
48.SOMMER, Ferdinand, 1937 – 1945, State Police, RSH Berlin
49.HERDEN, August, 1937 – 1945, RSH and IV Office
50.KRAMER, Otto, 1936 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
51.HEITMANN, Wilhelm, 1938 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
52.ROSSBACH, Hermann, 1935 – end Stapo Plauen
53.ALZUHN, Otto, 1937 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
54.HAACK, Wilhelm, 1936 – 1945, State Police, RSH Berlin
55.STRATMANN, Frederick, 1939 – 1941, Gestapo Berlin
56.KIRCHHOFF, Joseph, 1940 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
57.HOFMANN, Karl, 1935 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin, Holland
58.LAUX, Max, 1944 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
59.NEUENFELD, Kurt, 1941 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
60.BERNHARDT, Erich, 1939 – 1945, Gestapo Berlin
61.BIESE, Karl, 1937 – 1945, State Police, Aachen, Berlin RSH
62.HANNEMANN, August, 1933-1936 Gestapo Berlin
63.NAWROT, John 1936-1945, Gestapo Berlin
(Adapted from documents of “The Exhortation”, No. 11, 1959, West Berlin)

The Totenkopf division (3rd SS division) was criminal, mainly because many of its original members were former prison guards.



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  1. facebook 123 Says:

    Read was interesting, stay in touch……

    […]please visit the sites we follow, including this one, as it represents our picks from the web[…]……

  2. Billy Feesh Says:

    Zionist groups were mostly working with the Nazis in the mid-1930s.
    Zion goal was the Jewish Home State.
    Most occupants in Palestine after WW1 were not Jewish. The Zionists set about determined to create a Jewish influence in Palestine based on numbers, territory, dominance in that region that was in the British controlled Palestinian Mandate.

    The British were busy giving false signals to Arabs and Jews in Palestine regarding their promises to both ‘sides’ that power would be granted to them each -solely. But the British also made it clear they were lying to both. The creation of ‘Mandates’ by Europeans in that area after WW1 is proof alone. The fact that the British never gave power to Arabs and Jews and even restricted Jewish numbers in the Palestinian Mandate is further proof.

    With this in mind, the Zionists made efforts to try and negotiate with Britain over Palestinian control, while at the same time making efforts to win over other powers in the Zion goal.
    They did this with the Nazis in pre WW2 years.
    Zionists were an assortment of different groups. Perhaps 20-25% of all Jews were Zionists at that time. Some Zionist groups opposed each others policies regarding aggressiveness in achieving Zion.

    After the Nazi election win in March 1933, the Nazi SA went on a two week terror spree attacking Jews and Jewish properties across Germany. In response to this barbarity, international Jewish groups and SOME Zionist groups created a boycott against the Nazi regime. It was having a crushing effect on the Nazis. Unfortunately, the rest of the world was to gutless to stand up for civil Rights in Germany- just like they would be gutless in standing up against the Italian fascist atrocities in Abyssinia. The Western powers even attended the Nazi Olympics and were prepared to sacrifice smaller nations to Nazis before finally acting ONLY after they were directly threatened by the Nazis.

    Some Zionist groups were opposed to this brave boycott- and they even continued doing business with Nazi industries during the boycott. But in the summer of 1933, most Zionists showed their true colours. They openly allied with the Nazi regime in efforts to backstab Germany’s Jews [ less than 1% of the German population]. These Zionists were giving official status by the Nazis to undermine local Jewish groups that tried to defy the Nazis. These Zionists -led by Zionist banker Georg Kareski- were intent on the joint plan with the Nazis to try and coerce all of Germany’s Jews to migrate to Palestine during the mid-1930s. This was their extremist effort to attain Zion by any means. This would not be the last drastic action by a radical Zionist group.

    The plan failed miserably.
    – For one thing, the British were severely restricting the numbers of Jewish settlers – because it threatened to upset fragile relations between Arabs and Jews in the area. Indeed, when Zionist influence started to appear in the mid-1930s, it sparked the massive Arab revolts of 1936 which were endorsed by Islamo-fascist arab groups who were opposed to Zionist efforts to gain control in Palestine.
    – The other factor that destroyed the ‘migration plan’ was that most of Europe’s/ Germany’s Jews were NOT Zionists. They had no desire to go to Palestine nor for a Jewish Home State. They were citizens in their own nations and had hereditary roots in those nations.

    It is important to note that when the Nazis realized this collaboration with the Zionists was going nowhere that is when they let loose their vicious aggressive strategy to instead outrightly try and scare all Jews out of Germany and Europe….

    Note the timeline – the Nazis and Zionists break off their open association by 1938….. this is when Kristallnacht was engineered by the Nazis.
    In spite of this, and the fact that the Nazi Einsatzgruppen were already busy slaughtering Nazi scapegoats and Jews by the start of WW2, there were extremist Zionist groups that regarded Britain as Zionists real enemy. As such, the LEHI/ aka Stern Gang, sent a proposal to the Nazis [ around the time of the introduction of the Final Solution ] offering an alliance/ promise of Jews to fight on the Nazi side in the war! The Stern Gang would remain an ‘enemy’ to officially recognized Jewish leaders in Palestine at that time -and immediately after WW2 when the Stern Gang became infamous terrorists and instigators of massacres in the region.

  3. Billy Feesh Says:

    The Nazi T4 program would eventually claim up to 250,000 murdered mentally handicapped/ disabled victims.

    The Nazis themselves MADE A PUBLIC PROPAGANDA MOVIE ADMITTING THIS GAS-CHAMBER MURDERING PROGRAM when the German public finally realized what the Nazis were doing in this initially secret program.

    Such Nazi Propaganda movies include;

    “”I Accuse! (Ich klage an!)”

    “….. In 1939 Hitler’s Chancellory commissioned the director Hermann Schweninger to produce a feature-length pseudo-documentary about the plight of institutionalized persons and the need to dispose of them. This project had a number of working titles-Dasein ohne Leben (Existence without Life) and Unwertes Leben (Unworthy Lives) [my translations]― and was never released. However, according to Hitler’s personal Gerhard Engel, an initial cut of this film was shown to Hitler and some of his closest associates in July 1939, which prompted the decision to proceed with the wholesale extermination of inmates in mental institutions in August 1939. Hitler’s infamous letter authorizing doctors to kill their patients if they saw no hope of recovery was issued a few months later and retroactively sanctioned activities that were orchestrated right after the screening of the footage. Schweninger’s script and production schedule reveal the purpose of this undertaking. He filmed in over twenty institutions, searching for “typical, expressive or particularly crass examples of the mentally ill”. But this film went beyond showing the apparent “unworthiness” of its subjects. It became a documentation of the T4 action, showing what was actually done under authority of Hitler’s letter……”

    This is proof of Nazis murdering innocents using gas chambers – BY THEIR OWN RECORDS !

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