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In 1938, Dr Gebhardt was appointed as Heinrich Himmler’s personal physician.
A particularly brutal series of experiments Dr Karl Gebhardt carried out involved the ability of “patients” to endure long-duration operations. He would often open a subject’s skull or abdomen–without the use of anesthesia–and observe how long the subject survived before succumbing to shock or sepsis. His surgical notes, which are impossible to verify, indicate that certain subjects survived nearly 24 hours under such conditions. Gebhardt was often accompanied by a committee of fellow surgeons during these experiments, allowing them to tinker with his subjects’ exposed organs during surgery

Himmler was “later to take charge of extermination of the Jews at Auschwitz.” p. 34, Roger Manvell, Heinrich Fraenkel, “Heinrich Himmler: The sinister life…”

Nazis on the Run­/how-the-nazis-fled-europe.htm­l
Gerald Steinacher, Harvard University. Amazing book.

Most important, there was a group of Vatican priests around the Austrian bishop Alois Hudal, the deeply antisemitic author in the mid-1930s of a tract called The Foundations of National Socialism, which he had presented to Hitler. A number of fugitives succeeded in obtaining “denazification through conversion”, as German Protestant or Nazi-style “deists” had themselves baptised to get the church’s help.

Pope Pius XII, a friend of Hudal’s, turned a blind eye to his activities and interceded repeatedly for ex-Nazis. When a US state department report pointed the finger at Hudal in 1984, the Vatican reacted with fury, but after Steinacher’s book there should be no doubt of Rome’s complicity, despite the regrettable fact that the Vatican archives are still closed for this period. No wonder the current pope has put the canonisation of his wartime predecessor on hold.

Nazis on the run, steinacher­s/2011/jun/24/nazis-run-gerald­-steinacher-review

Felix Landau (May 21, 1910, Vienna, Austria – 1983), was a SS Hauptscharführer, a member of an Einsatzkommando during World War II, based first in Lwów, Poland (today Lviv, Ukraine), and later in Drohobycz. He was a “central figure in the Nazi program of the extermination of Galician Jews”.[1] He is known for his daily diary and for temporarily sparing the life of the Jewish artist Bruno Schulz in 1942.

Ettel, Erwin
SS-Brigadeführer Born: 30.06.1895 in Köln. Died..­s/article-2040025/Former-Nazi-­90-shot-Jewish-people-ordered-­leave-U-S.html
Ukrainian accused of war crimes to be expelled from USA­-victim/
story of Lallier

more nazis: ******Anton Mahler, Wilhelm Beisner, Rudolph Mildner, Hans-Joachim Weise. They may have fled to Muslim countries after the war

Mufti: energetically recruited Muslims for the SS, the Nazi Party’s elite military command, and was promised that he would be installed as the leader of Palestine after German troops drove out the British and exterminated more than 350,000 Jews there.

On Nov. 28, 1941, the authors say, Hitler told Mr. Husseini that the Afrika Corps and German troops deployed from the Caucasus region would liberate Arabs in the Middle East and that “Germany’s only objective there would be the destruction of the Jews.”

In addition, high-ranking Nazis escaped from Germany to become advisers to anti-Israeli Arab leaders

The report, entitled Hitler’s Shadow: Nazi War Criminals, US Intelligence, and the Cold War, describes numerous examples of an emerging pattern in the years after the war, when, to intelligence agencies, “settling scores with Germans or German collaborators seemed less pressing; in some cases, it even appeared counterproductive.” Instead, according to the documents, resources were often spent in spying upon politically active Jews in displaced persons’ camps.

Also discussed in meticulous detail is the collaboration between Nazi officials and the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el-Husseini. The grand mufti was paid “an absolute fortune” of 600,000 marks a year (24 times that of a German field marshal) by the Nazis, and promised leadership of Palestine after the defeat of the British and elimination of the 350,000 Jews living there. Husseini, for his part, enthusiastically recruited Muslims for the SS.­/12/us/12holocaust.html?partne­r=rss&emc=rss


Grand Mufti:
We have more detailed scholarly accounts today of Husseini’s wartime activities, but Husseini’s C.I.A. file indicates that wartime Allied intelligence organizations gathered a healthy portion of this incriminating evidence,” the report says. “This evidence is significant in light of Husseini’s lenient postwar treatment.” He died in Beirut in 1974.

NY Times
US Recruited more nazis than thought


Rk ukraine

Waldemar Magunia (born December 8, 1902 in Königsberg (Prussia) – died February 16, 1974 in Oldenburg in Holstein) was the leader of the Sturmabteilung (SA) in East Prussia and Commissioner General in Kiev.

*no punishment.

Alfred Eduard Frauenfeld (18 May 1898 in Vienna – 10 May 1977 in Hamburg) was an Austrian Nazi leader. An engineer by occupation[1], he was associated with the pro-Nazi Germany wing of Austrian Nazism. How long emprisoned?

Kurt Klemm

Heinrich Schöne [schoene] d 1945.
Shitomir (Zhytomyr) – headed by Regierungpräsident *Kurt Klemm, then by Gauamtsleiter Waldemar Magunia (from 1942)
Kiew (Kiev) – headed by SA-Brigadeführer *I. Quitzrau (till February 14, 1942), then SA-Oberführer Waldemar Magunia (since February 14, 1942)
Nikolajew (Mykolaiv) – headed by NSFK-Obergruppenführer Ewald Oppermann d. 1965
Eine weitere Station Ende der 1950er Jahre führte ihn nach Wuppertal, der Heimat Erich Kochs.

Helmut Kvittsrau ( it. Helmuth Quitzrau;? – September 27 1999 ) – Brigadefiihrer CA (1933). He headed the team of the SA in Stettin . During the ” night of long knives “released by order of E. Koch , to whom he has always shown loyalty. В 1941—1942 гг. In 1941-1942. — генеральный – Commissioner General of the District of Kiev Ukraine Reyskomissariata . With his participation was organized by the destruction of the Jews in the Babi Yar , and later – sending Kiev to Germany for forced labor

Ewald Oppermann verstarb am 29. Januar 1965 in Windeck.
*no punishment

Dnjepropetrowsk (Dnipropetrovsk) – headed by Oberbefehlshaber der NSDAP (‘party commander in chief’) Claus Selzner d. 1944
Krim-Taurien (Crimea-Taurida; Melitopol) – headed by Gauleiter Alfred Frauenfeld *above
Other members of the German administration in Ukraine were Generalkommissar *Leyser and Gebietkommissar *Steudel.

Adrian Von Foelkersam d. 1945

more Nazis:

Dr. Ferdinand Neureiter (* July 23 1893 in Budapest , † June 7th 1946 in Bad Peterstal in the Black Forest ) was a medical official in the Reich Health Office and a professor at the University of Strassburg . He was a member of the Nazi Party and Nazi Medical Association .

Dr. Ernst Kretschmer (* October 8 1888 in Wüstenrot in Heilbronn , † February 8 1964 in Tübingen ) was a German psychiatrist . He researched the human constitution and set up a typology. It was in 1929 for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine nominee. [1]

He served on the advisory board of the Society of German Neurologists and Psychiatrists, 1940 visited the Nazi killing center Bernburg and took 1941 at a meeting of the Advisory Board of the Action T4 . part [3] That same year he wrote in a foreword to ingenious people, “What in the essentially degenerate, we can ascribe to inheritance. ”

Wilhelm Gieseler (* October 11 1900 in Hannover , † September 26th 1976 in Terracina ) was a German anthropologist , physician, professor and SS officers.
Under the leadership of *Dr. Robert Ritter.RFT, Nazi race institute.

Gieseler trained, during the Second World War in General to “Germanize” blond Polish children.
In early January 1955, took Gieseler temporary basis again the leadership of the “Race Biology Institute” in Tübingen, which led in 1961 the name of the Institute of Anthropology and Human Genetics. [3] After the war, was his focus in paleoanthropology . [2] Gieseler, died while vacationing in Italy. [2]
death: __
Investigated briefly, but let free.

Gerhart Stein(born December 22, 1910 in Bad Kreuznach, † May 8, 1971,. In the older literature is often the wrong spelling Gerhardstein [1]) is a physician, race theorists and “racial scientists” was. In 1938 he became a member of the Institute for Genetic Biology and Race Hygiene in Frankfurt am Main and Berliner Racial Hygiene and Criminal Biology Research Centre (RHF) of the Reich Health Office, which carried out during the Nazi time capturing the Sinti and Roma in the territory of the Reich and in such a condition for genocide created them. His dissertation is considered a step in the paradigm shift from the police and administrative discrimination in order to solve the “Gypsy question” “from the nature of this race” (Heinrich Himmler).

Hedwig Eva Justin (* August 23 1909 in Dresden , † September 11th 1966 in Offenbach am Main ) was a Nazi racial scientist . Worked as a Psychologist after the war. Her work categorizing Gypsies (who were sent to Auschwitz) was overlooked .

Sophie Erhardt (born October 31, 1902 in Kazan, † 2 October 1990) was a German-Russian anthropologist and racial ideology “Gypsy researcher” in the era of National Socialism. For the Racial Hygiene Research Centre under the leadership of Robert Knight Ehrhardt had thousands of “gypsies” – captured, categorized and selected – especially German Sinti. Mostly these people were deported and murdered in concentration camps.

After 1945 she worked as a lecturer at the University of Tuebingen. She published, not least on the basis of their Nazi studies, different fonts and consequently received temporary funding for another “Gypsy research

Ludwig Adolf Würth (born 16 May 1905 in Bonn village; † unknown) was an anthropologist, Gypsy expert and Nazi racial theorists of the Racial Hygiene Research Unit (RHF). His work led to racial opinions, which were the basis of the genocide of Sinti and Roma (Porajmos) in the Nazi Reich. He also refereed in deportations. After 1945 he worked for the State Statistical Office of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Dr Ruth Kellermann, b. 1913

None of the employees of the RHF was disciplined for his work or criminally prosecuted.

Hungarian Kepiro, cleared of war crimes by Hungarian Court. Died.

On May 8, 1954, the Landgericht Darmstadt [Darmstadt State Court] found the former company commander Friedrich Nöll [Noell] and his Hauptfeldwebel Emil Zimber guilty of acting as accessories to manslaughter and sentenced them to four and three years in prison respectively. The sentences were reduced to three and two years in 1956. In the opinion of the court, Nöll and Zimber were responsible for the execution of the Jewish inhabitants of Krutsha — most of whom were old people, women, and children.

Martin Bormann’s mistress: Manja Behrens. Date of Death
18 January 2003, Germany. Film Actress.


Friedrich-Wilhelm Bock (* May 6, 1897 in Wreschen; † 11 March 1978 in Hannover) was a German lieutenant colonel in the police, an officer of the Waffen-SS during World War II commander of various police units, the Waffen-SS units and weapons SS divisions. (*may be repeated on other pages)

transcript :
Wirth to SS Judge MORGEN: I beg your pardon; I was saying that it was not possible for me as Obersturmbannfuehrer to arrest Hitler, who, as I saw it, was the instigator of these orders.­iewtopic.php?f=6&t=6096&start=­15­ic.php?p=50653

Finally Morgen came to Wirth’s institution, where people were killed by gas and cremated. This system, which deceived the asylums and made them unknowing accomplices, enabled him with very few assistants to exterminate large numbers of people, and this system Wirth now employed with a few alterations and improvements for the extermination of Jews. He was also given the assignment by the Fuehrer’s Chancellery to exterminate the Jews.

Dr. Rudolf Lonauer (1907-1945)
Does this normal-looking dr. appear to you as a mass -murderer?

From 1940 he was medical director of Hartheim “euthanasia institution” and was responsible there for “disinfection”, i.e. the gassing of patients and concentration camp inmates. As “T4” assessor he was also responsible for the selection of institutionalised patients to be killed. From early 1941 onwards he was instrumental in the selection of inmates as part of “Aktion 14f13” in Mauthausen, Gusen, Dachau and Buchenwald.
Dr Schreiber
When journalist Drew Pearson publicized Schreiber’s Nuremberg evidence in 1952, which showed he had assigned doctors to experiment on concentration camp prisoners and had made funds available for such experimentation, the negative publicity led the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency to arrange “a visa and a job for Schreiber in Argentina, where his daughter was living.” On 22 May 1952 he was flown to Buenos Aires.[2], [3]
Jacques de Mahieu remained in Argentina in his later years. He was photographed with Carlos Menem during the latter’s 1989 presidential campaign.[10] Mahieu headed the Argentine chapter of the Spanish Neo-Nazi group, CEDADE, until his death in Buenos Aires, in 1990.

Milovoj Asner, dead. In an interview that aired in Croatia on 19 June 2008, Ašner acknowledged that he was involved in deportations, but maintained that those who were deported were taken not to death camps, as is generally believed, but to their homelands instead. He claimed his conscience was clear and that he was willing to go on trial in Croatia, but also asserted that his health was a problem. In an examination in the same week, it was again decided he was mentally unfit. Zuroff expressed the suspicion that Ašner was pretending or exaggerating regarding his condition
source: Wikipedia. The Croatia-born Asner escaped to Austria after the WWII and lived in the southern city of Klagenfurt under the assumed name of ‘Georg Aschner’

Nazi loot.
back to Nazis:

Paul Ortwin Rave (* July 10 1893 in Elberfeld , † May 16 1962 in Idar-Oberstein ) was a German art historian and director of the National Gallery in Berlin .
He’s mentioned below re : nazi gold.

***** Hitler told Bouhler at the outset that “the Führer’s Chancellery must under no circumstances be seen to be active in this matter.”[43­ction_T4

Franz Schwede (5 March 1888 – 19 October 1960) was a German Nazi politician, administrator, and war criminal. He was also known as “Franz Schwede-Coburg” during World War II.

Dr Helmut Unger

During World War I, sociologist Johann Plenge spoke of the rise of a “National Socialism” in Germany within what he termed the “ideas of 1914” that were a declaration of war against the “ideas of 1789″—the French Revolution.
[It doesn’t say if he became a nazi.]

Julius Hallervorden (* 21. Oktober 1882 in Allenberg/Ostpreußen; † 29. Mai 1965 in Frankfurt a.M.)
Hugo Spatz (* 2. September 1888 in München; † 27. Januar 1969 in Frankfurt a.M.) war ein deutscher Neuropathologe.

Heinrich Gross (* November 14th 1915 in Vienna , † December 15th 2005 in Hollabrunn ) was an Austrian physician , whose work as a physician at the Vienna station “euthanasia” clinic at the base level in the summer of 1944 later led to two charges in court. Nevertheless, the saw Oberlandesgericht Wien by Gross in a strained slander 1981 sprozess his personal involvement in the children’s “euthanasia” as a given. ]

Marianne Türk (* May 31 1914 in Vienna , † January 11th 2003 ibid) was an Austrian pediatrician and crime through the children’s euthanasia involved.

Dr. Marianne Türk who was a paediatric surgeon in Vienna worked in the medical training clinic Spiegelgrund during the NS era. Every month between 7 and 10 children were murdered on her ward. In the course of the trial against the head physician of Spiegelgrund, Ernst Illing, Marianne Türk was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Lifton (1986): 80. Lifton lists a handful of psychiatrists and administrators who actively resisted the T4 program.

Dr Ernst Wentzler [?}

By August the protests had spread to Bavaria. According to Gitta Sereny, Hitler himself was jeered by an angry crowd at Hof — the only time he was opposed in public during his 12 years of rule.[72]
Resistance: Professor Hans Gerhard Creutzfeldt managed to save nearly all of his patients.­edelweiss-pirates-fascinating-­account.html
Germans convicted of being traitors to the Nazi regime are the only group of war victims that hasn’t won full rehabilitation in Germany. Now, a draft law on a general rehabilitation is set to receive the support of MPs. An estimated 100,000 people were convicted as “war traitors” by the Nazis.

cf. The Edelweiss Pirates, a band of young people who carried out acts of Resistance in Nazi Germany. Only now are they being re-habilitated.


David Irving makes money falsifying History, leading tours of death camps
Hoess family member speaks out:­s/article-1387334/How-delving-­family-secrets-helped-generati­on-lift-burden-guilt-Nazi-atro­cities.html

‘When I investigate and read about my grandfather’s crimes, it tears me apart every single time,’ Hoess said during a recent interview at his home in a little Black Forest village.

‘My grandfather was a mass murderer — something that I can only be ashamed and sad about,’ said the 45-year-old chef and father of two boys and two girls.

How can anyone deny the Holocaust when the grandson of the Commandant at Auschwitz admits all this happened based on his own knowledge?

Alex Huryn­s/article-1299606/Final-moment­s-Nazi-Heinrich-Himmler-reveal­ed-soldiers-war-diary.html­s/article-1344682/Leading-rabb­i-warns-German-Jews-wear-cloth­es-identify-religion-spate-neo­-Nazi-attacks.html­s/article-2017732/Adventurers-­search-dumped-Nazi-gold-worth-­billion-pounds-German-lake.htm­l

A group of businessmen are to trawl a lake near Berlin in search of almost £1billion worth of Nazi gold allegedly dumped by Hermann Goering.­s/article-1103082/YouTube-cond­emned-showing-video-clips-glor­ifying-Nazi-troops-Hitler.html­rld-News/2011/08/30/Nazi-propa­ganda-chiefs-secretary-speaks/­UPI-40281314747537/
Goebbels’ secretary, 100 years old.

**Dr Hans Koenig. Auschwitz Dr. What became of him?­gs/washington-whispers/2011/07­/20/mengele-nazi-diaries-could­-fetch-1-million

Furtherglory ignores the fact that Himmler negotiated behind Hitler’s back to make a separate peace with the Allies in the West. He agreed to end the Holocaust and let the prisoners in the camps live. However, Hitler became furious with him and ordered that “no concentration camp prisoner be left alive to be turned over to the Allies.’ Himmler didn’t care what became of them, but was trying to save his own skin, believing that he could even meet with Eisenhower!­/denbib.htm
list of books attacking Holocaust denial.

I also gave instructions that all personnel should stay as far away as
possible from the vans when the gassing is in progress to prevent damage to
their health in the event of gas leaking out…

Dr Becker

Prior to EK 3 taking over security police duties, Jews liquidated
by pogroms and executions (including partisans) 4,000 ——— Total 137,346

Today I can confirm that our objective, to solve the Jewish problem
for Lithuania, has been achieved by EK 3. In Lithuania there are no more
Jews, apart from Jewish workers and their families.­/einsatz.html

21.September.1939 Berlin To Chiefs of all Einsatzgruppen of the Security Police Subject: Jewish Question in Occupied Territory­/einsatz.html

On October 17, 1939, Keitel summoned the victorious Wehrmacht generals for a lecture from the Fu”hrer, who ranted: `The increased severity of the racial struggle permits of no legal restrictions. Jews, Poles, and similar trash are to be cleared from the old and new Reich territories.’ Eight million Poles and 800,000 Jews were to be transported from the annexed portion of Poland into the government-general, and replaced by ethnic Germans repatriated from the Baltic lands, the Balkans, Russia, and the Italian Tyrol — even though, in large part, these Germans had emigrated generations before.­/euthan.html­/holo.html
Good site on the Holocaust

Walter Dongus
Alfred Karasek, including Alfred Karasek-Langer (* January 22 1902 in Brno , † May 10 1970 in Berchtesgaden )
Wilfried Krallert (* January 23 1912 in Vienna , † March 16 1969
Dr Hans Ehlich (* July 1st 1901 in Leipzig , † March 30 1991
***Kurt Marschelke , Hans Joachim Beyer , Harold Steinacker , Alfred Krehl
Hans Koch (* July 7 1894 in Lemberg , † April 9 1959 )
Franz Ronneberger (* March 15 1913 at Auma , † March 30 1999
Günther Franz (* May 23 1902 in Hamburg , † July 22 1992
Klaus Schickert (* May 23 1909 in Königsberg (East Prussia) ; [1] † unknown)
Peter-Heinz Seraphim (* September 15 1902 in Riga , † May 19 1979

Hermann Noack (* February 23 1895 in Hamburg , † November 19th 1977 in Hamburg
Gerhard Wilhelm Wunder (* December 26 1908 in Landsberg am Lech , † May 30 1988
Helmut Stellrecht (* December 21 1898 in Wangen im Allgäu , † June 23 1987 \
Heinrich Hartle (* February 24 1909 in Sachrang , † January 11th 1986
Gerhard Johann “Hans” Hagemeyer [1] (* March 30 1899 in Hemelingen ; † October 10th 1993
I can find no death date for “Otto Hunsche.” born 1911.

Hunsche served at least 12 years for crimes associated with deportation of the Jews of Hungary.

New book claims Coco Chanel was a Nazi spy.


Gerhard Engel, d. 1970, German General close to Hitler.

However, according to Hitler’s personal Gerhard Engel, an initial cut of this film was shown to Hitler and some of his closest associates in July 1939, which prompted the decision to proceed with the wholesale extermination of inmates in mental institutions in August 1939. Hitler’s infamous letter authorizing doctors to kill their patients if they saw no hope of recovery was issued a few months later and retroactively sanctioned activities that were orchestrated right after the screening of the footage [ films on euthanasia by Schweninger].

Karl Wilhelm Albert, SS man, d. 1960. SS Gen’l Police, Lodz.

Kurt Pomme (* February 14 1899 in Witaschütz [1] ; † after 1945)

Hans Albert Gustav Kupke (industrialist) , 3 years in prison.

Frederick Minoux (* March 21 1877 in Mutterstadt , † October 16th 1945 in Berlin light field ) was a German industrialist. He helped fund the nazis.

Kurt Claasen (born 9 January 1908 in Itzehoe, explains † unknown (dead)) was involved as an SS Captain of the “Aktion Reinhardt”. Claasen took over the management of the office in Mogilev, [3] maybe he headed the branch offices in Bialystok and Minsk.

Globocnik remained after the transfer to Trieste in September 1943, is unknown in Lublin and was employed as a staff leader of the new local SSPF Jacob Sporrenberg. [4] His fate. He was declared dead after the war, no enforcement took place. In the literature, his name is sometimes incorrectly “Classen” wrote.

Hermann Dolp, no obit. for this “Action Reinhard[t] killer.

Commandants Seidl and Rahm, 2 Nat Socialists in charge of Theresienstadt, were executed after the war. However Anton Burger lived until 1991, in hiding. Hans Guenther, a nazi associated with the camp, was executed by Czechs.

Theresienstadt: In the same month in 1943, the Berlin Delegate of International Red Cross — M. Roessel – “visited” those Family Camps and reported favourably. The Nazis used the camp “Theresienstadt” to fool the Red Cross. In March 1944, just at the Jewish Festival of Purim, the group which left Theresienstadt in September 1943 died in the Gas Chamber. The second group which had left Theresienstadt in December could stay until May when many were murdered in Gas Chamber– Edelstein with his family was shot — while others were sent to other Camps.

Günther Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Pancke (1 May 1899 — 17 August 1973) was an SS-Obergruppenführer (General) and the Higher SS and Police Leader of Denmark.

Hermann Muhs (16 May 1894 – 13 April 1962) was a Secretary of State and minister responsible for churches question (Minister für Kirchenfragen) in Nazi Germany.

Karl Wilhelm Ohnesorge (8 June 1872 – 1 February 1962)
During the denazification after the war, as a leading member of the Party, charges were brought against him. However, for unknown reasons, these charges were later revoked, and Ohnesorge was not penalised for his involvement with the Nazis. His life post-war remains undocumented.Ohnesorge died at the age of 89 on 1 February 1962 in Munich.

01.05.1942 Überführung des Postschutzes in die SS (unter Gottlob Berger), kurz danach auch die “Fernkraftpost” („Fronthilfe der Deutschen Reichspost”) als “SS-Kraftfahrstaffel”. 1942 transportieren diese Busse für T 4 auch die Psychiatrie-Patienten in die Vergasungsanstalten
17.06.1948 released ( name may be on other pages)­iewtopic.php?f=6&t=82368&start­=15

Louis Rudolph Franz Schlegelberger (23 October 1876 — 14 December 1970) was State Secretary in the German Reich Ministry of Justice (RMJ) and served awhile as Justice Minister during the Third Reich. He was the highest-ranking defendant at the Judges’ Trial in Nuremberg. Franz Schlegelberger: Jurist
d. 1970, freed 1951 from Nuremberg process. Was involved in ‘life unworthy of life’ legal decrees and antisemitism.

more on Theresienstadt, an old-age home/kindercare camp used by the nazis as a showpiece that fooled the Red Cross.

Martin Bormann’s son realized the crucial role his father had played in the Holocaust. Witnesses testified that he had ordered the deportation of Dutch Jews to Auschwitz and dismissed Slavs as subhumans. “The Slavs are to work for us,” Bormann wrote in a 1942 memo. “In so far as we do not need them, they may die. Slav fertility is not desirable.”

William Schirer, Rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich,selected passages. Shows that it was the Soviets who inflated the numbers killed at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Also shows that Germany let off those culpable for the Holocaust lightly, in particular, Krupp, the leaders of IG Farben, and others.

Holocaust: origins, implementation, aftermath, By Omer Bartov

Paul Werner (* November 4 1900 in Appenweier , † February 15 1970 ) was the SS colonel and Ministerial , the Reich Security Main Office Head of Office Group Inc. (crime policy and prevention) and representatives of Arthur Nebe as head of the Office V ( Criminal Police ), from 1951 in Baden-Württemberg Interior Ministry official.

“Of course I’ have known of the Einsatzgruppen in the east and for example Auschwitz.”
Original German text:„Selbstverständlich habe ich von den Einsatzkommandos im Osten gewußt und z. B. von Auschwitz “. [3]

Dr. Gürtner replied, “If you cannot recognise the will of the Führer as a source of law, then you cannot remain a judge.” and had Kreyssig dismissed.[9] Gürtner died on 29 January 1941 in Berlin.

“Nuremberg Laws, 1935.” There wasn’t much worldwide reaction to the robbing of German Jews of their citizenship.

College professors attack Holocaust denial, piece by piece

‘Sarah’s Key,’ based on the bestselling novel, dramatizes the Holocaust’s notorious Vel’ d’Hiv.­/2011/07/29/frances-holocaust-­shame/
French Police (flics) collected Jews and kept them in horrific conditions in the “Vel D’Hiv.”

It is worth recalling that some participants in the July 1944 plot to kill Hitler were right at the center of mass killing policies: Arthur Nebe, for example, who commanded Einsatzgruppe B in the killing fields of Belarus during the first wave of the Holocaust in 1941; or Eduard Wagner, the quartermaster general of the Wehrmacht, who wrote a cheery letter to his wife about the need to deny food to the starving millions of Leningrad.

Bayer didn’t want to admit that a Jewish guy allegedly created the one product that keeps their company in business. So, to this day, Bayer officially gives credit to Felix Hoffman, a nice Aryan man, for inventing aspirin.­11-companies-that-surprisingly­-collaborated-with-the-nazis/
In 1997, Hugo’s son, Siegfried Boss, told an Austrian news magazine, “Of course my father belonged to the Nazi party. But who didn’t belong back then?”

Wolfgang Wagner, the composer’s grandson who died in March 2010 aged 90 after running the Bayreuth festival for 57 years, and his siblings used to call the visiting Nazi dictator “Uncle Wolf.”­li-orchestra-break-taboo-play-­music-favoured-nazis-133637440­.html
Israeli musicians to play Wagner at Bayreuth.

Nazi: Hans Krüger (Gestapo) (1909–1988) Kriegsverbrecher, ein Hauptakteur des „Blutsonntags von Stanislau”­oks/2011/06/war-criminals-germ­an-nazis
David Cesarani on the post-war escape of Nazis.­r/belzec1/bel030.html

BBC, more on Holocaust
“Fatal attraction of Adolf Hitler.”
The title is ridiculous, but otherwise it’s a powerful documentary, 1989.­wire/more-evidence-of-anti-isr­ael-sentiment-in-egypt-and-tun­isia/

Egyptians officials reported denying Holocaust­oks/2011/06/war-criminals-germ­an-nazis­ew/2011/07/14-15

In his last will, the Austrian playwright Thomas Bernhard, who died in 1989, banned the production of his texts on home soil. Bernhard never hid his fury at Austria’s refusal to admit its history. Helnwein, born in 1948, clearly shares Bernhard’s view. He is furious about Austria’s self-image as victim of the Third Reich, rather than its willing collaborator.


A new book, “Amazing Dogs,” by Dr. Jan Bondeson, a senior lecturer at Cardiff University School of Medicine in Wales, reveals that Hitler supported a German school that tried to teach large, muscular mastiffs to “talk” to humans.­/13/opinion/13dowd.html?_r=2&s­cp=1&sq=maureen%20dowd%20hitle­r&st=cse

First, an MI5 document was declassified in London in April, revealing megalomaniacal schemes for Nazis to rise again if they lost the war by scattering sleeper agents around the world; and by killing Allied officers with poison

A report due to be published today will show that the diplomats of the ministry aided the killers of the S.S. in liquidating the most hated of Nazi enemies.
This is particularly galling considering that thousands of Nazi-era employees continued working for the new republic after it was formed in 1949.

Read more:­s/article-1323910/German-Forei­gn-Ministry-actively-encourage­d-Holocaust-helped-killers-fle­e-study-reveals.html­s/article-1223777/The-final-pr­oof-Hitlers-right-hand-man-die­s–memoirs-Fuehrer-DID-order-f­inal-solution-published.html

Fritz Darges. dead recently.­s/article-457552/New-pictures-­Hitler-youve-seen-before.html­s/article-1091768/Hitler-perfe­ct-boss-Former-maid-breaks-sil­ence-charming-dictator.html­s/article-1334738/Himmlers-dau­ghter-helps-run-support-group-­Nazi-mass-murderers-seeking-co­mfortable-retirement.html­c/articles/PMC1044406/?page=2
review of the book. The author of this article didn’t feel it was a good book, and notes that the nurses were mainly male, and were more like “med orderlies” than trained RNs.­/bios/sc-benedict/benedict-art­icles/MariaStromberger.pdf

more nazis:
ELENORE BAUR(1886-1981)

Born in Augsburg, Germany. A fervent follower of the Reich leader she was the only woman to march with Hitler through the streets of Munich during the Putsch of November 9, 1923. Trained as a nurse, she tended the wounded that day and later joined the SA becoming the first Brown Shirt sister. She served as a nurse during the war years as Sister Pia of Munich and in 1944 joined the staff at the Dachau concentration camp supervising medical experiments conducted by SS doctors. Arrested after the war she spent five years in interment by the Allies as a Nazi sympathiser. She died at Oberhaching in 1981 aged 95 never having renounced her belief in Nazism.

Adolf Wahlmann
Irmgard Huber RN was released from prison in 1952. d. 1983

In the 1980s, Hilde Steppe, a German nurse and historian, began to carry out research into nursing in the Third Reich. “Steppe interviewed German nurses,” Shields says. “It was very hard to get them to talk. But what emerged was a picture of women who believed that they were being kind, who felt it was often more merciful to kill the unfit than to let them live.

Above all, the nurses felt they were obeying orders.”

It does show that there were also cases of Nurses resisting and helping patients. Most participating nurses escaped prosecution, although immediately after the war, some were convicted and executed for the mass killings of hundreds, even thousands, of people. In 1964, 14 nurses were tried for their crimes.

“They had 20 years to prepare defenses and had seen the Nuremberg trials outcome, yet half still didn’t see anything wrong with what they did,” Benedict says. “They were socialized to devalue the lives of certain people­Features/04-10/ThirdReich.asp
These historians interview nurses, former patients, and citizens. They read postwar trial transcripts. And they work with researchers, reviewing thousands of German nurses’ and physicians’ meticulous records and documenting everything from the mundane to murder.

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  1. Billy Feesh Says:

    What further exposes the sociopathic, opportunist nature of the Nazi structure is that though they were ‘supposed’ to be socialists, they were groveling with German and foreign industrialists.

    Neonazis who are typically ignorant of the 3rd Reich -via their misinformation brainwashing- are unaware of these Nazi hypocrisies; The Nazis had many such nonsense fake agendas. They were madmen.

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