More nazis , 2.

NEW: Nazis and French Collaborationists:
The SS Captain Bruno Melmer (* 1909 in Wiesbaden , † 1982 in Berlin ) led the SS Main Office , Department of A II, called the cashier’s office, virtually a SS internal bank or a fund within the SS Economic and Administration Main Office in Berlin . It says he received three years.
Bruno Melmer, de.wikipedia

Carl Albrecht Oberg (27 January 1897 – 3 June 1965) was the Higher SS and Police Leader (HSSPF) of France during the Second World War. Oberg was pardoned and released on 28 November 1962.

Wolfgang Diewerge (* January 12 1906 in Stettin , German Reich , † December 4 1977 in Essen ) was a Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels ‘ Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda . His specialty was the anti-Semitic public relations. (may be found on another page also).

Ernst Achenbach (April 9, 1909, Siegen, Westphalia -December 2, 1991, Essen) was a German lawyer and politician of the Nazi Party, and after World War II, the Free Democratic Party.Head of the Political Department of the Embassy, and a close collaborator of the German Ambassador Otto Abetz. Within that framework, Achenbach was also responsible for the implementation of the deportation of the Jews. In 1944/45 he was a soldier and after the war he led American investigators to believe that the German Embassy in France had been a stronghold of the conspiracy against Hitler.

Helmut Knochen (March 14, 1910 – April 4, 2003) was the senior commander of the Sicherheitspolizei (Security Police) and Sicherheitsdienst in Paris during the Nazi occupation of France during the World War II.
In June 1946, a British Military Tribunal sentenced Knochen to death for the murder of British pilots. However, the sentence was never carried out. He was extradited to France in 1954 and sentenced to death. The sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment. After presidential pardon gotten in 1958, Knochen was released on Nov. 28 1962 by President Charles de Gaulle, simultaneously with his former chief Gal Carl Oberg.

Émile Hennequin (1887- ?) est le directeur général de la police municipale (PM) de Paris qui organisa la rafle du Vélodrome d’Hiver en 1942 et déploya pour ce faire environ 9000 policiers. Il était entré à la PP en 1912.
Il fut condamné en juin 1947 à 8 ans de travaux forcés. [He was condemned to 8 years of forced labor. Presumably dead by now]

André Tulard (1899 [1] – 1967), is known for having created under the regime of Vichy one set of files of the Jews in the Paris region: the “Tulard file” [2]. He was Deputy Director of the service of foreigners and Jewish Affairs in the Prefecture of police of Paris [1] of 1940 to 1943 [3].The subject of no prosecution after war [1], retaining his rank of chevalier of the Legion of honour, he died in 1967.

SS man, Eichmann’s right-hand man,* Heinz Röthke (* 19 January 1912 ; † 14 July 1966) was with Theodor Dannecker one of most responsible for the deportation of the Jews of France of 1940 to 1944.
During theGerman occupation, he was first stationed in Brest before becoming, in early 1942, first Deputy head and then in July 1942 head of the”Jewish” to the SS with the rank of Obersturmführer (lieutenant). He led the Camp of Drancy on 16 July 1942 to 2 July 1943. Röthke lived after the war to Wolfsburg where he worked as legal adviser. He died, without having been worried by French justice.
Post-war trials in France: A statement for intelligence with the enemy is open against 15 gendarmes, 10 are returned to the Court of justice of the Seine, charged with violation of the external security of the State. All are left in liberty before trial, and three take flight. The other seven plead obedience to the orders, despite evidence of brutality by survivors.

On 22 March 1947, the Court of justice renders its judgment: If all the gendarmes are recognized guilty of acts that adversely affect national defence, the Court considers however that they are rehabilitated by “acts of active, effective and sustained participation in the resistance against the enemy.” Only two are sentenced to the prison – two years – and national degradation for five years. They are pardoned and surveys of national unworthiness within a year.
In reality, the camp is “under the direct authority of the Germans take the institutionalization and parole, and regulate its internal regime by precise instructions”, indicates in may 1942 a note of the Inspector General of the health and Assistance *Dr Eugène Aujaleu.
Dr Eugène Aujaleu, born on 29 October 1903 in Nègrepelisse (Tarn-et-Garonne) and died 26 August 1990 to Gambais (Yvelines), is a physician and French of the public health officer. It was the first Director General of theINSERM from 1964 to 1969., camp de drancy

Louis Darquier was sentenced to death in absentia in 1947 for collaboration.[17] However, he had fled to Spain, where the Francisco Franco regime protected him.[18] France never asked for his extradition.[7] He died on 29 August 1980, near Málaga, Spain.

Jean Leguay survived the war and its aftermath and became president of Warner Lambert, Inc. from London (now merged with Pfizer), and later president of Substantia Laboratories in Paris. In 1979, he was accused in connection with the roundup but killed himself before his trial.

enormous list of nazis’ fates

Among those who helped in the Rafle du Vel’ d’hiv were 3,400 young members of Jacques Doriot’s PPF.

Jean Leguay, né le 29 novembre 1909 et décédé le 2 juillet 1989 à Paris, est un haut fonctionnaire français, qui fut accusé de complicité dans la déportation des juifs en France.En 1979, il a été inculpé de crimes contre l’humanité pour son rôle dans l’organisation de la rafle du Vel’d’Hiv les 16 et 17 juillet 1942 à Paris.

Émile Hennequin (1887- ?) est le directeur général de la police municipale (PM) de Paris qui organisa la rafle du Vélodrome d’Hiver en 1942 et déploya pour ce faire environ 9000 policiers. Il était entré à la PP en 1912.
Il fut condamné en juin 1947 à 8 ans de travaux forcés. dead.

more at fr.wikipedia, camp de drancy
no info:
Dentist at auschwitz, *dr. Karl abraham
Flemish waffen ss dr. daniel michel
Heinz Wilke

Time magazine: CIA Chief held Hitler’s stationary
“Dear Dennis,” he began the remarkable seven-sentence letter, dated “V-E day” for May 8, 1945. “The man who might have written on this card once controlled Europe — three short years ago when you were born. Today he is dead, his memory despised, his country in ruins.”

The then-lieutenant. Helms would later become CIA director during the Vietnam War and Watergate eras. The younger Helms, now a 69-year-old lawyer in New Jersey, gave Langley the correspondence to display earlier this year. Following his introductory lines, Helms added of Hitler: “He had a thirst for power, a low opinion of man as an individual, and a fear of intellectual honesty. He was a force for evil in the world. His passing, his defeat — a boon to mankind. But thousands died that it might be so.”
more nazis, plus Struthof-Natzweiler:

Dr. Walter Paul Edmund GOEBEL
SS-Untersturmführer Auschwitz
After the war Goebel wor ked in the “Schering-Werke” plant in Germany as a chemist, his past activities were never really investigated. He died on 11th August 1952, he was married without children.

karl buck: the death sentence (commutted to life hard-labor ) d 1977
After his 1945 arrest was buck by French and English courts for his crimes as a commander three times to death convicted, but then pardoned to life imprisonment and came in 1955 as part of the French-German *reconciliation by the recent dismissal of POWs freed.[This bastard was freed in 1955 for his “life with hard-labor”]

Under the storage management by Karl buck, ill-treatment and torture were among everyday storage. In the so-called “strike cell”, the prisoners with wooden prügeln and coupling belts were beaten to unconsciousness and kicked with police boots. In the courtyard there was torture; the prisoners was threatened with death by shooting. Generally, since the death of the prisoners on the Heuberg but was not a direct objective, the abuses were stopped before they led to the death. Only a direct killing of the Communists of Jewish descent Simon Leibowitsch was observed, however, there is evidence of more deaths in the camp.[4] The prisoners were humiliated and demeaned, by they were carrying out pointless work, were destroyed after the completion. So, the prisoners had to herauskratzen, for example, the functionings of the floor Windows with newspaper or clean the stairs on the back, wastewater was poured, with the head down.[4]

Hüttig, Hans 2 years! *(dead 1980)
(5.4.1894-?) [SS-Sturmbannführer] — SS: 127673; service, concentration camp (Konzentrationslager – KL) Lichtenburg 1936; service, KL Sachsenburg 1937; service, KL Buchenwald 1938; service, KL Flossenbuerg (Flossenbürg) 1939-1942; commandant, KL Natzweiler 1942; commandant, KL Herzogenbosch 1943-1944 {put on trial by a French military court at Metz Jun 1954 on charges of brutality and murder in connection with the administration (as commandant) of KL Struthof in Alsace; convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in solitary confinement 2 Jul 1954; released from French custody 1956}
He was a German SS officer and commandant of the concentration camp Natzweiler-Struthof and s-Hertogenbosch . In 1956, after eleven years Huttig released from prison and unremarkable life in Wachenheim led to his death in 1980. Am 8. March 1975 was Huttig by Tom Segev tracked down and interviewed. Huttig was next to John Hassebroek and William Gideon ‘s three surviving concentration camp commanders had contact with those Segev. [8]

Seuss, Wolfgang / SS- ? (c. 1907-?) – guard, concentration camp (Konzentrationslager – KL) Struthof, service, KL Dachau {put on trial 1954 by a French military tribunal at Metz for the mass murder of deportees; convicted and sentenced to death; trial annulled on procedural grounds; put on trial for a second time by a French military tribunal at Metz May 1955; convicted and sentenced to death; pardoned; arrested by West German authorities for the murder of a Jewish prisoner by putting him in a concrete mixer and for the mistreatment of prisoners at KL Dachau; convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment at hard labor 22 Jun 1960}
stranger than fiction:
Ernst Werner Techow (b. 1901, Berlin) was a member of a far-right political group in Germany and harboured anti-Semitic views. In 1922, he was convicted for taking part in the assassination of Walther Rathenau, the Jewish Foreign Minister of Germany during the Weimar Republic. Following the assassination he changed beliefs and after his release from prison in 1927, he joined the French Foreign Legion and later embarked on helping Jews escape from occupied France. During the Second World War he helped save hundreds of Jews in Marseilles.[7] On the Tunisian front, he single handedly captured a German unit by shouting orders to them in German.[7]Although no certain knowledge of his death has been confirmed, it is likely that Techow died in the 1980s or 90’s.

Willi Rudolf Sawatzki. Sawatzki war in der SS (Schutzstaffel) Hauptscharführer. Sawatzki was in the SS (Schutzstaffel), first sergeant. Under the Hitler regime, he was for years the SS concentration camp guard in Birkenau (Auschwitz II).
After the war, Sawatzki of accessory to murder and murder of prisoners in the gypsy camp and 400 Jewish children from Hungary accused and acquitted in 1976 by ​​a FRG court.

Some of these doctors were acquitted, and others were never charged but were they guilty?

Georg August Weltz (* March 16 1889 in Ludwigshafen , † unknown) was a German radiologist. At the height of experiments in the Dachau concentration camp in 1942 he was supervisor of the doctor Sigmund Rascher [who was hanged].

Dr Uhlenbroock was acquitted of war crimes at his trial. He was at Auschwitz for two weeks, in the course of which he came down with typhoid.
Kurt Erich Willy Uhlenbroock (* 2. März 1908 in Rostock; † 7. August 1992 in Hamburg).

Hans-Wolfgang Romberg (* May 15th 1911 in Berlin , † September 6 1981 in Weil am Rhein ) had a doctorate in German aviation medicine . acquitted. Guilty?

Bruder, Prof. Dr. Paul Gohrbandt, wurde Chirurg; er lehrte seit 1934 in Berlin, von 1956-1964 in Tübingen und arbeitete besonders auf dem Gebiet der allgemeinen Operationslehre.

Ontl Friedrich (born 25 August 1908 in Zittau , date of death unknown) – Nazi criminal , member of the crew of German concentration camp Neuengamme and Auschwitz-Birkenau and SS-Hauptscharführer .

Hans Nierzwicki (1905-1967), which remained unpunished after 1945, killer with a syringe.

Herbert Scherpe (* May 20 1907 in Gliwice , † December 23 1997 in Mannheim ) was SS Sergeant and as a medical orderly in the Auschwitz concentration camp used. After his capture Scherpe was because of membership in the SS in a detention center in Schleswig-Holstein already interned and released in July 1945. . Up to remand in August 1961 he worked as a janitor in a machine factory in Mannheim. Im 1. Auschwitz trial before the Assize Court Frankfurt am Main Scherpe was because of “Community aid for joint murder “for four and a half years in prison and loss of civil rights sentenced to four years. Because of the remand Scherpe after the verdict was issued on 19 August 1965


According to the TV show, Nazi collaborators, half-Jews and quarter -Jews were allowed to serve in the army. Later, they were switched to “Operation Todt” , work-gang. Hitler allowed an exception for Erhard Milch, Luftwaffe General, and for some twenty-thirty other top brass. ============================================================
Dr Bernhard Frank told Gould that when he was young he had Jewish friends, but that the political events at the time forced him to cut ties with them. He claimed that the Jews played a major role in German oppression and “dug their own graves.” Frank added that the war was the outcome of decision made by governments, and the Nazis were only fulfilling their duties.

When the relationship between the two grew stronger, Gould confronted Frank with the extermination orders he had signed. After short hesitation, Frank admitted the signature on the documents was, in fact, his, but claimed he had only approved the linguistic content.

“He defended himself, saying the order was necessary, because Jews in those areas were involved in guerilla warfare against Germans,” said Gould in an exclusive Yedioth Ahronoth interview. “In retrospect, we are talking about the first act of genocide by the SS. It was before the trains began making their way to extermination camps. It was also the first actual mass murder test run. The command wanted to see if SS soldiers would murder Jewish citizens, including women, children and elders. Frank was responsible for wording the orders in such a way that the troops on location, especially those who had undergone ideological training, could understand what do to. It was written in the spirit of Reinhard Heydrich (a high-ranking SS official, the first to be in charge of the ‘Final Solution’ operation).”

“Frank justified the orders, claiming they were given during the war, when there were a lot of partisan Jews, outlaws and robbers,” added Gould. “When asked if the women and children murdered were also partisans and robbers, he shrugged his shoulders and didn’t respond. I caught him lying a lot during the interviews. He admitted to some of the lies. Eventually he let me do anything I wanted with the materials. A rifle was by his side during many interviews, so he could have shot me if he wanted to. When I confronted him I feared what he might do to me or to himself. But my impression was that Frank wished to receive recognition for all the things he had done while serving in the SS. He hid it for so many decades. He was very proud of his actions and the fact that I was able to expose what he had done made him appreciate me. He gave me all the material which could convict him, including private journals, love letters and other documents he had written.”

Dr Bernhard Frank was responsible for the Nazi language code used by the SS to disguise the ‘special treatment’ given to Jews during the German occupation of USSR territories. He was also one of the senior officers in charge of consolidating and distributing the racist Nazi ideology.

Frank was selected by Himmler to serve in a special commando unit responsible for SS operations in occupied USSR territories in the summer of 1941. As part of his new position, as Himmler’s senior assistant, he was personally responsible for signing the July 28 1941 order called “Comando Stadt Order”. This was the first actual SS order instructing to kill hundreds of thousands of Jews, including women and children, preceding the Commissar order. It was the first stage of the massive Jewish extermination process.

At the time, Frank was instructed by Himmler to keep an SS war journal, gathering all reports of SS activities, including the Jewish genocide.

Gerhard Warzecha
20 Nov 1904, born Fritzendorf/Ostpr.
July 1943, SS-Ostuf KK when posted from RSHA IV E3 (Spionageabwehr West) to BdS Paris; assigned to KdS Rouen as Deputy Leiter IV
spring to 6 June 1944, Leiter, Aussendienststelle St Lo
June-Oct 1944, staff of KdS Rouen gradually retreat across France to Metz
Oct-Dec 1944, KdS Rouen staff moved to Zlin/CZ
Dec 1944, most of the KdS Rouen moved to Cochem a d Moselle and became zbV Kommando 3 (Einsatzgruppe L) and played a small role in the Ardennes until military failure caused a retreat
Jan 1945, Warzecha wounded in Cochem during an Allied air bombardment on the town, and evacuated to Berlin
1960s, questioned as a witness by the West German police looking into war crimes during the Ardennes campaign.

Nazi Doctor lived free in Dachau:
Despite the allegations, Dr Sewering enjoyed a brilliant career and is a former head of Germany’s doctors’ association.d. 2010


A German doctor who allegedly sent 900 children to a Nazi death camp has been given a top medical award. Dr Hans-Joachim Sewering, 92, a former SS member, was honoured for “services to the nation’s health system”. The doctor has always denied sending children to Eglfing-Haar, a facility south of Munich where it’s alleged physically and mentally handicapped children were killed.

Despite the allegations, Dr Sewering enjoyed a brilliant career and is a former head of Germany’s doctors’ association.


Rochus Misch, Hitler’s bodyguard. Last living witness.­dia_ph.php?MediaId=786

photo of plane bombing Auschwitz­dia_ph.php?MediaId=653

Siemens profited from slave labor.

Between August 1942 and July 1944, 28 trains transported more than 25,000 Jews from Belgium to Auschwitz-Birkenau via Mechelen.


Fritz Reinhardt (* 3. April 1895 in Ilmenau; † 17. Juni 1969 in Regensburg) war Staatssekretär im Reichsministerium der Finanzen in der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus. One year or less for Financial Crimes.

[note, Reinhardt Heydrich also name spelled with a ‘t’].

The first is a declaration by Hans Frank to his subordinates on 24.08.1942, that “Die Weisung der Judenvernichtung Kommt von Höherer Stelle”

Source: IMG, XXIX. 582. Doc. 2233-PS. Quoted in Ian Kershaw, Hitler, Vol. II, nº 143 to Chapter XI

And a comment by Himmler after a meeting with Hitler on 19.06.1943 that “The Führer declare after my report that the evacuation of the jews, in spite of the agitation that could cause in the three or four next months , should to take place without contemplations and to continue until the end” (sorry for the poor translation)

Source: IfZ, MA 316, Frames 26150096-8, “Vortrag beim Führer am 19.6.1943 auf dem Obersalzberg: “Bandenkampf und Sicherheitslage”. Quoted in Kershaw, Vol. II, nº 152 to Chapter XII


Need info: Albert Thoms.

Streibel Karl
Geb.: 11.10.1903

Kdr. Trawniki-Lager: 1942-1943
Dusselderf Trial: 1974 not guilty
In Trawniki the Wachmänner received abbreviated military training and exercises, including training for the deportation of Jews.
Approximately 2000 – 3000 guardsmen passed through the training camp during the two and a half years of its activity. Some of them were organised into two battalions with four companies each, about 1000 men altogether. The size of a company was 100-200 men. One was a training company for squad commanders (“Zugführer”).
One or two companies were stationed permanently in Lublin for security duties. Other Trawniki units carried out guard duties in various institutions and labour camps in the Lublin district.
To each Aktion Reinhard death camp a unit with 90-130 men was allotted. Most of the squad commanders were “Volksdeutsche”, speaking German and Ukrainian.

— How could Federal Republic of Germany let Streibel go free?

Trawniki men.

Prosecutors said evidence presented at the trial included a seized Aug. 14, 1942, report, handwritten by Kalymon, in which he informed his superiors that he had personally shot to death one Jew and wounded another “during the Jewish Operation” that day, the news release stated.

The evidence also included reports from Kalymon’s commander that Kalymon fired his weapon during forcible round-ups of Jews, in the course of which Jews were killed and wounded.

And it’s unclear whether any country would accept him. The Ukraine and Po­land haven’t accepted any Nazi-era deportations in sev­eral years, and Germany has accepted them only rarely.­3641/



Prof. Gerald Steinacher, Harvard University. Amazing book on the nazis who fled Europe.


Last Polish airman of the Blitz dies.

Resister: Conrad Gröber (April 1, 1872 in Meßkirch – February 14, 1948 in Freiburg im Breisgau) was a Catholic priest and archbishop of the Archdiocese of Freiburg. Started as a Nazi but turned against them.

Karl Hudezeck
schoolteacher during war.

Himmler’s brother;
Gebhardt Himmler, dead 197-­ews/why-the-nazis-bombed-dubli­n-1075966.html

“Don’t mention the war.”
Philip Grimm, Buchenwald and Auschwitz
On 14 August 1947 death by hanging convicted. The sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment. . February 1954 from the Landsberg prison for war criminals released and died after an unremarkable life in April 1984 in Bayreuth.

Sepp Janko
Janko was indicted for war crimes by the Yugoslav Government. At the instigation of the Yugoslav Government, Janko in Buenos Aires was arrested and imprisoned on an island to its delivery. After personal commitment of the Argentine President, Janko but was acquitted and consequently not delivered.

The incriminating against Janko delivered by Yugoslavia at the request of the Federal Republic to Ludwigsburg not sufficient also to accuse Janko for war crimes. The accusation was based primarily on, Janko have systematically nazified the ethnic group.
Janko remained until his death in Belgrano, a German utility district in Buenos Aires. There, he found a job in a dairy business. By the way, he published more books. He has not held a political or honorary office after the war.

Dr. Sepp (Josef) Janko (* November 9, 1905 in Ernsthausen in the Banat, Austria-Hungary, today Serbia; died September 25, 2001 in Belgrano (Buenos Aires)) was from 1939 of Schwäbisch-German Federal President Kulturbundes in Yugoslavia, and from 1941 SS-Obersturmführer in the Serb-occupied area of Banates.
Gottlob Berger knew what that meant. As early as 28 July 1942 Himmler wrote him (NO-626, Pros. Ex. 2378): “I urgently request that no ordinance regarding the definition of the word ‘Jew’ be issued. We are only tying our own hands by establishing these foolish definitions. The occupied territories will be purged of Jews. The Fuehrer has charged me with the execution of this very hard order. No one can release me from this responsibility in any case, and I strongly resent all interference. You will receive memorandum from Lammers in a short time.”

The Jews of Germany were being deported to the East and now the East was to be “purged” of Jews. When Himmler speaks of the Fuehrer order as being a very hard one, it takes no imagination to know what was intended – they were to be done away with.­iewtopic.php?t=62789

on Berger. Also shows a different view of Wilhelm Kube

Gottlob Berger
d. 1975.­iewtopic.php?t=62789
3 years or less emprisoned
“The mobilization of labor of the prisoners of war will be organized with the present labor mobilization office in joint action between SS Obergruppenfuehrer Berger and SS Obergruppenfuehrer Pohl.”


It is to be remembered that Berger testified that he did not know anything about plans for destroying Jews, and that he first heard of the “final solution” after his arrest and when he was in Nuernberg and Dachau. Nevertheless, as appears in his letter of 19 April 1943 to Himmler, where he discussed the formation of the proposed “European Confederation,” he commented upon the Hungarian situation and stated (NO-628, Pros. Ex. 2383): “In Hungarian Government circles there exists a well-founded fear that the accession to the confederation will be tied up with compulsion to liquidate the Jews.”

In view of these documents it seems impossible to believe Berger’s testimony that he knew nothing about plans to destroy Jews or that he never heard about the “final solution” until after the war.
nazis 2003,

Walter Kutschmann, d. 1986

Otto Kumm (* 1. Oktober 1909 in Hamburg; † 23. März 2004 in Offenburg)

Kurt Asche (* 11. Oktober 1909 in Hamburg; † 1998) war SS-Obersturmführer und „Judenreferent“ im von deutschen Truppen besetzten Belgien. Von 1942 bis 1944 verantwortete er die Deportation von 25.000 Juden und Sinti nach Auschwitz.
1980-7, emprisoned.

Ferdinand Hugo Aus der Funten
(* 17. Dezember 1909 in Mülheim an der Ruhr; † 19. April 1989 in Duisburg)

Karl Cerff (* 12. März 1907 in Heidelberg; † 4. Mai 1978 in

Albert Hoffmann, d 1978
Johannes “Hans” von Herwarth , same as:
Hans-Heinrich Herwarth von Bittenfeld (* 14. Juli 1904 in Berlin; † 21. August 1999 in Küps) war ein deutscher Beamter und Diplomat.???

Ludolf-Hermann Emmanuel Georg Kurt Werner von Alvensleben, meist nur Ludolf von Alvensleben, auch genannt Bubi von Alvensleben,
(* 17. März 1901 in Halle (Saale); † wahrscheinlich am 1. April 1970
Friedrich Warzok
Heinrich Hamann (* 1. September 1908 in Bordesholm; † 16. April 1993), war ein deutscher Polizist und SS-Hauptsturmführer.

*Heinz Jost (* 9. Juli 1904 in Homberg (Efze)-Holzhausen (Hessen); † 12. November 1964
MAJOR WAR CRIMINAL. Murdered Jews of Latvia.
April 1945 he was arrested in gardelegen (Saxony-Anhalt). In the Nuremberg Einsatzgruppen trial, he was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1948. in 1951, his sentence was reduced to a sentence of 10 years. in 1952, he was released from the Landsberg prison. He worked as a real estate agent in Düsseldorf. in 1964, he died in Bensheim Germany.


Berthold Heilig (* 26. Oktober 1914 in Heidelberg; † 7. November 1978 in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentinien,

Walter Frentz d 2004, cameraman
NEW: More names
SS-Sturmbannführer Franz Sprinz
SS-Obersturmbannführer Anton Fest
SS-Obersturmbannführer Joachim Freitag
SS-Sturmbannführer Knolle

After the war, Willi Wolter was classified by a spell Court in Hofgeismar 1948 as “Eberstein” so that he could live Cologne undisturbed until his death in May 1969 in the vicinity.

Hans Jaskulsky

Wilhelm Noelle was sentenced in absentia to 12 years hard labor in 1951. Hartmann, who had initially been sentenced to death, was later pardoned and deported in 1957 in the Federal Republic of Germany.[1]death: Unknown.

Karl Friedrich Brunner (* 26. Juli 1900 in Passau; † 7. Dezember 1980) war ein deutscher Jurist, SS-Brigadeführer (1942) und Generalmajor der Polizei (1942) sowie SS- und Polizeiführer in Salzburg und Bozen. No punishment?

Otto Sens (* 14. April 1898 in Dessau; † unknown) war ein deutscher Gestapobeamter, SS-Führer und Leiter des Einsatzkommandos 1 der Einsatzgruppe II in Polen. Not prosecuted.

Hans Fischer (* 21 August 1906 in Rottenbach (Thuringia, Germany); † (whereabouts after the war unknown))

Lothar Beutel d. 1986 came into Soviet captivity from which he was only released in October 1955 and again a foothold as a pharmacist in Berlin. Criminal proceedings against him and others because of the retribution in Poland on 12 September 1939 was discontinued by decision of the Landgericht Berlin of 26 March 1971 due to lack of evidence

Walter Hammer was imprisoned in May 1965, but released in November. Corresponding preliminary proceedings of the public prosecutor’s Office Berlin against him was discontinued early 1971. Presumably Dead.

Walter Bruno Hugo Albath (* 7. Dezember 1904 in Strasburg in Westpreußen; † 1990) war ein deutscher Jurist, SS-Führer und Beamter der Gestapo
Died under investigation.




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