Eichmann’s men; examples of resistance

NEW: Info on Naumann Circle, added below.

unbelievable story on Hans Kuehnemann , released on bail in 1991. Trial stopped due to heart

Brahams’ book on Hungary:
Krumey and Hunsche were protected from prosecution after the war thanks to “Dr Kasztner”… brought to trial only after 1969… also whitewashed was Kurt Becher. Wisliceny hanged. Kasztner was assassinated.

(first name missing)— Allert, b 1921, made his way to Argentina.
Becher, died 1995
Hans Ehlich (1901-1991) SS man associated with Eichmann.
— Winninger? Can’t find a first name.
Albert Rapp, life imprisonment 1965 till now.
Walter Dongus, b. 1900 – 1964?

Reinhard Höhn (Hoehn) (* July 29 1904 in Gräfenthal , † May 14 2000 in Bad Harzburg ) was a leading German state and administrative lawyer at the time of National Socialism . Höhn gründete nach seiner Entnazifizierung im Jahr 1956 die Akademie für Führungskräfte der Wirtschaft GmbH, Bad Harzburg und war 1962 Erfinder des Harzburger Modells .

Hermann Alois Krumey (* 18. April 1905 in Mährisch Schönberg; † 27. November 1981 in Erftstadt). One of Eichmann’s men, was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Otto Hunsche, (b 1911) was arrested on 12 May 1945 on an Alm in Altaussee, and was then imprisoned until 1948.[1] After his release from the internment camp esterwegen he was listed in part of the denazification process as a “Fellow traveller”. In 1954, Hunsche worked in dates as a lawyer. Hunsches short Vita was listed in the Braunbuch of East Germany

Hunsche helped Eichmann organize Hungarian deportations
On 29 August 1969, Hunsche was sentenced to twelve years and Krumey murder for murder to life imprisonment for aid.[7][8]
Nothing is known about Hunsches another way of life.
About 40,000 Jews out of 437,000 were sent to labor camps, and some survived. Braham’s book says that no one told them what really awaited them at A.Birkenau.

Otto Graf, released due to “statute of limitations.’ Vienna

Resistance to the Nazis:
Rumanian Dr E. Florian Manoliu, also helped saves.

Horthy and Intl Red Cross and US tried to intervene. Yet still Eichmann and fascist Hungarians managed to deport over 437,000 Hungarian Jews.

Together with other diplomats of neutral countries, such as Raoul Wallenberg, appointed at the Swedish embassy; Angelo Rotta, the Apostolic nuncio of the Vatican; Angel Sanz Briz, the Spanish Minister; later followed by Giorgio Perlasca, an Italian businessman working at the Spanish embassy; and Friedrich Born, the Swiss delegate of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Lutz worked relentlessly for many months to prevent the planned deaths of innocent people.
Lutz was greatly helped by Harald Feller, who took over responsibility of the Swiss legation after Jaeger’s departure. Lutz’s wife Trudi notably played a central supporting role during the whole period of her husband’s activities in Budapest

Maximilian Jaeger (c1915-1999) was a Swiss Minister in Budapest from 1936 to 1944

In 1936, Jaeger was transferred to Budapest, where Switzerland had set up an embassy that year. He was head of the Swiss mission, and was direct supervisor of Carl Lutz. Jaeger played a role in opposing the deportation of Jews by the Nazi and Arrow Cross Party. He tried to persuade the Nazis from deporting Jews to Auschwitz and to respect the neutrality of the 76 Swiss protected houses. The activities of Jaeger were instrumental in providing Lutz with the necessary conditions for the rescue of Jews in Budapest. Lutz later said that Jaeger always allowed him a good deal of freedom of action, and had total confidence in him.

Carl Lutz (b. Walzenhausen, 30 March 1895; d. Berne,12 February 1975) was the Swiss Vice-Consul in Budapest, Hungary from 1942 until the end of World War II. He helped save tens of thousands of Jews from deportation to Nazi Extermination camps during the Holocaust. He is credited with saving over 62,000 Jews.[1] In 1964, he was awarded the title of Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem.

Kurt Zeitzler (* June 9 1895 in Goßmar at Luckau in Brandenburg , † September 25 1963 in Hohenaschau in Upper Bavaria ) was a German officer , most recently , Colonel-General and Chief of Staff of the Army during the Second World War .

Heinrich Reinefarth (commonly known as Heinz Reinefarth, December 26, 1903-May 7, 1979) was a German military officer during and government official after World War II. During the Warsaw Uprising his troops committed numerous war atrocities. After the war Reinefarth became the mayor of the town of Westerland and member of the Schleswig-Holstein Landtag. He was never convicted of any war crimes.

Mayer-Mader, Andreas

Fritz Thyssen accepted the exclusion of Jews from German business and professional life by the Nazis, and dismissed his own Jewish employees, but he did not share Hitler’s violent anti-Semitism. As a Catholic, he also objected to the increasing repression of the Roman Catholic Church, which gathered pace after 1935: in 1937 he sent a letter to Hitler, protesting the persecution of Christians in Germany.[3] The breaking point for Thyssen was the violent pogrom against the Jews in November, 1938 known as Kristallnacht, which caused him to resign from the Council of State. By 1939 he was also bitterly criticising the regime’s economic policies, which were subordinating everything to rearmament in preparation for war.[4]
He fled from Germany…

Kurt Tuchler, b 1894 – ?

Ernst Swoboda
Herbert Schneider,

Willi Willing (* February 8 1907 in Berlin , † November 20 1983 in Berchtesgaden ) From 1942 he was deputy director of the Office Willing C III in the SS Economic and Administrative Main Office , where he was with the organization of slave labor of concentration camp inmates involved.

In the fall of 1943 he joined the group building the Higher SS and Police Leader East in the General with his office in Krakow . [5] From December 1944 organized Willing funds from the Defense Technical Faculty of the Technical University of Berlin, one consisting of concentration camp prisoners chemist command in Flossenbürg , the one warfare agent detector should be finished. [6]
From 1964 to 1971 he lived in Brunswick.

Heinrich Hamann (* September 1st 1908 in Bordesholm , † April 16 1993 ) was a German policeman and SS -Captain. Life imprisonment, from 1968.

George Wolff (* March 14 1914 in Wittenberg , † around 1995 ) was a German SS Captain and journalist .

NEW:Naumann Circle: Post-war attempt by nazis to overthrow the FRG!

Josef Grohe 3 January 1988),
the Westdeutscher Beobachter.

Paul Wegener (born 1 October 1908 in Varel – died 5 May 1993 in Wächtersbach) was a German Nazi Party official.

Werner Naumann (16 June 1909 – 25 October 1982) was a State Secretary in Joseph Goebbels’ Propagandaministerium during the Third Reich. He was appointed head of the Propaganda Ministry by Führer Adolf Hitler in his political testament after Dr. Goebbels was promoted to Reichskanzler.

Some names have appeared on other pages. This was a group of Nazis who planned to overthrow the FRG.

Gunter d’Alquen , Journalist, journalist, editor of the “Black Corps” , SS-bearer 1998

Werner Best , November 1942 deputy Reinhard Heydrich, SS chief group leader, head of the Office Administration at the occupying forces in France, November 1942 Delegate of the German Reich in Denmark (head of the occupation authority), after the war worked in the law firm Achenbach

Karl Friedrich Bornemann , , born 1908, HJ -field leader Dusseldorf [8] Then the editor of a “KBI Information Service”.

Wolfgang Diewerge , high Nazi propagandist from the Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, director of the Imperial station Gdansk .d1975

Friedrich Karl Florian , , Gauleiter of Duesseldorf

Hans Fritzsche , most recently head of the radio department in the Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda and the Greater German broadcasting of “Commissioner for policy design,” indicted war criminals in Nuremberg , d 1953

Josef Grohé , , last Reich Commissioner for the occupied territories in Belgium and northern France d 1988

Hans-Bernhard von Grünberg , professor of political science and the last rector of the University of Königsberg under German rule d 1975

Heinrich Haselmayer , , age fighters since 1927, Storm Trooper, Militant League for German Culture in Hamburg, leader of the Nazi Student League ibid, involved in the sterilization of Nazi-defined “hereditary disease” [9]

Horst Huisgen , HJ-area leader in Silesia, State of the FDP in Lower Saxony

Heinrich Hunke ,, Arisierer, officer of Deutsche Bank, Nazi planners and Greater strategist , and later Assistant Secretary of the State of Lower Saxony (FRG) d.2000

Karl Kaufmann , Gauleiter and Reich Governor of Hamburg

Herbert Lucht , head of the Wehrmacht Propaganda Branch in Paris. His wife, Lea called Lucht, Slissy was Belgian woman, a niece of Léon Degrelle

Wilhelm Meinberg , , the Supervisory Board of Dresdner Bank and Wehrwirtschaftsführer d 1973

Karl Ott (Niedersachsen) Secretary and member of parliament in Lower Saxony

Karl Scharping ,  an official in the radio department of the Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda

Gustav Adolf Scheel , former student leader kingdom and Gauleiter of Salzburg

Heinz Siepen ,  local Nazi leaders and district administration, in co-owner of the steel works Punktal Solingen

Franz Alfred Six , SS brigade leader, convicted of mass murder to 20 years in prison, released in October 1952, staff at the law offices of Achenbach (associated with Eichmann. Died 1975)

Eberhard Taubert , head of an ” Anti-Comintern Unit “, Judge of the People’s Court
(* May 11 1907 in Kassel , † November 2 1976 in Cologne )
Taubert was still defense expert, a U.S. Central Intelligence in 1959 and took a job for the Iranian secret service (SAVAK) [30] as well as other Middle Eastern intelligence services. Unter dem Pseudonym Dr.

Albert Urmes , Gaupropagandaleiter Moselland and occupied Luxembourg (* September 25 1910 in Trier , † after March 1983) was a German politician ( NSDAP

Paul Wegener , , Gauleiter of Weser-Ems, SS Obergruppenführer

Paul Zimmermann , SS-Brigadeführer

Siegfried Zoglmann , , leader of the Hitler Youth and the SS, head of the command center of Bohemia and Moravia, head of the Liaison Office to the Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda (* August 17 ​​1913 in Neumark / circle Taus , † October 20th 2007 in Bonn – Bad Godesberg )

Edmund Veesenmayer , Generalbevollmächtigter in Ungarn, SS-Brigadeführer Veesenmayer , chief representative in Hungary, SS brigade leader (also was associated Eichmann). Should be on another page.

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