notes, nazi collaborators show

Günter Tabbert, crimes in Latvia. His name appears on one of the later pages.

Nazis in Latvia”
Stahlecker, hanged
Prützmann, dead 1945
R Lange, hanged
SS-Brigadeführer und Generalmajor der Polizei Schröder, the SS and Police Leader in Latvia; SS-Brigadeführer und Generalmajor der Polizei Hinrich Möller, the SS and Police Leader in Estonia; and SS-Brigadeführer und Generalmajor der Polizei Wysocki, the SS and Police Leader in Lithuania.
On January 27, 1942, Jeckeln was awarded the “War Merit Cross (Kriegsverdienst or KVK) with Swords” for killing 25,000 at Rumbula[4] In February 1945, now a General der Waffen-SS und Polizei, Jeckeln was appointed to command the SS-Freiwilligen-Gebirgs-Korps and also served as Commander of Replacement Troops and Higher SS and Police Leader in Southwest Germany. He was hanged.

Rudolf Joachim Seck (15 July 1908[1] – 1974) was an SS Oberscharführer (Staff Sergeant) during World War II during the course of which he committed a large numbers of crimes against humanity, for which he was later sentenced to serve life in prison by a West German court.

Aleksander (Alexander) Laak (1907, Pöide Parish, Estonia – 6 September 1960, Winnipeg, Canada)[1] was a lieutenant and the commander of the Jägala concentration camp during the German occupation of Estonia.[2] Suicide

named above:

Walther Schröder, auch Walter Schröder (* 26. November 1902 in Lübeck; † 31. Oktober 1973 .

The court verdict Bergedorf sentenced Schroeder to two years and nine months in prison. The chamber presented him with “truth-in anti denial” and “lack of insight” fixed. Schroeder would have neither the Holocaust nor unreasonable hardship experienced by some in the camp. [9]

Schroeder was the denazification procedures classified as “fellow travelers”. Danker and Schwabe call this classification in the context of the leadership of Schroeder in Schleswig-Holstein and in the Reich Commissariat Ostland as “absurd”. [10]

After the war, Schroeder’s official residence was seized at the Lübeck Burgfeld by the occupation authorities. In January 1956, called for Schroeder, who was receiving a monthly pension of 1,100 marks, due to the imperial power law because of damages in the amount of 53,000 marks from the city of Luebeck. [11]

Lucien Wysocki, d. 1964
August the same year he was promoted to SS-and police-site leader for the General District Lithuania in the Reich Commissariat Ostland with his office in Kaunas appointed. September of that year he was appointed major general of police by Hitler. After 1945, Wysocki worked at times as a clerk at the Department store hoarding in Duisburg.

Hinrich Moeller, d. 1974 released after 10 years.
From August 1941 Moeller served as an SS and Police Leader Estonia in the Estonian capital, Tallinn / Tallinn and was apparently involved in a leading role in the destruction of the Estonian Jewish community. In 1944 he became an SS brigade commander , and Major-General conveyed to the police.

Because of his terrorist actions against Jewish citizens in Schleswig-Holstein, Möller was after 1945 to three years in prison convicted. [5] Because of the murder of two Communist Party officials December 1947 by the Landgericht Kiel sentenced to death. The sentence was commuted to life imprisonment but in 1948 and 1954 reduced to the pardon of 15 years. Moller was released in 1958.

Möller court had refused to declare his accomplices. The court had been satisfied. [6] convictions for his deeds in Estonia were not known.

I hope you caught the episode Of “Nazi Collaborators: God vs. Evil” this week. It was on The “Grand Mufti” of Palestine, el-Husseini. He made note of the Holocaust in his memoirs, published during the 1990’s. He organized the 13th mountain regiment of the [Bosnian] Waffen SS. The show claimed that Bosnian leaders opposed collabo. with the nazis. Incidentally, he was not a religious leader, but an appointed one, by the British! Prior to his apptment, he had been basically an instigator

Richard [1] Heinrich “Heini” [2] Doehle (* September 23 1883 in Strasbourg , † September 3 1963 in Badenweiler ) was a German civil servant. The (nominal) peak of his career he reached the “Third Reich”, as it was in 1942 appointed by Hitler on the occasion of his appointment as Under Secretary in the presidential office as head of the “Order of the Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor’s office.”

After the Second World War Doehle was appointed Chairman of the displaced Federal officials in the German federal officials elected (Verbaost). [7] This represented Doehle, as a relatively well-known personality in public, especially to the outside.May 1955, Doehle left for health reasons his position. [8]
From 1933 to 1935
Heinrich Wolff was consul of the German Embassy in Palestine, and
Walter Dohle followed him 1936-1939. Whatever the private feelings of either consul may have been, both were conforming Nazis in terms of their behavior and their official correspondence

In France in 1943, a group of Croatians in the Handschar division did attack their comrades and German commanders. Unfortunately some of them were caught and executed.

Ernst Friedrich Fritscher, b 1917. Nazi.

Muslim Ibrahim Alimabegovic, Oct 21, 1944: Division Imam Abdullah Muhasilovic incited a mutiny among the division staff security company. Over 100 Bosnians deserted.

Đuro Grujić, Djuro Grujic, executed?

Hellmuth Raithel, commander of Regiment 28 of Handschar, was appointed the commanding officer. died, 1990

Abdullah Muhasilovic
fate unk. Bosniak

SS-Ostuf Alexander Michawetz, the pioneer battalion commander, who escaped.

Hussein Biscevic (Husejin Biščević or Biščević-beg; born 28 July 1884) was the highest ranking (and perhaps the oldest) Bosnian military officer to volunteer for the Waffen SS org.

Dr. Alija Šuljak managed to escape via Italy to Syria. Alija Šuljak together with Hakija Hadžić and Džafer-beg Kulenović started something called Društva Hrvata u Siriji.

Karl von Krempler (26 May 1896, Pirot, Serbia — 17 April 1971, Salzburg, Austria)
Richard Kaaserer, executed 1947

*Bosnian Muslim elite and notables issued resolutions or memorandums in various cities that publicly denounced Croat-Nazi collaborationist measures, laws and violence against Serbs,
source: 13th waffen mountain div. ss handschar, wiki
Grand Mufti of Palestine, el Husseini:
But in fact the full record of the available evidence, including both German and Arabic sources, leaves no room for doubt anymore. Indeed, the Grand Mufti’s own words provide the most compelling proof. Memoirs of the Grand Mufti, edited by Abd al-Karim al-Umar, were published in Damascus in 1999.
In the memoirs, al-Husaini openly discusses his close relationship to SS chief Heinrich Himmler.

In the memoirs, the Grand Mufti also describes what Himmler said to him in that summer of 1943 about the persecution of the Jews. Following some tirades on “Jewish war guilt,” Himmler told him that “up to now we have liquidated [abadna] around three million of them” (p. 126 — see Arabic excerpt below).


Krunoslav Stjepan Draganović (born 30 October 1903, Brčko, Austria-Hungary, died 3 June 1983, Sarajevo) was a Croatian Roman Catholic priest and historian who is accused as being one of the main organisers of the ratlines which aided the escape of Nazi war criminals from Europe after World War II

1,000 or more passports were handed out to Nazi sci/engineers by Juan Peron. Hans Kammler may have been one of them, because his Junker 380 went missing after the war. Only two similar planes were then in existence, which is suspicious.
A few more names…


Heinrich Thyssen controlled his German mines and factories throughout the war; supplying the Third Reich with coal, steel and U-boats. He also provided his close friend Hermann Goering and the Nazi secret service with international banking facilities, while in 1941 his August Thyssen Bank in Berlin contributed 400,000 Reichmarks towards the upkeep of the castle, which had by then been requisitioned by the SS.
also named:

Hans Joachim Oldenburg, ?

Franz Podezin, b. 1911, fled from Germany
In 1963, however, he was living in Kiel, and had managed to escape German postwar criminal investigations.
Podezin had disappeared to South Africa and so escaped the German judiciary.

Kurt Griese
In 1943, Criminal investigator officer Kurt Griese had belonged to the Third Task Force in Lithuania as an SS Hauptsturmführer, or captain, and then joined the Higher SS and Police Leaders in the Eastern Countries (Höheren SS- und Polizeiführer Ostland). knew the Lord Podezin, a dear guy, very read», says Anette Wilkie on German, the daughter of Lord Hansel, at the Podezin lived. «He was athletic and always elegantly dressed, in the end, he had Hüftprobleme, the arms, he limped.» Podezin had a caravan and many friends on the coast, he worked for a company called Hytec, hydraulic devices, valves pumps used in construction sites used to drain pits.

Podezin knew out Yes pits and graves – thus.
The company for which he served Hytec, is working today with the German company Thyssen-Krupp. Whether his aunt Margit, the born, Thyssen, in the 1960s helped to escape and gave him a job even in South Africa? Whether Ivan and Margit visited him there after all, they were often on Safari, your «Africa room» in their Villa in Lugano was stuffed full with Buffalo horns and ivory. «Mr. Podezin left behind a box of private things,» says on the phone, Anette Wilkie «I have kept it, if someone should ask for it.» «A moment please.» Steps. Silent. Silence. Again steps. “There are photos from his time in Africa and a few old clothes with the logo.” «Otherwise nothing.» Podezin died in mid-1990s, his funeral, so Anette Wilkie, three, four friends in Hansels House, published all Germans who emigrated and met weekly to the card games after the war to South Africa all now dead.

Sacha Batthyany ” A terrible secret ”
For this report, the author of the Egon Erwin Kisch Prize for 2010 was named.

Paul Dickopf, SD, d 1973
Dickopf later enrolled in the general SS in 1939, however, any record of his war activities are obscure since his SS file for that period is incomplete.
In 1968, Interpol elected Paul Dickopf as its president. Although it was discovered that he had been an SS officer in the war, having worked in the very villa where Interpol and the Gestapo were headquartered, he nevertheless remained president until 1972.NY Times article: “Interpol’s Nazi Affiliations Continued After War”

Stefan Beigelboeck, fate ?

Eduard Nicka d. 1972
Tobias Portschy, d. 1996

The few sentences that were awarded to those who hadn’t already fled were very lenient and after a few years they were freed on appeal.
Margit Gabriella Lujza Freiin Thyssen-Bornemisza de Kászon et Impérfalva (Rechnitz (Rohonc), 21/22 June 1911 – Lugano-Castagnola, 15 September 1989), “The Killer Countess”, married in Gandria, Ticino

During the final days of World War II, on 24 March 1945, she hosted a party for SS officers, Gestapo leaders, Nazi Youth, and local collaborators at the Thyssen’s castle at Rechnitz during which 200 Jews were slaughtered.[2]


NEW: More Einsatzgruppen.
Helmut Looss
Karl-Georg Rabe
Alfred Rendörffer
Hans-Gerhard Schindhelm
Oswald Schäfer
Werner Kämpf
Friedrich Schmidt

Kurt Burkhardt
Johann Gogl were acquitted by the Austrian members of the jury

more nazis:
euthanasia dr.

Gorgass, Dr. med. Hans Bodo (c. 1910-?) – director (as superintending physician, using the codename “Dr. Kramer”), HuPa (Heil- und Pflegeanstalten) Hadamar euthanasia facility {arrested and put on trial by a West German court at Frankfurt-am-Main on charges of killing mentally ill patients by gas and lethal injection (Tötung von Geisteskranken durch Giftgas und Giftinjektion) between 1941 and 1945 at HuPa Hadamar as part of the euthanasia program; convicted and sentenced to death (Verfahren Lfd.Nr.017; LG Frankfurt/M. 470321; OLG Frankfurt/M. 481020); sentence commuted to life imprisonment 1949; released from custody 6 Feb 1958 (NYT 7 Feb 1958:7:3) (Friedlander 89, 103; Nazi Mass Murder 19, 36-37).}

Dr Eberhard Schöngarth,d 1946

Helmut Tanzmann, suicide 1946. Source : De.wikipedia

Erich Rajakowitsch, later Erich Raja (* November 23 1905 in Trieste , † April 14 1988 [1] in Graz ) was an Austrian jurist and SS First Lieutenant , as an employee of Adolf Eichmann during the Second World War in the German-occupied Netherlands, mainly was involved in deportations of Jews. second March 1965 by a jury sentenced to two and a half years jail and heavy due to the credit of his time in detention for six months after release from prison, end the process.


Ernst Zierke (born 6 May 1905)
Sobibor. Released on health grounds. Presumably dead.


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One Response to “notes, nazi collaborators show”

  1. anonyme Says:

    Well I saw the Mufti-collaboration episode

    I was largely disappointed. I think it appeared to be a very complete and objective documentary, but because I am well versed in the event’s history, I saw a lot of gaping holes, inaccuracies, and biases.

    1. There is no mention made that the Zionists were working as collaborators with the Nazis – all that was referenced in relation to it was the Ha’avara Agreement without what it was actually about. Namely. while most European Jews were bravely ready to stay in their national Homelands, the Zionists were admiring the pure-race ideologies of Nazism and Fascism, and praising them with their leaders [ except the Betar Zionists].
    I mention that because the documentary portrayed the Grand Mufti as fighting for his people> the way the inaccurate impression is created that the Zionists were representing/ helping Jews escape before WW2.
    – The Grand Mufti was a terrorist ultra-Nationalist> these types of radicals – like the Zionists, were only interested in their own agenda. The Palestinian colonist Jews were mostly not Zionists, just like most Arab Palestinians were not radicals who hated living alongside the Jews – as did the Grand Mufti.
    He was arranging the murders of Palestinian Arab moderates; not mentioned by the show.

    2.No mention is made of the fact that after the British ‘White Paper’ in 1940 which about halted all ‘legal’ Jewish migration to Palestine, that the Nazis and Zionists were still attempting to smuggle German Jews ‘illegally’ into Palestine.
    The show was inaccurate in implying the Nazis were not moving Jews to Palestine after the Arab Revolts.

    3. No mention of the LEHI- Stern Gang Zionist-breakaway radical/terrorists who were active in terrorist and murder activities in Palestine at the same time the Mufti was plotting Arab terrorist acts there.

    4.No mention of Himmler’s love of Islamo-fascism/ rituals and his favouritism towards them.

    5.The show claims that Muslims were only in one Waffen SS division and implied they didn’t commit atrocities. The islamofascist Muslims in Hitler’s army were not just in that one SS unit, they were also in Wehrmacht Muslim units too.

    As for atrocities, the Bosnian Muslims committed amongst the most barbaric ones in WW2 against their ethnic adversaries> even the German SS were shocked on witnessing some these occasions.

    The show didn’t mention that on the other side, MOST Arab / N.African Muslims were fighting as colonial troops on the Allied side [ 300,000 in the French colonial forces alone].

    5.The show keeps going with the idea that just Jews were slaughtered in the Holocaust; not mentioning the 5 million non-Jewish victims that one might see in clips of death camp victims.

    6. Mufti was in contact with the Nazis BEFORE the end of the Arab Revolts in 1939. The show implied the Nazi-Raadical Islam alliance started after that time -1941. Mufti’s stooges were in contact with Nazi SS stooges in 1937.
    Was Hitler fed up that European Jews mostly had no interest in the Ha’avara Zionist goal, and determined to instead create chaos in Palestine by instigating Arabs against Jews via both sides radicals at each others throats over Jewish increased influence there under the Zionists.

    7. A bizarre reference was made about the Munich Agreement allowing increased Brit. reinforcements into Palestine. The show doesn’t mention that the Mufti’s radicals were not just at war with the British, they faced Jewish settler militias, and Zionist-pro- British liason/military units/ British led. There is no mention that moderate Arabs were terrorized and murdered by the Mufti’s gangs [ proving Mufti was not a ‘his people’-Knight ] and that Zionists did retaliation-terrorist attacks too in the revolts. No mention is made of the 1929 riots before Zionist-Nazi massive immigration 4 years later.
    No mention made of the massive reprisal hangings/ executions against the Arab revolters rounded up.

    8. The Balfour Declaration.
    To this day it is incredible how the document is misread.
    The show demonstrated this very shamefully.
    Zionists, Arab Nationalists, radical Anti-Zionists, Neo Nazis, Holocaust deniers, sHitler apologists, ALL to this day claim the document said the British govt. agreed on Palestine being the Jewish Home State.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong…..

    Here’s what the actually document said;

    “His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people”

    “establishment in Palestine”

    “in Palestine”

    The document says ‘IN’…….
    The British meant they favoured a district in the Palestine Mandate that could be a Jewish Homeland as desired by the Zionists.
    There was ZERO intent by the British to make Palestine THE Jewish Homeland.

    The show’s voice-over that read the words alongside the showing of this statement left me in shock.
    It deliberately misread the document…..

    the voiceover said……
    ” the establishment OF Palestine ” as a national home for the Jews.

    This was a deliberate malicious misreading by the show.

    9. The show concluded by claiming ALL Arabs regarded the Grand Mufti as a hero, and that he was a collaborating villain who was self-serving.
    The show never dares implies that the Allies regarded war-criminal/ Nazi rocket scientist Braun a hero for his post WW2 rocket program contributions knowing he was a ‘collaborating villain’. Same thing with the Zionists like Kareski – whose revisionist Zionists have a heroic status enveloping themselves for establishing Israel, while in WW2, they were regarded as traitors by most Jews who were not interested in Zionism.

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