Resistance to nazis

Resistor, resistance:

Administering pain medication suffering to alleviate. So, for example, the nurse Maria Stromberger who was in charge in the room of AUSCHWITZ for the sick warehouse personnel, represented a positive exception. Organized food and medicines for the prisoners, smuggled out of the camp post and worked together with the bearing internal resistance.[37]
Diana Budisavljević, née Obexer, (born 15 January1891 in Innsbruck, Austria; died August 20 , 1978 in Innsbruck, Austria) was an Austrian writer. During the Second World Warin 1941 to 1945, she organized together with several employees, among which the most important engineering Marko Vidaković and engineer of Đuro Vukosavljević were, a private relief operation was launched under the name “Action Diana Budisavljević”. The “action” is cared for providing aid as well as release and accommodation of liberated children and women, mostly Serbian origin, from the death camps of Ustašeregime. With the help of transport lists, and other sources, she led a file that contained information of approximately 12,000 children against the war together with their employees.
While a relief operation at the main railway station in Zagreb (care of transportation of forced labor after Germany), Diana Budisavljevic of a larger group of children located in the Stara Gradiska camp learned. With the help of German officer
Albert von Kotzian, one got the permission to pick up the children from the camp in July 1942. They succeeded the action in collaboration with the Sisters of the Red Cross, led by Dragica Habazin, thousands of children from the camps Stara Gradiska, to transport Mláka and jablanac and to place them in homes. Prof. Kamilo Bresler by the Ministry of Social Affairs was instrumental in the Organization of the placing of children in Zagreb, Jastrebarsko and later Sisak. When in August 1942, the permission was granted the children in the families to accommodate Diana Budisavljevic suggested that perform this action through the Caritas. This thousands of children could be accommodated mainly in the farming families.

Diana Budisavljević, which is the first recipient of this order, got access to the death camp of Jasenovac and other death camps in the then independent State of Croatia (ESRB or NDH), from which she rescued thousands of Serb, Jewish and Roma children.

“Empress Milica” was awarded the order of Diana Budisavljević according to the proposal of a Serbian Orthodox Bishop on the basis of the study “Diana Budisavljević and its bailout of the Nazi Croatia, 1941-1945”. The study drew up the Commission on Jasenovac in collaboration with the Museum of Holocaust victims in Belgrade. Diana Budisavljević saved a total 15.536 girls and boys of which ultimately 3,200 after one and a half spent years in the concentration camp did not survive from 1941 to 1945.

Hermann Friedrich Graebe (born June 19, 1900 in Gräfrath (now Solingen); died April 17, 1986 in San Francisco [1]) was a German resistance fighter.From 1941, the trained engineer a Solingen worked as regional manager construction company in the German occupied Ukraine. He performed in Volhynia “also tasks” and headed for the Deutsche Reichsbahn maintenance and new construction work on the railway tracks. Here he witnessed the massacre of the Jewish population in Rovno and Dubno.[2]
The convinced Nazi critic managed to provide thousands of Jews with fake papers and officially as workers on his construction sites to employ. “One can experience not so much bloodshed and remain intact,” he said later. “I had to do something.” “I had to protect as many people as I could.”
In the chaos of the last months of the war, Graebe managed to save his records of the killings in the West. They enabled the Americans to uncover mass graves in the Ukraine and to identify those responsible. Gräbe was witness during the Nuremberg war crimes trials in 1946. His detailed statements contributed crucially to the convictions of perpetrators. For him and his family had the bitter consequences. They received death threats. In addition, the experienced engineer and businessman in post-war Germany could find no work. No one wanted to do business with the “Vaterlandsverräter” and “Nestbeschmutzer”. Gräbe emigrated to California with his wife and son in 1948. in 1953, he became an American citizen.[1]
While Graebe, 1965 in Israel, was honored as one of the “righteous among the Nations” in the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, he faced in Germany again with massive defamation. George Marshall, one of the Nazitäter because of Gräbes statements in Nuremberg sentenced, joined in 1966 in revision. His lawyer moved Gräbes credibility as a witness into question and obtained a charge of perjury against him. Even if the Court only partially succeeded it, the tactic went on. Marshall was sentenced to five years in prison only for aid to the hanging of Jews. Graebe, however, who had said in the Auschwitz trial, could no longer enter German soil since the arrest threatened him. The “mirror” 1966 took the false accusations and so coined the image you made in Germany of the “liar” Graebe.
His rehabilitation set up only in the 1990s. Gräbe should no longer experience. He died on April 17, 1986 in the United States. Wolfgang Thierse writes: “Once more revealed the fate of Gräbes, how long the German post-war society refused to face up to their responsibilities.” Meanwhile a Solingen bears Youth Centre due to a decision by all Solingen Stadtratsfraktionen Gräbes 100th birthday his name [1], and also to his childhood home, a plaque is found.

Otto Von Hapsburg, HERO. Strongly opposed the Anschluss of Austria to Nazi Germany. In 1938 he requested Austrian Chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg to resist the Nazis and supported an international intervention,[5] and offered to return from exile to take over the reins of government in order to repel Hitler.[12]

To escape the Nazis, he fled to Belgium and Paris with his mother, former Empress Zita, and other family members. In his absence, he was sentenced to death by the Nazis.[13] As ordered by Adolf Hitler, his personal property and that of the House of Habsburg were confiscated and not given back after the war.[14][15] The leaders of the Austrian legitimist movement, i.e. supporters of Otto, were arrested by the Nazis and largely executed.[14] Between 1938 and 1942, around 4,000–4,500 Austrian monarchists were arrested and around 1,000 murdered by the Nazis.[14] source: Wikipedia

Hans Georg Calmeyer (born June 23, 1903 in Osnabrück, Germany; d. 3 September 1972 –) was a lawyer, who saved the life of 3,500 Jews in the Netherlands occupied by Germany from 1941 to 1945, which made him known as “Schindler from Osnabrück”.[1]

F­riedrich von Bodelschwingh
Reverend who resisted the nazis
In February 1941 when a physician’s commission arrived at Bethel to force von Bodelschwingh to fill out the green forms, he refused. Staff members expressed their willingness to forcibly resist any attempted transportation of sick persons by force and the commission eventually departed.

Leaders of the Protestant and Catholic churches remained silent throughout this period. The main ** opposition to Hitler came from a group of young pastors led by Martin Niemöller, Dietrich Bonhoffer and Heinrich Gruber. Initially the main complaint was the decision by Adolf Hitler to appoint Ludwig Muller, as the country’s Reich Bishop of the Protestant Church. With the support of Karl Barth, a professor of theology at Bonn University, in May, 1934, these rebel pastors formed what became known as the Confessional Church. Over the next few years hundreds of these pastors were sent to concentration camps and some were executed.

In his Pastoral Letter “Mystici Corporis,” Pope Pius XII spoke out against euthanasia on June 29, 1943. (Into That Darkness 76)

In a pastoral letter on September 12, 1943, all of the Roman Catholic Bishops of Germany joined in condemning euthanasia, as well as the murder of “innocent hostages, prisoners of war or penal institutions, and human beings of foreign race or extraction.” (Into That Darkness 72)

The Vatican published a statement condemning euthanasia on December 2, 1940,
G­erhard Domagk
German Dr who was not allowed to receive the Nobel Prize for discovery of Sulfanomides.

Georg Duckwitz, German naval attache in Denmark who leaked the Nazi plan to deport Danish Jews.
[act of resistance]

BBC, clip featuring Holocaust, halfway through. Also Axel Vom dem Bussche, who tried to resist the Nazis.
Axel von der Busche and Gunther Tredwindt, who was a school boy in Dusseldorf in the late 1930s and during the war, give revealing accounts of how widely the policy of mass murder was known.
BBC, “Fatal Attraction of Adolf Hitler.”­2no1/fatalattraction.html
BBC show, “fatal attraction of adolf hitler”

One revelatory insight into Hitler’s thinking is provided by Henrietta von Schirach, one of Hitler’s oldest associates. After witnessing the deportation of Jews from Amsterdam, she brought herself to remonstrate with Hitler about his policy of mass murder. Hitler told her that she was too sentimental and that at a time when 10,000 young German men were being killed every day on the battlefield, the biological balance was being overturned and this meant that the Jews had to be eliminated.­/07/world/middleeast/07israel.­html?scp=3&sq=Holocaust&st=cse
The Bergson Group saved hundreds of 1000s of Jews.

Resistance: Professor Hans Gerhard Creutzfeldt managed to save nearly all of his patients.­edelweiss-pirates-fascinating-­account.html
Germans convicted of being traitors to the Nazi regime are the only group of war victims that hasn’t won full rehabilitation in Germany. Now, a draft law on a general rehabilitation is set to receive the support of MPs. An estimated 100,000 people were convicted as “war traitors” by the Nazis.

cf. The Edelweiss Pirates, a band of young people who carried out acts of Resistance in Nazi Germany. Only now are they being re-habilitated.
Eberhard Viktor Eugen Hanfstaengl (* 10. Februar 1886 in Saargemünd ; † 10. Januar 1973 in München ) Hanfstaengl (* February 10 1886 in Sarreguemines , † January 10th 1973 in Munich ) was a German art historian . [1] In 1937 he was dismissed because of lack of cooperation and to “moderate” political views of his art office, especially because he refused to work out of the new department for the NS-Defamation, sales and extermination Degenerate Art to remove. [1]

From 1945 until 1953 Hanfstaengl was General Director of the Bavarian State Painting Collections .

another resister:
The German officer who refused to shoot “Jewish civilians” was Oberleutnant Josef Sibille.

R N who heroically tried to save some lives in Auschwitz.

GERTRUD SEELE (1917-1945)

Nurse and social worker, she was born in Berlin on September 22, 1917, and served for a time in the Nazi Labour Corps. She then turned to a career in public health and social service. Arrested in 1944 for helping Jews to escape Nazi persecution, and for ‘defeatist statements designed to undermine the morale of the people’. She was tried before the People’s Court in Potsdam and executed in Plötzensee Prison, Berlin, on January 12, 1945.

American spy in Germany.
the only American woman to be executed for treason in World War II – by Germany.


Daughter of physician Dr. Ludwig Mayer of Offenbach. In 1930, she became Germany’s woman fencing champion. Soon after Hitler came to power, his Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels, portrayed Helena Mayer, now a national heroine, as the perfect specimen of German womanhood. Tall, blonde and blue eyed, she was described as the apotheosis of German racial purity. The campaign was abruptly abandoned when it was discovered that Helene had a Jewish father and grandparents. She went to the USA to study international law but was invited to take part in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin where she won a silver medal. After the Olympics she settled in the US and became an American citizen winning the US Women’s National Fencing Championship eight times. In 1952 she returned to Germany and married an engineer from Stuttgart. She died after a long illness on October 15, 1953.



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