Holocaust; business and Hitler

  • In his excellent introduction to this definitive American translation of “Mein Kampf,” Konrad Heiden writes: “For years Mein Kampf stood as proof of the blindness and complacency of the world. For in its pages Hitler announced — long before he came to power — a program of blood and terror in a self-revelation of such overwhelming frankness that few among its readers had the courage to believe it … That such a man could go so far toward realizing his ambitions, and — above all — could find millions of willing tools and helpers; that is a phenomenon the world will ponder for centuries to come.”

Jakob Wilhelm Hauer (Born 4 April 1881 in Ditzingen; d. February 18 , 1962 in Tübingen) was a German scholar and theologian. He taught at the University of Tübingen as Professor of religious studies and Indology. Hauer was the founder of the Covenant of the Köngener Youth Association as well as the Third Reich founder of the German faith movement. During the Third Reich he was member of various Nazi organizations.

Google trans from deutsche wikipedia- Henriette Von Schirach

On the night of good Friday 1943 Henriette von Schirach at the Berghof spoke to Hitler on the Jewish deportations in the Netherlands. Goebbels in 1943 recorded in his diary that “the Schirachs only have discovered their sympathy after almost 60,000 Jews were as it were deported on their doorstep.”
1966 Speer confirmed in an interview that scene: “it was a gloomy mood then, you knew that something had occurred, but it was silent about, and as far as I know, that was also the reason that Henriette von Schirach and her husband of the ‘Court’ have been banned.”

In the film in IM toten Winkel – Hitlers Secretary, Traudl Junge describes this scene as it was been portrayed her from her husband: Henriette von Schirach “, yes a relatively sensitive position compared to Hitler had raised the question to the Fuehrer that it would be quite terrible to be treated as the Jews were in Amsterdam.” Then Hitler her angry advised not interfere in things, who does not understand it would have annoyed about “this sentimentality” and ordered her to leave the room. In response, the wife of Schirach was never again invited the Berghof.

source for that quote, BBC  “Every day, 10,000 of my best men die in the east, while the others go on living in the camps. That means, the biological balance in Europe is not right anymore.” Hitler to Henrietta von Schirach, source: Fatal attraction of Adolf Hitler, BBC.

  • Ley was aware in general terms of the Nazi regime’s program of extermination of the Jews of Europe and encouraged it through the virulent anti-Semitism of his publications and speeches. In February 1941 he was present at a meeting along with Speer, Bormann and Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel at which Hitler had set out his views on the “Jewish question” at some length, making it clear that he intended the “disappearance” of the Jews one way or another.[11]
  • Kershaw 2000, p. 350.Hitler, 1936–45: Nemesis. New York: W.W. Norton

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Material related to KZ Warsaw added below.
NEW: Wolfgang Plaul, KZ niederhagen, MIA
Schuepping, Erich ??
Hermann Michl (Michel?) dead during war.
Fritz Wiedemann (16 August 1891, Augsburg – 17 January 1970, Postmünster) was a German soldier and Nazi Party activist. He was the personal adjutant to Adolf Hitler, having served with him in World War I.[1 He saved the life of Ernst Hess, Hitler’s former commander.
Fritz Braune (* 18. Juli 1910 bei Mehrstedt; † nach 1973) war Mitarbeiter im Reichssicherheitshauptamt (RSHA) und Kommandeur eines Sonderkommandos der Einsatzgruppe C während der Invasion der Sowjetunion. RSHA and Einsatzcommando.
During World War II Müller in the German occupied Poland succeeded in March 1941 Josef Meisinger as Commander of the security police and security service (COS) Warsaw.[3] From July 1941 until September 1943 he was COS Lublin. On August 21, 1942, Odilo Globocnik, Müller in the presence of the Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler as one of his “best” men. Müller was promoted subsequently immediately because of his “role in the extermination of the Jews” by Himmler to SS – Obersturmbannführer.[4] Died in pretrial detention (de.wikipedia)
Constantin Canaris, known also as Constantine Canaris , (born November 8 1906 in Duisburg; died 1983) was a German jurist, Gestapobeamter and SSleaders. 20 years; released 1952.
Jurgis Bobelis died in Chicago, 1954.
19421944 , Chief of the Housing Board Chief, have been engaged and a lawyer. in 1944, withdrew to Germany. 1945 . Fronteno (Germany), Chairman of the Lithuanian Committee. 19471948 , Liudvigsburge u.s. troops in West Germany, the staff of the Chief of the translation section. in 1948 came to the United States. 19491953 , in Chicago, the President of the Union of Lithuanian army volunteer developers.[1]
Hans Kramer, crimes in the east.
Arpad Wigand (* 13. Januar 1906 in Mannheim; † 26. Juli 1983ebenda) was an SS-Oberführer who served as the SS and Police Leader in Warsaw (SS-und Polizeiführer (SSPF)) from 4 August 1941 until 23 April 1943.As an aide to Erich von dem Bach Zelewski he first suggested the site of the former Polish artillery barracks in the Zasole suburb of Oswiecim for a concentration camp in January 1940. This site would evolve into the Auschwitz concentration camp.[1]In 1981 Wigand was found guilty in Hamburg for war crimes (Staatsanwaltschaft Hamburg, 147 Js 8/75), and sentenced to 12.5 years, he was represented by Neonazi lawyer Jürgen Rieger.The attitude of the Allies changed with receipt of the very detailed Vrba-Wetzler report, compiled by two Jewish prisoners, Rudolf Vrba and Alfréd Wetzler, who escaped on April 7, 1944, and which finally convinced Allied leaders of the truth about Auschwitz. Details from the Vrba-Wetzler report were broadcast on June 15, 1944 by the BBC, and on June 20 by The New York Times, causing the Allies to put pressure on the Hungarian government to stop the mass deportation of Jews to the camp.[61] wiki, auschwitz
Gęsiówka, or Street geese.
Beginning in 1939, after the German occupation of Poland, it became a re-education camp of the German security police (Arbeitserziehungslager der Sicherheitspolizei Warschau). In 1943 it was turned into a concentration camp for inmates from beyond Warsaw and Poland, equipped with a gas chambers and crematoriums. The camp was joined with a nearby Pawiak prison and formed the backbone of the Warsaw concentration camp complex. Inmates (mostly Jews) included prisoners from Czechoslovakia, France, Greece, Hungary, Belgium and Germany.
The Nazi Pabst Plan of February 6, 1940: In connection with the German plans for a gradual reduction, and in fact the liquidation of the Polish capital, where in the left-bank Warsaw planned space for about 100 000 Herrenvolk, and they inhabit the right bank of Poles and Jews representing labor for the Germans, it was necessary foundation in the center of concentration camp Warschau.
It was designed by German architects Hubert Gross and Otto Nurnberger (no info).
Hubert Gross (* 15. April 1896 in Edenkoben; † 5. Februar 1992 in Augsburg) war ein deutscher Architekt und Baubeamter, Stadtbaurat in Würzburg und 1939/1940 Stadtplaner im besetzten Warschau.
Gustav Matthieu Helmut Otto, auch Helmuth Otto (* 15. März 1892 in Antwerpen; † 23. Juni 1974 in Waldbröl) war ein deutscher Mediziner, Jurist und Agrarwissenschaftler. Er bekleidete das Amt des Oberbürgermeisters von Solingen und Düsseldorf.[1].After the outbreak of World War II  Otto was the German occupied Poland Reichskommissar for Warsaw. From mid June 1940 to 1944, Otto was lead doctor of the Wehrmacht in Brussels and then until early May 1945 in Hamburg was MC.de.wikipedia
SS-Ustf. Erich von Reden
later responsible for currency, banking and insurance in the section III C 4 of the RSHA.
Richter, Herbert    SS – Hauptscharführer   Based on testimony by  Walter Piller in 1945. Aged  about 37, married, dark slightly grey hair. 172 centimeters tall,  long face, he had his own house in Poznan. His job was sorting confiscated  clothes and valuables, as well as standing in for the drivers of the gas-vans.  He was probably wounded in the battle for the Citadel in Poznan. b. 1908?
Theodor Friedrich Leiding, Nazi chemist, high up in KTI. No info?!
Friedrich Pabst, killed by Polish home army insurgents, Dec 1943.
They named the Pabst Plan after him.
The aim of the Nazi occupiers was to make “judenfrei free of” the General Government and to expel the Poland, so that the Germans could settle there. So, Governor General Frank in a speech said on 26 March 1941:
„[…] The leader has promised me that the General Government will be completely free of Jews in the near future. It is also clearly decided that the General Government in the future will be a German life. Where today 12 million Poland live, even four to five million Germans should live. “The Generalgouvernement must become a so German country such as the Rhineland […].”
district_warsaw, de.wikipedia
Reich Commissar for the consolidation of German nationhood .
Werner Lorenz (* 2. Oktober 1891 in Grünhof; † 13. März 1974 in Hamburg) war Leiter der Volksdeutschen Mittelstelle, SS-Obergruppenführer, General der Waffen-SS und Polizei und verurteilter Kriegsverbrecher.
[Christian name ?]_ Schwarzenberg was arrested on May 2, 1945 by the advancing allies.[5] In the RuSHA trial, one of the twelve Nuremberg follow-up processes, in which Hans Gawlik as the main defenders and Gerhard Klinnert as his assistant defended him, was accused Schwarzenberg 1947 crimes (1), (2) crimes against humanity and (3) membership in a criminal organization. On the first two counts, he was acquitted and found to be only in the third point guilty on March 10, 1948.[4] As punishment was set his remand in custody since internment  so that he was released after sentencing.[5]
Heinrich Friedrich Wiepking Urgensman (Born March 23 1891 in Hannover; † 17 June 1973 in Osnabrück, Germany) was a German landscape architect and Professor. He used the name “Urgensman”, which was based on his wife Helene Urgensmen, only until 1945
Konrad Meyer, also Konrad Meyer-Hetling, (born 15 may1901 in Salzderhelden in Einbeck; d. April 25 , 1973 –) was a Germanagricultural scientist. As a professor at the University of Berlin, he determined the content of agricultural University studies and the organisation of agriculture research in Germany between 1933 and 1945 prevail. During World War II, he was mainly responsible for plans for the restructuring of rural areas in Eastern Europe as an SS-Oberführer. in 1948, he by a US military court in the process of race and settlement main Office of the SS was indicted, but then released. From 1956 to 1968, he taught as  Professor of regional planning and regional planning at the University of Hanover.

The decision on the Holocaust

 from source: google trans, de.wikipedia, Holocaust. Sorry for the bad translation but it is worth researching.
The Nazi regime made few decisions as possible to Nazi crimes set down in writing, they are treated as top secret affair and left many records destroyed, because the decision makers size and scope of these crimes were clear. ] Written documents have been served many subsequent legitimation, sat thus requires informal decisions and may be accompanied by further oral instructions to be. [23]

Hitler’s speeches were indeed deliberately wide, ambiguous and veiling, but worked as a guide for a number of measures dealing with the Jews, Nazi authorities, who came to meet the “leaders will” and then turn absegnete Hitler. January 1939, he was threatened at the Reichstag, the “annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe” in the case of a new world war. . Whether this was intended as a result of deportation or direct intent to kill, he left open, an extermination plan did not exist. In this speech, he came back often during the Holocaust, alone, four times each in 1941 and 1942, and pointed to his execution: “The Jews who once laughed at my prophecies in Germany. […] Von denen, die damals lachten, lachen heute Unzählige nicht mehr …“ [24] […] Of those who laughed then laugh today Countless no longer … ” [24]

A written order from Hitler Holocaust was not found and probably does not exist. [25] Several written and verbal orders from Hitler to destroy individual steps are occupied. He had in October 1939, the Aktion T 4 , and ordered the decree written in the first September 1939, the beginning of the Polish campaign, backdatedHe understood the culling “worthless life” to the “purity of Aryan blood” that is, as part of its war. The decree legitimized the killings secret hospital prepared to avoid a public euthanasia law and to dispel fears of doctors involved in criminal consequences. After church, despite the secrecy had become loud protests, Hitler had the Aktion T 4 on 24 August 1941 set, but the patient continued killings in the occupied areas of Eastern Europe. . This was, according to Historian Karl Schleunes reckoned with, not to undermine domestic political support for his policies in order to carry out the racist destruction unhindered. [26] This attitude was also determined his actions during the Holocaust. [26]

From February 1941 planned the Nazi regime with the SS and Wehrmacht generals of the war of extermination against the Soviet Union. Mass killings were discussed at various meetings. March, Hitler, the OKW directives, together with the SS and police in order to eliminate the “Jewish-Bolshevik” intelligence. As in Poland in 1939 should the first elites in government, party and army will be decimated.
The ordered by Hitler’s war court decree of the High Command of 13 Mai 1941  allowed the Wehrmacht soldiers, civilians suspected of resistance to shoot immediately, without fear of military prosecution must. . Hitler’s Commissar Order of 6 Juni 1941 ordered weed out prisoners of war the Red Army political officers and shoot them immediately. Added to this was the calculus hunger , feed the German troops on the ground and to deliver millions of Soviet civilians from starvation. [27] These commands and plans related to Jews, mainly because they were identified with troublemakers and “Bolsheviks” and lived primarily in urban areas. [27]

In May 1941, Heydrich was on Hitler’s four mobile ” Einsatzgruppen of the Security Police and SD “position (A to D) and form in a few weeks. . As of July came several task forces “for special purposes” (Special Duty) was added. Their official mission was to combat guerrilla groups behind the advancing troops of the army by “reprisals”, ie massacres in retaliation for alleged or actual attacks on German soldiers. . The high command of the army allowed them to an agreement independent approach and told them both to close co-operation. [28] There were also several battalions of Order Police and two brigades of the Waffen SS under the ” command staff Reichsführer-SS “without any particular task. The directly subordinate to Himmler three Higher SS and Police Leader (HSSPF) Erich von dem Bach-Zalewski , Jeckeln, Friedrich and Hans-Adolf Priitzmann steered and coordinated the killing operations of all these groups. [29][these names appear on other pages.]

Himmler had the HSSPF on 21 May writing a “special order of the Führer” subordinate to carry out his “special instructions” in the occupied territories in the future.
On 17 June 1941 Heydrich verbally claimed, in Berlin,  “self cleaning” – pogroms against Jews and Communists initiate soon in the occupied territories . In his operational orders of 29 June 1941, he reminded them . On 2  July, he listed them on the groups that they should kill as ordered. He added explicit “Jews in party and government positions” and allowed the perpetrators to deliberately vague terms to expand the categories of victims . More Commands from the RSHA required by the Army to surrender all Jewish prisoners of war by the SS. ] Accordingly, the addressee was no general massacre of Jews in pre-command of the Reich Chancellery. [30]
 On 31. July 1941 Hitler transferred at Himmler’s urging the leadership of SS, police and SD in the East. [31] Himmler intensified the task forces by the end of 3000 to 33,000 men, which he included in the alternative voluntary inhabitants of the occupied territories. [32] On 31. July gave Hermann Goering , Heydrich the assignment to “total design” for a “total solution to the Jewish question” to create.
The text was in the Reich Security Main Office drafted and submitted for signature only Goering, should start running authorize plans. [33] Hitler ordered the use of group leaders by radio on 1 August, constantly to report to him on their findings.
After matching the later statements of involved commanders ordered Jeckeln them in August to expand the executions of women and children, “to give rise to no avenger.” On 15 August listed a task force report for the first time on “Jews, Jewesses and Jewish children” as a murder victim. End of August, Einsatzgruppe D reported their area of operations was now “free of Jews”.
The same time, now, all the Jews in the occupied territories be placed in ghettos and registration of the registered Jews were all soon shot out [34] Task Force director Otto Bradfisch According to Himmler replied to his demand in the presence of all shooters in a mass shooting in Minsk : There exists a “Hitler’s order on the execution of all Jews,” have the force of law. . [36] According to Friedrich Jeckeln commissioned Himmler him before the “Riga Bloody Sunday” (30 November 1941), Hinrich Lohse reported:. “… it is my command, which is also the leader’s desire” [35] This post-war statements on August generalized.
End of August had come to a halt the German advance. Hitler September 1941 against its previous intention to deport the German Jews during the war to the east. October Himmler suggested to him, to “shift” in the ghettos of Riga, Tallinn and Minsk. Heydrich reiterated on 10 25. October in the RSHA Hitler’s goal of the German Empire by the end of “free of Jews” to make, and called next to ghettos and concentration camps as a newly-built destinations. Viktor Brack offered on 25 Oktober to gas  disabled Jews from the ghettos in the east with his euthanasia equipment. ] November, the SS began the extermination camp at Belzec to build, which should serve to empty overcrowded ghettos. [37]

During these weeks, accumulated and increased Hitler’s internal hateful statements about Jews, which he described as “enemy of the world” looked after all the belligerent powers against Germany. The “elimination” of the Jews was a condition of any positive change in the occupied or allied countries, otherwise they will destructively through miscegenation impacts. Am 25. October, he said: “If we eradicate this pest, we perform an act of humanity, of their importance to our men out there may still have no conception.” On he recalled the Nazi leaders at his “prophecy” of 30 Januar 1939: „: “It is good if the terror goes before us, that we exterminate the Jews.” [38]

12 December 1941, a day after his declaration of war against the United States , Hitler declared the meeting in the Chancellery to the Gauleiters: Since the world war had now entered, he had “the necessary consequence of” the extermination of the Jews. Heydrich’s was the most important ministry by citing Goering’s order for the Wannsee Conference on 11 December changed to the 20th Januar 1942 was postponed because Hitler declared war on the USA  .
Wannsee Conference: they discussed the further organization of the ongoing Holocaust. According to the only remaining conference proceedings were 11 million Jews in Europe provided for deportation.. All major Nazi-controlled areas should contribute to it, all participants agreed on the implementation. ] Heydrich’s “Jewish Affairs” Adolf Eichmann , organizer and secretary of the Conference, confirmed in 1961 in statements during his detention in Israel , Heydrich had informed him a few days before the meeting personally and literally: “The Führer has ordered the physical extermination of the Jews.” [39 ] In the Eichmann trial , he also confirmed that the code language of the minutes said: “There was talk of killing and elimination and annihilation.” [40]

Himmler invoked in diary entries and in his Posen speech against Nazi perpetrators of October 1943 more on Hitler’s personal order for the “extermination” of Jews. According to Himmler’s personal physician, Felix Kersten , he should have won this contract in the spring of 1941. [41]

Because of the gradient and the resulting documents are historians believe that Hitler and the Nazi Holocaust, the top representatives not decided on a single date, but for a long time, planned and anordneten. Some believe that the intent of the Nazi leaders to destroy all Soviet Jews, was already established in the spring of 1941 and the Einsatzgruppen were then gradually introduced to the task Most assume that it was decided only after the start of the systematic murder of European Jews and the deportation and murder. Key question is whether this decision was followed by the German victories in July or the failures in late August. Many believe that the months of September and October 1941 for the most likely decision period.  Some see Hitler’s speech on 12 December 1941 as a landmark decision on the Holocaust. 42] Others believe that there was no express order by Hitler to the “Final Solution” and widened the Nazi perpetrators of local groups in close interaction with the central authorities of the victim groups. [42]

The Einsatzgruppen shot on 24 June 1941, two days after the attack on the Soviet Union, Gargždai the first time the adult male Jews the village. [43] In the first six weeks followed by mass killings of hundreds to thousands of people every time.
Starting in July and anti-communist militias in north-eastern Poland, western Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus, in close cooperation with German Einsatzgruppen and Wehrmacht pogrom-like mass murder of Jewish men, they in revenge for previous, allegedly by Jewish-controlled mass murders of the NKVD justified. . These militias were about the group ” Iron Wolf “in Lithuania and the” Donnerkreuzler “in Latvia, also in Ukraine, there were several such groups. [45] Since the spring of 1941 had the RSHA and the German military intelligence established contacts with them and planned to use them after the attack as the cause of pogroms against “Jewish Bolsheviks”. [44] This wave of murders fell victim 40,000 Soviet Jews . [45]In 1941 July in Jelgava for the first time all the Jews were  murdered in the village.
[end of trans. ]


From de.wikipedia:In December 1942, used the British newspaper News Chronicle even without knowledge of the Nazi extermination methods, the first word of Adolf Hitler’s extermination plan against the Jews.

Business and the Holocaust : Business Association to promote the spiritual forces of reconstruction  The trade association for the promotion of mental reconstruction forces in 1919 in response to the November revolution of representatives of the German National People’s Party founded and was the parent company of the Group  20. February 1933 in part, in which the fund industry a choice of 3 million marks for the Nazi Party decided.

Alfred Hugenberg , 1909-1918 Chairman of the Board of Finance of the Friedrich Krupp AG and from 1918 media entrepreneur ( Hugenberg Group ) •Emil Kirdorf , , Industrial • ) Hans von and zu Loewenstein (Managing Director of the Mining Association ) • Eugene Wiskott (Deputy Chairman of the Mining Association ) • Ludwig Bernhard , Louis Bernard , an economist and university professor • Leo Wegener , Direktor des Provinzialverbandes der Raiffeisen-Genossenschaften in Posen  • Albert Vogler , United Steel Works Ltd, RWE, the Presiding Board of the National Federation of German Industries, co-founder of the German People’s Party 1919 •  Rudolf Mann (Hugenberg’s aide) • John Neumann (Lübeck senator, member of the leadership of the Pan-German League ) • s) Hermann Winkhaus (Director General of the Cologne-New Sener mining association) • ) Franz Heinrich Witthoefft (Chairman of the Commerzbank ) • ) John Becker (Reich Minister of Economics)

The top management of Allianz AG, represented by directors Kurt Schmitt and Eduard Hilgard , introduced a policy of rapprochement with the Nazis even before the ” takeover “cause.  Already in October 1930, the connection was to Hermann Goering added. . These contacts were perceived by attending business meetings and private financial debt by the regulations. Heinrich Brüning and Franz von Papen tried unsuccessfully to win Schmitt for a minister.

Franz Heinrich Witthoefft (* November 19 1863 at Kirchwerder ; † July 6 1941 Lütjensee in office Trittau ) was a big businessman and senator in Hamburg, In November 1932 he was among the signatories of an input of industrialists and bankers to Paul von Hindenburg , the Chancellor Hitler demanded.  . In 1932 he was a member of the Keppler Circle .

Albert Vogler (* February 8 1877 at Borbeck , † April 14 1945 in Herdecke – end ) was a German politician, entrepreneur and CEO of the then second largest steel company in the world, United Steel Works .

Hans Louis Ferdinand von Lowenstein (* January 9 1874 in Hannover , † February 14 1959 in Zurich In 1931 he became a member of the Society for the Study of Fascism , as a link between conservative circles and the NSDAP functioned. 20 February 1933 in part.

Cornelis van Geelkerken [dutch]

Gerardus Leonardus Mooyman (* 23. September 1923 in Apeldoorn, Niederlande; † 21. Juni 1987 bei Anloo) war ein niederländischer Freiwilliger im Dienst der Waffen-SS. In August 1943, he was educated in a SS-Junkerschule officer. In the spring of 1944, he returned to the eastern front. Now promoted to the Untersturmführer he was captured on 4 May 1945 American prisoner of war. In 1946 Mooyman was sentenced as a collaborator to prison six years, in August 1949, he was already released. An inconspicuous entrepreneur and family man, he lived after his release in Groningen. in 1967 he entered again appearance, when he gave an interview to the magazine “Revu”. In this article, he condemned NAZI crimes and admitted his involvement. “I have made an error,” said Mooyman. He was a receiver of his Knight’s cross.He was killed by a road accident in Anloo.

Martin Kohlroser (* 8. Januar 1905 in München; † 14. November 1967 ebendort) SS leader.


Nikolaus Herbet (* 20. März 1889) war ein deutscher KZ-Kommandant im KZ Warschau im Zeitraum von September 1943 bis etwa Juli 1944. fate unknown, kz warsaw
Schultz & Co GmbH“
Max Horn (* 12. Mai 1904 in Stuttgart; † 24. Oktober 1989 in Ulm) During Nazi Germany in the General Government, was Managing Director of Eastern industrial GmbH and founded a company after the war.[associated with the SS in Poland). Horn became the SS company “Deutsche Versuchsanstalt für food and catering” in Feldberg. Shortly before the end of the war Max Horn, was now deployed, in the rank of a SS Hauptsturmführers as Commander of a battalion of the alarm.
Max Horn went into Soviet captivity. After his release, he was classified in 1950 in the Denazification process as “Follower”. He soon became self-employed as a certified public accountant and tax consultant, and founded an own accounting firm in 1966. In prestigious journals, he published over 650 articles. To honor his 70 birthday a Festschrift was dedicated to him. Horn appeared in different NS proceedings as a witness, was however never even as a defendant in court.
Hans Ernst Schneider (15 December 1909 — 18 December 1999), was a German professor of literature under his alias Hans Schwerte. His real identity as a former SS officer was revealed in April 1995.

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