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wannsee conf.


Himmler: During a telephone conversation in late 1942, Hitler’s private secretary Martin Bormann admonished Heinrich Himmler, who was informing him that 50,000 Jews were already exterminated in a concentration camp in Poland. Bormann screamed: “They were not exterminated, only evacuated, evacuated, evacuated!”, and slammed down the phone. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holocaust_train

Showing no remorse for his crimes, Himmler stated, “We had the moral right, we had the duty to our people, to destroy this people which wanted to destroy us. Altogether, however, we can say that we have fulfilled this most difficult duty for the love of our people. And our spirit, our soul, our character has not suffered injury from it.”

On 16 July 1941 Hitler addressed a meeting of ministers, including Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring, at which administration of the occupied Soviet territories was discussed. He said that Soviet territories west of the Urals were to become a “German Garden of Eden”, and that “naturally this vast area must be pacified as quickly as possible; this will happen best by shooting anyone who even looks sideways at us.”[3]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wannsee_Conference

Hitler’s chief lieutenants, Göring and the SS chief Heinrich Himmler, took this and other comments by Hitler at this time (most of which were not recorded, but were attested to at postwar trials) as authority to proceed with a definitive “final solution of the Jewish question” (Die Endlösung der Judenfrage) involving the complete removal of the Jews from the German-occupied territories. On 31 July 1941 Göring gave written authorisation to SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich, Chief of the Reich Main Security Office (RSHA), to “make all necessary preparations” for a “total solution of the Jewish question” in all the territories under German influence, to coordinate the participation of all government organizations whose cooperation was required, and to submit a “comprehensive draft” of a plan for the “final solution of the Jewish question”.[4]

It was at this time, after the German army had been stalled at Moscow, Winter 1941, that the decision to proceed from “evacuation” to extermination was made. Speaking with Himmler and Heydrich on 25 October, Hitler said, “Let no one say to me we cannot send them into the swamp. Who then cares about our own people? It is good when terror precedes us that we are exterminating the Jews. We are writing history anew, from the racial standpoint.”[10]

On the afternoon of 12 December 1941, Hitler ordered the leading members of the Nazi party to a meeting in his private rooms at the Reich Chancellery.[2] Because the meeting took place in private rooms rather than Hitler’s office, no official record of it exists. However, entries in the diaries of Goebbels and Frank confirm it.

On 19 December, Wilhelm Stuckert, State Secretary at the Interior Ministry, told one of his officials: “The proceedings against the evacuated Jews are based on a decision from the highest authority. You must come to terms with it.” (Browning, The Origins of the Final Solution, 405).

Hillgruber maintained that the slaughter of about 2.2 million defenceless men, women and children for the reasons of racist ideology cannot possibly be justified, and that those German generals who claimed that the Einsatzgruppen were a necessary anti-partisan response were lying.[86] In July 1941, when Joseph Stalin appealed for a partisan war, Hitler privately stated on July 16, 1941: “The Russians have now issued an order for a partisan war behind our front. This partisan war has its advantage: it allows us to exterminate all who oppose us.”[76]

Speaking with Himmler and Heydrich on 25 October, Hitler said, “Let no one say to me we cannot send them into the swamp. Who then cares about our own people? It is good when terror precedes us that we are exterminating the Jews. We are writing history anew, from the racial standpoint.”[10

Himmler’s appointment book shows that he met with Hitler on 18 December 1941, and in response to Himmer’s question “What to do with the Jews of Russia?”, Hitler is recorded as responding, “als Partisanen auszurotten” (“exterminate them as partisans”).[89

On December 31, 1941, Himmler on Hitler reported 363.000 from August to November as “Partisans” murdered Jews. Until the end of the year, the perpetrators units murdered at least 500,000 of about 2.5 million Soviet Jews living in the territories occupied by the Germans.[51]  Up to the Wannsee Conference on January 20 about 900,000 Jews were murdered. The Einsatzgruppen and police battalions killed a total of at least 2.2 million people, mostly Jews, so about a third of the victims of the Holocaust. source: de.wikipedia

wannsee  conference

October 23, 1941

German government forbids Jews to emigrate from greater German Reich

December 17, 1942

Allied declaration: “bestial policy of cold-blooded extermination” will “not escape retribution”


Shows one hour of recently-discovered footage of Nazi TV


Dr Eugen Wannenmacher assumed the Office of President of the German Association of Parodontology (ARPA).

Eugen Wannenmacher (d. 1974) became a professor at the University of Münster
Dr Wetzel is Erhard Wetzel, in the literature also falsely Ernst Wetzel or Alfred Wetzel called (born 7 July 1903 in Stettin – 24 December 1975) was a German lawyer who worked in world of War II in the Reich Ministry for the occupied eastern territories (Bräutigam) for the NAZI chief ideologist Alfred Rosenberg as “Jewish officer”. Wetzel has become known in the post-war period as a result of the so-called gas chamber letter written by him. The letter is the earliest date document that testifies to the connection between the T4 action and the systematic extermination of Jews in Europe. Wetzel has participated in addition – and last but not least – through the follow-up conferences of the Wannsee Conference on these murder actions. As well he has participated in various actions in the framework of the implementation of the Generalplan OST, with the policy of Germanisation of the occupied eastern territories was pursued.
Only a few days later, on November 25, 1939, he wrote the Director for ethnic Germans and minorities in the Berlin Office of the Nazi party, [6] along with Dr. Gerhard Hecht (?)
so, I would devotedly request you to apply to the Reich Research Council and Chief of the business managing board Standartenführer SS Wolfram Sievers …. (ahnenerbe)
more on Dr Wetzel below.

In 1989 the Berlin Wall fell and Inge was still living in East Berlin, scarcely fifty meters from the former wall. In 1994 she was discovered living in Berlin-Pankow. In 1996 Ingeborg Schimming-Assmuss died, a free woman. The German government was in the process of prosecuting the former female guard, but as the title of the article stated, death stopped all proceedings. She was seventy-four years old



Wannsee Conference follow-up meetings:

A year after his death, Luther’s copy of the Wannsee Conference minutes was found by American investigators in the archives of the German Foreign Ministry. It is the only record of the conference that survived the war, and its discovery was the first time the Allies became aware of the meeting on January 20, 1942 and a subsequent follow up meeting on March 6, 1942.

Martin Luther, diplomat. 1942.

The first Wannsee Conference at State Secretary level were two conferences on speaker level to clarify further questions. These follow-up meetings took place on 6 March 1942 and 27October 1942 in Section IV B 4 of Adolf Eichmann in Berlin Kurfürstenstraße instead.

According to a recording of the ” Jewish Affairs “in the Reich Foreign Ministry, Franz Rademacher , was speaking at the March meeting on the proposal Stuckart. This was for theforced sterilization of all calls “Mischlinge first degree” and for a forced divorce of all “mixed marriages”. Because hospitals can not be burdened with the sterilization, this measure should be postponed until the end of the war. Against a forced divorce general legal objections and “propaganda” reasons have been put forward. In order for the foreseeable resistors were especially from the Catholic Church and the intervention of the Vatican meant.You could also estimate the reaction of the “Jewish by marriage” spouse difficult. As in 1943 at the factory action in Rose-street protest turned out, the supposedly imminent deportation of Jewish spouses actually led to public expressions of solidarity of “German blood” relatives.

In the follow-up conference in October 1942, the demand for forced divorce of “mixed marriages” retreated. Apparently there was some evidence from the Reich Chancellery that the “leaders” wanted to meet during the war a decision. [33] In October 1943, agreed Otto Thierack the Ministry of Justice with Himmler, the Jewish “mixed race” initially not deport. [34]Such regard for the mood of the people of the SS were not demanded in the occupied territories: Jewish spouses of “mixed marriages” and the “Jewish Mischlinge first degree” were being included in the genocide. [35]

Dispute the assessment of the role has remained the Stuckart took his proposals. According to his subordinates Bernhard Losener and Hans Globke Stuckart has made ​​the compromise proposal for the mass sterilization with the background knowledge that this, at least during the war was not feasible. He had prevented the deportation and murder of the German “Mischlinge first degree.” On the other hand would be proposing a forced divorce for “mixed marriages”, which would have been the death of the Jewish partner consequence, been implemented quickly. [36]

The intention of the protocol mentioned Heydrich to prepare a “draft of the organizational, factual and material interests in relation to the final solution of the Jewish question in Europe” and this was forwarded to Goering, not realized. [37]

In 20 January 1942 took Ministerialrat Georg Leibbrandt and Secretary Alfred Meyer , both also central staff of Alfred Rosenberg in RMfdbO, at the Wannsee Conference, in part, on the coordination of the mass murder of Jews, called the “final solution of the Jewish question in Europe” , was adopted. [10 ] Erhard Wetzel attended a meeting where the “outcome of the Secretary Meeting of 20 January 1942 “was discussed. This took place on 29 January 1942 in the premises of the RMfdbO at the Berlin Rauchstraße 17/18 instead. [11] It will bring together representatives from different ministries were subordinate, the Party Chancellery and the High Command of the Armed Forces. About the genocide of the Jewish population in the occupied territories Erhard Wetzel was informed accurately. Not least, he also took part in the second follow-up conference to the “Final Solution of the Jewish Question” in theReich Security Main Office (RSHA) on 6 March 1942 part. ” [12] Yet in September 1942, Wetzel was the “main group leader on Human Settlements” of RMfdbO to the rank of Executive Council promoted. In this position, he then took on the Endlösungskonferenz 27October 1942 in the Eichmann Unit part of the RSHA. [2]

On 7 February 1942 Wetzel wrote a secret report for Otto Brautigam of a meeting in Berlin on the question of racial RMfdbO Eindeutschung, particularly in the Baltic countries. Attended the meeting along with representatives of RMfdbO also representatives of the departments of Heinrich Himmler and racial anthropologist Eugen Fischer of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in part. It was represented by RMfdbO the position that should be considered, “if not by the industrialization of the Baltic area appropriately, the racially unwanted parts of the population could be scrapped”. [13] For the rural population of Poland was also the part of the departments Himmler the claim is made ​​that these would be there only “3% racially valuable” people. In contrast, there would be for the urban population did not yet announce. The participants at this meeting concluded that “on the question of Ostland before thoroughly reviewing the population have to be made, which should not be operated as racial inventory, must be disguised rather than hygienic examination and the like to prevent unrest arises in the population. ” [14]

On 13 March 1942 a meeting was held, at Erhard Wetzel, Adolf Eichmann and Franz Rademacher from the Foreign Office took part.Theme of this meeting were deportations. [5] On 27 April 1942, sat Erhard Wetzel – contrary to the suggestion of Dr. Abel from the Reich Security Main Office of the SS, “the Russian race” “Germanize” – to ensure that birth control should be carried out. [15] On the same day wrote Wetzel one document entitled opinion and thoughts on the General Plan East , in which he calculated that it would eliminate “about five to six million” Polish Jews. [16] And Alfred Rosenberg was also on this day, the guidelines for the Occupied Eastern Territories complement . Tartars, Gypsies and people with an oriental appearance should be involved in the extermination actions. [17]

In August 1944, Erhard Wetzel was promoted again. Well he got the position of a Deputy Secretary to . [2] When in 1961 the Eichmann trial world made ​​headlines discovered two Lower Saxony prosecutors in Munich Institute for Contemporary History searched for documents from Wetzel, one at the reference number P/1137a / 44g first December 1944 report written. Also, this document proves beyond doubt that Wetzel has been involved in the “euthanasia” action by following a visit by Latvian orphanages in Swinoujscie andAhlbeck suggested, “several children” of the ” special treatment “to the” Regulations on eugenics and racial hygiene ” to subject. 

Dr Erhard Wetzel,. d. 1975


Carstensen  : Reichmin. for volksaufklauerung und Propaganda

Dr Schmid-Burgk ??

Massfelder  Reichminister der Justiz

Dr. Gottfried Boley, a Ministerial Councillor in the Reich Chancellery, 1941-1945.

Herbert Reischauer, Parteikanzlei

 Ancker, Parteikanzlei

Dr Sebastian Hammerl , amt des generalgouverneurs

Bilfinger , Rudolf died 1967,

In 1945, Bilfinger was interned in France. A French military court sentenced him in 1953 for his activities in Toulouse to 8 years in prison. The internment was set off against the sentence, so that Bilfinger could return to West Germany. He was taken into government service and took it to the OberverwaltungsgerichtsratAdministrative Court of Baden-Württemberg in Mannheim .

Liegener , beauftragter fuer den vierjahresplan: the 4 year plan of Goering.

Pegler , same

Preusch rsha

Gerhardt Preuschen joined in 1933 the SS in 1937 and became a member of the NSDAP (Mitgl no. 5318725). In 1940 he founded the Institute for Agricultural Ergonomics of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society for the Advancement of Sciences in Wroclaw , 1948 after theImbshausen postponed to 1948 as an institute for agricultural labor and agricultural engineering in the Max Planck Society for Bad Kreuznach was acquired.

Gerhardt Preuschen in 1956 as adjunct professor at the Agricultural University of Hohenheim called. In 1964 he became a member of theSociety for the History of Wine , the vice president he was from 1969 to 1988. He initiated the publication of George Schreiber’s book German wine history. The wine in people’s life, cult and business , in 1980 posthumously published.

Preuschen headed the Max Planck Institute for Land and Farm work until his retirement in 1976, then it was closed. After his retirement Gerhardt Preuschen worked mostly back in the field of organic agriculture. He published several books and was particularly involved in the Foundation Ecology & Agriculture (SÖL).

Dr Herbert Grohmann,  b. 1908

Rademacher. on blog.


Dr Werner Feldscher , (* 24 July 1908 in Copenhagen ) was a German senior executive in the Ministry of the Interior and as thereJudenreferent worked.

Feldscher was after 1945 Oberregierungsrat from service. [7] In the Wilhelmstrasse process he stood as a witness for Wilhelm Stuckart available [8] . From 1950, as an officer in the army surgeon Westphalian Ferngas AG , where he held later worked until his retirement in the post of Director. [9] An investigation against him was in 1959. [7]Feldscher PhD 1936 at the University of Münster with the dissertation “On the Concept of the dedication of the German Penal Code.”

In the German legal publisher 1943 his book was published, “racial and Erbpflege in German law”, in which he stated the legal status of “Gypsy”: “Your political, biological, cultural and professional isolation of the German people now is through the elimination Fremdblütiger well is like for Jews. ” 


Hermann Esser (* 29. Juli 1900 in Röhrmoos bei Dachau; † 7. Februar 1981 in Dietramszell) war ein nationalsozialistischer Journalist und Politiker. Einer der frühesten Gefolgsleute und Freunde Adolf Hitlers, bekleidete er während der Weimarer Republik einflussreiche Positionen in der NSDAP, verlor während der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus aber zunehmend an Einfluss. 1934/35 war er bayerischer Wirtschaftsminister, von 1939 bis 1945 Staatssekretär imReichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda.Hermann Esser was one of the Nazi Party’s ‘Old Guard’ (Alte Kämper) – one of the earliest members of the party.   2 years served. 1981, died.

Hans Jakob Weidemann (* 22. Mai 1904 in Essen; † November 1975) war ein deutscher Propagandist zur Zeit des Nationalsozialismus.

Hitler’s Four Year Plan: 

The aim was to focus on the economy and the accelerated arms autarky as Germany, with its dependence on raw materials from abroad otherwise could not go to war.

The second four-year plan was a secret memorandum written in August 1936, Adolf Hitler ordered. This was initiated by the finding that a war with the Soviet Union was inevitable. The memorandum was based on materials that the IG Farben group had worked out. Logically, were then in the newly created Four-Year Plan mainly representatives of IG Farben employed.

The central demands of Hitler in his memorandum to the Four Year Plan were:

  1. “The German army has to be operational in four years.”
  2. “The German economy must be ready for war in four years”. [6]

Why and what army and economy in 1940 should be mainly operational and ready for war, Hitler had explained before its final conclusion in the memorandum as follows: “We are overpopulated and can not eat on their own basis […] The final solution lies in extending the habitat or the raw material and foodstuffs of our people. It is the job of the political leadership to resolve this question one day. ” [7]

Hermann Goering , the steward of IG Farben was the memorandum at a cabinet meeting on 4Before September 1936. He discussed the plans with the words: “It starts from the basic idea that the conflict with Russia is inevitable.” He closed the cabinet meeting the following mention:

“All measures must be carried out as if we at the stage of the threat of war find ourselves.” [8]

 Albert Hoffmann (* 24 October 1907 in Bremen , † 26 August 1972 in Heiligenrode b Bremen.) was a German entrepreneur and during the period of National Socialism Reichsamtsleiter in the Party Chancellery , Deputy Gauleiter in the Gau of Upper Silesia and from 1943Gauleiter of Westphalia-South .

Hermann Muhs (* 16 May 1894 in Barlissen , † 13 April 1962 in Göttingen ) was a German jurist and politician ( NSDAP ), Secretaryand Executive Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs .

Alois Degano (* 1887 , † 1960 ) was a German architect .

His most famous building was the Berghof of Adolf Hitler on the Obersalzberg in Berchtesgaden . Other buildings in the Third Reich were theSS Junker School in Bad Tolz (1935-1936) and the Reich Chancellery office Berchtesgaden (1937).

his bench is from September 1921 to February 1923 from a 20-year-old young man who graduated in economics after one semester dropped out: Hermann Josef Abs comes this after a trip abroad in 1929 to the Berlin headquarters “Delbruck Schickler & Co.” before. in 1937 the Management Board of Deutsche Bank changes. [2]Delbrück from his time chief of the Chancellery were Hans Heinrich Lammers substantial part of the assets of Hitler created.de.wikipedia.

Philipp Rupprecht (4 September 1900 – 4 April 1975) was a German cartoonist best known for his antisemitic caricatures in the Nazi publication Der Stürmer, under the pen-name Fips. “The Poisonous Mushroom.”

Horst Dressler-Andress (born 8 April 1899 in Zeitz, † 19 December 1979 in Berlin) was a radio officer in the Nazi era, President of the Reich Radio Chamber, an actor and director in the GDR.

Propagandist for Nazi Television (Reich Chamber of broadcasting).

Wolfram von Wolmar

Born 9-6-1910 in Vienna
SS-Hauptsturmführer and SD-officer
Between 1939 and 1943 head of the Press Group with the Cultural and Political Department within the Reich Protector’s Office(RPO)in Bohemia and Moravia. In Autumn 1943 he was transfered to the Special SS-Operations and after the war he worked as a journalist in West-Germay.
Died on 2-12-1987



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