notes on National socialism

Gross, Karl-Josef. SS-Arzt
* 12.12.1907 Bad Vellach in Kärnten. SS-Sturmbannführer- ?

Alfons Bentele (born 2 August 1899 at Isenbrelzhofen , the date of death unknown) – Nazi criminal , one of the officers serving in the German concentration camps and SS-Hauptsturmführer .

With professional pastry chef. From 1 June 1918 to 1 March 1919 he served in Germany, the German army. Member of the Nazi Party on 1 March 1930 (No party legitimacy 210411) and SS from June 1, 1930 (identification number 2043). In September 1934 he served in the administration of the camp at Dachau , where he was responsible, inter alia, the economic department. 1 March 1935 he was transferred to the staff of the Reichsführer-SS , and then to a training camp SS-Totenkopf units in Dachau . From 8 November 1936 to 5 July 1937 he was a functionary of the Administrative Office of the SS.

12 July 1938 he was assigned to the camp at Mauthausen , where he held the position of head of the department responsible for the management of premises and warehouses. From 1 September 1941 to 28 May 1942 directed the administration of the camp Majdanek . The same position held in the camps Arbeitsdorf (29 May – 15 September 1942) and Neuengamme (September 16, 1942 – March 16, 1943 ). He returned to the Mauthausen camp complex, where he was commander of the sub-camps Ebensee (to March 1944 ) and Schlier (May 3, 1945 ).

He died in a French prison camp. He belonged to the organization Lebensborn .

Guido Reimer

Guido Reimer in April 1947

Guido Reimer (* July 31 1901 in Ronsperg , † unknown) was a German SS Lieutenant leader and commander of the SS storm bans in the Buchenwald concentration camp and head of espionage and sabotage defenses in the Mauthausen concentration camp .


Reimer, son of a Sudeten German teacher, was married and a banker by profession. From 1 September 1939 to December 1944, Reimer, a member of the SS (Mitgliedsnr. 305 116), a member of the SS storm bans in the Buchenwald concentration camp. First, Reimer served as a spear guards of the SS storm bans and directed from February 1942 to August 1942, the second guard company of the SS storm bans. From August 1942 to December 1944 he was adjutant in the SS Major. In September 1943, Reimer was a transitional period until May 1944, commander of the SS storm bans and triggered in this function Otto Förschner from. [1]

“One of his first actions as commander of the assault ban was to the adoption of the guards to fire on the prisoners have when they approached within the cordon them to within five steps, as it had been previously handled so that was only shot if the prisoner had crossed the cordon,.., he had in the subsequent determination with the head in the direction of escape are and have the fatal bullet hole in the back in daily waking teachings, which were held twice, Reimer had the teams continuously incite sharply against the prisoners He remained commander until the takeover of the former Wehrmacht officers Wachbattalions by […] .. ” [2]

From autumn 1944 to December 1944 Reimer was also in the Mittelbau , a former Buchenwald subcamp used. Reimer then was transferred to the Mauthausen concentration camp and served there as head of the espionage and sabotage defenses until the beginning of May 1945. On 2 May 1945 is Reimer Louis Haefliger , a delegate of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), from the plans of Himmler have reported that the prisoners of Mauthausen and I Gusen and Gusen II imprison in large-scale tunnel systems in St. Georgen and Gusen and kill them by blowing up the cleats. Haefliger reached with Reimer and the support of the Vice-Mayor of St. Georgen / Gusen, a patrol of 23 soldiers of the 11th Armored Division, 3rd U.S. Army under the command of Sergeant Albert J. Kosiek . Mauthausen was through this intervention on 5 May 1945 liberated by the U.S. army, thus preventing the planned demolition of the tunnel system. [3]

Reimer was arrested after the war and in the Buchenwald main process , in the context of the Dachau trials , accused held with 30 other defendants. Reimer was accused allied to have abused detainees and to have been responsible as commander of the SS storm bans for the death of many prisoners. On 14 August 1947 Reimer was to be hanged convicted, the sentence was later changed to life imprisonment. [4] Reimer was born on 16 December 1952 from the Landsberg prison for war criminals released. About his future is not known. [5]


Nazis Planned to Move Auschwitz Gas Chambers to Mauthausen

(February 1945)

Nazi officials planned to move the Auschwitz gas chambers to Mauthausen
as the Germans retreated westward from the Soviet army near the end
of World War II.

While SS chief Heinrich Himmler
gave orders to raze the gas chambers and crematoriums at Auschwitz
in the fall of 1944 to erase evidence of the Nazis’ crimes, new historical research shows
that officials sent at least some of the equipment to the Mauthausen
camp for reuse.

Two Austrian historians, Bertrand Perz and Florian
Freund discovered a February 10, 1945, letter to Mauthausen
officials from from J.A. Topf and Sons, an Erfurt, Germany-based company
that made many of the incinerators for Nazi
camps, that talked about sharply expanding the Austrian camp’s gas
chamber on the assumption that “all the parts from the Auschwitz
Concentration Camp will be used again.”

Though accounts by camp survivors have indicated that
some equipment from Auschwitz
arrived, the war’s turn against Germany prevented the Nazis
from building the large-scale gas
chambers they apparently envisioned for Mauthausen.

Source: Der Spiegel quoted by AP, (October 10, 2004)

Heinrich Hamann (born September 1, 1908 in Bordesholm; † 16 April 1993) was a German police and SS-Hauptsturmführer.

The independent merchant Heinrich Hamann joined the Nazi Party and the SS in 1931. About the auxiliary police and the SS-Staff Guard Hamburg, he came to the SD main office. There he directed the registry. In 1937, he came as a detective contender (KK contender) to the Gestapo. He became head of the Border Police Commissioner (GPK) of New characrterized (Polish Nowy Sacz) end of 1939. At this time he was SS First Lieutenant. In 1940 he was the KK course. Until mid-1943, he remained in Nowy Sacz / New characrterized. After a short stay in Jasło since the autumn of 1943 he was at the Security Police in Krakow active. [1]

Heinrich Hamann is described by Jan Karski in the book “One against the Holocaust,” as lethal opponents. Jan Karski was able to bring his information on the Holocaust in Poland only because the Western powers because he still escaped just under extremely difficult circumstances Hamann.

Married to a German woman who was employed as a typist at the Gestapo in Krakow, Hamann began a relationship with a prisoner. Because she was a Jewish Polish woman, he was denounced by the SD because of miscegenation, and he handed her a German national identity card and she spent as his Konfidentin. For this she was imprisoned after the war by Polish authorities. Released again after an amnesty, she emigrated to Argentina, where they ran a hotel. [2]

Hamann remained undetected after 1945 until the end of the 1950s in the Federal Republic as a war criminal. In a trial Hamann confirmed on 4 May 1960, that the importance of rewriting “liquidate” special treatment in the commands to exterminate the Jews was to be equated with [3]. The District Court of Bochum sentenced him in 1966 to life imprisonment for the murder of hundreds of Jews Hamann, political dissidents and other innocent people has been demonstrated. Proceeding was the shooting of Jews in New characrterized and the liquidation of the ghetto there in August 1942. At least 15,000 Jews were deported to the Belzec extermination camp.\

Nazi Doctors:

Dr Niels Eugen Haagen, d. 1972, Berlin. Natzweiler

Dr Jur Hans Lammers, Reich Chancellory, d. 1962, pardoned 1952

Dr Strossberger, Kurt Blome’s asst.

Dr Carl Schneider d. 1946

Dr Julius Hallervorden , d 1965, Brain dr.

Dr Hugo Spatz, d. 1960

Dr Holzoehner, worked with Dr Rascher, Dachau.
Dr. Finke.

Agnes Bluehm, d. 1943, anthropology

Ruth Helmke and Cecille Schulte, racial hygiene, anthropology

Dr Schallmeyer, d. 1919

Dr Ernst Haeckel, Darwinist who inspired nazis.

Dr Heinz Bruecher, botany, d. 1991

Dr Hildebrandt, d. 1966

Edouard Pernkopf, d. 1955

Wilhelm Waneck b. 1909     -?  Ostuf Amt VI E

Dr Carlos Wetzel, Pharmacology Chief

Franz Xavier Schwartz, d. 1947, treasurer

Hans Hoerbinger, nazi meteorologist, d. 1931

Walter Grundmann, d. 1976, Eisanach institute

SS oberstuf Kurt Krause, Belgrade ghetto, d. 1943

Dr Egon Freiherr von Eickstadt, Breslau, Racial anthropo, d. 1965

Dr Otto Reche, anthropo. Leipzig, Germany, d. 1965

Walter Scheidt, population genetics, d. 1976

Karl Soller, d. 1969

Dr Heinrich Berning, starved Soviet POWs, d. ?

Dr Haagen, d. 1972; Dr Dohmen, d. 1980, dr Gutzeit, d. 1957, Dr of Veterinary. It is alleged that they were taken by the CIA.

Dr Hans Dieter Ellenbeck, d. 1992

Dr Erwin Gohrbandt, b. 1890-

Dr Johannes Golbel

Source: Aarons and Loftus, “The Secret War against the Jews.”

Nazi jurists:

Walter Hallstein, KWI Berlin. Technically was not a nazi. Dean Uni of Frankfurt Law. German Foreign Office.

Freiherr Vollrath von Maltzen, d. 1967 IG Farben lawyer, 1942-5

Foreign post war office of W. Germany.

Jorge Antonio, Arg. Syrian Fascist, d. 2007, Madrid.

SS Chief Himmler’s staff supposedly prepared the routes for the ratlines.

Dr Schreiber-Richter, d. 1923

Leo Brasol, author, d. 1963, “Protocols.”

Ulrich Graf, Hitler’s bodyguard, d. 1950

Georg Betz, d. 1945 Hitler’s pilot

Hans Baur, d. 1993, Hitler’s pilot.

Dr Kraepelin, Univ. of Munich, psychiatry

Dr Erich Traub, nazi biowar , d. 1985

Dr Walter Paul Schreiber, d. 1970, Argentina

Dr Guenther Hecht, race political office

Dr Mueller Hess, institute for social medicine.

Hugo Blaschke, Hitler’s dentist. Testified  to Hitler’s death.

Claus Goettsche, Gestapo  hamburg. d. 1945

Gerhard Feine, Helmut Forster

**Alfred Rosenberg ‘lost diary,’ recently found. Proves that Hitler ordered the Holocaust around April 1941.

Viktor van Heeren,

Col Ernst Moritz Von Kaisenberg

Dr Gottfired Matthews  1961, life in jail

Dr Hans Glatzel

Dr Schumann, d. 1983, two years

Dr Artur Benzon ?

Christian Weber, Hitler’s best friend, d. 1945

Dr Adolf Pokorny, acq. b. 1895 -? Sterilization

Konrad Morgen, orders to concentration camps came  direct from Hitler/ Bormann in the Chancellory

Dr Alfred Kuehn, d 1968, biologist, geneticist, Berlin.

SS Cpn Hans Krueger, b. 1907-1988. Aug to Oct 1941, Stanislavov ghetto, 82,000 deaths.

Karl Klingenfuss

Fritz Lange, Nazi Sipo, fled to Africa?

Otto Lenz

Kurt Schumann, taken to E. Germany after the war?

Kurt Lange, H. Mueller’s asst., to e. Germany

Herbert Krueger

Kurt H. Ball
Otto Lander

Franz Dengg, Ge. Chief, Eichmann’s asst. 1946 arrested.. ?

Dr Curt Schmalenbach, d. 1944
Himmler order to HSSPF, All Jews in the USSR were to be arrested and executed. Order Aug 2, 1941

Hans Girtzig, Gas chambers. Associate of Hackenholt. Former SS-NCO Hans Girtzig, who served in Belzec with Hackenholt, told officers from SK III/a about this gassing installation in the camp: Belzec.

Nach Aussagen seiner Kameraden Josef Oberhauser, Hans Girtzig und Heinrich Gley wurde Hackenholt angeblich im Frühjahr 1945 im Kampf von Partisanen in der Nähe von Triest getötet. Werner Dubois will ihn allerdings noch Anfang Mai 1945 in Kirchbach/Österreich gesehen haben.

Dr Ernst Baumhard, d. 1943

Euthanasia Dr Ewald Worthmann, d. 1987

**Hitler’s secretary  , diary, 4/2/45, Hitler admitted that the Jews had been ‘extirpated’ or “ausgerottet habe.”




Dr Max Hagemann, d. 1968

Dr Hanns Jess, d. 1975

Reinhard Dullien, d. 1982, General Kommisar, Wolhynien

Paul Dickopf, SD d. 1973

Jean Napote, Vichy French collaborationist.


Recently the German gov’t. has decided to investigate 50 SS men and women employed at Auschwitz birkenau. They have been living relatively free in Germany since the end of the war.

The end?


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