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When did Adolf Hitler order the Holocaust?

Warning: Hitler’s quotations are included. Some may find them disturbing, but they are necessary to prove that he ordered the Holocaust, and had knowledge of its progress. Needless to say, they are Hitlerite propaganda, and the truth -value of their allegations served as German psychological warfare, ie, “The Big Lie” about the Jews.

“Furthermore, during his trial, SS-Obersturmbannführer Karl Adolf Eichmann, head of the department for Jewish Affairs in the Gestapo from 1941 to 1945, submitted that Reinhard Heydrich, head of the Reich Central Security Office, or RSHA (Reichssicherheitshauptamt) in charge of “carrying out the desired final solution of the Jewish question”9 informed him two or three months prior to Operation Barbarossa (22 June 1941) that Hitler had ordered the physical annihilation of the Jews.”1

Christian Gerlach, historian, on notes found on Hitler’s Speech to the Gauleiters. Goebbels’ notes in his diary are matched by Hans Franck’s notes in his gov’t diary, proving that Hitler ordered the Holocaust, and openly spoke of it on that day.

Hitler speech, Dec 12 1941, to the Gauleiters, p212, “The Holocaust on Trial”, Guttenplan. Hitler makes clear his intentions are extermination.

“Himmler, Hitler and the end of the war”. Video by BBC. Last half of part one, shows very clearly how Himmler sent Hitler news of the Holocaust , renamed “transportation to the East.” Prof. Ian Kershaw.

*Goering letter to Heydrich, authorizing Final Solution, 1/24/39, long before the attack on Poland. “Assigned to you by the decree…”

Whose decree? Only Hitler could decree anything.

When did Hitler order the Final Solution (the destruction of Jews)?

Some say as early as Jan 1939 (speech). Others, 16-20 April 1941. Others, 12 Dec 1941.

Browning, The Origins of the Final Solution, 370. For this quotation Browning cites Werner Jochmann (ed), Monologe in Führerhauptquartier (Hamburg 1980), 96–99. These stenographic records of Hitler’s mealtime monologs at his headquarters were published in English translation as “Hitler’s Table Talk 1941–1944″ (Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1953). Although the accuracy of the translation has been criticised, the gist of the statements by Hitler has been known since the English publication.
*Some have claimed “Hitler’s Table Talk” has not been proved to be accurate.

The German historian Christian Gerlach has claimed that Hitler made his approval of a policy of extermination clear in a speech to senior officials in Berlin on 12 December (1941) (Christian Gerlach, “The Wannsee Conference, the Fate of German Jews, and Hitler’s Decision in Principle to Exterminate All European Jews”, Journal of Modern History, December 1998, 759–812). This is not universally accepted, but it seems likely that a decision was made at around this time. On December 18, Himmler met with Hitler and noted in his appointment book “Jewish question – to be exterminated as partisans”. (Browning, The Origins of the Final Solution, 410). On 19 December, Wilhelm Stuckert, State Secretary at the Interior Ministry, told one of his officials: “The proceedings against the evacuated Jews are based on a decision from the highest authority. You must come to terms with it.” (Browning, The Origins of the Final Solution, 405). In addition, this is when Goebbels noted in his diary that there would be a ‘clean sweep’ (13 Dec 1941).

Although the Final Solution was already in place and Jews were being exterminated, the formal declaration of the (Madagascar) Plan’s end was abandoned on February 10, 1942, when the German Foreign Office was given an official explanation that due to the war with the Soviet Union Jews are going to be “sent to the east”.

“Kershaw makes a convincing case that there was no masterplan from the start of the war to exterminate the Jews”. Ian Kershaw , Hitler.

Again, this is highly unlikely. The persecution of Poland ‘s Jews began immediately after the invasion of Poland, 1 Sept. 1939.

Mayer’s “Why did the Heavens not darken” also has an arguable thesis. Mayer “claims that the Nazi genocide of six million Jews was not inevitable, and that the Jews became scapegoats marked for annihilation only after Hitler’s crusade against the Soviet Union ran aground.” His controversial, massive reassessment of Nazism “is sometimes challenging, but he overstates his arguments and uses evidence selectively” according to one Amazon reviewer.

Here are the examples I found which disprove these arguments:

On September 12, 1939, deliberations took place in Hitler’s train, in Poland, among the chiefs of the Wehrmacht. Ribbentrop (91) attended them with the military men. The question of the extermination of diverse categories of the population in Poland was brought up in the sense that Hitler wanted. Lahousen, present at these conversations, testified before the Nuremberg Tribunal that the general directive was to exterminate in Poland “the intellectuals, the nobility, the clergy and, naturally, the Jews.” This vague glimpse of Hitler’s conceptions at that moment was to be sufficient for Himmler and Heydrich to isolate the most evident point which could be begun in its totality, that is, the treatment of the Jews. Heydrich prepared a long term plan of action which he communicated on September 22, 1939 (PS-3363), to the chiefs of his mobile killing units in Polish territory”. ( … T045.shtml )

Himmler had authority Oct 1939 to do whatever it took to fulfill Hitler’s wishes.

September 1-October 25 1939

Operation Tannenberg, carried out by SS Einsatzgruppen (mobile kill squads), leads to the murders of Polish Jews and Catholic intellectuals and to the burnings of synagogues in Poland.

30th January 1939, when Hitler assured us that “in case of a war, not the Germans, but the Jews would be annihilated”. (source: Speer, see below also)*

On January 30, 1939, he said:

Today I want to be a prophet once more: If international finance Jewry inside and outside of Europe should succeed once more in plunging nations into another world war, the consequence will not be the Bolshevization of the earth and thereby the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe.

October 1939: Hitler orders that selected physicians be authorized to administer “mercy deaths”–euthanasia–to incurably ill or undesirable German citizens. No legal justification for the killings is necessary.

October 6, 1939: In an address to the Reichstag, Hitler offers peace to England and France, but only if Germany’s former colonies are returned, Germany is allowed to join world trade, and Britain and France allow Germany to solve the “Jewish problem.”

November-December 1939

General Johannes Blaskowitz, the commander-in-chief of Greater Germany’s Eastern sector, complains to the German High Command that the activities of Einsatzgruppen (killing squads) are excessively brutal and a threat to army discipline. His complaints are noted but are largely ignored; Einsatzgruppen activities continue as before.

May 1940: Rudolf Höss, adjutant at the Sachsenhausen, Germany, concentration camp, is ordered to turn the former Polish army barracks at Auschwitz, Poland, into an concentration camp. ***

March 26, 1941: The German High Army Command gives approval to RSHA and Reinhard Heydrich on the tasks of the Einsatzgruppen in the Soviet Union. This implicates the German Army in the Holocaust!

There is little reason to doubt Eichmann’s judgment that the Nazi annihilation of European Jewry depended on Hitler’s orders. As Hilberg says, “Hitler was the supreme architect of the Jewish catastrophe.” The Final Solution was simply too important and vast to be implemented without his initiative. Precisely when Hitler expressed his decision, however, remains less certain. He probably gave his orders some time in the spring/summer of 1941, for the invasion of the Soviet Union and the Einsatzgruppen killings that had begun in June. By the autumn of that year, plans for massive Jewish deportations and death camps in Poland were under way.

source: holocaust chronicle

On May 25, 1940 for example, Himmler handed Adolf Hitler a secret memorandum that contained Himmler’s recommendations regarding “the treatment of the peoples of alien races in the East.” It called for “the racial sifting” of millions of people.
source: Holocaust chronicle

Two other features of Himmler’s memorandum to Hitler on May 25 are especially noteworthy. Without elaboration, Himmler referred to the possibility that Jewish ways would be “completely extinguished” in the East through “a large emigration of all Jews to Africa or some other colony.” In addition, when speaking about racially acceptable children who should be separated from their parents for purposes of assimilation, Himmler stated that “cruel and tragic” though these steps might be in individual cases, they were still the “mildest and best…if, out of inner conviction, one rejects as un-German and impossible the Bolshevist method of physical extermination of a people.” In Nazi Germany, such inner conviction did not run deep. When Himmler’s “large emigration of all Jews” proved impossible, Nazi ideology implied that physical extermination of the Jews was neither impossible nor “un-German.”

On May 28 Himmler prepared a summary of Hitler’s reactions to the proposal about “alien races in the East.” Himmler noted that Hitler had read “the six pages and considered them very good and correct.” According to Himmler, Hitler directed that Himmler’s report should be handled with “utmost secrecy,” but he also authorized that key Nazi leaders in the East should be informed that “the Führer acknowledged and sanctioned this report as a directive.” Himmler, who did more than any other Nazi to implement the deadly logic of racism, had obtained one of the authorizations that would help him launch the “Final Solution” when its time came.

That time had not yet come in the spring of 1940, but it drew closer by the end of the year. On December 18 1940, Hitler secretly ordered preparation for Operation Barbarossa, the code name for Nazi Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union.

Hitler openly admits knowledge of the Holocaust:

“This criminal race (of Jews) has the two million dead of the (First) World War on their conscience, and now hundreds of thousands. Let no one say to me: we cannot send them into the mire. Who concerns themselves about our men? It is good if preceding us is the terror that we are exterminating the Jews. The attempt to found a Jewish state will fail”.

—To Himmer and Heydrich in Hitler’s command headquarters, Oct. 25, 1941

With that 1941 invasion, the mass murder of Jews in Eastern Europe would begin in earnest.

In June, 1941, Himmler told Rudolf Hoess, the commandant of Auschwitz (not to be confused with Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s deputy) that Hitler had ordered the Endloesung, or Final Solution of the Jewish question, and that Hoess would play a major role at Auschwitz.


Bormann was invariably the advocate of extremely harsh, radical measures when it came to the treatment of Jews, of the conquered eastern peoples or prisoners of war. He signed the decree of 9 October 1942 prescribing that “the permanent elimination of the Jews from the territories of Greater Germany can no longer be carried out by emigration but by the use of ruthless force in the special camps (sonderlageren) of the East.” A further decree, signed by Bormann on 1 July 1943, gave Adolf Eichmann absolute powers over Jews, who now came under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Gestapo.

Bormann’s memos concerning the Slavs make it clear that he regarded them as a ‘Sovietized mass’ of sub-humans who had no claim to national independence. In a brutal memo of 19 August 1942 he wrote: “The Slavs are to work for us. In so far as we do not need them, they may die. Slav fertility is not desirable.”
*Nazis on the Slavs

By the end of 1942 Bormann was virtually Hitler’s deputy and his closest collaborator, showing an uncanny ability to exploit his weaknesses and personal peculiarities in order to increase his own power. Always in attendance on the Fuhrer, taking care of tiresome administrative detail and skilfully steering Hitler into approval of his own schemes, Bormann acquired the inside track for displacing dangerous rivals like Goering , Goebbels, Speer and even Himmler, whose access to the Fuhrer was controlled by him.

jewishvirtual library/bormann

On December 17, 1942, British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden told the House of Commons: “The German authorities are now carrying into effect Hitler’s oft repeated intention to exterminate the Jewish people of Europe.”

Amazing speech, Hitler admits he will destroy the Jews, 1942. So then what is the controversy? He himself admitted it. *Unfortunately the vid seems to have been posted by supporters of Jihad Nazism.

Albert Speer:

“I was present at the session of the Reichstag of 30th January 1939, when Hitler assured us that in case of a war, not the Germans, but the Jews would be annihilated.

“Hitler’s method of work was that he gave even important commands to his confidants verbally. Also in the leader’s records of my interviews with Hitler completely preserved in the German Federal Archives – there were numerous commands even in important areas which Hitler clearly gave by word of mouth only. It therefore conforms with his method of work and must not be regarded as an oversight, that a written order for the extermination of the Jews does not exist.”

Hitler lies, pretending he is preventing a Soviet attack on Europe as a pretext for attacking the USSR:

“Today, we have overwhelming and authentic proof that Russia intended to attack; we are also quite clear about the date on which the attack was to take place. In view of the great danger, the proportions of which we realise perhaps only today to the fullest extent, I can only thank God that He enlightened me at the proper time and that He gave me the strength to do what had to be done!

“To this, not only millions of German soldiers owe their lives, but Europe its very existence. This much I may state today: had this wave of over 20,000 tanks, hundreds of divisions, tens of thousands of guns, accompanied by more than 10,000 aircraft, suddenly moved against the Reich, Europe would have been lost. Fate has destined a number of nations to forestall this attack, to ward it off with the sacrifice of their blood. Had Finland not decided immediately to take up arms for the second time, the leisurely bourgeois life of the other Nordic countries would soon have come to an end.

“Had the German Reich not faced the enemy with her soldiers and arms, a flood would have swept over Europe, which once and for all would have finished the ridiculous British idea of maintaining the European balance of power in all its senselessness and stupid tradition.”


Hitler: “In my speech before the Reichstag on the first of September 1939, I spoke of two matters: first, since we are forced into war, neither the threat of weapons nor a period of transition shall conquer us; second, if world Jewry launches another war in order to destroy the Aryan nations of Europe, it will not be the Aryan nations that will be destroyed, but the Jews…Once the Germans Jews laughed at my prophecy. I do not know whether they are still laughing, or whether they are laughing on the other side of their faces. I can simply repeat — they will stop laughing altogether, and I will fulfill my prophecy in this field too. “

Speech to the Reichstag
September 1942

At a public speech in Munich, November 8, 1942, Hitler told his audience (see Jaeckel, 1989 for this and above Hitler quotes):

“You will recall the session of the Reichstag during which I declared: If Jewry should imagine that it could bring about an international world war to exterminate the European races, the result will not be the extermination of the European races, but the extermination of Jewry in Europe. People always laughed about me as a prophet. Of those who laughed then, countless numbers no longer laugh today, and those who still laugh now will perhaps no longer laugh a short time from now. This realization will spread beyond Europe throughout the entire world. International Jewry will be recognized in its full demonic peril; we National Socialists will see to that.”

Thirty-three [sic: twenty-three] years later, on April 29, 1945, at 4:00 A.M., just one day before his suicide, Hitler commanded his successors in his political testament to carry on the fight: “Above all I charge the leaders of the nation and those under them to scrupulous observance of the laws of race and to merciless opposition to the universal poisoner of all peoples, International Jewry” (Snyder, p. 521).

source: nizkor
Speaking with Himmler and Heydrich on 25 October (1941), Hitler said: “Let no one say to me: we cannot send them into the swamp. Who then cares about our own people? It is good when terror precedes us that we are exterminating the Jews. We are writing history anew, from the racial standpoint.” source: Christopher Browning

On December 13, 1941, Hans Frank told a cabinet session at Cracow, his HQ (N.D. 3363-PS, p. 892):

As far as the Jews are concerned, I want to tell you quite frankly that they must be done away with in one way or another . . . Gentlemen, I must ask you to rid yourself of all feeling of pity. We must annihilate the Jews.

August 19, 1941, after a visit to Hitler’s headquarters:

The Fuehrer is convinced his prophecy in the Reichstag is becoming a fact: that should Jewry succeed in again provoking a new war, this would end with their annihilation. It is coming true in these weeks and months with a certainty that appears almost sinister. In the East the Jews are paying the price, in Germany they have already paid in part and they will have to pay more in the future.

February 24, 1942, after a visit with Hitler in Berlin:

The Fuehrer again voices his determination to remorselessly cleanse Europe of its Jews. There can be no sentimental feelings here. The Jews have deserved the catastrophe that they are now experiencing. They shall experience their own annihilation together with the destruction of our enemies. We must accelerate this process with cold brutality; by doing so we are doing an inestimable service to humanity . . . .

In a speech of September 23, 1942, to 60 German newspaper editors in the Throne Room of the Propaganda Ministry in Berlin, Goebbels made it clear that the press must keep silent about what they all knew was the outcome for the remaining Berlin Jews:

There are still 48,000 in Berlin. They know with deadly certainty that as the war progresses they will be packed off to the East and delivered up to a murderous fate. They already feel the inevitable harshness of physical extermination and therefore they harm the Reich whenever possible whilst they yet live.

November 2, 1943 Himmler’s telegram to the Mufti: ‘To the Grand Mufti: The National Socialist movement of Greater Germany has, since its inception, inscribed upon its flag the fight against the world Jewry. It has therefore followed with particular sympathy the struggle of freedom-loving Arabs, especially in Palestine, against Jewish interlopers. In the recognition of this enemy and of the common struggle against it lies the firm foundation of the natural alliance that exists between the National Socialist Greater Germany and the freedom-loving Muslims of the whole world. In this spirit I am sending you on the anniversary of the infamous Balfour declaration my hearty greetings and wishes for the successful pursuit of your struggle until the final victory.’ Reichsfuehrer S.S. Heinrich Himmler
source: wiki, Mufti

Himmler, Poznan speech on the Holocaust. He often used ‘Jews ‘and ‘partisans’ as interchangeable words. (1943) This occurred after “Action Reinhard“, or the killing of the Jews of the “General Gouvernement” of Poland was completed. Over one and a half million Jews died during this period in a number of camps in Poland.

Look at this eerie antisemitic woodcut, from 1493

Heinrich Himmler and the Holocaust
On 18 December 1941, Himmler’s appointment book shows he met with Hitler. The entry for that day poses the question “What to do with the Jews of Russia?”, and then answers the question “als Partisanen auszurotten” (exterminate them as partisans”).[18]
source: Bauer, Rethinking the Holocaust (18, footnote, on wiki)

1944 January 26 Himmler makes an address to more than 260 high-ranking army and navy officers in Posen. Himmler tells them that Hitler, himself, had given him the mission to exterminate the Jews. “I can assure you,” Himmler told them, “the Jewish question has been solved. Six million have been killed.” According to an eyewitness, all, but five officers, applauded enthusiastically. (Toland, “Hitler” )


Heinrich Himmler speech, June 1941

“It is a question of existence,
thus it will be a racial struggle of pitiless severity, in the course of which 20 to 30 million Slavs and Jews will perish through military actions and crises of food supply.

Sept 1941,
Even the child in the cradle must be trampled down like a poisonous toad. We are living in an age of iron, during which it is necessary to sweep with iron brooms.

I herewith order that the resettlement of the entire Jewish population of the Government-General be carried out and completed by December 31, 1942.

For all these reasons a total cleansing is necessary and therefore to be carried out.

[‘resettlement’ and ‘cleansing’ and ‘transportation to the east’ are euphemisms for mass murder]

Himmler’s Decree of Deportation and Murder of All Polish Jews
(November 23, 1942)­/wffmaster/Reading/Germany/Him­mlerspeeches.htm

May 24,1944, Heinrich Himmler speech admits Holocaust.

“In conclusion, therefore, Wehrmacht documentation poses another problem for Holocaust deniers. There is simply so much of this material, found across a range of archives, which converges on one conclusion, that the number of people that a ‘conspiracy’ would have required becomes even more absurd to contemplate. The Wehrmacht is a massive source of contemporary perpetrator information that leaves no doubt that a genocide was being committed in the USSR. ” (ibid)

Himmler’s Farnichtungskommission

Himmler on the Extermination of the Jews
(June 22, 1944)

“…It became necessary to resolve another important question. It was the most terrible task and the most terrible order which could have been given to any organization: the order to solve the Jewish problem…This is a good time — we had the toughness (resolve) to exterminate the Jews in our sphere (area). Don’t ask how difficult it was. As soldiers, try to understand how difficult it is to execute such an order. The order was necessary…I told them: First, there is the order, and second, our conscience tells us to carry on ruthlessly with this cleansing process. And if anyone comes along and says: ‘Well, you know, I understand very well your killing grown-up Jews, but how can you kill women and children?’, I say this: ‘These children will grow up one day.’…

H. Himmler

1944 October 26 Himmler issues orders to destroy the crematoriums at Auschwitz-Birkenau in an attempt to eliminate the evidence of Nazi mass murder.

1944 November 2 Himmler’s order of October 26 arrives at Auschwitz: “I forbid any further annihilation of Jews.”

Upon his further orders, all but one of the crematoriums are dismantled, the burning pits covered up and planted over with grass, and the gas pipes and other equipment shipped to concentration camps in Germany. The single remaining crematorium is for the disposal of those who die of natural causes and the gassing of about 200 surviving members of the Sonderkommando. The final solution is formally over. Yet tens of thousands of Jews will continue to die of brutality and neglect.

1944 November 24 Himmler issues orders to close the remaining crematorium at Auschwitz, and gives instruction to destroy any remaining evidence. (Apparatus)

1944 November 28 The last gassings take place at Auschwitz. More than 8,000 have been gassed since the first of November. (Atlas)

*1943 speech at Posen (Poznan)

Es trat an uns die Frage heran: Wie ist es mit den Frauen und Kindern? Ich habe mich entschlossen, auch hier eine ganz klare Lösung zu finden. Ich hielt mich nämlich nicht für berechtigt, die Männer auszurotten- sprich also, umzubringen oder umbringen zu lassen – und die Rächer in Gestalt der Kinder für unsere Söhne und Enkel groß werden zu lassen. Es mußte der schwere Entschluß gefaßt werden, dieses Volk von der Erde verschwinden zu lassen.

“We came to the question: How is it with the women and children? I decided to find a clear solution here as well. I did not consider myself justified to exterminate the men – that is, to kill them or have them killed – and allow the avengers of our sons and grandsons in the form of their children to grow up. The difficult decision had to be taken to make this people disappear from the earth.”

Himmler thus helpfully defined his precise meaning when he used ‘auszurotten’ in the second Posen speech. He then reiterated this meaning in a further speech at Sonthofen on May 24, 1944:

“As to the Jewish women and children, I did not believe I had a right to let these children grow up to become avengers who would kill our fathers [sic] and grandchildren. That, I thought, would be cowardly. Thus the problem was solved without half-measures.”

May 24,1944, HH speech admits Holocaust in graphic detail to the Generals.­ocess.asp
book on Auschwitz trial in Germany
useful timeline of the Holocaust

“The final solution to the Jewish question” at a conference in Wannsee Germany. The transcript of this gathering on January 20, 1942 , as they devised the salient details of their future destruction, including using extermination through labor as one component of their so-called “Final Solution”:

“Under proper leadership, the Jews shall now in the course of the Final Solution be suitably brought to their work assignments in the East. Able-bodied Jews are to be lead to these areas to build roads in large work columns separated by sex, during which a large part will undoubtedly drop out through a process of natural reduction. As it will undoubtedly represent the most robust portion, the possible final remainder will have to be handled appropriately, as it would constitute a group of naturally-selected individuals, and would form the seed of a new Jewish resistance.”


While crimes can clearly be attributed to battle formations, both combatant- and non-combatant-related, it is also clear from Stein’s presentation that a majority of Waffen SS units were not likely involved in such events. This is not to say that Stein presents an apologist view, quite to the contrary – he presents an honest assessment of guilt – the Waffen SS was guilty but it is unfair to claim all units were simply butchers.

Yet equally unfair would be a claim that the Waffen SS was simply an army free of guilt. When it comes to connections between the Waffen SS and the holocaust the story is one mostly of semantics. As Stein points out it is beyond doubt that the SS represented the system by which Hitler attempted (and nearly succeeded) to murder all of the European jews and other “Untermensch” (subhumans). It is also clear that many of the units involved were, at least on paper, part of the Waffen SS.

“Regarding the Jewish question, the Fuehrer is determined to clean the table. He prophesized that should the Jews once again bring about a world war, they would be annihilated. These were no empty words. The world war has come, therefore the annihilation of the Jews has to be its inevitable consequence. The question has to be examined without any sentimentality. We are not here to pity Jews, but to have pity for our own German people. If the German people have sacrificed about 160,000 dead in the battles in the east, the instigators of this bloody conflict will have to pay for it with their lives.”

—Goebbels diaries, Part II, Volume 2, pg. 498 – entry for December 13, 1941

Echoing his above statements along with the January 30, 1939 speech by Hitler, in an article written in 1943 entitled “The War and the Jews” Goebbels wrote:

“None of the Führer’s prophetic words has come so inevitably true as his prediction that if Jewry succeeded in provoking a second world war, the result would be not the destruction of the Aryan race, but rather the wiping out of the Jewish race. This process is of vast importance, and will have unforeseeable consequences that will require time. But it can no longer be halted. It must only be guided in the right direction.”

After this decision, plans were made to put the Final Solution into effect. For example, on December 16, at a meeting of the officials of the General Government, fully titled the General Government for the Occupied Polish Territories from 1939 to 1941, and also called Restpolen colloquially, refers to a part of the territories of Poland under German military occupation during World War II and that were a separate part of “Greater Germany.”

Hans Michael Frank was a German lawyer who worked for the Nazi party during the 1920s and 1930s and later became a high-ranking official in Nazi Germany…
referred to Hitler’s speech as he described the coming annihilation of the Jews:

“As for the Jews, well, I can tell you quite frankly that one way or another we have to put an end to them. The Führer once put it this way: if the combined forces of Judaism should again succeed in unleashing a world war, that would mean the end of the Jews in Europe. …I urge you: Stand together with me … on this idea at least: Save your sympathy for the German people alone. Don’t waste it on anyone else in the world, … I would therefore be guided by the basic expectation that they are going to disappear. They have to be gotten rid of. At present I am involved in discussions aimed at having them moved away to the east. In January there is going to be an important meeting in Berlin to discuss this question. I am going to send State Secretary Dr. Bouhler to this meeting. It is scheduled to take place in the offices of the RSHA in the presence of Obergruppenfuhrer. Was a Nazi Party paramilitary rank that was first created in 1932 as a rank of the SA and until 1942 it was the highest SS rank inferior only to Reichsführer-SS.
Heydrich. Whatever its outcome, a great Jewish emigration will commence. But what is going to happen to these Jews? Do you imagine there will be settlement villages for them in the Ostland? In Berlin we were told: Why are you making all this trouble for us? There is nothing we can do with them here in the Ostland or in the Reich Commissariat. Liquidate them yourselves! … Here are 3.5 million Jews that we can’t shoot, we can’t poison. But there are some things we can do, and one way or another these measures will successfully lead to a liquidation. They are related to the measures under discussion with the Reich…. Where and how this will all take place will be a matter for offices that we will have to establish and operate here. I will report to you on their operation at the appropriate time.”


This very important document shows the truth about what happened in the ‘Action Reinhard’ camps. Posted in the comments section.
Proof that the Waffen SS was implicated in the Holocaust:

‘Fegelein: As a component of Himmlers Kommandostab RFSS, Fegelein’s Waffen-SS cavalry unit murdered tens of thousands of Jewish civilians in the Pripyet Marshes area of White Russia during the late summer of 1941. Thus Fegelein was a Waffen-SS commander directly implicated in the Holocaust.

Here the descendant of a Nazi engineer speaks out. I wonder what deniers have to say about this.
Father Desbois.

“It’s beautiful here, isn’t it?” he says. “We could stop anywhere here and find a mass grave.”

Father Patrick Desbois’ book, “The Holocaust by Bullets: A Priest’s Journey to Uncover the Truth Behind the Murder of 1.5 Million Jews,” was published in August 2008 by Palgrave MacMillan. 272 pages. The German translation, “Der Vergessene Holocaust. Die Ermordung der ukrainischen Juden,” was published in January 2009 by Berlin Verlag. 352 pages. The book was orginally published in French under the title “Porteur de mémoires.”,1518,653938-2,00.html

“The evidence is overwhelming that the knowledge that Germans were killing Jews on a large scale was extremely widespread in Germany. Though the program as such was a secret.

“It probably wasn’t known by many people that there was a formal program of total extermination. But on the Soviet front, where there were millions of German soldiers, the mass killing of Jews was done in full view of the army. The army was often participating and providing logistical support.

“If you ask the perpetrators, as the Federal Republic’s legal authorities did, whether they shot anybody, you’ll find out that virtually nobody in these units actually shot anybody. They all deny it”.

(So the Wehrmacht participated in the Holocaust as well).

“It is suspected that the testing of I.G. Farben’s poison gases on humans was known in the highest echelons of I.G. After the war, Georg von Schnitzler swore that Ambros, Schmitz, and Ter Meer were aware of these activities. According to British intelligence, one of them was reported to have “justified the experiments not only on the grounds that the inmates of concentration camps would have been killed anyway by the Nazis, but also on the grounds that the experiments had a humanitarian aspect in that the lives of countless German workers were saved thereby” (Hearings before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Military Affairs, U.S. Senate, 79th Congress, 1st Session (1945), pursuant to S. Res. 107 and 146, Elimination of German Resources for War, part X, p. 1276). “


From late 1997 until early 1998, a thorough archaeological survey of the site at Belzec was conducted as there was no memorial yet at the site. The survey was headed by Andrzej Kola, director of the Underwater Archaeological Department at the University of Torun, and Mieczyslaw Gora, senior curator of the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology in Lodz. The team identified the railway sidings and remains of a number of buildings. They also found 33 mass graves, the largest of which were 210 by 60 feet. The team estimated that they had found 15,000 unburned bodies, and “The largest mass graves … contained unburned human remains (parts and pieces of skulls with hair and skin attached)and entire bodies preserved in wax-fat transformation. The foul smelling bottom layer of the graves consisted of several inches to a meter thick of human fat resembling black soap. One grave contained uncrushed human bones so closely packed that the drill could not penetrate.”[15]

source: wikipedia

Rare view of Belzec,1518,672519,00.html

Plus there are the broad hints that Hitler dropped in his speeches of 30 January 1941; 30 January 1942; 24 February 1942; 30 September 1942, and 8 November 1942 that he knew of the Holocaust[94] Finally, Craig cited Himmler’s remark of May 1944 where he stated he had orders from an unnamed higher authority (who Craig argued could only be Hitler) for the “Final Solution”.

In addition there is Hitler’s Speech to the Gauleiters, 12 Dec 1941.
Eberhard Jäckel used Hitler’s order of 13 March 1941, ordering that the Einsatzgruppen be reestablished for Operation Barbarossa, as proof of the Führer’s involvement in the Holocaust.

Christian Gerlach, historian, showed that the above -mentioned quote found in Goebbels’ diary, plus in Hans Franck’s notes in his government diary : December 16. “In respect of the Jewish question, the Fuehrer has decided,” so says Goebbels, “to make a clean sweep. The world war is here, the annihilation of the Jews must be the necessary result. This question is to be regarded without sentimentalism. We are not here to have sympathy with the Jews, but rather with our German people. If the German people have sacrificed 160,000 dead in the eastern campaign, so the authors of this bloody conflict will have to pay for it with their lives.”

On December 14 Himmler met the man who in Hitler’s Chancellery was responsible for the murder of the German mentally ill – Victor Brack. Already annihilation in gas chambers had been described as the “application of the Brack remedy.” Himmler noted the speaking points as “course in east ministry, euthanasia.” At the same time, Brack’s superior, Reichsleiter Phillip Bouhler had two meetings with Hitler. In all these conversations the same theme was discussed: the transfer of the “well practiced personnel” that had run the gas chambers of “euthanasia” to the extermination camps that would now be built and built up for the murder of all Jews. As Bouhler put it: the transfer of his people “to a definitive solution of the Jewish question.”

book on Auschwitz trial in Germany

BBC, “Fatal Attraction of Adolf Hitler”. This one is pretty interesting. There’s a better one put out by BBC called “the making of Adolf Hitler”, which shows his early career as a bike messenger in the Great War.

“Document 1517-PS [translation]” in Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression. Volume IV: US Government Printing Office, District of Columbia: 1947. pp. 55-58.


MEMORANDUM About Discussions [of Rosenberg] with the Fuehrer on 12/4/1941

To begin with, I [Rosenberg] asked the Fuehrer about my speech in the Sportpalast and referred to several points which seemed to call for further discussion. The Fuehrer was of the opinion that the speech was given prior to the declaration of war by Japan and therefore under different suppositions, but in view of this, still desires to think over several points. It probably would not be appropriate if I were to officially say that the provinces in the East were to remain under Germany. I said thereupon that I, too, had considered this point, that one can probably only say that the Eastern Provinces [Ostland] will remain under German protection. The Fuehrer was of the opinion, only to go so far that the provinces never would come under communism now from the German side appear as secured.

I remarked on the Jewish question that the comments about the New York Jews must perhaps be changed somewhat after the conclusion (of matters in the East). I took the standpoint, not to speak of the extermination [Ausrottung] of the Jews. The Fuehrer affirmed this and said that they had burdened the war upon us and that they had brought the destruction; it is no wonder if the results would strike them first.

I posted the Yad Vashem 30 page document in its entirety in the comments section. It contains Arad’s essay on the “Action Reinhard” camps in Poland and contains a powerful affirmation of the facticity of the Holocaust.

Wannsee Conference (20 Jan 1942) members who lived on:

Georg Leibbrandt was charged with war crimes but the case against him was dismissed in 1950. He died in June 1982.
Otto Hofmann was sentenced to 25 years in prison for war crimes, but was pardoned in 1954. He died in December 1982.
Gerhard Klopfer was charged with war crimes but was released for lack of evidence. He became a tax advisor, later dying in January 1987.

In 1965, historian Joseph Wulf tried to have the Wannsee House made into a Holocaust memorial and document center. But the Berlin Senate did not want Holocaust Memorials and spurned Joseph Wulf. In his last letter to his son David, 2 August 1974, Wulf wrote, “I have published 18 books about the Third Reich and they have had no effect. You can document everything to death for the Germans. There is a democratic regime in Bonn. Yet the mass murderers walk around free, live in their little houses, and grow flowers.”[42] Deeply despondent over the death of his wife and the collapse of his plans for a document center, Wulf committed suicide, age 61, by jumping from the fifth floor window of his Berlin apartment, Giesebrechtstraße 12, Charlottenburg. In 1992 the Wannsee House became a Holocaust memorial. The Joseph Wulf Bibliothek/Mediothek on the second floor holds thousands of books on Nazism, anti-Semitism, and the Jewish genocide, along with many videos, microfilm texts, and original Nazi era documents. Wulf’s last letter is on display in Berlin’s Jewish Museum. (source: wikipedia)

It must be seriously considered,” wrote never charged jurist Rolf Heinz Höppner in June 16, 1941, “whether the most humane solution is not to finish off the Jews who are unable to work by means of a quickly working agent. In any event, this would be more appropriate than to let them starve.” The letter was addressed to Eichmann who telephoned almost daily to Höppner, his agent in Posen. “Give me that in writing” Eichmann would have said, and put the written letter into the hierarchical process. Höppner did not want an order, he asked for the complete examination of his new recommendation. He found it audacious, “partially fantastic” but “completely feasible.” In addition, he spoke exclusively of the murder of those unable to work, not all the 500,000 Jews for which he was responsible in the Warthegau and especially in the Lodz Ghetto. The others he wanted to confine in a work camp, all child bearing women sterilized, “so that the Jewish problem will be completely resolved with this generation.”