Nazi Drs.,part two; Churchill on the Holocaust; Reichsecurity men

We did not only collect the evidence of those who were victims in Hitler’s Final Solution, but from people who held senior positions in its planning, administration and execution. All this material is stored in the Imperial War Museum, is available and will, I hope, now be used to show that those who would now deny the Holocaust happened are wrong…
Michael Darlow
Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts

Reading in July 1944 the first detailed account of Auschwitz, Churchill wrote:

‘There is no doubt this is the most horrible crime ever committed in the whole history of the world, and it has been done by scientific machinery by nominally civilised men in the name of a great State and one of the leading races of Europe. ‘­orldwars/genocide/churchill_ho­locaust_01.shtml
Churchill on the Holocaust

In a letter from Dr. Wetzel [?], from the Ministry of the Occupied Eastern Territories, to *Hinrich Lohse, Reich Commissar for the Baltic (Ostland), 25 Oct. 1941. The letter states categorically that there are no objections to the gassing of Jews unfit for work.

Werner Catel (1894–1981), Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry at the University of Leipzig, was one of three doctors considered an expert on the programme of euthanasia for children and participated in the Action T4 “euthanasia” program for the Nazis, the other two being Hans Heinze and Ernst Wentzler. d. 1973

Alfred Kurzke (* January 20 1905 in Neuhammer, Silesia, † 1971) was a German SS Standard Upper Junker and as a camp doctor in Mittelbau used.

Dr. Rudolf Spanner, accused of crimes in Gdansk (Danzig). Freed. d. 1960.

Oskar Schröder [Schroeder](* 6.) February 1891 in Hannover. d. 26. January 1958 in Munich) German and Chief of the General German air force was involved in human trials in the Dachau concentration camp nationalsozialistischer, for which he was accused in the Nuremberg medical process.

Was given life. US took him after he was released in 1954.,,1587766,00.html

Wolfgang Abel (13 May 1905 – 1 November 1997) was an anthropologist and one of Nazi Germany’s racial biologists.

Hans Grebe, associated with Verschuer b. 1913 (dead?)

Dr. Helmut Unger d?
Dr. Valentin Falthauser, d. 1961
Dr Walter Schultze, d 1979

Prince and Landgrave Philipp of Hesse (6 November 1896 — 25 October 1980)
As Governor of Hesse-Kassel, Philipp was complicit in the T-4 Euthanasia Program. In February 1941 Philipp signed the contract placing the sanitarium of Hadamar at the disposal of the Reich Interior Ministry. Over 10,000 mentally ill people were killed there. In 1946 Philipp was charged with murder, but the charges were later dropped

Herbert Linden (d . 1945)

Hans Friedrich Karl Günther [Guenther] (February 16, 1891 in Freiburg – September 25, 1968 also in Freiburg) was a German race researcher and eugenicist in the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich.

Fritz A Lenz (March 9, 1887 in Pflugrade, Pomerania – July 6, 1976 in Göttingen ) was a German geneticist, member of the Nazi party,[1] and influential specialist in “racial hygiene” (also called eugenics)

Arthur Joseph Schreck (* August 15th 1878 in Baden-Baden, † October 3rd 1963 in Pfullendorf) was a German psychiatrist, director of the nursing home Rastatt and as T4 expert and deputy director of medical and nursing home Wiesloch

Albert Friedrich Panse (* March 30 1899 in Essen, † December 6 1973 in Bochum) was a German psychiatrist and neurologist, the era of National Socialism T4 expert and professor at the University of Bonn.

Otto Reisch, d 1977

Otto Hebold, d. 1975

Alois Hans Schmitz, d. 1973

Berthold Kihn, d. 1964

Gunther Munckwitz, d. 1970

William Schumacher, d?

Friedrich Mauz, d 1979

Franz Fehringer, d
Hans Bertha, d. 1964

Werner Villinger, d. 1961

Victor Ratka, d. 1966

Curd Runckel, d. ?

Gustav Schneider?

Konrad Zucker, d. 1978
7. December 1893 – 31 August 1978

Carl-Heinz Rodenberg, rarely Karl-Heinz Rodenberg, (* November 19 1904 in Heath, † 1995) was a German neurologist and psychiatrist. Rodenberg was witness to the Nazi medical killing, the “Action T4”, and since 1943 scientific director of the Reich Central Office for Combating Homosexuality and Abortion.

Kurt Karl Ferdinand Pohl (* March 28 1893 in Remscheid, † February 6 1955 in Bonn) was a German psychiatrist and neurologist, for the period of National Socialism T4 expert and professor at the University of Bonn.

(deutsche wiki: List of NS Doctors )

Murad Bey Yussef Ibrahim (Arabic يوسف إبراهيم) (* May 27th 1877 in Cairo, † February 3 1953 in Jena) was a highly respected and also its involvement in the euthanasia program during the period of National Socialism controversial pediatrician.

Fritz Otto Erich Haessler (* April 22 1899 in Leipzig, † December 2 2005 in Jena) was a German children’s dr.

Heinrich Rindflesch (* March 3rd 1916 in Strasbourg, † July 1969) was a German physician and SS officer.

Albert Widmann (* June 8 1912 in Stuttgart, † December 24th 1986 in Stuttgart-Stammheim) was at the time of the Nazi SS storm troop leader and head of the Department of Chemistry and Biology in the Reich Security Main Office. He developed the Action T4 , the gasification with CO2 gas and tested 1941 for the use of the Security Police and SD in Belarus killing people with explosives and gas. (He’s credited with being one of the inventors of the Nazi techniques of mass murder in the gas chamber).

Friedrich Wilhelm Siegmund Robert Lorent (* March 22 1905 in Bremen;? †), was in the National Socialist German Reich as the main economic management of the central office-T4 one of those responsible for the Nazi “euthanasia” program.

Ewald Wortmann, including Hannes Wortmann called (* April 17th 1911 in Marne, † September 15th 1985 in Osnabrück), was in the era of National Socialism under the Nazi “euthanasia” program as a doctor at the hospital selection, and in the NS Sonnenstein -killing facility in Pirna active.

Hans-Joachim Becker (* November 19 1909 in Kassel;? †) was the head of the central clearing agency for the T4 in the Third Reich and office manager of the Nazi killing center Hartheim.

Georg Renno (January 13 1907 in Strasbourg, † October 4 1997) was in 1940 as deputy medical director of the killing center Hartheim responsible for the killing of 28,000 people in the Nazi T4 euthanasia program.

Klaus Endruweit (* December 6 1913 in Tilsit, † September 3 1994 in Hildesheim, Germany) was in the National Socialist German Reich during the Nazi “euthanasia”program as a doctor in the Nazi killing center Sonnenstein in Pirna active.

Acquilin Ullrich (* March 14 1914 in Dillingen, † May 30th 2001 in Stuttgart) was the National Socialist German Reich under the Nazi euthanasia program as a physician in the Nazi killing center Brandenburg and in the planning group of the T4-core activity.

Werner Blankenburg (* June 19 1905 in Caputh, † November 28th 1957 in Stuttgart) was the National Socialist German Reich as Head of the Office IIa in the office of the leader of one of the main perpetrators of Nazi “euthanasia” killings (“T4” ), the annihilation of Polish Jews in the “Operation Reinhard”, and the X-ray castration experiments in the Auschwitz concentration camp.

Albert Bormann , brother of Bormann. Worked in the Chancery.

Franz Jaenicke (Jaenke?) executed (>?)

Hans Bauer (biologist)

other nazis:

Carl Bilfinger (* July 21 1879 in Ulm, † December 2 1958 in Heidelberg) was a German constitutional lawyer.

Leo Bruhns
Julius Hallervorden
Rendulic, Lothar. d. 1971
Fick, Ernst, MIA

*Jung, Philip Wilhelm , d 1965
Mayor of Vienna 1940-3

Helmut Bischoff (* March 1 1908 in Glogau; † January 5 1993 in Hamburg) was in the National Socialist German Reich SS Lieutenant Colonel (1943) and senior executive officer, head of several state police agencies, leaders of the task force an the use of Group IV in German-occupied Poland and Defense Officer the construction of V2 rockets in the Mittelbau-Dora.

Ernst Sander (SS-member)
1940 under the birth name Ernst Sabinski, (* March 14 1916 in Qingdao, † 1990) was a German SS-Sergeant and the Gestapo in Niedersachswerfen used.

Erwin Busta (* April 12th 1905 in Leoben, † 1982) was an Austrian SS sergeant and officer in the foreign stock Peenemünde at the Army Research Center Peenemünde and senior warden in the tunnel system of Kohnstein the Mittelbau.

these last few names are associated with crimes of Hans Kammler.

Alfred Slawik (* October 20th 1913 in Vienna ; † unknown) was SS Sergeant (1943) and employees of the Central Office for Jewish Emigration in Vienna , virtually the Eichmann Unit in the RSHA was involved in the deportation of Jews from Vienna, Slovakia , Greece and Hungary in the death camps involved.

By offsetting the September 1946 were serving prison since he was in May 1950 released from prison already. [1] He then worked as a magazine master in Vienna. [6] About his future is unknown

Richard Hartenberger (born April 27th 1911 in Vienna , † October 28th 1974 in Vienna ) was an Austrian SS lieutenant (1943) and employees of the Central Office for Jewish Emigration in Vienna and the Eichmann Office of the Reich Security Main Office (RSHA). Testified about the Holocaust.
9 months in prison.
September 1961 Hartenberger said that because of his conviction in 1950 could again be placed under indictment not a witness at hearing from the following:

“I can only repeat that, if Eichmann, at least I personally never said about Jews such measures it throughout Section IV B 4 ranging from the typists to the top it was known that the Jews were systematically killed. We were also aware that the able-bodied Jews partly sorted out and as long as they could, were used for labor, while the non-working Jews were liquidated. Therefore, if someone claims to have the unit, known nothing about it, he probably does so for obvious reasons. Es war eben kein Geheimnis.“ [6] It was not a secret. ” [6]
Ernst Achenbach (* April 9 1909 in Siegen , † December 2 1991 in Essen ) was a German lawyer . During the Second World War, caught in the Nazi persecution of Jews, he later became a politician ( FDP ).

Friedrich Seiburg

Werner Gerlach (* September 4 1891 in Wiesbaden , † August 31 1961 in Kempten (Allgäu) ) was a German pathologist , Nazi , SS-Brigadier (General), medical researchers at the Buchenwald concentration camp and diplomat .

Karl Ebner (* 27. Oktober 1901 in Franzensfeste; † 11. November 1983 in Lienz) war stellvertretender Leiter der Geheimen Staatspolizei Wien während der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus.

Franz Josef Huber (* 22. Januar 1902 in München; † 30. Januar 1975)

Franz Stuschka (* July 3 1910 in Liesing † after 1985) was an Austrian SS officer and employee in the Eichmann Department of the Reich Security Main Office (RSHA). Stuschka was after the war in Vienna sentenced to seven years in prison.

Anton Burger (* 19. November 1911 in Neunkirchen; † 25. Dezember 1991 in Essen) war österreichischer SS-Obersturmführer und Lagerkommandant im Ghetto Theresienstadt.

Adolf von Bomhard (* January 6 1891 in Augsburg ; † July 19th 1976 ) was SS-group leader and lieutenant general of the Order Police in the Third Reich . In the Federal Republic, he was mayor of Prien am Chiemsee .

Franz Novak (* 10 January 1913 in Wolfsberg (Kärnten) , † 1983 ) was an SS – Captain He coordinated a staff of Adolf Eichmann, 1940-1945, the railway transport for deportation of European Jews to concentration camps and extermination camps in the east.

[Eastern Rumania| Transnistria became the cemetery for more than 200.000 Jews. Their story is little known, even to students of this period of history. This book attempts to present some details of this immense tragedy – some of the details,. others are lost forever. The entire story will never be known.’ (Fisher, 1969, pp.9-10)
Dr Friedrich Seekel, d. 1960
some of these men also lived on, infamously, free:

Alfons Glatzel (born February 17, 1889 in Krotoschin, West Prussia; † 14 December 1956 in Heppenheim) was a German SS officer

Karl Wilhelm Albert (born September 8, 1898 in Hessenthal; † 21 April 1960 in Erndtebrück) [1] was a German SS officer.

II A 5 (): Martin Nitsche

Hans Richter (* 1903 in Berlin; † unknown) was a German SS officer and civil servant
II D 2 (Southeast): Emil Steudle
Wolfgang Reinhardt (born October 31, 1911 in Bydgoszcz) was a German SS officer and lawyer.

Justin Beyer (born April 16, 1910 in Schurons, Pomerania, † 26 September 1989 in Fürstenfeldbruck

Heinrich Malt, (born November 26, 1910 in Chemnitz, †?)

Erhard Mäding [Maeding](born May 1, 1909 in Dresden; † 30 November 1998 in Cologne) was a German jurist on the topics of space and landscape planning.

Dr. Hans Ehlich (born July 1, 1901 in Leipzig, † 30 March 1991 in Braunschweig, Germany) was in the National Socialist German Reich physician and SS colonel, head of the Office Group III B “Ethnicity and Public Health in the Reich Security Main Office and a member of the task force V in German-occupied Poland.

Jürgen Eberhard Ludwig Gottfried Freiherr von Loew and Steinfurth (July 24, 1909 in Haderslev) was a German SS officer and police officer.

William Spengler (born March 19, 1907 in Bühl on Alpsee; † 1 April 1961 in Oldenburg

Ernst Turowski, (October 7, 1906 in Sawadden (East Prussia), † 20 October 1986 in Bad Münstereifel) was a German SS colonel and head of Division III C 1 (Science) of the Reich Security Main Office.

Mid-1942 SS Captain Rudolf Boehmer

Hans Roessner (born July 5, 1910 in Dresden, † 22 June 1997 in Munich) was a German Germanic, in the “Third Reich” SS Lieutenant Colonel and head of Division III C 3 (Popular Culture and the Arts) in the Reich Security Main Office, an editor at Stalling Oldenburg-Verlag, editor in isolated Publisher and Director of Piper Verlag in Munich.

Walter von Kielpinski (born April 29, 1909 in Chemnitz, whereabouts unknown), was in the National Socialist German Reich SS Lieutenant Colonel, member of the Einsatzgruppen in Poland IV and Head of the Unit III C 4 of the Reich Security Main Office.

Horst Mahnken (born October 28, 1913 in Berlin) was SS Captain, full-time in Himmler’s Reich Security Main Office (RSHA) and after the war, 1952-1960 Editor and Head of the news magazine Der Spiegel, then editor of Axel Springer’s journal Crystal, Managing Director of the Editorial Committee Springer-Verlag and 1969-1980 General Manager of the Association of German Magazine Publishers.

SS Sturmbannführer Heinz Kröger [Krueger]

Paul Mylius (born February 23, 1904 in Bitterfeld, † unknown) was a German lawyer in the police and SS officers.

Hans Leetsch
source: wiki de

SS Sturmbannführer Willi Seibert, auch Willy Seibert (* 17. Juni 1908 in Hannover; † 30. März 1976 in Bremen) war SS-Standartenführer und von Mai 1941 bis Sommer 1942 stellvertretender Kommandeur der Einsatzgruppe D

SS-Sturmbannfuehrer Rudolf Schuster [dead?]was an officer of SS-RSHA Abt.III. From 4 June 1944 he was responsible for transport with SS-ELF (Special Evacuation Commando). The Commando performed transport duties under the cover name “Agricultural Fertilizers-Oskar Schwartz & Son”. In the Berlin Document Centre I found the officer’s service sheet. From this it appears he was also at the ‘Special Duty Office’, SS-WVHA Amt A-V zbV. In his interrogation he told Allied investigators that in the second half of April 1945 a Junkers Ju 390 aircraft of KG 200 had taken materials related to the “Chronos” and “Laternentraeger” projects to Bodo airbase in Norway. The aircraft was painted pale blue and bore Swedish Air Force markings. As far as I remember it took off from the airfield close to Schweidnitz (Swidnice) near Fuerstenstein (Ksiaz). and before the flight was heavily guarded by SS and covered with canvas. In Norway the transport was supervised by SS-Obergruppenfuehrer Jakob Sporrenberg.”

SS Cpn Arthur Harder, Maly Trostinets

Erich hans Holbach
Hans O. Luxenburger , two more nazi geneticists

Sigbert Ramsauer (* October 19th 1909 in Klagenfurt , † June 13th 1991 in Klagenfurt ) was SS Captain and camp doctor in the concentration camps Dachau , Mauthausen and Loibl. Released 1954.

NEW: Alexander von Domarus (* September 1st 1881 in Berlin , † May 4 1945 in Malchow ) was a German physician. Univ of Berlin. Suicide at war’s end.

Max Domarus, researcher on Hitler. “Hitler’s speeches” book is on amazon.
d 1992.

Karen Hupp (* May 24th 1894 in Pirmasens , † May 19th 1978 in Munich ) was a German nurse . She was a member of the Nazi sisterhood , manager of the Technical Committee on sister being in the coalition of private charities and writing head of the student council published magazine and the yearbook of the nursing care during the period of National Socialism .
She married Dr Schroeder, listed below, a convicted war criminal.

Hans Harmsen (* May 5th 1899 in Berlin-Charlottenburg , † July 5 1989 in Bendestorf ) was a German social hygiene and population scientists . By the end of World War II, he pursued eugenics under the Nazi rulers. After 1945 he became a professor at the University of Hamburg . He was co-founder, president and finally president of honor of Pro Familia .

1946, Harmon took the leadership of the Institute for Hygiene and Environment of Hamburg and was Professor of Education and Social Hygiene at the University of Hamburg. He also in 1952, Chairman of the German Society for Population Studies and in 1953 president of the German Academy for Population Studies . These associations were used, the science journalist Ludger Wess, [4] “as a catch-and network of the leaders of Nazi racial and population biology.

Gertrud Scholtz-Klink (* 9. Februar 1902 in Adelsheim, Baden als Gertrud Emma Treusch; † 24. März 1999 in Tübingen-Bebenhausen) Head of Nurses.

Ludolf-Hermann Emmanuel Georg Kurt Werner von Alvensleben, meist nur Ludolf von Alvensleben, auch genannt Bubi von Alvensleben, (* 17. März 1901 in Halle (Saale); † wahrscheinlich am 1. April 1970[1] in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, Provinz Córdoba, Argentinia) Generalleutnant der Waffen-SS. **Himmler’s Adjutant.

Dr. Hugo Spatz (* September 2 1888 in Munich , † January 27th 1969 in Frankfurt am Main ) was a German neuropathologist. Worked on brains of T-4 patients after death. Culpable?

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